Saint Michael the Archangel: The prince of the heavenly militias

San Miguel Arcangel

It is the most popular of the group of the 7 archangels. Invoked by millions of people in the world belonging to various religions for being considered a powerful spiritual warrior. This is the angel responsible for the protection of humans. Victorious opponent of the demon. Leader of the souls that have entry into heaven and General of the armies of God.

Who is the Archangel Michael?

He is recognized as the captain of the 7 archangels who lead all the angels of heaven. His power and bravery make him identified as the defender of God's creation. It appears in the holy books of many religious cultures such as: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

What does the name of Archangel Michael mean?

The name in Hebrew of Saint Michael the archangel is: Mija-El, Mi-ka-El, Mikaiyáh or Mijaiá, and its translation is: «Who is like God?». It was given that name, since it is said that that was the battle cry that he chanted when facing Satan in defense of God.

Saint Michael the Archangel Day

The festivity or celebration in honor of the Archangel Michael takes place on September 29 every year. Curiously, that date, depending on the annual calendar, coincides, or at least is very close, to the celebrations of the Autumn Equinox, in which the festival is commemorated in the name of the Divinity Mitra, related to the sun according to Persian and Roman beliefs. . Indeed, the element of Saint Michael the Archangel is fire, and accordingly his planet is the sun.

Archangel Michael color

Archangel Michael color

Its color is blue, which occupies the fifth position in the rays of light emanating in the rainbow. Also, the color blue is the first among the spiritual colors, just as this angel is the first among the archangels. The vibration of that color contributes to spiritual transcendence to higher dimensions, symbolizes the protection of heaven and the fullness of the spirit. That is why the candles that are placed on Miguel are blue for protection and protection.

Image of Saint Michael the Archangel

Image of Saint Michael the Archangel

The representative image of the Archangel Michael shows him as a winged soldier, with long light hair, wearing a shining Roman armor. He holds in one of his hands a sharp sword or a spear that threatens a dragon, representing Lucifer. This outlines the Divine virtue that has made him victorious over the devil on different occasions. In addition, this double-edged sword signifies the distinction between good and evil, and the strength of God, which Michael draws on to fight against the perversities of the fallen angels.

His splendid armor symbolizes the humility that covers his body, as well as covers all beings that take refuge in it, and within which no malevolent feelings caused by the devil and his helpers can be lodged.

With his other hand he holds a scale that represents the balance and justice imparted to souls on Judgment Day, a task for which he has been entrusted.

Another common characteristic is to see him resting his heel on Lucifer giving a feeling of victory and conquest over the opponent that represents the triumph of good over evil.

Attributes and powers of Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael
  • Fight the evil in the world caused by the influence of Satan and his angels followers.
  • Protect, guide and accompany on trips and pilgrimages.
  • He is entrusted to measure souls on Judgment Day.
  • Saint Michael the Archangel, is also recognized as the angel of death, since it provides the opportunity to redeem themselves to people who are about to die.
  • Protect the innocent from injustice and judge evil.
  •  He is the leader of the Armies of God.
  • He is a prominent healer, appeases disease and calms the suffering of human beings.
  • Break the ties to negative mental states and feelings within the human being such as: ignorance, intolerance, unconsciousness, imbalance and slavery to material and emotional attachments.
  • Saint Michael the Archangel, being recognized as the Prince of Light, enlightens humanity so that it can come out of the darkness of wrong thoughts and fear.
  • Bring balance and order to the world.

How is Saint Michael the Archangel cared for?

It is cared for through the use of incenses that purify the physical space where it is invoked. Blue, silver and white flowers and candles are also offered.  

What is asked of Saint Michael the Archangel?

The onslaught that Archangel Michael has as a warrior has made him protector of all trades that use some type of weapon such as: military and police. In addition, it exercises the patronage of merchants, pharmacists, and pastry chefs, therefore all of them request its protection when carrying out the tasks of their profession. In addition to this, your intervention is implored in the following situations:

  • Being exposed to physical dangers and all kinds of evil.
  • By needing strength and courage to face major situations.
  • When we need support because we feel lonely, saddened, afraid and doubtful.
  • To revitalize faith and refresh positive feelings and emotions.
  • Being victims of spiritual wars, black magic, or the evil eye.
  • To understand our mission in life.
  • To break the veil of ignorance.

Archangel Michael in various religions

The Catholic Church

Michael is mentioned in his scriptures and recognizes him as a "Heavenly Prince" who has fought with the devil and has thrown him out of heaven. Protector of God's people. Interestingly, it is from the Middle Ages that their worship is legal. Furthermore, Christianity only recognizes three archangels: Miguel, Gabriel and Rafael.

