New Year's Rituals with the Archangels

To end the year and start new cycles on the right foot, fostering positive energies so that the new year comes loaded with all the opportunities that allow us to achieve our goals. The end of the year rituals with the archangels are of great help to attract health, money, love and everything that we long for in life.

Why are rituals performed with the archangels at the end and beginning of the year?

end of the year rituals

Rituals are powerful practices capable of opening energy fields that allow the physical or spiritual manifestation that solves certain problems, or failing that, they allow us to see more clearly the actions we need to take to get out of the situations that interest us.

It is well known that thanks to the power of deep prayer, or through good meditation, we can first achieve the peace that we need, and consequently attract the solution of many setbacks.

When we invoke celestial beings like the archangels we know, thanks to our faith, that we will be heard with complete security, since one of their fundamental tasks is to help everyone who invokes them, even regardless of the religion to which they belong.

The archangels enjoy the virtue that allows them an existence without restrictions of time and space, therefore, they have the ability to be where and with anyone who needs their guidance or help.

How can the archangels be summoned?

There are various rituals that are transmitted as a result of the knowledge about the archangels in ancient scriptures and also as a result of the experiences that believers have lived during the history of humanity. However, beyond all that, the correct way to invoke the help or company of the archangels is from faith, love, and honesty, all of them sacred feelings that bring us much closer to God.

Another important factor when calling these heavenly entities is to offer them our authorization to work with us, since they will always act with due respect for free will.

An affirmation that we could use to make your invocation is the following: "Beloved archangels, today I humbly address you to request that your presence be manifested in my life, that is why I grant you permission to work in my aid." . This is a friendly way of making the archangels understand that we are willing to be guided by their wisdom. Similarly, this statement can be used to invoke a particular archangel or all of them in general.

How to know which archangel to invoke?

For the end of the year or New Year rituals, all the archangels can be invoked in general, it is also possible to choose an archangel intuitively, due to the affinity that one has with him.

Another option may be to invoke each of them according to their attributions when we request their help on a particular issue that we wish to leave behind with the year that ends or to achieve a specific goal during the year that begins. For example, the archangel Saint Michael can be invoked to overcome all evil, regain optimism, faith and confidence; or the archangel Jophiel, to guide us with his energy full of wisdom and thus make decisions and resolve conflicts in the most appropriate way; or invoke the archangel Chamuel to present us with the opportunity to find a good love next year; Either way, all the archangels will always be ready to answer the calls of those who need them.

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New Year's Ritual with Saint Michael the Archangel

To begin this ritual it is important to be in a calm, quiet place that has been previously stripped with incense. It is advisable to do it on December 31 to close the cycles of the year that is ending and prepare energetically for the one that begins. To do this, you will sit in a place to your liking where you are more comfortable. He will light a candle in front of you, accompanied by a sweet-smelling incense.

Necessary elements:

  • A purple candle.
  • Sheets and pencil.
  • Incense.

Execution of the ritual:

We will begin with a meditation accompanied by breathing exercises until we obtain total relaxation of the body, mind and spirit. Once this state is reached, the following statement will be made with closed eyes: “With the blessing of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, in the here and now I am surrounded by a circle of heavenly light. Archangel Uriel guards my north, the archangel saint michael protect my south, the archangel Raphael takes care of my east, and the archangel Gabriel supports my west ». While making this statement, both the ring of light and the archangels located in their position should be visualized. Next, he stays in meditation thanking all the angels for their presence, and for all the blessings received during this year that is ending.

Once your meditation is finished, which will last as long as you want, you will take a sheet of paper and write the following prayer to the Archangel Saint Michael with a pencil:

«I (full name) decree that the negative energy that has harmed me or that has been emanated from my being towards others during this year will be transformed by the element ruled by Saint Michael the Archangel from this moment on. May all damage, moments, events, or habits be transmuted and ascended to the Sun, being purified and returned to Earth converted into Divine love. So be it, so be it, so be it, thank you ».

Then you will burn that leaf with the flame of the candle that is lit in front of you, remembering the situations that have caused you discomfort during the year, heartily proposing to modify the behaviors that have caused them and accepting and letting go of those that do not belong to you and you cannot modify, intending to leave them behind and not think or allow them to affect you next year.

Then, he will write the following statement on another sheet: «Archangel Saint Michael, commander of the heavenly armies, I invoke you so that with your sacred light you may pour over me: physical, mental and spiritual health; the prosperity of all my projects; the balance, the happiness, and the peace of my being. I am grateful for all the blessings that I enjoy daily, I am a spiritual, joyful, abundant, and successful being in every sense of my life, thank you ».  

He signs the sheet and leaves it in front of the lit candle until it burns out and then keeps it inside his pillow until the last day of next year when he will renew that ritual. You should read it frequently or at least once a month.

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Ritual to petition the Archangels

This ritual consists of taking an energizing bath on the last day of the year to soak up good energy as we welcome the New Year. The shower must be prepared by previously stripping with incense.

Necessary elements:

  • Fresh water.
  • Fresh rosemary
  • Vanilla incense.

