Archangel Remiel: The Angel of Hope

Archangel Remiel

The Archangel Remiel is in charge of accompanying the souls who await to be judged and those who await the resurrection. He is known as the archangel of hope because of his special connection to God and his completely merciful energy. He works tirelessly to guide human beings on the right path based on the fulfillment of their destiny.

Who is the Archangel remiel?

The first characteristic that stands out in Remiel is that it is an angel that represents hope and the incessant struggle that leads us to achieve our goals. Its energy reveals the ability of human beings to succeed beyond earthly life.

His message reveals the blessings that living a life within the goodness and values ​​of God brings, also offering greater benefits in the spiritual world. That is why it is considered a symbol of the resurrection.

This relationship with the phenomenon of the resurrection has made him known as: "the angel of purgatory." Its function in this sense is the vigilance of the souls, work through which it can help them to get out of the state in which they are, as long as the spirits are sorry for their sins of heart and maintain a true intention to adhere to God's commandments.

Who is the Archangel remiel?

Also called "chief of thunder", Remiel is considered as an angel of high lights, loaded with great wisdom and a high intuitive level. He is in charge of the transmission of the revealing prophetic visions.

On the other hand, his energy causes him to be identified with the waiting processes, motivated to that special care that he carries out for the souls that have transcended and wait at the gates of heaven until it is time to receive God's grace for your good deeds.

His character describes him as a peaceful, benevolent and loving being. His wisdom makes him the angel that accompanies all beings to choose the destiny of their life before being born and later, to review the actions carried out during their existence at the time of death. Channel and supervise everything related to karmic influences.

Meaning of the name of the archangel Remiel

Like the rest of the archangels, he is known by various names. The most popular names of the Archangel Remiel are: Raamiel, Ra'mi'el, Famul, Jeremiel or Yeremiel (in Latin language); Iyârumial (within the culture in Ethiopia); Ramiel (in Syriac culture).

The translation or interpretation of the meaning of the name Remiel has many variants, some of them hold that it means:

  • Thunder of God.
  • God is for me.
  • The one that thunders.
  • God rises.
  • The face of God.
  • God rises.
  • The roar of God.
  • Bewilderment of God.
  • God's Love.
  • Mercy of god.

In conclusion, the name of Remiel is related to the goodness and infinite love that God gives us through this angel who is a compassionate, loving, and fraternal messenger of those who are loyal to both spiritual and earthly commitments. In other interpretations, his name is also related to the word "womb, womb or womb." In the most extreme translations she is identified as: "lover or concubine."

Remiel's colors or flames

It is related to the color purple by the process of transmutation. It is also identified with the color pink, since that color is a symbol of femininity and it is believed that Remiel is responsible for transmitting feelings of happiness in the lives of women and girls. It is even said that he can appear in the form of a woman when he passes them blessings of joy.

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Remiel is a fallen angel?

Remiel is a fallen angel

Remiel's name and history is surrounded by controversial interpretations. In some cultures the archangel Remiel and Jeremiel are believed to be the same entity; even in others he is identified as the archangel Uriel himself. But the most controversial interpretation claims that Remiel is no longer an angel from heaven, but a fallen angel.

This statement is clear from what is written in the Book of Enoch, where it is told how the vigilant angels and the archangels lived with human beings on earth. At that time, many angels decided to rebel against God's laws (such as Lucifer); some fell in love and had offspring with human women; and others revealed knowledge without Divine authorization, being expelled from the kingdom of heaven.

It is from these passages that it follows that Remiel may have been in the group of fallen angels or expelled for sinful behavior, but, realizing his mistake instead of staying in confrontation with God, he begged his forgiveness unlike the others. others and was accepted again.

Now, analyzing more deeply various translations of the book of Enoch, indeed, an angel named Remiel is mentioned who was turned into a fallen angel by marrying several humans, however, on the other hand, an archangel with the same name is also mentioned. He remained faithful to God's command at all times.

That is why it is suspected that this idea may be a confusion product of the translations of the book of Enoch, where Ramiel or Râmîêl is mentioned as a fallen vigilante. An angel by name is also named: Ramt'el and Ra'ma'el. In fact, in an edition of RH Charles, Râmêêl and Râmîêl are identified as a fallen angel and Remiel as an archangel. Therefore, it is very likely that they are two different characters and the relationship between them originates because their names are homonyms or paronyms. Even the same situation usually happens with the fallen angel Sahari'el and the Archangel Sariel.

