Archangel Chamuel (Camael) a being of light and love

Archangel Chamuel

The Archangel Chamuel is a reference of gratitude towards God, since, it is the sample of the meaning and the irradiation of unconditional and true love. An example of virtues, gifts and service. His mission is aimed at the good of others, wrapped in feelings of tenderness, tolerance, compassion, and mercy.

Who is the archangel Chamuel?

He is known to be part of the group of the ten angels of the cabal. He is designated as the angel carrying the fiery sword who banished Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. Others interpret that it is the angel who appeared to Jesus in the moments of his agony in the garden of Gethsemane; this fact is mentioned in the Gospel of Luke.

Chamuel is considered as an archangel of strength and courage, it can be related to war. Within angelology its main function is to promote gratitude and love towards God in human beings. He is called "the archangel of love."


Day on which this Archangel is honored

Archangel Chamuel's day is Tuesday. The celebration in his honor takes place on September 29 of each year, when the day of all the angels is celebrated, since it does not have a particular day. Some people also associate it with February 14 as it is the day of love and friendship, which is why it is customary to make invocations to this archangel during that day, with loving motives.


The color of the archangel Chamuel it is pink. In such a way, that its lights, flames or candles are of that color.

Chamuel is related to the planet Mars. He has authority over the fourth chakra, known as the Anahata or heart chakra. The attributes that correspond to him are: a chalice, and a staff.

Meaning of the name of the archangel Chamuel

Also known as Camael, Kamael, Chemuel Camel, Kamuel, Kemuel, Camiel, Camniel, Khamael, Samael and Shamael. Whose translation means "the force; the one who sees God; or the one who seeks God ». Chamuel can also be interpreted as "wrath of God." It is also called: Qemuel which means "God has risen."

Image of the archangel Chamuel

Image of the archangel Chamuel

The representative image of the Archangel Chamuel usually presents him wearing a pair of wings, with a figure with soft and delicate features, holding in his hands a chalice, for which he is also known as "the Angel of the Sangreal." In addition, it can be the bearer of a cane, a symbol of the will and spiritual support with which, the path of life towards the kingdom of heaven is traveled much better.

Archangel Chamuel's relationship with love

Let us remember that Chamuel's main task is to encourage gratitude towards God, as John the Apostle said: “God is love; and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him ”(1 John 4:16). Love is the highest expression of the essence of the Creator, Chamuel is an extension of that essence. With his full existence, his actions and his work, he is called to transmit that knowledge and that feeling to human beings, in that way he can make them get closer to the Divine.

This is the reason why, Chamuel radiates loving, compassionate, merciful feelings, and above all of forgiveness. Regarding the practice of love, Chamuel represents it in all its dimensions; encourages love towards God, neighbor, and self-love.

Powers and powers

  • It is the angel that influences union, harmony, and gratitude among beings living in the physical world.
  • The one in charge of stimulating the feelings of unconditional love, sincerity, tolerance, gratitude and service to others, among embodied beings.
  • It represents the love of the Holy Spirit. The flame or the pink ray. The feminine balance of Celestial energy. He is the possessor of the light of the Father and the mother together. Symbol of justice and mercy.
  • Intercede to achieve forgiveness and mercy for any soul or entity.
  • He leads a large number of angels who are at his service, to help him supervise the evolution of spiritual development and the heart chakra in those incarnated on this earth.

What is asked of the archangel Chamuel?

The archangel Chamuel, due to the great mercy that characterizes him, is always ready to come to our aid. Its energy is often appropriate for healing emotional wounds. In addition, their help can be requested in the following circumstances:

  • When looking for enlightenment, growth and spiritual evolution.
  • He is recognized as one of the seven great enlightened ones. Therefore, his love is infinite. Their help is requested when they go through love and emotional problems.
  • When we suffer pain related to the heart; when we find ourselves in the search for forgiveness, or that forgiveness is needed to achieve tranquility, peace, and calm.
  • When feelings of sadness, crying, nostalgia invade us, we suffer from depression due to a pain of love; by being despised or ignored by the loved one; when our emotions get unbalanced and we experience bad feelings such as: hatred, anger and lack of control; Chamuel is appropriate to channel energies and bring comfort and tranquility.
  • To prepare ourselves spiritually to receive the Holy Spirit.
  • To stimulate interpersonal relationships, foster new friendships or balance existing ones; as well as, balance the harmony of couples; to channel energies and solve conflicts or misunderstandings.
  • To protect against bad intentions and misunderstandings.
  • To find something lost, both important objects or relationships. As long as there are true feelings and never imposed, since, their intention will always be to bring you closer to your divine purpose.
  • To promote good family relationships, forgive and heal past mistakes or family marks that have led to bad behaviors from generation to generation, such as violence, lack of understanding, vices, among others.
  • When you want to ask for the evolution of a loved one, or of your neighbor. To call tranquility, peace, and compassion in people who are sick with bad feelings and low vibrations.
  • To forgive you, love you, and take care of yourself. To stimulate your self-love.

