Archangel Metatron: The Mighty Angel of Judaism

Archangel Metatron

Metatron is one of the archangels with the greatest relevance within the beliefs of mystical and rabbinic Judaism, angelology and the New Age. Considered the guardian of the Akashic records that enjoys a privileged location in the kingdom of heaven next to God.

Who is the archangel Metatron?

It is believed that this angel is in charge of mediating between God and man. It has control and accesses the knowledge of the wisdom of the entire history of the universe, which is why it has the ability to carry out the plans established by God. In fact, it is considered the representation of the Divine presence on earth.

According to rabbinic traditions, Metatron is the highest among the angels, being only below Yahveh. He holds the position of "celestial scribe." Sometimes he identifies himself as an angel and in others as an archangel, this because he has always been subjected to ambiguous interpretations loaded with duality that can even be contradictory.

Meaning of his name «Metatron»

His name has several interpretations. It is said to mean: "the one who shares, guards or sits behind the throne of God."

On the other hand, the name of Metatron is found written in ancient books in two different ways, one has 6 letters and the other 7. This has led the interpreters to consider the possibility that they are two different characters. The first may be a reference to the patriarch Enoch after making his transformation into an angel upon reaching heaven; and the second of 7 letters, can refer to the true Metatron, the angel who radiates the emanation of God.

Other writers like Robert Graves, affirm that the word Metatron is a Hebrew corruption of the Greek term "metradromos" that means: one who persecutes with revenge. Although they also relate it to "meta ton thronón" which is interpreted as: adjacent to the throne.

Day of this Archangel

The festival or celebration in honor of the Archangel Metatron takes place on September 29 because that date is considered the international day of the archangels.

Colors of the Archangel Metatron

The color belonging to this angel is white, due to the purity and high hierarchy that it represents.

Image of the archangel Metatron

Metatron is described as an entity composed of divine fire. It is said that it has 36 pairs of wings, this would make it a being with greater power than the seraphim, who carry 3 pairs of wings. In reality, this angel has three pairs of wings multiplied by 12 representing the tribes of Israel.

His body also has 365 thousand eyes. This curious description is a reference to his great scope, due to his position as a scribe of heaven that allows him to know the cosmic secrets for which, he has a clairvoyance that can see in all senses of time: past, present and future, enjoying of infinite wisdom.

Powers of the Angel Metatron

  • He was specially commissioned to be aware of everything that happens in this and all worlds.
  • They intervene in the process that forms the link between desire and reason in the human being.
  • It stimulates the ability in humans to intensify the sensitivity and perception of the spiritual world, transmitting knowledge about the goals of divinity through the intellect and feelings.
  • Its energy favors clairvoyance. Its fluid is a transmitter of the teachings of creation and the cosmic laws that allow us to know the future, stimulating a line of behavior and defined parameters in humans who seek enlightenment.
  • He is considered the patron of children, the guide of children on the earthly and spiritual plane. He is a special protector of indigo and crystal children, helping them overcome obstacles in their evolution.
  • He is the leader of the angels of death, for this reason it is related to the work carried out by Gabriel and Samael, which contribute to the transition process carried out by souls from the earthly to the spiritual plane.
  • He is the leader of the guardian angels. They turn to Metatron when they need help on how to guide humans in the development and search for the evolution of their soul. This is because Metatron is also the protector of the Akashic records, where the absolute history of everything in the universe is stored. Therefore, thanks to Metatron's access to that divine knowledge, he can offer information to the guardian angels that benefits human beings.
  • It is attributed the power to contribute to the process of illumination, transformation and purification of all beings, beyond matter.

What is asked of Metatron?

  • Parents ask Metatron to guide them in the education of their children, and to help them develop their spirituality and physical and mental abilities.
  • He is asked to guide us with the necessary wisdom in moments of making important life decisions, to avoid unnecessary regrets or mistakes.
  • Your help is requested in forging an important spiritual and physical legacy in the passage of this life.
  • When we need to encourage healthy thoughts that attract positive results or when we are full of negative thoughts that do not allow us to prosper in any way, we ask for your help, to renew our mind.
  • Your intervention is requested for the purification of feelings, emotions and motivations in order to be able to live in peace with God, with yourself and with others.
  • To strengthen yourself and develop transcendental clairvoyance.

Are the prophet Enoch and the archangel Metatron the same divinity?

Let us understand that Enoch was an outstanding ancient character. Known as Noah's great-grandfather. From the beginning in Enoch's life there was a strong connection with respect to the kingdom of heaven. Originally he had visions in which he identifies the cherubs as beings of fire; in other visions it is said that he interceded before God on behalf of the fallen angels; in one of his most relevant visions he visualizes the tree of wisdom.

