The 7 Archangels: Names, Meaning, What They Represent and More

The 7 archangels

The 7 Archangels, sublime spirits whose existence is reflected in various religions and spiritual cultures. Beings full of light. Symbol of celestial representation. Messengers of God whose mission is to protect and care for men in their vicissitudes on earth.

What are the Archangels?

What are the Archangels?

The term "Archangel" can be found in the New Testament using the Greek language to name it. Based on the translations derived from that language, it has been concluded that due to the prefix «arc» that indicates superiority or leadership over a group, its meaning refers to: chief or main angel, who governs, who directs, who holds a high rank, or leads.

Now, if we see it from the point of view of its sacred or angelic qualities, that term can be related to the word translated as: "angels" whose meaning is: messenger.

In such a way, that when we refer to an Archangel we are talking about a celestial being with a high hierarchy, even higher than that of the angels themselves, whose leaders are. That is why, when reference is made to the archangels, it is said that they are the ones who lead the celestial militia made up of the angels.

According to Angelology, the archangels constitute one of the seven choirs within the angelic scale. Which makes them the second to last, followed by the angels.

In another sense, it is important to note that the Bible also refers to the Archangels as "spirit" revealing their spiritual nature that, although it has a hierarchy, has its origin in common with spiritualities in general. In fact, the textual way to use this reference is evidenced by observing how the term "spirit" is written when referring to the archangels, the word is all in lowercase, because, when "Spirit" is written starting with a capital letter, it is he is referring to the Holy Spirit.

Image of the 7 archangels

Another peculiarity that the biblical texts about archangels describe is that, unlike the usual iconography that presents angels and archangels with wings, they show that only the cherubim and seraphim are the ones who actually possess them. However, they are described as wearing linen garments, white or shining garments. (Jn. 20:12; Rev. 15: 6, among many others).

It is also possible to find references that refer to the archangels as "the seven holy angels", a term that was used to speak of Raphael, specifically. However, that expression does not diminish his rank. In fact, Lucifer despite being a "fallen angel" his hierarchy of Archangel allows him to continue being the head of the angels who became his followers.

In Judaism there is not a vast reference to archangels within the Hebrew Bible, but they are widely known within the rabbinical tradition.

How many and what are the names of the archangels?

In Zoroastrianism, according to experts in anthropology, theology and philosophy, it is believed that there was the first reference to the prehistoric belief in angels. His beliefs manifested that Ahura Mazda (God) during the first act of creation, distinguished the spirit of Spenta Mainyu, (Archangel of justice) and created six additional archangels that helped him create the physical universe.

The Catholic Church officially recognizes only 3 archangels as such, identified as: Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, and Archangel Raphael. Although in the Bible we find multiple references that indicate that there are 7 archangels. It can be seen in the book of Tobias, in the Apocalypse, in the book of Zechariah, among many others, where he refers to the archangels in different ways but always using the same amount.

The Protestant churches refer that there are only 3 Archangels and their names are: Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer, who would later be known as Satan.

The Orthodox Church for its part recognizes 7 archangels under the names of: Michael, Gabriel, Jegudiel, Rafael, Sealtiel, Uriel, and Barachiel. However, Jeremiel is occasionally mentioned as an eighth archangel. In the Coptic Church, 7 archangels are also recognized.

In Islamism the power of the archangels is recognized but their attributions in addition to including the headship of the angels also contemplate the responsibility of leading jurisdictions or special missions commissioned by Allah. On the other hand, the number of archangels is much higher in Islam. They recognize Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, and in addition to them they contemplate 7 more archangels, which adds up to a total of 10 archangels.

We can conclude then, that at present the various religions do not have unification of criteria regarding the number of existing archangels and their names, however, their virtues and disposition to help humans are indisputable.

Meaning of the 7 archangels

Meaning of the 7 archangels

Based on the most popular identification of the archangels we can describe them as follows: 

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael He is known as the head of the heavenly armies or Yahweh. In his iconography they show him wearing the armor of a Roman soldier, holding a sword in one hand and the balance of the last judgment in the other and stepping on the devil as a sign of victory for good against evil. Also known as "Prince of the heavenly militia." It is a symbol of the fight of good against evil. He is recognized as the first of the 7 archangels in practically all religions with the exception of the Islamic one.