Execution of the ritual:

You will put enough water to boil with rosemary leaves. Let cool and proceed to take a shower using that water for the end of your bath. At the moment of spilling it on your body, close your eyes and invoke the blessing of God in the company of all the archangels, making your requests for the new year. While the water runs through your body, you should visualize the liquid as energy lights in the colors of the archangels through which you recharge with all the blessings you are requesting.

New year's rites with the archangel Metatron

End of the year rites

The archangel Metatron is ready to help the spiritual evolution of human beings; It also has the virtue of contributing to the healing of our wounded spirit, or exhausted by the onslaught of life. This ritual is ideal for those who have gone through a difficult year, who have faced the loss of a family member, or are dealing with great losses in any way and who are discouraged, lacking motivation or feel that they lack balance in all the senses.

Necessary elements:

  • Cinnamon sticks.
  • A white ribbon.
  • Orange peels.
  • Fresh water.
  • A white candle.
  • Cinnamon incense.

Execution of the ritual:

Boil plenty of water by placing several cinnamon sticks and orange peels, when ready let cool. With this water you will clean your home accompanied by cinnamon incenses that you will place in each room. Then he will sit at a table where he will light the candle and tie two cinnamon sticks in a cross invoking the archangel Metatron with the following prayer:

"Loved archangel metatron, angel of pearly white lightning. Let your intense light calm my sorrows.

O Archangel Metatron! Angel of the Lord, cover me with your supreme ray.

You who are healing light, purify my soul with the love of God.

I ask you to cleanse my aura, pacify my sorrows, revitalize my mind, my body and my spirit, to close the cycles that have caused me so much damage, and entrusted to you with the great power of God I can recover from all that that saddens my heart.

May you be my consolation from this moment, so that in your grace I can begin, continue and end in blessings this new year.

(Make your request)

Thank you for listening to my pleas, I trust you and I release myself from everything that has caused me so much damage from this moment on. Amen and so be it.

New year's rituals with your guardian angel

From the moment that our soul has come to inhabit the body that we possess in this life, Almighty God has entrusted an angel to accompany us until the day we have to return to the spiritual plane. Its mission is to help us fulfill the sacred destiny of our soul. Therefore, the guardian angel is always ready to help us live life in the best possible way, and enlighten us during the transit on this plane.

It should be noted that his mission does not imply working according to our worldly desires or prisoners of the ego, on the contrary, his job consists of helping in everything that provides well-being and spiritual progress. Therefore, this ritual is recommended to be performed on the first day of the year as the opening of a new cycle.

Necessary elements:

  • White candle.
  • Laurel leaves.
  • White ribbon.

Execution of the ritual:

On a table with a clean tablecloth you will light a white candle invoking the blessing of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and that of your guardian angel. You will take 3 bay leaves that you will purify by passing them through the fire of the candle without burning them. Then you will tie them with the ribbon saying the following affirmation: «My guardian angel, today and always I take shelter under your protection. May I never lack your guide and company. Missionary of God whose objective is to guide me to fulfill my destiny, pour over me your infinite wisdom in order to fulfill my destiny full of health, love and infinite prosperity. Thank you thank you thank you". That mallet can be placed behind your front door or inside your pillow.

New year's ritual with the 7 archangels

Through this ritual we will invoke the 7 archangels so that they make a presence in our lives, opening all the roads during the year that begins to be able to move in the appropriate direction to achieve our objectives.

Necessary elements:

  • Incense.
  • Glass bowl.
  • Peppermint oil
  • The image of some archangel.
  • 7 colored candles to your liking (less black).

Execution of the ritual:

The environment where the ritual with the incense will take place will be stripped. On a table with a white tablecloth, the bowl is prepared by placing grains of rice in the bottom accompanied by valuable or representative things that you want to achieve this year that begins, such as: coins to attract money; a key if you want to buy a property; a heart if you want to achieve or maintain love; and all the objects that represent the objectives you want to achieve. We will light an incense and with the smoke we will clean inside and around the bowl.

With the peppermint oil, we will clean the candles one by one to strip them of foreign energies, and while we do it we will impregnate them with our desires. We will place the bowl in the center of the table and inside the image of the archangel that we have chosen. The candles will go around it, each on a small white plate. We will light the candles in the direction of the clock hands and we will make the following statement:

«Always counting on the blessing of the Lord my God, I invoke their emissaries the archangels, because I know that I have not come to this world to suffer but to triumph. That is why I implore you to accompany me with your benevolent energy and infinite wisdom to direct me through the correct paths where I will find the gifts that are sent from heaven to earth in order to achieve my goals, always preserving the values ​​of love, kindness and grace. honesty that will make me worthy of God's miracles in my life.

Blessed archangels, representatives of God, I beg you not to delay in bringing my prayer before your sacred presence, I (your name) decree a year full of blessings, evolution, balance and abundance (make your request). Thank God for allowing me to achieve the earthly happiness that I so desire, which has been decreed from this moment on and which will not take long to materialize. Amen".

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