Archangel Raphael: The Pilgrim of Healing

Archangel Raphael

The archangel Raphael along with Michael and Gabriel make up the trilogy of the best-known angels in most of the world's religions. His important virtue that imparts healing to bodies and souls thanks to his mission as administrator of God's medicine, makes him always ready to alleviate the sufferings of man and open his eyes to the truth of God.

Who is the Archangel Raphael?

Raphael is considered one of the 7 archangels, as recounted in the biblical passage embodied in the book of Revelation (8: 2) that states: “And I saw the seven angels who are standing before God, to whom they gave seven trumpets.

In another sense, the archangel Raphael is an outstanding representative of healing, his energy provides the necessary balance for spiritualities both on earth and in heaven. Also, it prepares man to experience the true love of God and to get his companion who has been destined for him on earth by Divine mandate. These attributions are identified through the Book of Enoch, where he performs the arduous work of healing the world after the fallen angels desecrated it with multiple sins.

Meaning of the name of Saint Raphael the archangel

Rāp̄āʾēl (in Hebrew); Raphaḗl (in ancient Greek :); Rafā'īl, or Isrāfīl (in Arabic); Rufaʾel (in Amharic). Regardless of the language in which it is written, all agree that its meaning is: “God heals; God's healing; God heals; God has healed; God's medicine; the healing power of God.

When we speak of "heal or cure" in the case of the archangel Raphael, we do not refer only to the healing of the body, it has been clear from the beginning that this capacity extends to the physical, psychic, sentimental, mental and spiritual world.

Archangel Raphael Day

The festivity or celebration in honor of the Most popular Archangel Raphael takes place on September 29, a date that it shares with the festival of Sam Miguel and San Gabriel Arcángel.

However, its festival is also usually celebrated on October 24, since that date was the first included in the general Roman calendar of 1921, and this celebration has become a custom in a traditional way. It was for 1969 that this commemoration was modified, uniting it with that of the other archangels.

What is the color of Raphael the Archangel?

The representative color and with which the archangel Raphael vibrates is green. This is attributed to the fact that that color represents the majesty of nature and creation, hope and regeneration. There is no doubt that the energy emanating from that color attracts healing blessings. The green flame of the Archangel Raphael also encourages: concentration, balance, purification, protection, truth, health and life.

The element with which the Archangel Raphael identifies is "air", symbol of the rhythm of life, and of breathing, through which he transfers his healing energy.

Image of the archangel Raphael

Image of the archangel Raphael

The images of the Archangel Raphael they usually represent him as a traveler or pilgrim. This is related to the biblical story in which Raphael accompanies Tobias on his long journey.

He is used to holding a cane or crook in his hand. This element is synonymous with your will, strength, and support to establish yourself during the journey through the paths of life. In addition, it is a symbol of his spiritual authority through which he transforms negative energies.

Their clothes are usually green, are related to its healing power and that connection with nature, mother earth and the balance that it provides to all existing creatures.

In his hands he can hold one or two fish. These elements refer to the journey made with Tobías and how I cure his father of blindness with the entrails of a fish and in turn, save Sara from the demon Asmodeus. The fish symbolizes healing, life and spiritual regeneration.

In the Islamic tradition the image of Israfil (Raphael) is represented with four wings, with extraordinary beauty, and as the trumpeter angel who announces the resurrection of the dead (in other cultures this function corresponds to the Archangel Gabriel).

Attributions or powers of the Archangel Raphael

  • He is the bearer of God's medicine, his love and mercy that heals and saves. Saint Raphael the Archangel is a consecrated protector of the sick. It has the power to heal, and to help the sick to come out of the sufferings of illness.
  • When the time has come to leave for the spiritual world, and physical death occurs, Rafael is in charge of contributing to the healing of souls in order to prepare and purify them for their new existence.
  • He has authority over the power of sight and vision of Truth. That is why it is attributed the ability to facilitate the development of the third eye, spiritual vision or divine vision.
  • It has power over the development of concentration and psychic perception.
  • It transmutes the negative energies that are attached to the individual as a result of the paths through which they have traveled in their life. It frees them from their past.
  • It has the power to guide human beings through the appropriate paths to find their life partner and true love.
  • He is knowledgeable of all the paths of life, therefore he has the power to guide all travelers and pilgrims.  

How is Saint Raphael the Archangel cared for?

Like all archangels, he is treated in principle by purifying the space where he will be invoked. This purification is carried out with incense. The common and most liked scents for angels are: jasmine, vanilla, sandalwood, lavender, and any other, as long as it is sweet. They are also offered flowers, ornamental bushes, green candles, and crystal glasses with fresh water. 

What is asked of Raphael the archangel?

  • The archangel Raphael is the patron of the sick, and of the blind. Your help is requested to improve both physical and spiritual healing processes. Your help is also implored to get out of addictions, and to keep our loved ones safe and sound.
  • He is begged for the sanction of the souls of those who have just died, so that they may reach their fullness and enlightenment in the spiritual world.
  • In that same sense, he is the patron of hospitals and of all health workers, therefore, all people who seek healing for others can request his help in the development of their work.
  • It is asked when trips and pilgrimages are to be made, both by land and by sea, so that the road is fresh and the destination is reached without delays or setbacks.
  • Your intervention is asked to achieve happy unions, to find a stable partner, true love, to get married.

