Arcangel Raguel: The Angel of Harmony

Archangel raguel

The archangel Raguel is the greatest representative of tolerance, balance, and fairness, whose wisdom teaches us to accept others and accept ourselves, just as we are. He is the heavenly ambassador who promotes alliances and reconciliations.

Who is the archangel Raguel?

Raguel is one of the angels related to the administration of justice both earthly and spiritually. Its main characteristic identifies it as a being that exudes total impartiality. This quality allows you to monitor the behavior of all angels and archangels in order to certify that they are correctly performing their missions with respect to living beings, in order to maintain balance and harmony of the different planes of life. the existence.

Being a guarantor of all existing activities, he is able to keep track of the errors of the angels, making public knowledge the sanction that must be imposed on celestial beings who have broken God's standards.

Therefore, one of its main missions is to keep the sky uncorrupted and clean, in perfect harmony with the will of God.

In some cultures he is identified as an angel with a cold temperament. It is believed that during the final judgment he will be the leader of the troops made up of angels of snow and ice.

One of the outstanding characteristics of Raguel is his great ability to attract harmonious balance in relationships regardless of their nature (loving, friendly, work or any other). Therefore, wherever he is, everything will become pleasant, since it provokes good energies and unity reigns among the people who are close.

What does the name of the archangel raguel mean?

It is known under the following names: Raguel, Ragüel or Ra'uel; also as: Raguil, Rasuil, Rufael, Suryan, Akrasiel.

The meaning of his name is interpreted as: "friend or desire of God."

In Babylonian culture it is also known as: Rag or Ragumu; and in Sumerian it is called: Rig, whose translation is "to speak or discourse."

The name of this archangel is present in several passages in the book of Enoch, where it is also often called: Rauel, Rasuil, or Suryan. The translation of all these names means: "archangel of order."

Colors or flames of the archangel raguel

Various colors are attributed to this archangel. Some say that its color is blue in all its shades. Others state that the color orange and gold belongs to him.

The part of the body that governs or chackra that corresponds to the archangel Raguel is that of the throat, which is related to the neck, shoulders, nose and ears.

Image of the archangel raguel

Image of the archangel raguel

The representative image of the Archangel Raguel presents him carrying a hammer, mallet or gavel in his hands. This element is widely known as a symbol of justice, of the authority that is conferred on the judge, and of the sentences that cannot be undone, as a reference to the imposition of order, seriousness, impartiality and decorum.


There is no explicit record of the archangel Raguel in biblical writings, but he is interpreted to be the angel of the fifth seal.

In the Book of Enoch if reference is made to it, as part of the group of the seven archangels. In fact, it is believed that he was the one who showed Enoch the secret of the fire that guides the stars in the sky.

On the other hand, it is said that the moment Enoch said goodbye to the earth (without dying in a traditional physical way), it was Raguel who took him to the presence of God. It is also estimated that it may be the fifth angel who will blow the trumpet to open the abyss reflected according to the writings of the book of Revelation.

It is also related to "Abaddon (in Hebrew) or Apollyon (in Greek)." And other interpreters of ancient scriptures also consider that it could be the same "Azazel", the name by which the fallen angel who was later known as the devil is identified, however, this appreciation is quite extreme.

Powers of the Archangel Raguel

  • Promote justice both in heaven and on earth.
  • Execute the sentence against the evil souls, the devil and his follower angels, after they are defeated by Miguel and the armies of God, during the final judgment.
  • He is in charge of transmitting messages of wisdom to make all beings in creation understand the importance of acceptance and tolerance, promoting the feeling of reconciliation, in order to ensure that all creatures can live in divine peace.
  • Supervise the execution of the missions of the rest of the angels and archangels of heaven, making sure that their work is carried out with the respective order and under divine norms.
  • Defend the defenseless, protect and assist those who are abused and encourage them to achieve the consideration and respect they deserve.
  • Control and monitor the correct development of relationships between men and angels.

How is raguel cared for?

It is cared for by offering you a clean and purified environment when your invocation is performed. This is possible through the energetic dispossession carried out through the use of incenses. Minerals are placed to attract their energy and awaken their liking, such as: the tiger's eye or the aquamarine crystal, which keeps properties with Raguel, since it stimulates the increase of self-esteem and fights mental blocks.

What is asked of the archangel raguel?