Seventh-day Adventists

They affirm that the Archangel Michael is another name that Jesus Christ possessed before the creation of the world, and before he became a man when he arrived on earth.

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The hierarchy of "archangel or greater angel" is attributed to him and it is identified to him like the incarnation of Adam, reason why it is considered father and patriarch of the human race. This is based on the belief that all human beings before birth are spirits and live with God.

According to the Jewish rabbinical tradition

Archangel Michael is given the title of "Prince of nations." Take care of Israel from Satan. His work as protector of the Hebrews has been exercised since the time of the biblical patriarchs.

In the Eastern Churches

They consider it in the same way as in the Catholic Church. He is protector of the integrity and holiness of God, in front of the fallen angels.

Jehovah's Witnesses

They maintain that Michael and Jesus Christ are the same spiritual identity, both on earth and in heaven.

Archangel Michael in Islam

Through his holy book "the Koran" it is maintained that the Archangel Michael was one of the three angels who visited Ibrahim to warn of the birth of Isaac and Jacob. Likewise, along with other angels, he accompanied Muhammad on a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Prayer of Saint Michael the Archangel

Prayer of Saint Michael the Archangel

There is a very particular story about the most popular prayer of Saint Michael the Archangel, it is said that on October 13, 1884 the Supreme Pontiff Leo XIII while officiating a mass, experienced a vision in which he observed Lucifer in the company of his other demons doing In front of God, he also declared that he could end the Church if he so desired. Faced with such audacity, the archangel Michael appeared and sent the demon to the bowels of hell along with his companions.

After such an impressive revelation, the Pope contacted his secretary for the Congregation of Rites and gave him a prayer that he had written and that was to be disseminated in the churches of the whole world to be used at the end of each mass. This practice was maintained until the Second Vatican Council, but by then its popularity was such that it became the main prayer known for the invocation of Michael the Archangel, and it reads as follows:

«Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in the fight.

Be our protection against the wickedness and wiles of the devil.

May God manifest his power over him, that is our humble supplication;

and you, Prince of the Heavenly Militia, with the strength that God has conferred on you,

cast Satan and other evil spirits to hell

who roam the world for the perdition of souls.


According to Catholic beliefs, this invocation to Saint Michael the Archangel brings many blessings to those who pray it, contributing to their own liberation from purgatory, that of their relatives and loved ones.

Ritual with Saint Michael the Archangel to protect yourself from enemies

This ritual with Saint Michael the Archangel is recommended when we are fighting with enemies prone to evil and that we know they want to harm us. For its realization the following elements are needed:

  • Work on a table with a very clean white tablecloth.
  • A crystal glass with fresh water.
  • An image or a picture of Saint Michael the Archangel.
  • A white plate.
  • A blue candle.
  • Blue flowers.
  • Silver powder or silver-colored frost.

To carry out this ritual, we will sprinkle the entire tablecloth placed on the table with the silver powder until it looks shiny and shiny. The image of Saint Michael the Archangel will be placed in the middle of the table. In front of him is the glass of water that will have the well-arranged flowers on top. If a picture is used, it will lie on the glass in the center of the table. Next to it, the candle is placed on the white plate and lit. Breathing exercises begin to calm the energies and start a meditation with closed eyes in which we will visualize the image of Miguel and we will continue working on calming the sensations and emotions. This meditation will be done until you reach that state. Already impregnated with tranquility, we will open our eyes and pray the following prayer:

"San Miguel Arcangel,

take care of me at all times.

Defend me from evil.

Protect me from injustice.

Divine Messenger helps my prayer to reach God.

Celestial warrior do not allow the victory of my opponents to be built on me.

With your infinite goodness I must triumph over my enemies and the evil that Satan drives them to do.


We will continue meditating in this stage with our eyes open, staring at the flame of the candle that at some point will turn bluish as a symbol of the presence of the archangel. This ritual will generate a protective field over the physical body of the officiant who will be blessed by the archangel. The duration will be to your liking. It is best to last as long as you can to absorb as much energy as possible from the invoked blue flame.

How does the Archangel Saint Michael manifest himself?

The virtue that Archangel Michael has that makes him be connected to the sun makes him carry a powerful energy of electric flame. Through invocation rituals, but above all through deep and constant meditation it is possible to achieve a genuine connection with Archangel Michael.

However, such a connection requires proper purification and personal behavior attached to values ​​such as: justice, humility, truth, tolerance, respect, and truth. Only by putting these fundamentals of life into practice can we access such magnificent energy.

Regularly, when accessing that energetic connection, the officiant usually has minks in which flashes of light are observed. That light has a great intensity, but at the same time, you feel a great calm in its presence.

If the meditation is done using a glass of water, it is very likely that sparks of light will be observed on the surface of the water.

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