Ebbo (Works) with the Jimaguas: money, prosperity, protection and more

Ebbo (Work) with the Jimaguas

The Ibeyis or Jimaguas are the twin saints of the Yoruba religion. The Works, rituals or eboses that are carried out at the foot of these Orishas are very powerful due to the high virtues that these saints enjoy. Such is their strength and cunning, that they are recognized for having managed to defeat Abita (the demon), with that same skill and dexterity they serve their devotees to solve their problems.

Why do works or ebboses with the Jimaguas?

As mentioned above, the Ibeyis are saints with quite considerable power. Their grace lies in how skillful they can be in solving difficult situations and the perseverance they put into doing so. It is estimated that the Jimaguas do not rest until they achieve their goals and that they accompany the iworos (consecrated in Santeria or Ifa) until the last breath of their lives without ceasing to help them even for a moment, that is why they are known as « the flag of the iworo».

Because they are twins, they are related to the principle of duality, which favors their energy being able to radically change one situation to another. In addition, their power over births and beginnings allows them to favor the changes that we human beings often need.

works with the jimaguas (Ibeyis)

What are they for?

The works (Ebbo) at the foot of the Jimaguas usually have great effectiveness in topics related to:

  • Attract good fortune, luck and prosperity.
  • Protect from spiritual wars, envoys, witchcraft, sorcery and all kinds of disorders caused by demonic entities.
  • Help protect yourself from phenomena and premature death.
  • Take care of walkers, travelers and pilgrims.
  • Conquer love.
  • Promote healing and good health, especially in the face of complicated illnesses.
  • To solve difficult situations or lost causes.

Ebbo with the Jimaguas to protect themselves from enemies

The Jimaguas (Ibeyis) are excellent protectors, especially when it comes to defending against the stalking of enemies and the evil with which they might try to affect us. This work is very powerful to get rid of the damage of our opponents.

Necessary elements:

  • Sapote leaves.
  • Coal ashes.
  • 2 candles (candles) white.

Execution of the ritual:

The foundation of the Jimaguas is covered with the sapote leaves until they dry, realizing that this work is being carried out so that they cover and protect it from enemies and the two candles are lit. When the herb dries, it is ground into a powder and mixed with charcoal. The interested party will clean himself with that dust and blow it in the corners of his house saying: «With the power of the Jimaguas I close my corners to any damage, trap or evil that my enemies are doing to me or want to do to me. Let all the osogbos go and come, I will go with the blessing of Olofin, Olorun, and Olodumare. Ashe To Iban Eshu."

Work with the Jimaguas for health

Work with the Jimaguas for health

Due to their persevering nature, the jimaguas are very opportune deities to pray when we present health problems. They tend to be tireless companions in long recovery processes who work with great force to reach the objectives.

Necessary elements:

  • Iñales of beef (kidney, heart, liver, and others).
  • Coal.
  • Cory oil.
  • Dry wine.
  • Onions.
  • 2 candles (candles) white.

Execution of the ritual:

All the iñales are taken and put to roast on the coals in the grill. Once cooked, enough corojo oil is smeared on it. The interested party is cleaned with them throughout the body, especially where he suffers from the disease. Then, he is presented in front of the jimaguas divided into two plates, placing sliced ​​onions on top and a glass of dry wine, and he is made aware of the request for health that is being made. After 4 days he is given the way to the mountain.

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Ebbo with the Jimaguas (Ibeyis) for luck

The Ibeyis, because they are identified as children, are synonymous with joy, happiness, and joviality. This energy that characterizes them has an important affinity with luck, thus, they stimulate it with great ease. The following work combines a number of elements that, together with the influence of the Jimaguas, are very efficient in attracting luck to our lives.

Necessary elements:

  • A chick.
  • Cory oil.
  • Honey from bees.
  • Schnapps.
  • Asheses: kola, ero, obi, osun.
  • 3 kinds of peppers.
  • Fish and smoked jutia.
  • Yam.