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel

The Archangel Gabriel He is known for his outstanding work as "Divine Messenger" for announcing to Mary that he was in the state of the son of God. His name is translated as: strength of God. His iconography, especially from well-known works of Byzantine art such as "Gabriel's horn" describe him as the bearer of the trumpet that will announce the return of the Lord to earth and the resurrection of the dead, however, in the stories Biblical does not specify that he is in charge of that mission. It is attributed the patronage of communications and therefore of all people who exercise communication work, postmen, ambassadors and diplomats.

Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael

The Archangel Raphael He is recognized as one of the archangels who intervened with the restoration of the gospel. Outstanding in missions related to long pilgrimages, he is credited with the power to protect travelers. In addition, among its virtues is the ability to heal, which makes it a protector of health. It is believed that he was in charge of maintaining the healing waters of the Bethesda Pool mentioned in the Gospel of John. His gifts also make him a participant in tasks in which people find it difficult to achieve love.

Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel

Uriel has a strong relationship with the Cherubim and Seraphim, in fact, he identifies himself as the cherub that was found at the gates of Eden, bearer of a fiery sword that prevents human access to the tree of life. His gifts allow him to have many more powers. He is the ruler of the lands and churches of God. He is the angel of the light of the sun and the stars, of poetry, the transformer who gives strength in the face of vicissitudes, prosperity, job stability and economic prosperity.

Archangel Raguel

Archangel Raguel

His name is interpreted as: "friend or desire of God." It is representative of the fair, the impartial and of the harmony. Therefore, it is in charge of certifying that the angels and archangels are working correctly and otherwise publishes the punishment for those who dare to be transgressors of God's norms. In the same way, he will be the one who executes the sentences of the infamous during the final judgment. In the Book of Enoch he is recognized as the one who taught Enoch the fiery flames that guide the stars in the sky. In addition, Raguel is the Archangel of enlightenment caused by intelligence and wisdom, of the search for inspiration and of concentration.

Archangel Sariel

Archangel Sariel

One of his most important jobs is to watch over sinners, identify injustices committed on the earthly plane, and give an account of it to God. This is the archangel of happiness and freedom. Among his gifts, it is said that he is capable of turning negative situations into positive ones, contributing to the way out of problems and complicated situations in life. Representative of godly feelings such as forgiveness that provides strength to continue in the evolution of life.

Archangel Remiel

Archangel Remiel

His name is interpreted as "thunder, love or mercy of God." The custody of the resurrected is attributed to him because he is in charge of answering how much the righteous must wait for their reward. He is known as the Archangel of love, unification, comfort, and genuine bonds. It contributes to the search and encounter of true love, and intervenes in the stimulation of feelings of tolerance, understanding, patience and other virtues necessary for relationships to be successful.

Seal of the Seven Archangels

Seal of the 7 Archangels

When we refer to the seals of the archangels, we speak of certain specially made graphics that act as a dimensional portal that attracts the spiritual radiation of a certain spirit, in this case that attracts the archangels, exercising an action like a kind of magnet. They are used to intensify the energetic connection invoked on behalf of the archangels.

The rays, flames or colors of The 7 Archangels

Each of the archangels has characteristics that make them vibrate in better harmony with certain colors, therefore, when lighting a candle, it is best to use the appropriate one to attract their energy more effectively, as detailed below :

  • Archangel Michael: he is invoked through the blue candles.
  • Archangel Gabriel: you are requested with white candles.
  • Archangel Uriel: It is invoked with yellow or red candles.
  • Archangel Raphael: he is assisted with green candles.
  • Archangel Sariel: you are served by the use of purple candles.
  • Archangel Remiel: invoked with pink candles.
  • Archangel Raguel: he is prayed with orange or gold colored candles.

Which of the 7 archangels is my protector according to the day of my birth?

