Archangel Jofiel: Who is it? Meaning, Attributes and more

Archangel Jophiel

The Archangel Jofiel is the one who helps us rediscover our beauty, inspires us with self-love and revalues ​​ourselves when we have gone through traumatic experiences that have filled us with pain and have damaged the way we see ourselves.. Known as the angel of "the beauty of God," his job is to make us see how valuable we are, and the true value and charm of all things in the earthly and spiritual world.

Who is the archangel Jophiel?

It is an angel who possesses a subtle feminine energy. It should be noted that angels have no gender because they are creatures without a body, composed only of light, but that are identified in some way before men.

Jofiel is a symbol of wisdom, understanding, and understanding, especially of that understanding that allows us to appreciate the true beauty of things. Pseudo Dionysus describes Jophiel as the archangel of illumination and knowledge; In fact, his work includes the ability to remind us what the joy of living means, and to show us the beauty that exists in others and in ourselves.

He is considered one of the 7 main archangels within the cabal, although he can sometimes be replaced by Raziel. In fact, in the Zohar he is described as an angelic leader or chief who has under his mantle 53 legions, also being in charge of watching over the Torah readings on the Sabbath day.

It is said of Jophiel that he is the companion of the archangel Metatron, that he directs the celestial order of the cherubim and of the thrones, and that he is the mentor of Noah. This angel of beauty is also credited with the special guidance and direction of the angels: Mehahel, Haziel, Hahaiah, Iezalel, Aladiah, Hariel, Lauviah ,, and Hakamiah of Shemhamphorash.



Archangel Jofiel's day is Monday. The celebration in his honor takes place on September 29 of each year, when the day of all the angels is celebrated, because it does not have a defined day.


The color of the archangel Jophiel is yellow. The vibration of that color represents intelligence and creativity, therefore, your lights, flames or candles are that color. The metal that rules it is tin.

Some texts and philosophers attribute to Jofiel being the ruler of the planet Saturn, although others attribute the planet Jupiter to him, because it governs the wisdom and expansion of consciousness, attributes clearly concordant with Jofiel. It is also estimated that he administers everything related to the zodiac (instead of Zafkiel).

This seal of the archangel Jophiel symbolizes enlightenment, the awakening of consciousness through the highest knowledge. The sacred code attributed to him is manifested under the numbers 521.

It is the archangel who presides over the crown chakra, located at the top of the head, in charge of everything related to the intellectual, intuition and spirituality.

Its mineral par excellence is "citrine", which is a type of yellow quartz, which is attributed energetically to attract joy, happiness, positive energies, promotes a good rest, and vibrates in favor of prosperity.

How is it taken care of?

Like the rest of the angels, the environment where the archangel Jofiel will be invoked with incense, preferably with lavender, cinnamon or with rosemary leaves, should be stripped. Yellow flowers and candles are also offered.


The Hebrew translation of Jophiel means "the beauty of God or Divine beauty." This angel is also known under the names of: Iofiel, Jophiel, Iophiel, Yofiel, Joriel, Zophiel, Youfiel, Zaphiel, Zophiel, Yophiel, Tsophiel (God's spy or God's watchman) and Zuriel (my rock is God).

Ancient texts allege that another name for Jophiel is: Dina, who is claimed to be an angel belonging to the seventh heaven; he is a cabalistic protector of the sacred book of the Torah, and therefore, of everything that means wisdom. It is also considered that he instructed the souls in the first lights of creation by facilitating the knowledge of 70 languages.

In Jewish texts, Jophiel can be transfigured as Yefiah, who is believed to have delivered the Kabbalah to Moses.

Image of the archangel Jophiel

Image of the archangel Jophiel

The representative image of the archangel Jophiel describes him as an angel with an androgynous physiognomy, with a pair of wings, dressed in robes of different shades of yellow, holding in his hands a book that symbolizes knowledge, education, intelligence and wisdom.

Meaning of Jofiel in the Tarot of the angels

When Jofiel appears in the letters of the angels tarot, the message that this deck transmits to the querent speaks about a power or virtue of intelligence, intellectuality, the ability to learn easily, an open mind, an awakening of ignorance, the appropriate use of knowledge and the wisdom that must be taken advantage of in the right way.

Attributions or powers of the archangel Jophiel

  • He is one of the guardians of the tree of life, which is why he is credited with the virtue of enlightenment and wisdom. Among the various meanings of its name, it is said that it is the "light of God" or "the beauty of God", this is due to the virtue it has of enlightening the beings of creation, it is there that the true beauty of existence, in the understanding of the genuine meaning and value of things, which is nothing more than the essence of God in each one of them.
  • It has power over artistic manifestations, especially in music. It transmits the knowledge that teaches us to enjoy the beauty embodied in each work of art or the perfect harmony that combines musical notes.
  • It influences all kinds of works that involve the development of creativity and represent what the human mind can build or create on the physical plane, such as: constructions, buildings, scientific discoveries, among others.
  • It is the angel of the virtue of patience. Help incarnated beings to understand that everything has its precise time. It transmits messages of peace and calm that allow us to understand that life is about seeing the positive and the implicit lessons in the process until reaching the goals, at the right time.
  • Jofiel has a power that favors the process of spiritual evolution of incarnated souls on the earthly plane, helping us to connect with our Higher Self, which stimulates a mental, physical, and psychic development, which links us directly with the source of wisdom of God the Father.