The most shocking thing about Enoch is that according to the Torah and biblical writings, after a long life he was taken to heaven by the archangel Michael, without going through the process of physical death. It is from that moment that it is considered that his transformation occurs that turns him into the angel Metatron.

In the texts of the Zohar Bereshit it is stated that during Enoch's stay on Earth, he dedicated himself to writing a text that kept the secrets of wisdom. Upon being taken to heaven, God authorized him to continue with that work from there, so that all supernatural knowledge was granted to him, and he, already being Metatron, obtained the power to share his Divine wisdom with the beings under his consideration.

It should be noted that the Book of Enoch was excluded from the formal canon of Judaism, and it is not accepted in Christian scriptures either. Even so, his texts describe the transformation of Enoch into the archangel Metatron.

However, these interpretations have two perspectives and it is here that the controversy over the nature of this archangel arises. An identity of Metatron relates him as we have already explained with Enoch transformed into an archangel, after his multiple visits to heaven; But, another description of Metatron identifies him as the first being of creation, who "is seated to the left of the father." Here the analyzes are much more complicated, since, according to tradition, that position was occupied by Lucifer "the morning star." These are the reasons why their identity can generate controversy, depending on the line that is followed with respect to their essence. Either way, it is an entity charged with great mysticism.

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The archangel Metatron in religious books

In rabbinic practices, he is also considered the most important of all angels. In the traditions of medieval mystical Judaism Metatron has great relevance. He is named in the Talmud as "lesser YHWH" because God allows him to sit, which is a position that only corresponds to Yahweh. However, the rabbis state that he enjoys such high benefit because of his work as a heavenly scribe.

In fact, in one of the oldest books of Judaism known as "the Septuagint Bible," mention is made of a lofty archangel who was given the power to sit on a throne in heaven by God.

In the practices of Christology, he is called "the angel of Jehovah" considered even as an image of the pre-incarnate Messiah.

In the texts associated with the Kabbalah (The Zohar) his name is interpreted as: "the Young One." He is credited with being the guide of the people of Israel in the desert after the exodus from Egypt. He is called "the king of angels" in the kingdom of heaven, he transmits the orders issued daily by Yahweh to the archangels Raphael and Gabriel. It is also said that he rules over the tree of wisdom or tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Prayer to the Archangel Metatron

«Supreme Archangel Metatron, I ask for your angelic intervention in my life, so that you can help me to awaken in my body the light and energy that will lead me to enlightenment.

Blessed Archangel Metatron, I am full of faith and I have no doubts that with your company I will be able to achieve the long-awaited mental and psychic clarity that connects me with my destiny and the precepts established by God.

Exalted Archangel Metatron, wrap me with your white ray, in the flame of your light, overflow me with your energy and fill me with your blessings that emanate feelings of peace, balance, and emotional purity.

Assist me with your extensive knowledge to be able to understand the implicit learning in my experiences, especially in those without flavors of life, so as not to walk again through dark or turbulent passages thanks to the clarity that your light radiates in my soul.

Guardian and protector of my life, hear my prayer and grant me this humble request (make your request) as long as it is convenient for the benefit of my life, the evolution of my soul and the world.

Do not abandon me, keep all my way until I achieve eternal life and the grace of God. Amen".

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Ritual with Metatron

Place on a table with a white tablecloth, a plate and a candle of the same color. All items must be very clean. The environment will be stripped with incense of smells such as: vanilla, jasmine or sweet fruits. If you have an image of Metatron or his sacred cube, it will be placed in front of the candle that will be lit after saying a prayer on his behalf and making the respective requests. It is recommended to dress in white to perform this ritual, calm your thoughts and meditate for as long as possible concentrating on the flame of the lit candle, visualizing the requests that are being made as if they had already been achieved.

What is Metatron's cube?

Metatron's cube is identified as a penteract, that is, a cube that has five dimensions. According to early Kabbalistic writings, Metatron created this cube from his own sacred soul. It has thirteen circles, each of them is identified as a "node" that is connected to the next by a straight line, resulting in a total of 78 lines that form the central hexahedron with the "Fruit of life", giving as a result this complex geometric structure.

The true origin of this powerful figure and that of "the Flower of Life" contain a true mystery. It is believed that the flower of life contains hidden inside "the Fruit of life" that symbolizes the holiest enclosure of sacred geometry, therefore, it has been established as a sacred glyph.

This powerful image is sometimes drawn around an object or person to protect it from demons and malevolent actions. It is also used in alchemy as a circle of containment or a circle of creation.

How does the archangel Metatron manifest himself?

Metatron's energy manifests itself through the evolution of visions and the psychic and perceptual development of individuals. Its presence also transmits feelings of peace, harmonizes the environment, emanates feelings of clarity in thoughts. On the other hand his visions are charged with lights and very bright white sparks.

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