  • Strength, calm, and the ability to harbor feelings of compassion are requested of you in order to overcome the deceptions, lies, or betrayals suffered by other people.
  • You are asked to achieve reconciliations. To be able to obtain forgiveness for the faults committed. When we have been victims and it is difficult for us to overcome experiences and resentment, as well as when we have committed something wrong and we find ourselves deeply sorry.
  • To stimulate the feeling of tolerance, to accept others and also to accept and love ourselves.
  • To stimulate in us the virtue of being good friends, parents, co-workers and spouses.
  • You are asked to balance the energies around us in order to live harmoniously.
  • Your intervention is requested so that you plant your infinite light in us and each day we can develop a better relationship with God, being receptacles of his infinite love.
  • To protect us from psychic attacks, spiritual wars and internal battles in which we are influenced by demons.
  • To obtain the strength, the willpower and the impetus to initiate projects in such a way that we achieve the materialization of our ideas.
  • We ask for your help as a guide to understand and resolve conflicts in which we cannot find solutions clearly.
  • To refresh our mind and thoughts, especially at the time of student activities and intellectual development.
  • By virtue of his virtue as a specialist in conflict resolution, his intervention is requested in conversations that require a good conclusion, negotiations, clarification of misunderstandings, and disputes.
  • To help us in the resolution of all kinds of legal actions, and professional careers related to this area. Also, to reach divorce agreements.
  • For the protection of vulnerable, unfairly treated or disadvantaged people, victims of unjust situations.
  • To develop and increase self-confidence and enhance or even discover our talents.
  • Likewise, to develop our ability to connect with the spiritual world, opening the channel of communication with angels and deceased souls.

Invocation of the Archangel Raguel

Invocation of the Archangel Raguel

It has been established that the archangel Raguel is a messenger of peace and tranquility, therefore, the first thing necessary to carry out his invocation is that we find ourselves in a physical space that enjoys these characteristics. We cannot perform any kind of invocation for Raguel if we find ourselves in a place with excessive noise, messy, dirty, or where he is used to saying curses. In addition, it is advisable to strip the place where you will work with incense.

Those characteristics necessary in the physical space also extend to the internal space of the individual, the tranquility and calm of the body and the thoughts must be sought to reach the connection with Raguel.

In another sense, the invocations to the archangel Raguel are quite effective when we feel overwhelmed by some situation that exhausts us or overwhelms us.

Ritual with the archangel raguel for conflict resolution

To perform this ritual, it is advisable to prepare a table with a white tablecloth, with a glass of fresh water, a candle and a white plate, and a glass of seawater. Then the glass is placed in the center of the table, the candle on the plate on the right side, and the glass on the left side. The candle is lit and the transparency of the water in the glass is stared at, fostering thoughts of peace and relaxation, asking for the blessing of Almighty God and the archangel Raguel who is being invoked.

Then, the candle is lit and a prayer by the Archangel Raguel is read that is appropriate to the request that he is going to make. Finally, the angel is asked for help to resolve our conflict and with his eyes closed he remains seated in that place for as long as possible visualizing how the problem is solved while waiting to perceive the spirituality of the archangel.

Prayer to the archangel raguel for reconciliation

«Adored archangel Raguel.

Today and always I appreciate that you allow me to soften and bring harmony in my relationships.

Intercede with my strength so that I can become a good friend and accept the strengths and weaknesses that lie in me and those around me.

Be you, Divine energy that guides the relationships that exist in my life.

Help me and help the people who live around me to forget and forgive, making use of the feeling of compassion and tolerance.

Do not allow resentment (make request) in my world.

Thank you for your protection today and always, abide in me.


Prayer to Raguel to solve justice problems:

«Divine Archangel Raguel, representative of the majestic divine justice,

Today I come to you, humble and pleading, asking for your help with all my love and from the bottom of my heart (make your request).

I have good faith, and the deep conviction that your charity will prevail to act according to my help at this time when I need you most.

I trust in you Archangel Raguel, because I know with all certainty that you are love and goodness.

From the depths of my being I request this help from you, to get away from me all those bad pasts.

Activate in my energy field the vibration of peace, tranquility, harmony, prosperity, justice and stability.

I thank you today and always merciful archangel for knowing that you have heard my prayers.

Thank you once again because you are always ready to help me.

May your blessing always be with me.

So be it, so be it, so be it.


How does the archangel Raguel manifest himself?

When the archangel Raguel makes his presence known through an invocation, he emanates feelings of peace and tranquility that are felt both in the body and in the soul. Its energy is capable of reconnecting our being with God, promoting awakening to true self-knowledge and connection with oneself. Raguel's presence is manifested through a slightly warm but very pleasant energy, full of a calm that intensifies the concentration of meditation. It can be visualized by rays of white with bluish or copper-gold flashes. It can also present itself through dreams.

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