Execution of the ritual:

A chick is caught that follows the hen and the Jimaguas are immolated. Corojo oil and honey are smeared on it, liquor is blown on it and the Ibeyis are asked how many days they wish to have it in front of them. After that time, it is burned and the remains are converted into a powder that is mixed with the powdered yam, with the ashes, the fish and the smoked hutia, and a pinch of each powdered pepper is added. He appears in front of the Ibeyis on a white plate with two candles and he realizes that this preparation has been made to attract and maintain good fortune for the interested party. When the candles are consumed, you can remove it, clean your whole body with that powder before leaving home and repeat it periodically saying the following prayer: «With the blessing of Olofin, Olorun, Olodumare, with the blessing of my guardian angel. , with the blessing of the Jimaguas that, just as the chick follows the hen, luck follows me, and that, just as the flying yam grows upwards, so I go up and prosper through life. Ashe».

Work with the Jimaguas for love

There is no doubt that the Ibeyis are saints who represent love. Precisely in the name of that deep love that they feel for the creatures of creation is that they help us without repairing their efforts. Attached to that feeling that characterizes them is that we carry out this type of work at the foot of the Jimaguas, to request their intervention in our sentimental matters when they get out of hand.

Necessary elements:

  • Two chickens.
  • Honey from bees.
  • Brown sugar and white sugar.
  • Red and blue thread.

Execution of the ritual:

The chickens are sacrificed to the Jimaguas performing the customary rituals. At the time of giving the account, the objective of the work is shared with him to obtain his blessing. Then, the hearts of the chickens are removed, they are spread with honey and sugar and they are tied together with the threads saying: “Just as I tie these hearts, so the heart of (name of the loved one) is tied to the heart of (name who does the work) by the intervention of the Jimaguas. Ashe to Iban Eshu." Then, it will be put in the oven and allowed to dry to turn it into powder. This powder is mixed with a lot of sugar, a dessert is prepared and sprinkled on top and fed to the person you want to enchant.

Work with the Jimaguas (Ibeyis) for money

Work with the Jimaguas (Ibeyis) for money

The Ibeyis are deities that vibrate in tune with the spiritualities of progress and prosperity, asking for their intervention through works like the one we have below, is usually quite effective to get out of economic problems or needs.

Necessary elements:

  • Lodestone.
  • Herbs: laurel and rosemary.
  • Holy Water.
  • Two coins.
  • Red and blue thread.
  • 2 candles (candles) white.

Execution of the ritual:

The lodestone is taken, a laurel cross is placed on top and a rosemary cross is placed on the bottom. Then, both edges are covered with each of the coins. All this is completely chalked with the threads. It is presented to the Jimaguas and sprinkled with holy water. The two candles are lit and you realize that this amulet is being made to attract money and development to the person's life. Once the candles are consumed, he will be given the receipt that he must keep in his wallet.

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Offering (Adimu) of rice with chicken to the Jimaguas

Adimu to the Jimaguas (Ibeyis)

Yellow rice with chicken is one of the favorite dishes of the Ibeyis. Its preparation is done as follows:

Necessary elements:

  • 2 medium chickens.
  • 2 cups of rice.
  • 1 tomato.
  • 1 red pepper.
  • Sweet corn.
  • 1 onion.
  • Garlic.
  • Cory oil.
  • Yellow dye.

The two chickens are immolated to the Jimaguas with the usual ritual, giving them an account of the reason why, that attention is paid to them and the respective request is made at the foot of the Orishas. Then, the chickens are peeled and de-pressed and placed in a pot with water to obtain a broth. Subsequently, in a frying pan, the pieces of: tomato, pepper, onion, crushed garlic, and the already cooked chicken fragments are fried in corojo oil. Add the two cups of rice and the 4 cups of chicken broth, add a pinch of salt, the corn and the yellow dye. Stir gently to distribute ingredients evenly and leave over medium heat until dry. When the liquid is almost dry, lower the heat to a minimum and cover. Let it cook for 20 minutes. Finally, it is served in a box and presented to the Jimaguas as an offering.

Bath with the Jimaguas to bring prosperity

The preparation resulting from the following ritual can be used to bathe the body or to wash down the house, since, regardless of the specific request made, it very effectively promotes the arrival of economic evolution.

Necessary elements:

  • Fresh water.
  • 2 candles (candles) white.
  • Herbs: lily, white bell, white elderberry, rose water and orange blossom water.

