Archangel Haniel or Anael: Who is he? Day, Attributes, Prayer and Ritual

Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel, also known as Anael, is one of the representatives of the purest feeling that human beings can have: “love”. In addition to that, its energy vibrates with all the things that we human beings need in our lives. It is the precise spirituality to go to when we are facing difficult moments, since it is present in the joys and attracts happiness in all aspects.

Who is Archangel Haniel?

Haniel is recognized according to the Kabbalah of Elohim as chief of the Principalities and the Virtues in the heavenly choirs. It is considered a guardian and protector of humanity that fully performs its role, actively participating in the resolution of its problems, bringing energy of peace.

His image, his name and his spiritual essence represent the individual and intellectual pleasures of human beings, such as: love, subtlety, beauty, harmony, happiness, intellectuality, and wisdom. Also, it vibrates in perfect harmony with nature, and is present in open places loaded with a lot of light, in those that enjoy light winds, or in those loaded with a lot of snow.

In Israel he enjoys great popularity, despite not being recorded as a saint in religious calendars. For astrology, this angel manifests through the signs of Libra, Taurus, Scorpio and Gemini. Also, it governs the month of December. With respect to the stars, it vibrates with the planet Venus and the moon. Due to this astrological relationship, it can sometimes be confused with the archangels Camael and Samael.

What is the day of the archangel Haniel?

The most opportune day of the week to attract its energy is Friday. On the other hand, it does not have an established annual date to be celebrated in its honor.

Archangel Haniel Color:

Its color is pink, a symbol of beauty. However, it is also said that it can have power over white, light blue, and green, due to its relationship with the emerald stone, which is well known for its energetic properties capable of attracting love. stability and harmony between the couple. Therefore, the candles that are offered to you are usually of those colors.

Attributions or powers

This archangel enjoys a privileged place in the celestial kingdom. Therefore, it is entrusted to contribute to the solution of many setbacks that afflict humanity, among its attributions the following stand out:

  • It is entrusted to influence the resolution of major confrontations, fights, and disagreements, especially within the family.
  • It has the virtue of turning negative situations into positive ones, inspiring the tools to solve conflicts.
  • It has power over joy, love and purity of the soul. In turn, it serves as a guide for embodied beings to develop self-love.
  • He is in charge of guiding human beings so that they can remain under the commands and love of God, also inspiring the glorification of the Creator.
  • Haniel represents our purest vibration. The original vibration that works according to the progress and evolution of the soul.
  • It is a symbol of the grace of God poured out on all the creatures of creation, for the good of humanity.

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representative symbol from Haniel:

His symbol is the Rose, since, this represents a large number of sublime things, both in the spiritual world and in the earthly world. The rose, like the archangel Haniel, is synonymous with beauty, regeneration, eternity, purity, charm, sincerity, kindness, empathy and, of course, a symbol of love.

Your Sacred Code:

It is understood that the sacred code that corresponds to the archangel Haniel corresponds to the numbers 991. In addition, in astrology and numerology it vibrates with the number 4, which represents stability, harmony, balance, bases, foundations. where things are based so that they give a good result.

What is the stone or mineral of Archangel Haniel?

There are several minerals that vibrate perfectly with the archangel Haniel, the first of which is "the moonstone". This stone has the ability to balance the energies of the bodies; it is an excellent companion for meditations, and it is also very effective in attracting love. In addition, Haniel can be related to other stones, such as: emerald, sapphire, rose quartz, among others.

Chakra that governs:

This archangel rules the third eye chakra, which is located between the eyebrows and is deeply linked to perception, intuition and "the sixth sense".

Meaning of Archangel Haniel:

Archangel Anael or Haniel is also known by other names, such as: Aniel, Hanael, Hamiel, Aniel, Haniel, Hanael, Haneal, Hamael, Anafiel, Anaphiel, Omoel and Onoel, and Simiel. He is also identified as the archangel of the Sephirah Netsaj

A translation of his name in the Hebrew language means "Joy of God", because it is derived from the word: hana'ah, whose meaning is: joy or pleasure. Without a doubt, it is inferred from that name that it is a being full of grace, beauty and spiritual strength.

Other translations attributed to his name are: "The glory or grace of God, or the happiness of God." Similarly, he is also known as "the Angel of Love".

Image of Archangel Haniel

Image of Archangel Haniel

The representative image of the archangel Haniel usually identifies him as an angel of great beauty, with very subtle features, and androgynous. It has fairly wide grayish wings. She wears a toga made in emerald green, with light blue and pink sparkles. In his hands he holds a brown lantern, with which he guides humans to find spiritual and sentimental illumination during transit on the earthly plane.

How does Archangel Haniel manifest?

The first manifestation of this archangel is through love. Where there is a feeling of pure and true love, Haniel will be present there. During the meditations, he is present through energies that produce sensations of well-being, refuge and calm. Within the visualizations it is transfigured with rays, lights and sparks of translucent tones with pink and light blue sparkles. 

How is it taken care of?

Haniel treats himself through the use of flower-scented incense, especially roses; with crystal glasses filled with fresh and crystal clear water; by means of lights or lamps of its colors; and with the use of crystals that vibrate in tune with your spiritual nature.

