Archangel Sariel: The watcher of God's commandments

Archangel Sariel

The archangel Sariel has a great responsibility and importance, since he is in charge of bringing the cause of men before God. In some beliefs he is also identified as the angel of death, in any case, his work is always attached to the strictest justice.

Who is the archangel Sariel?

He is the vigilant and observer of all acts of justice and injustice that are carried out on Earth. All this with the purpose of bearing witness to respect before God. Custodian of the fulfillment of moral laws, vigilant of sinners so that they do not escape the justice of God.

To this end, the archangel Sariel in the Book of Enoch (20: 1,6), is recognized as: "in charge of the spirits of men who sin." In these same writings, Sariel is mentioned as one of the "holy guardian angels."

In fact, in the company of Michael, Raphael and Gabriel, he witnessed before God all the injustice that was committed on earth by the fallen angels who, by being in intimate contact with human beings, had conceived offspring of giants known as "the Nephilim ». All of them marked the earth with their evils, exploitation and violence.

He is an angel full of virtues of wisdom, intelligence, knowledge, who also has healing gifts like Rafael. In Islamic culture where he is known as Azrael he is considered the angel of death. Where also, he is credited with having been the only one of the archangels who complied with bringing him the dust requested by God to throw it in the four corners of the world and thus create Adam.

For that reason, God blessed him with the virtue of power to separate the soul or spirit from the bodies of man at the time of death. It is said that he lives in the third heaven.

Meaning of the name of the archangel Sariel

There are many versions of the name of this archangel: Sariel (in Aramaic); Suriel, Seriel, Suriyel, Suriel, Seraquel, Saraqael, Saraguel, Sarakiel, Seraquiel, Sealtiel, Saraqel, Sahariel, Seriel, Sauriel, Zerachiel, Surya, Juriel, Juriutrie, or Azrael.

The meaning of his name is translated as: "Commandment of God."

In some versions of the Second Book of Enoch Sariel is also called Samuil.

In the book of War of the Sons of Light against the Sons of Darkness it is believed that Sariel is called by the name of Cyril.

In the Talmud it is believed that he can be identified as Metatron.

The book Liber Juratus or The Sworn Book of Honorius of Thebes refers to the archangel as Tevet.

Sariel's Day

Archangel Sariel has no defined festivity or celebration.

Archangel Sariel Colors

Sariel's color by nature is white, a symbol of purity and his high celestial level that allows him to have a considerable proximity to God. However, it is also possible to make requests with violet flames invoking the transmutation of evil or sorcery caused by demons, since that color vibrates in tune with the transformation and the release of negative processes or energies.

In astrology the archangel Sariel is related to the sign Aries.

It may interest you: All about St. Michael the Archangel

Image of the archangel Sariel

Image of Archangel Sariel

The image of the Archangel Sariel presents him with long hair full of gray. His eyes are blue. His clothing is also usually blue with fairly long white sleeves.

In some customs they usually present it as a bearer of three pairs of wings, which would mean that Sariel is a Seraph, since only they are bearers of that many wings. In his left hand he holds a crook.

In other versions it is believed that Sariel could be Metatron himself, therefore, on his physiognomy it is said that he has four faces, which symbolizes the four cardinal points of the earth. Even in the most mythological representations it is alleged that it has 4000 wings, and that its body is covered with eyes and tongues.

His image is also credited with being the bearer of a great book, which represents the work he does in keeping track of all human beings living on earth.

Stories of the archangel sariel

There is a legend that says that the archangel Sariel belongs to the group of fallen angels, and that he is a descendant of Lilith and Samael. Also, that her delicate face lights up like a fire flame in the middle of the night of Yom Kippur, this is related to the day of heartfelt repentance in Jewish culture.

The archangel Sariel makes his appearances in the company of 130 soldiers whose faces are also covered with fire, motivated by the radiation of light that this archangel emanates, as he does with all those who perform invocations in his name requesting his help.

Another legend relates that a long time ago, when men were in charge of interpreting Hebrew laws, and all the confidential messages that Sariel sealed were sent to heaven, only the elders and the wise were authorized to reveal those secrets.

It happened then, that the Triumph of God was known, Sariel being one of the four leaders of the fight of good over evil. It was thus, that the order was received that the human fighters would be guided on with whom and where to fight, carrying dangerous weapons. Four tower subdivisions were erected. Each of them should have a shield, and in the center they should have written the name of the archangel who led them. Sariel was assigned the third tower.

Finally, Sariel was entrusted with the defense of order and respect for the rules, being responsible for imparting the punishment for errors and faults of great importance.