How is it taken care of?

Like the rest of the angelic beings, it is served with crystal glasses and fresh water, pink flowers and candles, crystals that radiate energies of love and goodness, and stripping the place where their presence is invoked with incense or incense, preferably scented with roses, jasmine, or vanilla.

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The archangel Chamuel in various religions

En the Catholic Church Chamuel is not recognized. His veneration was banned by the Vatican for belonging to angels believed not to be mentioned in the Bible. Remember that Catholicism only recognizes the archangels: Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.

The Anglican Church recognizes Camael better known as Saint Chamuel, as one of the seven main archangels of angeology. It is believed to be the Prince of Powers (an angelic choir).

In various western esoteric beliefs, Camael is considered the being that governs the planet Mars and therefore the war.

En Jewish customs Chamuel is mentioned as: the angel of Yahweh or angel of God, he is also considered the angel of death. It may be one of the three nameless angels who appeared before Abraham; or also one of the two angels that appeared to Lot.

In Zoroastrianism, monotheistic religion that related the stars with angelic presences, providing an influence that evolution in the Jewish concept of angels, a link arises between the angel Haniel (regent of Venus) and Chamuel, even coming to consider that it is the same being.

Archangel Chamuel's prayer for love

«Oh loving archangel Chamuel, right now I implore the blessing of God the Father, to be able to invoke the energy of the angel of love, a reflection of the pious mercy of the Creator.

Your loving Archangel Chamuel energy is my greatest benefit, your radiation fills me with calm and peace.

Archangel Chamuel, I implore your beautiful presence and rejoice in you. Today, full of humility, I ask you to stimulate in my soul the infinite strength that lives within my heart that is wounded, to heal with your healthy fluid. To forgive, and overcome those who have not loved me and only sorrows have left me from the past.

Let a new love come into my life. Make my joy return, stimulate in me the virtue of good communication, harmony in all my relationships, from the simplest to the most important.

Embrace me with your divine wings, that in your embrace I find the peace that I long for many times, provide me with a path that allows me to open myself to love and solve conflictive situations (make request).

Help me blessed angel to remain compassionate, respectful, and kind towards others and myself. In your hands I entrust all my wishes, my projects, my relationships and my being, impregnate them with the sacred flame of love and your being. So be it, so it is, and so it shall be in the name of God. Amen. Thanks".

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Ritual for love with Chamuel

To carry out this ritual for love, the following elements are needed:

  • A glass bowl.
  • A rose quartz.
  • 3 pink roses.
  • Vanilla incense.
  • A white plate.
  • A pink candle.
  • A crystal glass with fresh water.
  • A table with a very clean white tablecloth.
  • An image or a stamp of the archangel Chamuel.

The place is stripped with the vanilla incense. All items are placed on the table. The image of Chamuel in the middle, behind the glass cup with the quartz inside. On the left side the pink candle on the plate; on the right side the roses in the bowl with a little water.

Breathing and relaxation exercises are performed to calm our mind. As you breathe, you imagine that we breathe in peace and love, and we breathe out taking out sadness and anguish. When he feels in harmony, the following affirmation is made: “Heavenly Father, creator of all that exists, I implore your loving mercy through the archangel Chamuel, for my highest help, always with your blessing and will. I cry out for your presence so that your light illuminates my affairs, and my prayers be answered. Amen".

We can say another Chamuel prayer if we want to. We light the candle and we will remain in meditation sitting in front of the table. We will visualize a waterfall of pink light and we under it, that light runs through our entire body transmitting a warm temperature, from that moment on we will make positive affirmations such as: I'm fine; love comes to me in many ways; I love and respect myself; I have to meet someone who loves me just as I do; God loves me and I him infinitely; everything is fine, everything is healthy inside of me. That meditation will last for as long as you like.

How does the archangel Chamuel manifest himself?

Pink energy is believed to be one of the most important in the universe. It is considered the basis of the universe, because without love there is no harmony or union, and without union there is no universe. By invoking Chamuel, you are calling yourself the energy of pure love. Let us remember that we are all children of love, through it we are born and live with it.

That is the elementary way in which the archangel Chamuel manifests himself. It can be visualized by bright rays with pink tones, accompanied by sparks of the same color. But, the most important thing when perceiving their presence is that you feel peace. Its radiation brings calm, appeases feelings of sadness, dissatisfaction and anxiety. Renew the hope of living a more blissful life.

Chamuel can also manifest itself through dreams. In them he usually embraces us as a token of his comfort and company; His embrace of encouragement invites us to continue growing and evolving in this earthly world.

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