8 Works with Yemaya: Good luck, Money, Cleaning, pregnancy and more

Works with Yemaya

Yemaya, mother of all, queen of love par excellence and owner of the seven seas, she is attributed motherhood and fertility, she is noble and kind to her children and believers. That is why we must do Works or Ebbo with this Orisha in order to find solutions to our problems.

Work with Yemaya to remove witchcraft

For this work we will need the following:

  • A large melon
  • 7 canarian gofio sticks
  • 7 pieces of dead scare stick
  • 7 sewing needles
  • 7 pieces of avocado stick
  • 7 tablespoons of ammonia
  • Three precipitates, red white and yellow
  • 21 guinea peppers
  • 7 black peppers
  • 7 hot peppers
  • a teaspoon of graveyard soil
  • 7 teaspoons lemon juice
  • Smoked fish and Jutía
  • corojo butter
  • cocoa butter
  • Honey
  •  Molasses
  • Olive oil
  • A wick for lighters
  • Toasted corn
  • Cane brandy


  • We take the melon and chop it in half, grab one of the halves and extract all the pulp.
  • With this pulp we make a refreshing bath, and rinse.
  • Inside the melon we will place, the precipitates, guinea pepper, palanquetas, chili peppers, black pepper, scare the dead, avocado stick, ammonia, needles, lemon and cemetery earth.
  • Once we have everything inside the melon, if we know the name of the person who is doing the damage, we write it on bag paper and place it inside the melon.
  • Finally, we put enough olive oil inside the melon, the cocoa butter, corojo, corn, brandy, smoked fish, jutia, molasses, honey and the wick.
  • We light the wick and place the melon at the foot of the yemaya for seven days, giving him knowledge of this work and asking him to cleanse us with his waters of all damage, curse and witchcraft that we have on us.
  • Finally, as the seven days pass, we take the melon to the sea and let the current carry it away.

Work with Yemaya to attract Good Luck

Like the sea and the riches found in it, Yemaya and Olokun They are primordial Orishas when asking for our prosperity and being able to attract good luck. To carry out this simple work we need the following items:

  • 1 pin or melon
  • Melao or molasses
  • 2 blue candles


  • We split the melon or watermelon in two, one part higher than the other
  • We remove all the pulp to the largest piece and mix with 7 tablespoons of molasses and put it back in the piece from which we remove the pulp.
  • We place in front of Yemaya, we light the two blue candles for seven hours.
  • After this time, we are going to clean and squeeze the preparation all over the body from the bottom up, up to the head.
  • We rinse and try to dress completely in white.

Ebbo with Yemaya to get pregnant

Ebbo with Yemaya to get pregnant

This simple but effective cleaning of our belly can be done once our period or menstrual cycle is over, it must be done in the sea in front of Yemaya the mother of the world, goddess of fertility and motherhood. We must carry out this work with great faith that Yemaya will grant us the divine grace of being mothers.

For this we will need:

  • A large watermelon or side
  • Smoked fish
  • Smoked hutia
  • Molasses
  • Plato or large plate


  • To start this cleaning or work we must be in total and complete calm
  • Once we get to the sea, we are located in a little crowded place
  • We sat by the sea and began to talk with Yemaya about the situation that we are going through to get pregnant and we let her know that we are going to do a cleaning so that she with her waters cleanses us of all the bad things, the arayes that are present in this fertility process
  • Thus we proceed to chop the watermelon into pieces regardless of their size
  • We place each piece on the plate and add smoked fish and jutía, and finally bathe with molasses
  • We present the plate to Yemaya and proceed. Clean our belly asking and begging Yemaya to give us the happiness of being a mother
  • Once our cleaning is finished we collect the waste and leave it next to the seashore
  • When we get home we light a candle in front of the yemaya tureen.

To ward off illnesses and bad energies from the house

It is always advisable to clean our house of bad energies, they can be generated by curses, spiritual instability, some bad channeling of the Egun or witchcraft. With Yemaya we can carry out a simple but effective cleaning work in our home.


  • 3 large red onions.
  • 1 blue candle.

 Steps to follow

  • We take the three onions and place them on the floor in front of the door of our home.
  • We place them in the shape of a triangle and in the center we place the lit blue candle.
  • We give Yemaya knowledge of what we are going to do and ask her to collect all the bad energy and all illnesses that are disturbing our home.
  • When the candle is completely consumed, we collect the remains of the candle, the onions and throw them in the garbage can.