Attributes or powers

  • Having the virtue of perpetual hope, he waits at the gates of heaven in the company of righteous souls who are awaiting the blessings obtained by his earthly behavior and his resurrection.
  • Archangel Remiel has the mission of promoting balance between people by encouraging peace, positive thoughts and harmony.
  • He is the one who guides humans to find the path of good again. He reaches out to lost souls to repent, correct and be saved.
  • His benevolence makes him a missionary who constantly prays for all beings who are waiting for the rewards of the spiritual world in the company of God.
  • In the battles against the demons, fight with the archangels Sariel and Jofiel, holding his scale of truth with which he judges all the malevolent entities that constantly work for the corruption of the world and souls.

What is asked of the archangel remiel?

  • Remiel is a quintessential guide. It is asked when we feel lost, without knowing which way to go, when life overwhelms us and we do not find solutions or options to live a good destination.
  • When we need to renew feelings of hope, motivation and love, we ask Archangel Remiel to help us.
  • When we want to correct our mistakes, put off our sins and live in the grace of God, we request his intervention, so that he purifies our thoughts and this purifies our actions.
  • Because of his ability to intervene or influence visions, Remiel is asked to help understand and interpret spiritual experiences and clairvoyance, managing to understand his messages and those of the other guardian angels.
  • You are asked to understand the messages received through dreams.
  • We request the guidance of the archangel Remiel when we are faced with a doubt or confusion and we want to know what is the correct way to make a decision.
  • To intercede for us or for the souls of our loved ones who have already passed away and thus be able to obtain God's mercy.

How is it taken care of?

Archangel Remiel takes care of himself by stripping the physical space where he is going to invoke incense. And purple and pink flowers and candles are placed on it; and crystal glasses with fresh water.  

How does the Archangel remiel manifest himself?

How does the Archangel remiel manifest himself?

As has been established, Remiel's presence is perceived through spiritual visions and also through dreams. Usually, it usually manifests itself accompanied by hopeful messages that motivate us to spiritual awakening and that usually cause a change in our lives, always with respect for free will.

Remiel in various religions

As with most archangels, Remiel is not specifically named in the Bible, however, if there are references to his performance, he is identified as "Guardian angel or angel of thunder".

According to the apocryphal Christian and Jewish writings from book dthe Apocalypse of Baruch of Syriac origin, the archangel Remiel is identified as the angel who directs the true visions and is attributed the power to watch over disembodied souls.

In the stories of the Ethiopian Book of Enoch, he is named as Jeremiel and is the angel who transmits the sacred visions that inspire hope, motivation and strength, so that souls can ascend to the kingdom of heaven.

Prayer of the archangel remiel to ask for the souls of the deceased

Prayer of the archangel remiel to ask for the souls of the deceased

«Beloved Archangel Remiel, I beg that in this hour my humble prayer may reach you and thus the salvation of all souls who have crossed the threshold of death and await their resurrection may be possible, in such a way that they can enjoy life eternal with God the Father.

You who are synonymous with goodness and who help us so that we can correct our sins; You accompany us to be able to make good decisions in the journey of the paths of life. We ask you supplicants to help us to see clearly.

So that in this way, we can achieve the promise of resurrection by healing our souls, as well as the soul of (name the deceased) to whom I especially entrust you.

Likewise, I implore you to influence my being, helping me to overcome my fears and anxieties in relation to what I cannot understand clearly.

Guide my life on the path of truth, today and forever.

Amen and so be it.

Ritual with remiel to ask for spiritual clarity

The rituals with the archangel Remiel are usually particularly delicate due to their ability to radiate the virtue of understanding that allows us to evaluate our lives, in the search for understanding what God desires for the good of humanity.

To perform this ritual, our room will be stripped with incense. A crystal glass with fresh water will be placed next to the bed with a white or purple candle that will be lit before going to sleep making a special request so that the presence of Remiel can impregnate us with the spirit that allows us to learn from our mistakes, May it give us the wisdom to resolve our conflicts, may we achieve physical and spiritual healing, and may fill us with motivation to succeed.

The archangel can also be asked to allow us to envision a review of our current life in order to understand where our strengths and defects are, in order to strengthen the virtues and correct our mistakes. This request can also be done through meditation.

The prayers and praises by which Remiel is invoked often bring calm to the thoughts and clear the mind.

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  1. I was visited by Remiel. 3 massive thunder strikes over 1 hour directly above my birds statue running water fountain that has very unique large Dahlia white purple – pink flowers.

    The reasons where all directly connected to the messages described here. My marriage is in separation limbo from fighting, negativity and disharmony. I didn't know what to do, confused until I understood about Remiel. Brings and represents the message of peace, positivity and harmony among other related elements.

  2. I was visited by Remiel. 3 massive thunder strikes over 1 hour directly above my birds statue running water fountain that has very unique large Dahlia white purple – pink flowers.

    The reasons were all directly connected to the messages described here. My marriage is in separation limbo from fighting, negativity and disharmony. I didn't know what to do, confused until I understood about Remiel. Brings and represents the message of peace, positivity and harmony among other related elements.

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