Execution of the ritual:

The juice is extracted from the leaves of all the herbs by mixing it with fresh water. Once prepared, it is presented in front of the Jimaguas, the two candles are lit and it is given knowledge that these waters will be used to bring about the arrival of good fortune and economic stability. If it is going to be used for bathing, it will be done for 4 days in a row. To flush the house or business, it is done from the bottom to the front door.

Work to ask the Jimaguas for stability

Due to their dual character, the Ibeyis perfectly attract harmony and stability in all matters. The following work is highly recommended to seek that firmness that we long for with the blessing of the Jimaguas.

Necessary elements:

  • 2 small jars.
  • River water.
  • Honey from bees.
  • 2 candles (candles) white.

Execution of the ritual:

The small jars are taken and filled with honey and river water respectively. They appear in front of the jimaguas lighting the two candles and asking for the stability and firmness of their affairs.

Work with the Ibeyis (Jimaguas) to get out of difficult situations

Solving difficult situations is the specialty of the Ibeyis, not in vain they saved their people from the snares of the devil in the Odu of Ifa: Otura di.

Necessary elements:

  • A lemon.
  • Garlic strings.
  • Good grass.
  • Parsley.
  • Salt
  • Incense.
  • Coals.
  • A clay pot.

Execution of the ritual:

At the bottom of the clay pot, place the burning coals and add the lemon chopped crosswise, the strings of garlic, mint and dried parsley, salt and plenty of incense. The jar is presented on the ground in front of the Jimaguas and the interested party is placed standing on it. While the person smokes, he tells the Ibeyis that this work is being done at his feet, to free him from the problem he is going through.

Ebbo with the Jimaguas for justice problems

This work can be of great help when you are going through conflicts, disputes, or demands for justice, and the help of these Orishas is required.

Necessary elements:

  • Palo paves the way.
  • Coffee grounds.
  • Cow tongue.
  • Benzine.
  • Alum.
  • River sand.
  • White, blue, yellow, and red fabric.
  • Ebo paper or kraft paper.
  • Graphite pencil.

Execution of the ritual:

In front of the Jimaguas, the fabrics are placed one on top of the other in the following order: yellow, white, red, and blue, which will remain on top. The following ingredients are going to be placed on the blue cloth: stick opens the way, the coffee grounds, the cow's tongue (with the names of those involved in the conflict, written down on a sheet and pinned), the alum, and the sand. It is tied making a cartridge, the Jimaguas are informed of what has been prepared at their feet and what they want to achieve. The cartridge and the Ibeyis are taken to the mountain, there the ebo is burned, using the benzine pronouncing the following prayer: «with this erase, I erase all the testimonies against (name of the person) who have no tongue to accuse or harm ; and with this alum, I light your way out of this problem (account of the situation); With this gasoline, I overcome all the obstacles of (name of the person) in the name of Olofin, Olorun, Olodumare». While it is consumed in the flames, it is sung to the Jimaguas. 

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Work with the Ibeyis to remove spells and witchcraft

This work must be carried out by an Iworo (consecrated in Osha or Ifa) with full knowledge of the prayers and songs corresponding to it.

Necessary elements:

  • 1 suckling goat.
  • 3 nails.
  • 1 casserole
  • Fish and smoked jutia.
  • Cory oil.
  • Toasted corn.
  • Jet necklace.
  • Herbs: white mallow, scares the dead, lemon balm, anamú and botija piñon.

Execution of the ritual:

The interested party is taken to a place where there is a crossroads of 4 paths inside the mountain. At 12 pm. The person stands up, behind him the foundation of the Ibeyis; there a hole opens. She is presented with the goat and it is fed to the Ibeyis. His heart is cut out and the 3 nails are hammered into it. He is placed inside the pot and covered with abundant white mallow, is added: smoked fish and jutia, corojo oil and corn. The jar and the remains of the goat are introduced into the hole, the two candles are lit, a maraca is played, and the Ibeyis are called to make a break to remove the witchcraft and the curses that are on the person. All the old clothes are thrown into the hole and the jimaguas are asked if they can cover it up. The person is bathed with omiero previously prepared with: scares the dead, lemon balm, anamú and piñón de botija. He is given the jet necklace that he must wear from now on and dresses in white.

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