What is Cinnamon Incense and what is it for?

Cinnamon Incense

Since the human being discovered that, when certain plants and natural elements are in contact with fire, they can generate smoke with different smells, they have used this resource for various purposes. Incense has had aromatic, medicinal, and even spiritual functions. It is estimated that using cinnamon incense helps stimulate the energies that attract good luck, money, prosperity, love, among many other mystical benefits.

What is cinnamon incense?

It is an element made from the mixture of certain aromatic resins or essential oils, in such a way that, when lit, it gives off a pleasant aroma. There are two types of incense: one for direct burning and one for indirect burning.

Those of direct burning ignite when they come into contact with the fire and immediately give rise to a beam of smoke that consumes your body little by little, giving off the aroma. Those of indirect burning, in order to perform their function, need to be continuously subjected to contact with fire, thus emanating their essence.

In the case of cinnamon incense, its origin comes from the cinnamon tree, also known as "cinnamon", whose main attraction is its bark. This wild shrub can reach 6 to 7 meters in height, however, in urban areas it usually grows approximately one and a half meters.

At harvest time, the bark of the tree is removed using a tool such as a knife, and it is left to dry for 2 or 3 days. After this, the pieces are rolled until they finally obtain the brown color with which cinnamon is commonly known. The largest pieces are used to obtain powders and oils.

Subsequently, the cinnamon powder is mixed with natural ingredients such as charcoal, gum arabic, among others, with which the incense of this aromatic spice is made. Thus, achieving a final element capable of releasing, through contact with fire, a large amount of its characteristic odor.

What is?

What is Cinnamon Incense used for?

Among the properties and benefits of cinnamon incense, its most outstanding uses are the following:

  • They stimulate the state of mind of the people who are in the place where they are used, activating strength and motivating the performance of tasks.
  • The smell given off by cinnamon attracts energies that promote emotional harmony, reduce fatigue and anger.
  • The smoke of this incense cleanses and purifies spaces, repels bad energies and low vibrations.
  • It is an excellent companion for meditation processes, and for yoga practices.
  • It is believed that its use is capable of opening and activating the fourth chakra (the heart chakra) which is in charge of our entire energy system.
  • It is an excellent stimulant of the energy of love, awakens sexual desire and appetite, helps to disinhibit emotions, and is even considered an aphrodisiac.
  • It is very effective for rituals to attract good luck, fortune, money, to find a partner, stimulate love, union and even reconciliation.
  • It provides benefits that favor physical, mental, sentimental and spiritual health.
  • It has sensorially stimulating, revitalizing properties that contribute to the production of feelings of joy, energy, motivation, raises spirits and counteracts apathy.
  • It encourages the creation of cozy and romantic environments.
  • Helps clear thoughts and promotes relaxation.

Spiritual properties of Cinnamon Incense

Spiritual properties of Cinnamon Incense

Since ancient times, cinnamon has been present in various rituals performed by various cultures. For example, the ancient Egyptians considered that thanks to its smell it was possible to purify the environments of bad spirits. Its properties are loaded with great mysticism, and have been used since ancient times to perform spells and rituals that attract love, pleasure, sensuality, unions and sentimental relationships.

In addition, it is important to emphasize that, among the esoteric virtues of cinnamon, all its functions only serve to do good, that is, it does not work to harm or harm of any kind.

Its smoke vibrates in tune with the spiritualities that attract money, good business, and good conversations, due to its ability to balance energies. Among the most outstanding spiritual virtues of cinnamon incense stands out its energetic capacity to vibrate in the company of any element of nature, thus enhancing the strength of its benefits.

History of cinnamon and its incense

cinnamon incense

It is well known throughout history that cinnamon has medicinal properties, its infusions are recommended to promote kidney function, blood circulation, and anti-inflammatory processes.

Knowledge of its functions is quite old. With regard to incense, there is reference that it was used for many centuries in various religious rituals. In fact, its oldest records date back to ancient Egypt, where only the most privileged classes had the opportunity to enjoy its benefits. On the other hand, there are also references to its use in some biblical stories and in Sanskrit manuscripts.

When spices began to become popular in the West, their price was very high. Indeed, cinnamon was even used to pay certain taxes. After the discovery of America, other spices from the West began to arrive in Europe, which is why it began to lose its commercial value, retaining its value in the kitchen until today.

How is cinnamon incense made?

There are different techniques for making cinnamon incense. Some manufacturers use ingredients that can be toxic, because they are usually chemicals or synthetic substances. The indiscriminate use of this type of element that can cause conditions in the respiratory tract, in the eyes, among other discomforts.

However, the most recommended is to use natural oils, essences and resins, which in addition to contributing to the protection and conservation of the planet, more effectively attract spiritual energies.

How to do it at home?