What is asked of the archangel Haniel?

We can ask Archangel Haniel for his help in situations related to:

  • It can be invoked when we are looking for changes, since its energy connects perfectly with the lunar cycles and attracts changes in circumstances.
  • To help awaken our mediumistic ability and help us trust our own intuition.
  • Its feminine energy helps heal illnesses and physical or mental problems suffered by women.
  • It is capable of attracting all the good things that can be achieved in the physical world.
  • It helps to maintain and attract sentimental and loving relationships full of harmony and success.
  • Attracts professional success.
  • Stimulates the energy of fertility.
  • It helps resolve conflicts in interpersonal relationships of any nature.
  • To transform negative situations or energies into positive ones and achieve peace in every way.
  • To achieve tranquility and mental clarity.
  • In the face of indecision, or when we are faced with difficult situations and we want to act in the most appropriate way.

Archangel Haniel in various religions

The Hebrews associated Haniel with joy. In Jewish culture it is very popular. In ancient scriptures he is identified as the son of Edof, chief of the Manasses. It is said that he was entrusted with the mission of transmitting the knowledge and wisdom of King David to the whole world. Also, he is defined as Prince of Principalities in the kingdom of heaven.

In the sacred writings of the Bible, Haniel is identified as an ascended master and it is estimated that he was one of those in charge of taking Enoch to heaven. Due to his virtues obtained in heaven, Haniel is interpreted as a guide who helps us develop high levels of spiritual wisdom and direct us to the search for Divine truth.

Archangel Haniel prayer to solve problems

“Oh dear and adored archangel Haniel. Today I find myself confused and lost in this world full of perversities. It is necessary for me to make decisions that will lead me to success, but my opponents insist on pressuring me to fail.

You, beautiful heavenly angel, who was endowed with such a laudable mission, to transmit love between living beings, I beg you for your mercy to help me soften my personal relationships.

Wrap me in your blessed celestial flame, that radiates your charm and your beauty. May my opponents be captivated by my presence, which is nothing more than your pure energy emanating love, peace and tranquility, and thus be dominated, upset and calm towards peace and tranquility.

Divine archangel Haniel, help me transform problems into solutions, antipathy into sympathy, contempt into love, and chaos into tranquility (make request).

Protect me today and always, so be it, so it will be. Amen".

Ritual for love with Haniel

To perform this ritual for love, the following elements are necessary:

  • Rose petals.
  • A glass bowl.
  • Rose incense.
  • Water of roses.
  • A white plate.
  • A pink candle.
  • A glass of fresh water.
  • A table with a very clean white tablecloth.
  • You can use a rose quartz (if you want to attract love); a rhodochrosite quartz (if you want to attract passion); or a jade stone (if you want to attract stability with your partner).

Execution of the ritual:

The energies of the place will be cleaned before starting with the incense. All the ingredients are arranged on the table. The bowl will be located in the center, inside we will place the chosen crystal and the petals. On the left side, we will place the candle on the white plate, which will be previously stripped with rose water. On the right side, the glass with water will be placed and a few drops of rose water will be added. These three elements will be located forming a triangle on the table.

Next, you need to sit as comfortable as possible in front of the elements. You will light the candle and begin a deep meditation. We will start with breathing exercises, until we relax the whole body and slow down the beating of your heart. The archangel Haniel will be invoked in the company of the Blessing of God and all the angels and archangel of heaven. We will visualize a cascade of white light that bathes us throughout our body. Then, the colors of the light will change to light blue, emerald green, and pink, maintaining a slow but constant rhythm.

We will stay in that meditation as long as necessary, claiming the presence of the archangel Haniel. Your call must be made calmly, with peace and serenity, there should be no agitation or desperation, in order to promote the energy we want to attract. The ideal is to reach a state of relief, both physical, sentimental and spiritual. May the energy of transformation that characterizes Haniel take over our body.

Once the meditation is over, we will open our eyes and repeat the following affirmation: «Archangel Haniel, you who were entrusted by Almighty God to radiate his grace and love. You, who are peace, love and charm. Cover me with your energy, pour your strength into my home, and in everything that has to do with my interpersonal relationships. Today I require your help in matters of love (make your request). May it be you who guide my words, my actions and my gestures, to be able to firmly achieve and maintain the love that I want so much. Be you, the messenger of God to lead me on the right path. Thank you for listening to me and answering my pleas. Amen.

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  1. Jorge Alfredo Cuenca

    Infinite Thank you for knowing deeply the Holy Archangel Haniel, he has been in my thoughts and soul for a long time and today during this time I need his guidance and guidance for my Soul, Spirit, Mind and Body.
    I am a plastic artist, I am starting a painting about your image Angelica.
    Thank you very much Arcangel Haniel!🙏❤️☀️

  2. Thank you for all this beautiful information about Archangel Haniel. I feel a very deep connection with her. I have had several difficult years. But I reconnected with the angels after a while looking for healing and guidance elsewhere and I finally have faith instead of fear. I shared my connection through private sessions and workshops. I feel inspired to share your loving
    messages again. Thank you

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