3 Works or Ebbo with Elegua for Prosperity

Work with Elegua for Prosperity

EleguaHe is an extremely important Orisha, since he is the one who opens and closes the roads, which is why he directly influences our progress, that is why we bring 3 works or ebbo with Elegua to achieve prosperity.

Work with Elegua for Prosperity

To carry out this simple work at the foot of Eleggua to attract prosperity to our lives we will need the following materials:

  • 3 green guavas
  • 1 white plate
  • 21 coins of the same denomination
  • epoch
  • Oni
  • eku
  • 3 candles

Once we have all our materials at hand, we will begin our work at the foot of Elegua.

  • We will take the 3 green guavas and cut them into 21 pieces or slices, we place them on the white plate
  • We place the 21 coins on the guavas
  • We add on them a little epò, eku and oñi
  • We place the plate at the foot of eleggua
  • We light the candle
  • We blow brandy and tobacco smoke to eleggua

Once we do this, we are going to give him knowledge of everything that has just been done, asking him to open the paths to everything good, to prosperity, development and to attract money into our lives. We will make this request for 3 consecutive days, always asking from the heart and with great faith.

On the third day we will take the contents of the plate and take it to a place where prosperity and money abound, this can be a bank, shops, markets, shopping centers. Once our request has been fulfilled or made reality, we go again to the foot of Elegua to thank the fulfillment of it by offering a rooster (if it is aleyo, go to your elders to give this gift to eleggua), you can also offer a fruit basket , Guiro, a small treat where many children attend.

This is a simple but very effective work as long as it is done from the heart and a lot of faith towards what is being asked of the king of the roads, abundance and prosperity.

Work with Elegua to get money

If we are going through a stage of shortages or we have any economic urgency we can carry out this ebbo to get money, for this work we will need the following:

  • 1 coco
  • 1 white plate
  • Honey
  • Guinea pepper
  • Jutía and smoked fish
  • Tobacco
  • Oni
  • epoch
  • 7 white candles


  • We split the coconut and take out only 4 pieces, we place them on the plate with the white side up
  • Then on each piece of coconut we will add 3 guinea peppers, honey, epò, hutía and smoked fish
  • We place the plate behind the front door of the house there we blow tobacco and oñi smoke, giving Elegua knowledge of what we are doing and asking her to attract prosperity and abundance to our home.
  • We will carry out this request for 7 days in a row, lighting one candle per day
  • At the end of the 7 days we collect everything and take it to a mountain, bush, scrub and we leave it there.

Ebbo with Elegua for Prosperity

This is a work that we can do not only with Elegua, it can be with any Orisha to whom we want to make our requests about abundance, prosperity and development in our lives. for her we need the following:

  • 1 coco
  • 1 yam
  • 1 white plate
  • Honey
  • Smoked fish
  • Smoked hutia


  • We will take the coconut and grate it for the fine part and reserve
  • We boil the yam and make it puree, once this is done we add the grated coconut, honey, fish and smoked hutía, kneading until obtaining a compact dough.
  • We will make some small balls and place them on the plate at the foot of the eleggua or the Orisha to which we will make our requests, giving them knowledge of what is being offered and why we do it.
  • We will remove this after 3 days and we will take it to a mountain a little removed from our home.

All these works or ebboses can be accompanied by a small prayer or prayer to Elegua, as long as it comes from the depths of our heart, since those are the best prayers to our Orishas, ​​those that flow from the moment we start preparing our works to ask them for our well-being, prosperity, development and economic evolution. .

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