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archangel uriel

Archangel Uriel belongs to the group of the 7 main archangels who enjoys the grace of being able to stand before the throne of God. It is a symbol of the strength and energy of life. In charge of activating thought and consciousness in humans, illuminating them with the truth.

Who is the archangel Uriel?

Uriel is believed to be one of the princes who leads the Seraphim and Cherubim. Its energy is closely related to the sun star. It is known as the angel of salvation.

In the book of Revelation he is recognized as the angel of repentance. It is said that it lacks pity. He is the guardian of the key that opens the gates of Hell, which will be opened when the final judgment arrives.

Uriel rules the North cardinal point. It also has power over the summer solstice, at which time the sun is in all its splendor entering the sign of Cancer, coinciding with the popular festival of San Juan, which was originally the festival of fire, sun, and summer. .

It is evident then that the element with which Uriel identifies is fire, being present in all his senses, even in the flame of passion and love.

What does Uriel mean?

The Archangel Uriel is also identified under the names of: Nuriel, Uryan, Jeremiel, Vretil, Suriel, Auriel, Puruel, Phanuel, Fanuel or Jehoel.

The meaning of his name is translated as: «angel of light, light of the stars; God is my light or Fire of God ».

In other cultures its name is also interpreted as: The Treaty, the flaming sword, the flame in the palm, orb of the sun, celestial orb with constellations and stars, papyrus scroll, or the chalice.

Day of the archangel uriel

The festivity or celebration in honor of the Archangel Uriel performs September 29 in Western traditions. In the practices of the Eastern Orthodox Church it is celebrated on November 8. For its part, the Ethiopian church carries out the commemoration in his name on July 28.

Archangel Uriel's weekday is Friday.

Archangel uriel color

Archangel Uriel is associated with various colors. It is stated that corresponds the color orange, red, and gold. This is because those colors are related to the fire element that represents it. By having energetic power over them, their use and effects are directly related to the capacity for transformation, the destruction of negative energies, and spiritual transcendence and enlightenment.

Uriel's lightning bolt or flame is ruby ​​gold in color. It is through that vibration that he transmits all his energy, which is charged with abundance, prosperity and success.

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Image of the archangel uriel

The image of the archangel Uriel represents him as a scribe who always holds a book or a scroll of papyrus in his hands. That element is a symbol of knowledge, enlightenment and wisdom. That is why Uriel is related to everything that has to do with the highest cultures of the human being. Regent of all artistic manifestations and has been described as: "the spirit of sharpest vision in all the sky."

Powers and powers

  • His authority over the flame of fire reveals his task of stimulating the awakening of human consciousness so that they can live in peace, with the blessing and grace of God.
  • In the book or parchment that he always carries with him, he keeps an account of all the feelings, emotions, thoughts and actions of men while they cross the paths of life, that is why he is considered the divine observer.
  • Its ruby ​​golden flame contributes to the spread of truth and knowledge on earth.
  • He is the leader of the guardian angels of the people.
  • It has the virtue of being the protector of spiritual processes. It is responsible for ensuring that the transit of people on earth is on the correct path and stimulates a clearer vision in the face of life circumstances.
  • He is the patron of all arts and sciences, especially poetry.
  • It has the power to intervene in the mental plane of human beings, without interrupting free will. Stimulates thinking, ideas, intelligence, creativity, magic, and judgment.
  • It can influence the processes that stimulate prosperity, productivity, and attract divine abundance. Therefore, he is an angel provider of wealth and graces, both material and spiritual.
  • Participate in processes related to alchemy. It is a transmitter of universal knowledge, such as astrology.
  • It has the task of giving men the strength to face the most difficult moments of life and giving them the clarity to reach an understanding of the lessons brought by destiny.
  • He is a fervent protector of people who perform activities in which they serve others.

What is asked of the archangel uriel?

Requests are made to this archangel in the following situations:

  • When we want the truth to be known. In situations of injuries or problems caused by lies.
  • To develop and strengthen our spiritual world, creativity, inspiration, intelligence and growth.
  • To prosper economically and have financial stability.
  • To stimulate educational processes and intelligently apply the knowledge we have acquired, since Uriel is the protector of those who want to cultivate their wisdom or seek to eradicate ignorance.
  • This angel is entrusted to nurses, doctors, teachers, professors, judges, spiritual guides, priests, philosophers, gurus, religious ministers and everyone who seeks enlightenment and understanding of the spiritual world.
  • His energy emanates feelings of inner peace, balance, harmony, and grace, for this reason his presence is requested when these virtues are required in life.
  • To help solve in a peaceful way conflicts that may arise in interpersonal, social or professional relationships. Contributes to the stimulation of a pleasant environment.

How does the archangel uriel manifest himself?

When invoking Uriel and reaching the radiance of his presence, a sense of peace is usually perceived. Its energy comes to balance the elements that make life in the individual. It radiates harmony and clarity for the resolution of conflicts, it also contributes to spiritual development. In turn, it manifests itself through the visualization of sparks and bright lights such as those of the sun and red, gold or orange circles.