The archangel Raphael in various religions

In the catholic church

Rafael is recognized as a healer and pilgrim. It is interpreted that it was the angel that in the gospel of John, sustains the healing waters of the pool of Bethesda.

The Archangel Raphael in Islam

He is recognized as the angel who will blow the trumpet to announce the Last Judgment when Allah so indicates. In addition, he is recognized as a virtuous musician, capable of performing songs of worship and praise to God in 1000 different languages.

In judaism

Raphael the Archangel is identified as one of the three angels who appear before Abraham in Hebron, whose mission was to heal him from his recent circumcision, in addition to saving him from Lot.

In the Coptic Church

According to the writings of the Book of Enoch Raphael is considered an angel whose mission is the care of incarnated spirits (human beings), and protector against diseases.

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

He fulfills an important work together with the Archangel Michael and Gabriel, with whom he carried out the restoration of the gospel.

In Protestantism

Saint Raphael and the rest of the angels do not enjoy veneration.

Prayer of the Archangel Raphael

Prayer of the Archangel Raphael

The Archangel Saint Raphael is the spiritual entity that makes humans understand the importance of balance between the spiritual world, thoughts and feelings, and the health of matter or physical body. If there is no healing in the soul, it is difficult for it to exist in the body, since the body is only the envelope of the soul, the true essence lies in the spirit as the center of being.

In addition, the mystical function of this archangel is such that it can also make us understand or open our thoughts and our eyes to the world of truth, both earthly and spiritual, which is nothing other than the immense goodness and love of God, under which, all creatures are safe. This is the importance of the prayer that invokes the intervention of the Archangel Saint Raphael, and the depth of its effects.

Prayer of healing to Raphael the archangel

«Merciful and wise guardian angel Raphael the Archangel, today, filled with the blessing of the Father creator, I request your intervention, so that you are kind enough to help those who suffer the ravages of illness.

Today, I pray that you turn your gaze to the one who humbly cries out for your help (make request).

And if it is God's will, do through me the miracle that I request of you today, accompanied by the forgiveness of my sins. Also open my gaze in such a way that I can understand my faults and correct them for the greater pleasure of yours, of Almighty God and the salvation of my soul.

Do not forget my powerful divine physician fire, pour out your flame of salvation on me, I beg you, just as you did with Tobias in the ways of the Lord. Amen".

Prayer to the Archangel Raphael to ask for the sick

«Blessed Saint Raphael the Archangel. God's Healer, no one but you knows that this life is a great journey, and as such, there are always unexpected and uncontrollable events. One of them is disease.

Today I come to you pious Divine angel, with a supplicating attitude. I cry out for your intervention for all those souls who suffer pain and pain of body and soul. Those whose salvation can only be found in the hands of God. So that you may be your infinite guardian who takes our prayers to the ears of the Creator and thus reach his mercy, being healed every sore, fever, illness or disease that afflicts me and afflicts so many like me in this world.

More specifically, I beg your intervention in this case (make request). Cover me today and always with your flame and your green cape, so that your infinite love will never abandon me, thank you for always being attentive to my plea. Amen".

Prayer for love with Saint Raphael the archangel

«Pious Saint Raphael the Archangel, brand new patron of all those who wander this world in solitude and seek true love.

Be you, my guide to find that person who has been destined for me in the eyes of God and with whom I have to accompany me on the paths of life.

Be you, who sponsors that courtship until my wedding day, always being the guide that strengthens the feelings of peace, tolerance, communication, understanding, sincerity, loyalty, goodness, fidelity, and love, to form a home that vibrates in tune with the love of God.

May your intervention never fail me to be able to reach the highest elevation of the soul and the body, in the company of that being that you will put on my path for me. Amen and so be it.

Ritual to improve health or love with Archangel Raphael 

To do this basic ritual with Saint Raphael the Archangel, the space where the invocation is to be carried out must be stripped. Incense smells of lavender or sandalwood will be used if you are going to ask for health or vanilla, jasmine or sweet aromas if you are going to ask for love.

On a table with a white tablecloth, a crystal glass with fresh water will be placed, in front of a plate with a green candle.

A healing quartz (health), or transformation (love) and a small organ are placed on the table, making a triangle whose tip is the candle and the glass of water and the other corners these elements.

He sits in front of the table doing meditation exercises until he reaches the tranquility to do the invocation. The candle is lit by praying the selected prayer according to what is going to be asked. Then you continue in meditation visualizing your request. If health is desired, he will concentrate on visualizing how the affected part is healthy. If you want a love, the characteristics of the person you want to find will be displayed.

This ritual does not have a specific duration. The longer your meditation lasts the better, to be imbued with the energy of the burning flame.

How does the archangel Raphael manifest himself?

When the intervention of Rafael Arcángel is requested to help heal an illness, through an invocation or meditation ritual, a feeling of well-being is usually achieved, this is because Rafael is a healer of body and soul and the first thing he does is fill to the afflicted person with its empowering energy.

In another sense, like the rest of the angels do, their energy can be manifested through the visualization of very soft green rays and circles, glowing sparks on the water, and dreams where the archangel or any of them appears. its elements.

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