What is asked of the archangel Jophiel?

The archangel Jofiel is asked for his help to solve situations that merit:

  • Stimulate our spiritual development. When you are in search of awakening consciousness, enlightenment, mediumship, and mental clarity. Its golden light awakens in individuals.
  • To preserve beauty in our lives through our well-channeled actions, feelings, thoughts, and emotions.
  • To connect with deep, universal and mystical knowledge, which will lead us on the path of the positive realization of our destiny. Jofiel, through his harmonious vibration, makes us understand everything necessary to educate ourselves in the universal rules created by God.
  • When we want to understand and reassess what concerns the feelings of love. To practice a sincere love towards others. To promote and maintain self-esteem, restore our self-esteem, and eliminate complexes. To observe and value beauty in ourselves and in the rest of the world around us.
  • To set in motion the intellectual energies, stimulate the creative capacity, develop the full potential of intelligence, act on the basis of the knowledge acquired but with wisdom; and to discern between good and evil with the use of a true conscience. During academic processes, to learn more efficiently.
  • To balance disorder and chaos in all aspects of life. When we need to achieve calm and tranquility.
  • To eliminate feelings of sadness and disappointment. In times when it is difficult for us to see the positive side of things, Jofiel's energy is appropriate to illuminate beauty in all aspects of our lives.
  • To clear up doubts, entanglements or situations in which truths are hidden, Jofiel brings enlightenment through the light of truth.
  • To get fresh thoughts and make important decisions as assertively as possible.
  • To stimulate the gift of patience, accompanied by acceptance, and tolerance that allows us to understand the reason why we go through circumstances to achieve our goals.
  • To free ourselves or others to be freed from addictions, illnesses, or solve setbacks.

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Prayer of the archangel Jophiel

Prayer of the archangel Jophiel

«Illuminated Archangel Jofiel, you who are a being full of light, radiant and overflowing with wisdom, today I am before you pleading, to express with great concern what I have to face, because my soul is ready to walk on the path of this life in ignorance of so many things, that sometimes it seems that he goes through mysterious labyrinths.

That is why invoking the blessing of God, I ask for your help, emanate your bright lights on my being, fill me with universal knowledge, illuminate my path with your ancient wisdom, make me overcome my doubts, break through misunderstanding, feed my spirit with the understanding found by my ancestors, and in this way lead me to the awakening of my conscience.

I implore you to break any blockage that hinders my rapid learning and help me to have mental clarity to easily understand what I see and hear. Help me to stimulate the gifts that God gave me before arriving on this earthly plane. Anoint me with your golden flame to be able to understand others and make myself understand clearly.

Help me to cultivate in my heart true love for others and above all my own, love and respect me as I am. Let me understand that God created me as a unique and irreplaceable being.

I request your protection to decide correctly. It stimulates in me a correct intuition and an accurate perception. Guardian angel who never fails me, grant me the grace I ask of you, in the name of God. Amen. Thanks".

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Ritual with the archangel Jophiel

To carry out this ritual, the following are needed:

  • A citrine quartz.
  • A branch of dried rosemary.
  • A white plate.
  • A golden colored candle.
  • Glitter or gold dust.
  • A crystal glass with fresh water.
  • An image or a picture of the archangel.
  • A table with a very clean white tablecloth.

The burned place is stripped dry rosemary leaves. All the items are placed on the table in the following order: the golden candle on the plate in the middle of the table; In front of him, the crystal glass with the quartz inside is placed, the image of Jofiel will lie at the foot of the glass, and the golden dust will be scattered on the tablecloth and on top of all the elements.

We light the candle asking for God's blessing and we close our eyes to perform a meditation visualizing that a circle of gold-colored light is forming around us, it is growing in front of us from the flame of the candle, it is very small at first but it is makes it so big to cover us. The circle of light encloses us inside and begins to heal our wounds, from head to toe. Then it focuses on the area of ​​the heart. At this point we are going to analyze everything that hurts us, does not hurt and slows us down and we are going to allow Jofiel to expel all those feelings.

Finally, we are going to direct all the energy to our head so that our thoughts are strengthened and we can develop the appropriate attitudes to grow, understand and evolve mentally and psychically.

That meditation will last for as long as you like. When you open your eyes, you will pray the Jofiel prayer of your choice and make the request you want, thanking at the end the presence of the angel in this ritual. 

How does the archangel Jophiel manifest himself?

During the meditations, Jofiel manifests itself in the perfection and beauty of the moment, in the very connection of energy with the physical body, in the heartbeat, in the breathing process, where the wisdom of God's creation is evidenced. His revelations through visions are often charged with rays of bright lights. It stimulates excellent ideas that clarify perspectives on the conflicts that plague the invoker.

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