Attributions or powers of the archangel Sariel

  • He is in charge of the destiny that corresponds to sinners, therefore he contributes with the distribution of both earthly and spiritual justice.
  • It is the guide of the souls within the spiritual world.
  • It gives an account of all the situations or demands that occur in the lives of men before God, especially when it comes to unjust causes.
  • It is protective against curses, spells, witchcraft, or the evil eye, in which any demon is involved.
  • It is said that every 13000 years he is entrusted with the mission of being the guardian angel that protects any person who is selected at random, and that for this reason he will be blessed on earth.
  • Unleash and free any soul that is unjustly in the infernal abyss.
  • Due to its many virtues and missions, it is the only celestial entity that has the permission to move between heaven and hell for the rescue of souls.
  • Also, it has the power to calm and guide souls that are in the process of transition between the earthly and spiritual world.
  • For some cultures Sariel is the angel of death.
  • Also, he has the power of healing just like the archangel Raphael.
  • It has the virtue of contributing to the control of despair, anxiety and anguish.
  • He was given the grace that makes him the last being to pass away.

How is it taken care of?

It is attended in totally clean places, where the white color predominates. Like the rest of the archangels with the use of incense with sweet fruit and floral aromas, especially with jasmine and lavender. Crystal goblets with fresh water, candles and white flowers can be placed for your invocation.

What is asked of the archangel Sariel?

Archangel Sariel is considered a teacher for men, thanks to his work in teaching them the lunar calendar or the rules of hygiene. In addition, by representing one of the seven essential energies, your intervention is requested in the following matters:

  • To protect themselves from curses, spells, and witchcraft wars in which demons have been used against people, or evil has been generated by the will of said beings.
  • To obtain concentration, calm, tolerance and the capacity for understanding.
  • For the healing of both physical and spiritual illnesses.
  • For the solution of situations in which one is a victim of injustice.
  • To fight against anxiety disorders and depression.
  • To be the guide and propitiate the forgiveness of sins and the redemption of souls that have just died.

The archangel Sariel in various religions

In ancient Sumerian customs

In Babylon, Sariel is considered a protector against magic curses.

In Judaism

He is considered an exterminating angel who acts as a defender of God, carrying a beautiful sword with which he covers Jerusalem. In addition, he is the head of the choir of powers.

In christianity

The tasks related to the souls of the deceased are not attributed to Sariel, rather those functions are delegated to the Archangel Saint Michael.

In islam

Sariel is described as a heavenly angel whose function is to fully comply with God's commands, and to carry them out he does not show any mercy or pity.

How to summon the archangel Sariel?

How to Summon Archangel Sariel?

To invoke the archangel Sariel, it is best to locate yourself in a totally clean space, the ideal would be for that room to dominate the white color if possible. There an energetic connection with the angel will be established, through a deep meditation in which the archangel will be visualized with closed eyes, calling him to request his help in the matter that is to be solved. This invocation can be performed with the help of some other ritual without any problem.

When the archangel Sariel is invoked, it is necessary to put the mind and heart in tune with the trust and faith that he will come to the call, because the slightest doubt will make the energy distort and the connection much more difficult to achieve.

It is also important to remember that Sariel's spiritual nature is based on justice, in fact, he is the representative of Divine justice, therefore, the requests that are made must be based on causes that respond to values ​​such as: truth, honesty, loyalty, tolerance and the search for patience, calm and the resolution of conflicts in which we have not been the cause of the situation.

Ritual to protect yourself from witchcraft with the archangel sariel

To begin this this ritual it is necessary to previously invoke the presence of the archangel Sariel. This will be done by placing on a table prepared with a white tablecloth: a pyramid, a crystal glass with fresh water, a plate with a purple candle. Once the candle is lit, the following prayer will be said:

«With the blessing of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

In this hour and in this moment I implore the Divine presence of the Archangel Sariel,

I, a humble creature, implore your mercy to obtain your help in the face of this cause that afflicts both my physical world and my spiritual world.

So be it, may his kind majesty transmute with this violet flame all sorcery, witchcraft, evil and devil housed in my physical and spiritual world, so that the will and love of God may reign forever and ever. Amen".

After this invocation, it is recommended to stay meditating in the place visualizing that the violet flame covers the entire body of the officiant, for as long as possible.

Prayer of the archangel Sariel

This archangel is prayed especially when there is a great desire for justice or to free oneself from the evil exercised by others, when seeking spiritual or physical healing and therefore the prayer must be carried out with the greatest solemnity and seriousness possible.

«Wonderful Archangel Sariel, today I cry out for your divine presence.

Please listen to my plea and come to my aid,

It works in my life like an exact scale.

Balance my energies, my situations and my life.

To achieve a solution to the conflicts that afflict me today (the request is made).


Prayer to remove spells and witchcraft with the archangel sariel:

«With the blessing of the great power of God I invoke the protection of the Archangel Sariel,

So that with your luminous flame and your spiritual strength you free me, heal, and transmute all kinds of curses, sorcery, witchcraft, and demons turned against me.

May there be no physical or spiritual attack from my enemies that can be successful on me,

And may I always count on your presence, as my guide and protective vigilante.

Amen and so be it.

How does the archangel Sariel manifest himself?

The archangel Sariel manifests himself during his invocations through a warm energy that is perceived in the body of the officiant. Also through visualizations of flashes of bright white lights or through revealing dreams. For his presence to be perceived, it is necessary for the person who wishes to connect with him to maintain a conduct full of values ​​and good customs, otherwise the celestial entity will not approach him, unless he experiences true repentance.

Learn more about the Archangels:

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