It is necessary to emphasize that the archangels are not managed under specific dates, rather, their energy is identified with a day of the week, therefore, to determine who is the angel that could be considered our greatest protector we must identify which day was the of our birth.

  • Monday: Archangel Raguel.
  • Tuesday: Archangel Remiel.
  • Wednesday: Archangel Gabriel.
  • Thursday: Archangel Raphael.
  • Friday: Archangel Uriel.
  • Saturday: Archangel Sariel.
  • Sunday: Archangel Saint Michael.

However, this does not mean that this is limiting to request the intersection of the other archangels in situations related to their work, since they will always be ready to resolve situations related to humans.

Prayers to ask the 7 archangels for help

Prayers to ask the 7 archangels for help

Prayer to the archangel michael against evil

In view of the power that Miguel can exercise over the snares of evil, his prayers are mainly directed at requesting his help in this regard, such as the following:

Oh! Saint Michael the Archangel, protect us in the fight.

Become our protection against the wickedness and deceptions of the devil.

May God impose his supremacy over him, that is the prayer that afflicts me today;

Revered Leader of the Celestial Battalions,

Make use of the power that God has given you,

I beg you to send Lucifer and the rest of the malevolent spirits that haunt our lives seeking destruction and tragedy to hell.


Prayer to the archangel Gabriel for love

It is said that the archangel Gabriel is not prayed directly to him, that his invocation is made to God and it is then, that under his authorization Gabriel comes to the aid of the needy, even so, many devotees invoke him through the following prayer:

Oh! Archangel Gabriel, blessed by the grace of God,

Cover me with your absolute heavenly love

squander your blessings on the world, and on every creature that inhabits it.

May your goodness be so absolute that the Divine rays can illuminate my heart, expelling all feelings of sadness and hopelessness, to achieve true love on this earth.


Prayer to the Archangel Raphael for health

Due to his healing abilities, the archangel Raphael is invoked requesting his intervention when suffering from problems in that sense or to invoke his protection in that fundamental field of life, a prayer for this is the following:

Oh! Powerful Archangel Saint Raphael, today I cry out for your presence because I really need it,

It facilitates on my way and my eyes the power to identify what can free me from my sufferings and anguish,

May your energy be synonymous with healing, salvation and faith in me.

Enlighten my body and my soul so that my steps reach the joy of your mercy.


Prayer for Archangel Uriel to protect us

This sentence is used when we know that the enemy or unexpected dangers are lurking:

Oh! Virtuous Archangel Saint Uriel,

Be my watchman in the face of dangers that I cannot foresee,

help me to stand firm and safe from all evil, damage, corruption and wickedness.

May the flame of your energy envelop me and fill me with blessings, strength, impetus, encouragement and endurance.

Give me the fullness of your mercy and grant me the grace that I beg of you (make request).


Prayer of the archangel Raguel to do justice

The energy of this archangel is highly recommended in life situations in which one is the victim of unjust acts, it can be prayed as follows:

Oh! Archangel Raguel, I invoke your infinite goodness so that you have all your influence over me.

Give me your light to achieve wisdom and understanding.

Expand my intellectual capacities to help me learn, grow, and strengthen my Higher Self.

That through your virtues poured out on me I manage to get out of all the earthly situations that afflict me.


Prayer to Archangel Sariel to evolve

When you want to make requests to this archangel you can use the following prayer:

Oh! Divine Archangel Sariel, impregnate my being with your powerful violet flame, making me find tranquility and calm in your energy.

May your great influence allow me to reach the fullness of my capacities, transmuting all feelings that do not allow me to evolve during the transit of this world.

Do not let me be the victim of malevolent, destructive, negative spirits that appear against me.


Prayer with the Archangel remiel for love

Its special virtue given to sentimental themes makes this archangel appropriate to perform these types of prayers:

Oh! Adored Archangel Remiel, shine your light on my emotions and feelings so that the universal power of God's love resides in me,

Let it overflow in such a way that I can transmit it to others.

And all my loved ones can be infected so that they are blessed just like me.

Beloved Remiel, accompany me in the search for true and faithful love until I can find that partner who is predestined for me in this life.


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