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archangel zadkiel

The Archangel Zadquiel is one of the angels belonging to the militia of the kingdom of heaven. He is a benevolent representative of freedom and mercy, he frees us from the ties that do not allow us to grow and evolve in earthly life. He is entrusted with the important mission of inspiring feelings of forgiveness in all human beings.

Who is Archangel Zadkiel?

Zadquiel is said to belong to the most important group of archangels in heaven. It is part of the spiritualities known as "the angels of the presence", that is, it enjoys the virtue of being able to be in the presence of God.

He is considered one of the guardians who protect the files and records of the past lives of individual souls and the records of the groups made up of humans in each community. That is why he has the power to help overcome the karmic loads that each incarnate drags, influencing them spiritually and directing them to understand and accept "the law of forgiveness".

Zadkiel is an outstanding warrior, fighting under the leadership of the archangel michael and at the side of the archangel Jophiel in battles against malevolent spirits and fallen angels. He is associated with the planet Jupiter. In metaphysical studies, he is credited with the outstanding function of directing "the violet angels" whose mission is based on transmuting negative energies through the propagation of the violet flame.

How does it manifest?

Archangel Zadquiel manifests himself through dreams using his violet ray. In the mind and feelings of human beings it manifests itself in joy. Also, inspired actions of justice, mercy and forgiveness, or helping to overcome difficult events. Through meditations it appears as a bright, deep purple flame. 

Your day

Your day is Saturday. The party in his honor is celebrated on September 29 of each year, the day of all angels, because it does not have a particular holiday.

Its color:

Archangel Zadkiel color is the violet. You can also use all shades of purple, even lilac. The violet candles that are lit work very well to attract forgiveness and transmutation.

Archangel Zadkiel's seal:

The seal of this archangel attracts new projects. It stimulates the discovery of unknown paths, helps to find the right path to connect with the destiny of each individual. This seal represents the rebirth of the soul, the most genuine being, the connection with the harmony that transmits love and forgiveness.

Chackra that governs the Archangel Zadquiel:

Zadquiel governs the chakra that corresponds to the seat of the mistress, which is located in the middle of the chest, where the most sublime energies flow, such as: compassion, faith, and unconditional love. .

Your sacred code:

The number 389 represents the sacred code of this archangel.

What is the stone or mineral of this archangel?

The mineral with which this archangel vibrates is amethyst. This stone is an excellent companion for powerful meditations. It attracts balance, peace, relaxation; contributes to the release of negative energies; and stimulates the optimal development of emotional processes.


His main attribute is a dagger. This element represents the strength and ferocity that Zadquiel possesses as a warrior who fights against dark spirits, but it is also a tool that symbolizes spiritual powers, mysteries, the collective will, ruptures, changes, mercy and liberation. 


He is also known by the names of: Tzadqiel, Hesediel, Chesediel, Sachiel, Zedekiel, Zadakiel, and Zedekul. The translation of his name means: "justice of the Lord, or grace of God." In rabbinic culture he is called Hashmal or Zacharael, and recognized as the patron angel of mercy.

Archangel Zadquiel image

Archangel Zadkiel image

The representative image of the archangel Zadquiel usually shows him with beautiful features, carrying his wings wide open, extending his arms to heaven as a sign of invocation and wrapped in a brilliant ray of violet light. He can also carry a dagger or sword.

Attributions or powers of the archangel Zadkiel

Zadquiel has the virtue of inspiring in human beings feelings of: liberation, compassion, mercy, charity, benevolence, transmutation, tolerance, transformation, and the healing of painful feelings. He is also credited with the following qualities:

  • It has the power to dissolve memories.
  • He is the guardian of Karma. He cleanses souls from previous lives.
  • It can help heal emotional scars in communities resulting from struggles between nations and ethnic groups.
  • It has power over the inspiration that stimulates man to carry out the drafting of laws, statutes, fiscal and economic policies, and peace agreements.
  • It has the mission of transmuting souls. Intercede for them to be forgiven, as long as they are just and honest souls.
  • His nature vibrates perfectly with justice. He is recognized as "the archangel of fairness."
  • It has the virtue of living and manifesting itself through the joy of the human being.

How is it taken care of?

The Archangel Zadkiel, like many of the angels, is treated using incense with floral scents, and above all through the use of violet candle flames that attract the energy of transmutation, typical of this archangel. The glasses or glass containers filled with fresh water and crystals, can not be missing either.

What is being asked of you?