Adimu or Offering to make a request to Yemaya

Whenever we want to obtain, achieve or achieve something we can offer yemaya this adimu to help us achieve it.

 For this we will need:

  • A big yam.
  • Canarian gofio.
  • Cane syrup.
  • Corojo butter.
  • Smoked fish.
  • Smoked hutía.
  • Roasted corn kernels.
  • Honey bee.
  • A clay pot.
  • Two blue candles.


  • The first thing we will do is peel the yam and place in a large pot with enough water to boil until soft.
  • Once cooked, remove from the water and use a fork to make a kind of puree, when it is completely pureed we will add Canarian gofio, half a cup of cane syrup, smoked fish and jutía, corn grains and honey.
  • We mix well until obtaining a homogeneous mass, we proceed to make seven balls or large buns, they are placed one by one in the clay pot and we add a bottle of cane syrup on top of them.
  • Finally we place the casserole on the yemaya tureen giving it knowledge of what we are doing and what we want to achieve, we light the two candles that last us seven days
  • After seven days the adimu is taken to the sea and left on the shore of it so that the waves carry it out to sea.

Ritual with Yemaya to attract money

Work with Yemaya to attract money

On this occasion we will carry out a small and quick work at the foot of yemaya so that it attracts evolution and money into our lives, for it we will need:

  • A rose from Jericho
  • Indigo or bluish
  • A large glass container
  • A bottle of molasses
  • A blue candle  
  • Water
  • Seven small magnets
  • Seven coins


  • Place half the water in the glass container, add the indigo or azulillo and dissolve completely
  • We add the rose of Jericho and wait for it to open a little
  • We take the seven magnets and add them one by one in the container between the rose
  • We will do the same with the coins, place them one by one
  • We place the molasses around the entire rose of jerico, so that there is no space in the container without molasses
  • We place the container at the foot of yemaya, light the candle and give yemaya knowledge of what we want to obtain with this work.

To improve health

When we are presenting health problems we can ask Yemaya for help to intercede and help us restore our health. We can do this work and so she can give us the help we need.

In this case we will need to go to sea with the following implements:

  • Seven coins.
  • Honey.
  • Pin.
  • Sweets or candies.
  • Light flowers.
  • Some shells or snails.
  • Parchment paper with our requests for Yemaya.


  • Upon reaching the sea we will locate a quiet and solitary space where we can sit down to meditate and talk with Yemaya about the whole situation we are going through.
  • We will take all the implements that we carry and we will place them on the shore of the beach we will let the sea take them away little by little
  • We throw the coins into the sea one by one
  • In the same way, we will place the parchment paper with our requests on the seashore so that it can drag them and take them away and while this is happening we will say the following prayer:

Oh my mother yemaya

You who rule as the mother of all

You are power and knowledge that sustains the world

You who live in the oceans

You who have the grace to offer shelter to the needy

I beg your help and ask for your help in this trance

And you grant me the joy of being well and at peace.

For gossip and gossip problems

For this work we will need:

  • A cattle tongue
  • Corojo butter
  • Smoked fish
  • Smoked hutia
  • 7 guinea peppers
  • A piece of paper bag
  • A blue cloth
  • 2 blue candles


  • We take the tongue of cattle we put inside the name or names of the people who go around with gossip against us without any reason
  • Add the smoked fish corojo butter, jutía and pepper
  • We wrap our tongue in the paper bag, stand in front of Yemaya and
  • we clean ourselves with the package we made, giving her knowledge of what we are doing and asking her to be the one to take care of those bad tongues,
  • We wrap the package in the blue cloth and leave in front of Yemaya for a day with the two candles lit
  • Finally, we take the package to the sea or to a mountain.

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  1. Someone gave me a piece of cardboard and inside 1 clove of garlic and 50 euros. She then says that she did her yemaya homework.. what does it mean?

  2. Hello. I am palera. Looking for help and advice on a zarabanda. After a few years my godfather came to let him in and now my sarabanda has not worked since he came to my house. What can I do? Thank you. [email protected]

    1. Hello. I am palera. Looking for help and advice on a zarabanda. After a few years my godfather came to let him in and now my sarabanda has not worked since he came to my house. What can I do? Thank you
      Angela D

  3. Hello. I am palera. Looking for help and advice on a zarabanda. After a few years my godfather came to let him in and now my sarabanda has not worked since he came to my house. What can I do? Thank you
    Angela D

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