Odu Bawa Venezuela 2022 (Letter of the Year Ansi)

Odu Bawa Venezuela 2022 (Letter of the Year Ansi)

On the 21st day of the month of December of the year 2021, the National Association of Ifa priests of Venezuela (Ansi) held the ceremony of Odu Bawa (Letter of the Year) for Venezuela of the year 2022, the Odu of Ifa being revealed Oshe yekun.

Due to the tradition of this association, this ceremony takes place on the winter solstice.

Governing signs:

  • Oshe Yekun.
  • Ofun Nagbe.
  • Ofun Di.

Prophecy: Ire Ariku Koto Yale elese Orisha Oko (Well-being of health thanks to or at the foot of Orisha Oko).

 Analysis of the divination of Ifa (Oshe Yekun)

Ifa recommends the attention and care of the fundamentals related to eggun in order to avoid loss and that these energies damage your path and spiritual evolution. It is recommended to feed the earth.

We must be careful when making important decisions, as this odu speaks of losses due to poor observation of the environment, thus generating bad concepts that will lead us to make inappropriate decisions.

We must fortify our home from within, trying to forge family unity, only united can we overcome different difficulties.

The letter of the year 2022 predicts states of collective anxiety, generalized stress caused by economic crisis, we must keep helplessness and frustrations away from our home.

The uninitiated are recommended to receive the hand of Orula, as this sign tells us that obtaining spiritual evolution is the way in which we can find Material evolution. However we must beware of false prophets and people who may manipulate the message of Ifa for their convenience.


Oshe Yekun as Odu Bawa, talks to us about opportunities for good fortune, travel and evolution, but we must bear in mind that we must make sacrifice to Eshu-Elegua so that it is this Orisha who helps us to break any difficulty, only through the ebbo will he arrive the Ire.

If in stages of the year 2022, we find ourselves stagnant and we cannot get our projects to materialize, it is advisable to ask orunmila if we should make any sacrifice to our ancestors. (People who are initiated and received some foundation from eggun such as a garment or Orun, should attend them since this Odu states that we should not neglect this type of entity).

Orunmila says that there are blessings for his followers, long life and prosperity, although sacrifice must be offered so that death cannot surprise us. Ifa says that while you live you will have all the necessary comforts as long as you indulge the deity of the rivers (Oshun).


Letter of the Year 2022 Venezuela Ansi

In health aspects, Ifa recommends being very careful with respiratory diseases, Oshe Yekun talks about tuberculosis, asthma, bronchitis and lung diseases. One of the main recommendations of this sign is not to walk in groups, crowds or agglomerations, so we understand that Ifa urges us to maintain Biosafety measures and thus avoid the spread of the pandemic.

The fly dies from walking in a group

The fly, when it lands on a table, does so in a group and when a fly-killer is used to catch it, it is never made to a specific fly, but to the group and that is why many fall.

Do not walk in crowds of people, do not go to die for another or pay consequences for others.

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Recommendations for the year 2022:

  • Do not walk in a group or in crowds.
  • Take care of family relationships and try to have a better coexistence between the siblings.
  • Tending to the eggun.
  • Avoid promiscuity.
  • Feed the earth.
  • Place flowers for the deceased.
  • Receive Ozain, Orisha Oko, Olokun and San Lazaro.
  • Beg your head.
  • Receive the Orula's Hand.
  • Do not ingest alcoholic beverages.

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History or Pataki by Oshe Yekun

Orunmila arrived at a town and saw that all the inhabitants were heading to the Palace, since the King was very ill and the King's doctors announced his death, so the entire town was authorized to go to greet him for the last time.

Orula, upon learning of such news, also went to the Palace, to see the King for the last time. The King was lying almost in a coma and all his doctors by his side. The soothsayer passed like all the other inhabitants through the King's room, but he was only allowed to see him and continue walking, as the King requested it. When he saw the King, he stayed standing in the room and told the doctors in a loud voice, why didn't they save him because he had a cure, let them have it, that he cured him.

The doctors told him to keep walking, because the King had no cure, so Orunmila kept walking. But the King, in his agony, upon hearing Orula's words, sat up on his bed and asked that the one who said those words be brought to him.

The doctors replied that he was a madman and, furthermore, unknown in the town, but the King continued to insist on the same thing. And the doctors agreed to call the man, because they knew anyway that unfortunately the King had no cure. Therefore, they sent the soldiers to bring him whatever, the so-called stranger.

Thus, the soldiers arrested Orunmila and took him to the Palace. Already in the presence of the King, he said that he cured him, with one condition: that he had to be alone with the King for 3 days and give him a broth that he would prepare. The doctors yielded, because the King wanted to, but they were sure that it would not last 3 more days.

Orunmila prepared conditions and began to work. At 3 days, the King was sitting on his bed and eating. The news spread throughout the region and everyone spoke of the King's healing. Orunmila, seeing the King out of danger, decided to go out of the King's room and walk around the city for a while, and so he made it known to the King, who, very happy with him, authorized it.

The court doctors, due to the King's cure, looked at Orunmila with envy and scorn, since they had been discredited before the King and put in a difficult situation with the people, for which they agreed to kill Orunmila. And they sought out Oggun to do it.

Orunmila, in the town, noticed something strange in the environment, so he became Osode, getting this sign of Ifa (Oshe Yekun) and decided to go to the Palace again. Upon arrival, a party was found in honor of the King, for his rapid healing. Orunmila, seeing this, entered through the kitchen and sat there with the cook, who asked him why he was not eating and drinking at the party. To which Orunmila replied that she was better there, eating whatever he gave her.

The cook prepared some sweets for him and he left, returning later accompanied by the King, who told Orunmila that he could not eat in the kitchen, because thanks to him he had not died. He took him out of the kitchen and came out hugging him, presenting him as his savior and throwing out all the doctors in the Palace.

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