Archangel Zadkiel is asked for his help in the following situations:

  • Your intervention is requested so that your energy stimulates us to continue, defeat pessimism and feelings of failure, impotence and hopelessness.
  • It can help us get over traumatic or painful memories.
  • To help us achieve good negotiations.
  • We propitiate its energy to transform states of sadness into joy.
  • It is an excellent guide and counselor to make changes and make decisions.
  • Zadquiel is asked when we wish to have the opportunity to experience a different life, and when we are in search of balance and peace.
  • It is invoked when we have lost our way, we do not know which way to go; when we are confused, and we need to remember our true essence.
  • It can help overcome problems with vices, release resentments; It helps heal emotional wounds and achieve clarity and peace of mind.
  • Your contribution is requested to finish reaching the desired goals.
  • Its energy can be invoked to be able to understand the situations that overwhelm us.
  • Archangel Zadquiel is asked for his intervention to free himself from the karma of our past lives or our ancestors.
  • His intervention is very effective to transmute bad energies through the violet flame.

Archangel Zadkiel in various religions

In Jewish culture, he is identified as a member of the order of the "Hashmallim", which is known in angelology as the order of the celestial domains or dominations, in addition, he is considered the leader of that choir.

In the Kabbalah, in the writings of Maseket Azilut of the fourteenth century, it is indicated that in the company of the archangel Gabriel, Zadkiel presides over the angelic order of "the Shinanim", added to this, he is attributed the fourth position in the Sephirot, which bestows power over mercy.

Zadkiel being the angel of mercy, is interpreted to be the same angel referred to in the Bible as "the angel of the Lord" who prevents Abraham from sacrificing his son, Isaac. This would also explain why he uses a dagger as a symbol that identifies him.

Other interpretations of the sacred texts consider Zadkiel to be a cherub. Likewise, it is believed that he is a powerful warrior and defender of the kingdom of heaven. He had an active participation during the confrontation of all the angels in defense of the parameters established by the Creator, an event in which he received his holy sword from Almighty God, becoming one of his most faithful representatives and followers.

It is recognized and honored by the Anglican and Coptic Orthodox Churches, and by Anglo-Catholicism.

Archangel Zadkiel Prayer

«O holy angel of mercy. Blessed archangel Zadkiel, today I dare to invoke your presence in the name of God our creator.

For the sacred virtues with which you were invested and for the kindness with which you look at all living beings who seek redemption for their mistakes, forgiveness of their sins and overcoming their past, I dare to ask for your help.

At this moment my soul cries out for a timely transformation, to leave behind old beliefs that have caused me so much pain, to erase from my heart the resentment that fills me with sorrow, and the disappointments that do not let me evolve. It is true that I no longer want to live in sadness and I long for peace to enter my life.

You, as a connoisseur of truth and justice, because from heaven you observe everything I have gone through, you know that I walk through the valleys of discouragement, more from now on I pretend that it is not like that.

Therefore, I invoke your light, your energy, your kindness, and your violet flame. That the transmutation of all this weight of the past be forgotten (make a request) and that motivation, tranquility and happiness can settle in my life to achieve my goals.

I am sure as a creature of God that I did not come to this world to suffer, that is why I am certain that my prayer will be heard by you, blessed angel, and that in your strength I will see myself free from everything that afflicts me today. . So be it, so it is, so it will be. Thank you thank you thank you. Amen".

Healing Ritual with Archangel Zadkiel

This ritual is performed to activate good energies, cleaning, purification and attracting positive changes to people's lives. It is recommended to do it in the morning when you wake up. Necessary elements:

  • A violet candle or candle.
  • Incense of the scent of your choice.
  • A white plate.

You can perform this ritual anywhere you like and where you feel most comfortable. On the plate will place the candle and incense. After turning them on next to him, he will go into deep meditation by closing his eyes. It is important to concentrate on the breath. Inhale and exhale, paying attention only to that activity to gradually forget everything around you, diminishing the importance of all sounds. When you achieve calm, you will begin to visualize a ray of violet light in front of you, and within its brilliant radiance you will find Archangel Zadkiel. Above his body, a violet flame slowly approaches until it completely engulfs him. At that moment and in complete peace, he will call the archangel Zadkiel to tell him what worries and ails him.

Once you have relieved your worries or sadness, you will visualize how they are trapped in that flame that enveloped you and they slowly move away from you. It is there, where he will entrust Zadkiel that all those bad energies are transmuted and transformed into blessings. As you breathe imagine that you inhale peace, love, reconciliation, harmony and all the feelings that you want to experience in your life.

He will do this for as long as possible, thus activating the vibrations of Archangel Zadquiel in his physical and spiritual body and causing the energies invoked to be accentuated. At the end and before opening your eyes, you will be grateful for the presence of the angel and God's blessing.

When you open your eyes, you will make the following affirmation: “I have received, through the intervention of the Supreme God, a charge of violet energy full of mercy and kindness. I have witnessed how everything that hurts me moves away from my life. That is why from now on, none of that that afflicted me before, will be able to affect me. Archangel Zadquiel has worked in me, and his violet flame has transmuted from my physical and spiritual body everything that does not allow me to connect with my destiny, transcend and evolve. Therefore, I am ready to start my day with gratitude, respect, love and faith. Thank you thank you thank you. Amen".

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