What is the Tarot of the Angels? The heavenly cards

Tarot of the angels

The Tarot of the Angels is a divinatory instrument that is widely accepted due to its charming design and outstanding predictability. It is unique in its style and offers you an opportunity to connect with angels and celestial beings.

What is the tarot of angels?

It is a deck of cards made as a tool full of celestial symbols and images of angels, archangels, unicorns, fairies, among others, composed of 78 cards in their entirety. Its structure is quite similar to the traditional tarot.

Its authors are Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, who have been influenced by ancient divinatory and spiritually inspired methods for the creation of a card game loaded with fair, accurate, positive, authentic, benevolent messages, and full of messages that invite the joy and peace.

According to its creators, the Angels Tarot is considered a portal to another dimension whose capacity for action exceeds the physical senses. Providing the experience of an esoteric reading, capable of connecting with entities, energies and beings of the highest lights or that inhabit the heavenly energy levels.

That is why this tarot is considered as an example of the Divine language, one of the many ways that the kingdom of heaven chooses to communicate with human beings from love and spirituality, through which it directs us, guiding us towards The road to happiness. Putting aside the myth created from past times that pointed to this tool as an occult resource of witchcraft or evil, which caused fear among people.

What is asked to the tarot of the angels?

The readings through the Tarot of the angels are capable of clarifying all kinds of doubts for the consultant, it can become the instrument through which, his guardian angel communicates with him, knowing his concerns and taking advantage of the resources that he emanates in his favor, to thus obtain the blessing of his wise counsel. In such a way that you can get answers on issues of health, money, love, or any other nature.

Let us remember that angelic beings are ready to offer their help to all beings who request it, since that is one of the missions that has been entrusted to them by God.

What do the angels tarot cards mean?

Angels tarot cards

Human beings have been created thanks to the love emanated by God, and in the irradiation of that love other beings of creation have been entrusted to serve as support in the journey of the earthly path, a path in which we come to purge certain drag of this life or the previous ones. But, God's will has always been that we be happy, filled with joy and that we can thus reach the destination we have chosen to live on this physical plane.

That is why there are these types of elements. The tarot of the angels is one of the many existing languages ​​to speak to heaven. Each deck of this deck represents a message of love that invites us to live in harmony, in peace and in happiness.

That is the meaning that spiritualities have captured through their authors in this card game. They have combined their spiritual knowledge and experiences resulting in this card game to pave the way through a resource that connects with their spirit guides. That is what tarot is all about, a tool that provides answers to the collective search for enlightenment, and for transcendence.

For the tarot reader, the tarot of the angels means an instrument to help himself and others, from his evolution and spiritual knowledge. A divine orientation that links us with the missionary angels who are in the world at the service of the evolution of humanity.

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What are the cards like?

The structure and all the elements of the tarot cards of the angels are loaded with a unique symbolism. In addition, they enjoy the presence of the figure of many mythical and spiritual beings who are ready to communicate with human beings, and in turn retain some characteristics of the traditional tarot such as the presence of the arcana.

The Arcana

The word arcana means "mysteries." It should be noted that the sense of its meaning refers to the mysterious and miraculous way in which the Universe connects with everything that exists, including ourselves. At no time has this mystery wanted to be hidden or secret, on the contrary, the arcana are present in the tarot to reveal the mystery of life. In turn, they are divided into major and minor arcana.

The major arcana or great mysteries

There are 22 cards that reveal the appearance of an archangel in each of them. This spirit will have the mission of announcing that he is the commissioner to help the consultant in important life events that are about to occur.

The minor arcana or little mysteries

56 cards that refer to situations in daily life. They are represented by 4 sticks corresponding to the 4 elements: fire, air, earth and water, which carry messages sent by a number of celestial beings.

Who are the beings present in the tarot cards of the angels?

In the tarot of angels we can find the following spiritual entities:


These are the angels of the highest level and closeness to God. Its main mission is to stay as a backup to the heavenly throne. They are beings capable of giving off heat, since they burn constantly. Ancient Hebrew angelology considered that the Seraphim act as guardians who guard the throne of God and forming the first angelic choir.