This technique, in addition to offering an incense with an excellent aroma, also allows it to be imbued with spiritual energies from the very moment it is made. It is recommended that during its preparation the invocations, prayers, and directed requests are made based on what you want to obtain through the use of that element.

Necessary materials:

  • Arabic gum.
  • Cinnamon powder.
  • Wood charcoal.
  • A mortar.
  • Wax paper.
  • Cinnamon oil.

Elaboration process:

The cinnamon powder and the wood charcoal will be placed on the mortar. All the ingredients will be crushed until obtaining a fairly fine powder. Then, the gum arabic is added along with the cinnamon oil. When the mixture is a little compact, it will be transferred to a larger container where it will be kneaded until a hard paste is obtained. On a flat surface the parchment paper will be extended and the dough will be stretched on top. Pieces will be cut in the shape of a triangle, later turning them into a cone each. Each cone will rest on wax paper for approximately 2 weeks. When they are completely dry they are ready to be used. Remember that throughout this process you must perform your prayers and invocations.

Cinnamon incense and meditation

Cinnamon incense and meditation

Lovers of the spiritual world are clear that meditation is an excellent resource to put their energies and spirituality in order. This is motivated by the fact that meditation itself acts as a tool that allows us to channel energies, regardless of whether they are positive or negative.

The habit of meditation helps to maintain the feeling of peace in the people who do it, this is because it allows the mind to reduce the sensations of stress, anxiety and depression resulting from the problems present in everyday life. . In this practice, the use of cinnamon incense is quite appropriate, since it purifies and prepares the environment to attract positive energies.

In another sense, the natural aroma of cinnamon stimulates concentration and intensifies sensations, which makes the meditation process more pleasant and favors the improvement of mood.

Cinnamon incense and relaxation  

Cinnamon incense and relaxation

Without the need to carry out the entire meditation process, we can also encourage relaxation during day-to-day activities. This contributes to the well-being in our lives and considerably favors our health in all aspects. In that sense, the use of cinnamon incense considerably stimulates this sensation, relaxing the body and mind of the people who inhale its aromas within a specific space.

Due to these qualities, its use is ideal for work spaces where activities are carried out under high stress levels, inside homes, and especially inside rooms, since they encourage restful sleep.

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Rituals with cinnamon incense

Rituals with cinnamon incense

Ritual for love

There are various types of spells and rituals to stimulate romantic relationships, some of them refresh the interaction with the loved one and others have more intense effects, even producing strong love ties. If it is about encouraging harmony, good communication, peace, tranquility, stimulating sensuality and the enjoyment of sexuality as a couple, there are many rituals that can be performed by ourselves without having an extremely deep knowledge of the esoteric arts. The following ritual is an example of this.

Necessary elements:

  • Cinnamon and coconut incense.
  • Two red candles.
  • Petals of white and red roses.
  • A dry coconut.
  • Honey from bees.
  • A glass or crystal bowl.
  • Kraft paper.
  • Graphite pencil.

Execution of the ritual:

One of the holes in the coconut is opened and half of the water is removed. The name of the loved one is written down on a piece of kraft paper and inserted through the hole inside the coconut. Next, it is filled with a lot of honey from bees. It is then sealed with candle wax to prevent spillage. The glass bowl is prepared on a clean and clear table, inside it the rose petals and the prepared coconut are placed, next to it the two candles will be placed, lighting them in the company of the cinnamon and coconut incense making the following prayer:

With the blessing of Almighty God. With the blessing of the angels and archangels of the court and the heavenly armies. I invoke the blessing of the angels of love, to whom I deliver all the deepest feelings of love that I keep in my heart towards (say the name of the loved one) so that, through their lights and powerful vibrations, in the company of all these elements full of sweetness, bring peace, harmony, good communication, respect and love between me and (say the name of the loved one). May union and harmony reign in my home and in my life, thanks to my guardian angel, the angels of love and with the blessing of God Our Lord. Amen".

Ritual with incense for money

This simple ritual allows us to clean the energies within the physical spaces that we inhabit and in our physical body, encouraging the harmony of the energies causing the attraction of the spiritualities of good fortune. This practice can be done at home, work or in business. It is recommended that it be held on the first Monday of each month.

Necessary elements:

  • Cinnamon incense.
  • Fresh water.
  • Sea salt.
  • A candle (candle) of golden color.

Execution of the ritual:

A little fresh water should be mixed with sea salt until a homogeneous result is achieved. Then, he is left resting for at least an hour, accompanied by a lighted candle, saying the following affirmation: «I invoke the blessing of God and the Holy Trinity. I invoke the power of all the elements of creation. I invoke the power of the heavens and the stars. I invoke the power of angels and archangels, especially my guardian angel. I invoke all the spiritualities of money, prosperity and good fortune, to settle in this preparation that I make on behalf of all of you to attract into my life (make request). So be it, so be it, so be it. Amen".