How is it taken care of?

It is served using candles and flowers of red, gold and orange (candles cannot be absent in its invocation, since fire is its main element of power). It is also necessary to strip away the physical space where your energy will be invoked with incense with floral, sweet or fruit scents.

Archangel Uriel in various religions

Uriel was recognized and worshiped just like the archangels: Miguel, Gabriel and Rafael. However, after the Council of Rome in 745, the Supreme Pontiff Zacharias, made the prohibition of the use of the name of the archangel Uriel and everything that represented his cult, even going so far as to destroy his images in all the churches of Rome. This action did not prevent Uriel from being remembered. Even so, some images of the archangel belonging to ancient art are still preserved in some churches located in South America.

In addition to that, within the angelology related to Christianity there are vestiges of its cult. Uriel is mentioned as a Seraph or Cherub. In fact, in the story of Adam and Eve, it is mentioned that Uriel was the cherub who stands guard at the gates of the Garden of Eden, carrying a fiery sword with which he protected the tree of life so that the humans. In another passage, in the company of other angels, his participation in burying the remains of Adam and Abel is attributed to him.

It is also believed that it has the power to rule the Sun, being known as: "Flame of God." It is estimated that it is an angel that represents the Divine presence and salvation, with power of control over the underworld or hell. In some cases it is called by the name of Phanuel, which means: the face of God.

Within the writings of the apocryphal gospels, it is believed that the archangel Uriel was a participant in the education and upbringing of John the Baptist. Indeed, it was this angel who saved him from perishing during the slaughter of innocent children led by Herod, leading his mother to Egypt, where he met Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

The Coptic Church

In the Book of Enoch he interprets Uriel as "the angel of the world and of the abode of the deceased or who is above the dead." He is also identified as "the angel of thunder, trembling or fear." In addition, he plays an important role before God, interceding and protecting humanity in the time when the watchers became fallen angels lashing the earth in the company of their children, known as the Nephilim.

In ancient books known as Inter testamentary apocalyptic literature, specifically in the Testament of Solomon, Uriel is mentioned as a fundamental part of the main group of archangels, occupying the third position. In the book of Revelation of Ezra, it is evidenced that this prophet is educated by Uriel in relation to the truth of life and what has been established for the final judgment of human beings.

Uriel in Judaism

In Judaism the archangel Uriel is recognized as the Sunday angel. Power is attributed to him over the arts, especially poetry. In another sense, he has the power to be a great warrior, leader of Sennacherib's army, and Jacob's battle partner in the Peniel fight. In turn, Uriel was Abraham's guide, as recounted in the book of Genesis, and who marked the doors of the homes of the Hebrews in Egypt to protect them from the arrival of plagues.

Archangel Uriel is widely known in many cultures. He is worshiped in the Anglican Church, in Anglo Catholicism. Also recognized by the Eastern Catholic and Orthodox Church, by the popular Catholic religion and esoteric Christianity.

Prayer of Archangel Uriel

"Pious Archangel Uriel, I beg you to pour out your infinite goodness on me, protecting me from all evil and freeing me from all adversities.

I beg you to be my benefactor from now on, to help me achieve peace, harmony and tranquility in my earthly and spiritual world.

Merciful Angel, cover me with your ruby ​​flame, fill me with your energy, wrap me with your cloak the color of the sun, fill me with strength, courage, fortitude and resistance.

Be my protector today that I need you the most, bringing sincerity into my life, removing from me all the mark of injury, lies and falsehood of which I am a victim today, and make the truth reign as always before you.

Listen to my humble words and protect me to get out of this conflict (make your request) that your will be done from here on, but that the bad, the false and traitors never reign.

It reveals before me the veil of confusion that does not allow me to see things as they are, in order to know who really is my benefactor and who is my detractor.

May your blessing always accompany me and guide my steps during this earthly journey and beyond that your company always awaits me. Amen, so be it".

Ritual to invoke Archangel Uriel and obtain prosperity

To invoke Uriel through this ritual, a golden candle will be used that will be placed on a white plate. A table is set with a white tablecloth in a quiet space where you can meditate without interruption.

Place the plate with the candle in the center and three coins in the shape of a triangle with the candle in the center. Incense, myrrh and storach are lit to strip the place while the meditation is performed and the archangel Uriel is invoked.

While meditating, his image and a waterfall of golden light will be visualized that falls on the officiant, bathing him with light throughout his invocation. The archangel will be called telling him about his needs or projects and leaving the success of it in his hands. This ritual must be done from the heart without greed or excessive interest, it will only be done to request Uriel to allow him to connect with the energy of prosperity and thus be able to achieve success on earth.

Once your request is obtained, a tree or some plant can be planted in honor and gratitude to Uriel, caring for it with much love.

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