Defined as the custodians of divine light that can make contact with human beings and transmit wisdom despite not living on the same plane. They are also known as the messengers of the stars. They have the mission of protecting the tree of life, so that no one who is not authorized approaches it.


It refers to angels that are related to humans. Formerly known as spirits of the stars or cathedrals of God. Its mission is to take charge and direct the entities with lesser hierarchies in the Divine realm.


The angels that belong to the dominations are identified as medical angels, in charge of preserving order and universal balance and that of men on the physical plane. They are led by God, by seraphim, and cherubim.


The angels of virtues are shaped like rays of light. They are in charge of removing everything that hinders or interferes with the fulfillment of the orders issued by God. They repel all evil beings and transmute negative energies that wish to harm God's designs. Also, they contribute to the balance between human beings and Divine providence.


It is made up of angels of birth and death. Your job is to protect conscience and history. In addition, they are the guides of the Universal Sacred order.


The angels that belong to the principalities have a universal rank that is a special authority granted by God. Custodians of the diocese, provinces, peoples and nations. In charge of the vigilance of all those who lead or govern.


They are angels entrusted by Divine light, whose mission is to convey God's messages to human beings. Your messages are always of great relevance.

Ninth chorus:

It is made up of guardian angels who are responsible for individually watching over each human being, especially their souls. They take care of them from evil, and guide them towards good. They are known as custodians against visible and invisible enemies. The ninth chorus inspires men to seek and walk the path to the salvation of their souls. They give thanks, strength and light in the moments that are necessary.


Group the angels who know the deep mysteries of God. They lead and protect from the highest level of the heavenly choir. Guides of all heavenly entities. In charge of the mission of transmitting the most relevant divine decrees. The greatest intermediaries between God and human beings.

Representative angels:

They are angels or beings of light that emanate knowledge, love and wisdom of the Divine to all men. They provide answers to the most complex challenges faced by humans and stimulate the momentous evolution of life.

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Who can read the tarot of angels?

During the evolution of knowledge in human beings, the tarot has been surrounded by a certain mystery. Much has been said about its origin, its invention has even been attributed to cultures that have had nothing to do with this oracle, such as the Egyptian for example. All this has led people to believe that few are privileged to be able to interpret the messages hidden between the letters.

This to the amazement of many has caused distrust and has atrophied the qualities of clairvoyance, clairvoyance and interpretation of the signs of heaven in many people. But, thanks to the intervention of angels and spiritual guides, that belief has been distorted. Finally, the truth always comes to light and the truth is that everyone can become capable of interpreting tarot cards because we all have the right to access Divine messages. All we have to do is constantly work on developing our spirituality and in that same proportion, the letters will speak for us.

Likewise, this development only requires a true conviction and the constant discipline of the search for understanding of those beings that surround us, which in turn connect with this tool (the cards) and speak to us through their symbols.  

Luckily, the Tarot of the Angels has a totally suggestive design, loaded with infinite goodness, with images that convey calm, harmony and the blessing of making its use a pleasant and easy experience for the tarot reader. In that way your roll becomes very accurate.

We are in the age of the opening of knowledge, in the same way, the angels do not wish that incomprehensible mysteries continue to exist, or that only a few benefit from their wisdom. So, if the spiritual path of angels is your thing, then this deck is the one for your heavenly communication. After so many centuries of occultism and darkness, the tarot has come to light again, allowing all people to use it to find answers or to be a guide offered from heaven through the angels.

How do you read the tarot of the angels?

The Angels Tarot allows a connection that begins from the physical plane to the spiritual plane. It ignites our ability to capture a halo of divine light that is emanating for the guidance of human beings.

That is why the most recommended thing for each tarot reader before using this interesting oracle is to meditate for brief moments, calming their thoughts and channeling their energies, thus achieving their inner peace that will allow them to raise their energy vibration obtaining concentration. suitable for reading as clearly as possible, always counting on the blessing of God and the angels.

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