While the waiting time elapses, cinnamon incense will be lit all over the place, this will promote the dispossession of the entire physical space and will repel negative entities, preparing the right conditions to attract the indicated spiritualities to materialize the requests made. Finally, the resulting mixture of salt and water will be taken and with it the hands will be washed, before the candle light goes out, saying the following affirmation: «Protective salt, fresh water, protect and refresh my hands so that through them I can achieve everything I need and propose in this life, always counting on the blessing of God and the Saints. Amen". It is important that this part of the ritual is performed in the patio or on a plant so that the water falls on the ground, thus combining the 4 elements within this ritual.

Do not dry your hands with any towel, let them dry naturally with fresh air. You can wave your hands or clap your hands to help dry, in fact, these kinds of actions are believed to activate energetic vibrations.

Ritual with cinnamon incense for health

As we have mentioned before, cinnamon incense is an excellent companion during meditation processes, in addition, it contributes considerably to the recovery of energy, helps the mood, and reduces anxiety and stress. All these virtues are perfectly opportune to help make recovery processes from illnesses more effective. The following ritual can be performed once a week, or as many times as desired, without any limitation.   

Necessary elements:

  • Cinnamon incense.
  • Kraft paper.
  • Graphite pencil.
  • Cinnamon powder.
  • Green garment.
  • A candle (candle) of green color.

Execution of the ritual:

In the center of a clean table prepared for the occasion, the candle will be placed on a white plate together with three cinnamon incense sticks. On the kraft paper, write the request that you want to achieve with this work. At the time of performing this ritual, you must have on the green garment. With the petition ready, the paper will be rolled up and the cinnamon incense and candle will be lit, saying the following prayer, while the paper is slowly burning:

«Oh Creator God, Blessed Sacrament, today I take refuge in your mercy, and I ask for your grace to be assisted by all the angels of heaven, especially by the archangel Saint Raphael, heavenly doctor, patron saint of health. Likewise, I also entrust myself to my guardian angel, in his hands I entrust my healing, since they have been entrusted by Almighty God for the care of his children.

In this now and in this moment I invoke your presence so that your heavenly power can heal me both physically and spiritually. May these fumes be impregnated with their healthy fluid, and as I inhale them, I may obtain peace and calm to eradicate so many anguishes that this condition has caused me. That with a fresh and calm mind I can face my entire healing process with great strength.

O God of mercy! With love you created all beings and all the elements of nature, to you I offer my prayers, my heart and my requests that, just as they are reduced to ashes, so my ailments and discomforts within my body are reduced to ashes, until they can no longer manifest themselves, disappearing forever and letting any discomfort that I complain about heal.

O pious Saint Raphael the Archangel! I beg you to take this request that I make today to the feet of the creator, and to fill me with your energy through these fumes that purify and cleanse my body and my soul (make request). I cry out to you because I am certain that you do not abandon the needy, I implore you with all my heart not to leave me without your help.

O my guardian angel! Strengthen me in the face of this great vicissitude, so that with your help and the blessing of the Supreme God I may see myself free from illness and be one more example of the manifestation of Divine Health, from now on. Amen".

Then, he will take some cinnamon, rub it all over his body and blow it carefully over the candle flame saying, “When I blow this cinnamon, I take the disease out of my body. When I blow this cinnamon, health settles in my body and it will come to stay. When I blow this cinnamon, in joy and happiness I will live. Amen".

Cinnamon incense combined with other spices

On some occasions, the incense is combined with different spices or materials, this in order to level, manipulate or channel the energies. In the case of cinnamon incense, we can find very popular combinations with coconut, sandalwood, vanilla or orange.

coconut and cinnamon

The mixture of cinnamon and coconut makes the scents released by its incense become a powerful aphrodisiac that stimulates physical sensations, and encourages the enjoyment of sexual relations. Regarding its spiritual use, this combination is used in rituals that want to attract the loved one, stimulate positive feelings, especially those of a loving nature.

cinnamon and vanilla

In addition to emitting an exquisite aroma, its spiritual vibrations together encourage relaxation, stress release, while repelling negative energies and dark spirits. This type of incense is highly recommended for the protection of spaces. Also, it contributes to the stimulation of the senses, revitalizes the physical and spiritual body, and gives power to rituals and spells.

Cinnamon and sandalwood incense

Cinnamon and sandalwood incense

The mixture of these incenses is an excellent companion for meditation practices. Its aromas contribute to the relaxation of the body, stimulates feelings of tranquility, calms anxious and desperate thoughts, favoring our inner peace. Also, it attracts the vibrations, energies and spiritualities of luck, good fortune and prosperity.

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