The Evil Eye: The Curse of the Gaze

The evil eye

The evil eye is an ancient belief that states that certain people have the ability to cause damage and illness, both physical and spiritual through their gaze. Formerly it was believed that witches used this power to make their victims sick, make them lose love or leave them in ruin.

¿What is the evil eye?

It is a superstition present in various civilizations that attributes spiritual powers to the gaze of some people. This capacity can vary in its intensity, therefore, its damages are usually diverse. It is believed that it can cause physical discomfort, misfortune, and even death. Affected people are often told that they are "peeked, that they cast the evil eye, or that they have the eye on".

History of the evil eye

From the oldest civilizations there is knowledge of the affections that this spiritual evil causes. The ancient Greeks they used to use an expression that claimed that the people who were envious of us were "those who look at us with a bad eye." From there that term originated. Indeed, the belief of the Greeks in their existence was so great that they used to protect young people by smearing their foreheads with mud or silt.

In this sense, the Greek philosopher Plutarch affirmed that the human eye had the power to release invisible rays of energy that in some cases were powerful enough to kill children or small animals. In addition, he argued that some people could curse with greater intensity than others and its effects would be much more decisive.

In the book of the Quran We can also find traces of this belief: "The infidels almost make you sleep with their looks" (68, 51). In another sense, it states that it is necessary to protect oneself from "the evil of an envious when he envies."

Evil eye in children

Children are often more susceptible to suffering from the evil eye. In the first place, because they are usually exposed to the gaze of everyone, since all the people around them want to know them and look at them with great curiosity; and secondly, because they attract the attention of locals and strangers. That is why in many cultures the first thing that is done when a child is born is to place some type of protection that prevents it from suffering from this spell.

At know that a child suffers from the evil eye It is necessary to observe their behavior, they can probably show alterations, recurrent crying, sleep disorder, loss of appetite, diarrhea and very dark or black stools, continuous or frequent vomiting and for no apparent reason. In conclusion, they present an uneasiness that cannot be appeased with any traditional medicine remedy.

How do you know if you have the evil eye?

The symptoms of the evil eye in adults are usually manifested by the persistent presence of bad luck. On a physical level, there may be unexplained ailments, recurrent nausea up to vomiting, diarrhea, fevers, loss of personal appearance, weight loss for no apparent reason, insomnia and depression or emotional lack of control.

How is the evil eye cured?

How is the evil eye cured?

The way to cure an evil eye varies in a certain sense according to the customs of the place where that evil occurs. However, all agree that there are certain elements that can lead to eradicate this evil from the body, as well as there are many others that help protect individuals from its power. The most common methods to cure the evil eye are:

  • Through prayers: There are a variety of prayers and Catholic saints that are invoked for the cure of the evil eye. Among them the most popular are: San Luis Beltrán and San Benito.
  • Use of spoil herbs: the herb most used to combat this disease is "Ruda". You can cross the person with segments of his bush or prepare baths with fresh water in the company of prayers and healing requests.
  • Use of Salt: it can be sea salt or the salt of common use. It is often used to strip oneself or another person. A pinch is held in the hand and prayed by moving the hand over the head of the eye, making 3 circles clockwise and 3 counterclockwise.
  • Using an egg: it is very simple. An egg is passed all over the body of the person to be healed while praying. Then, the egg is broken by pouring its contents into a glass of water with a pinch of salt. This is done for several days until the egg contents come out with a normal appearance.
  • In the case of children, the infant can be rubbed or wrapped in some used and sweaty garment from his father for several days.

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Protection and amulets against the evil eye

amulets against the evil eye
  • Red bracelet, red ribbon or bow: the red color for its energetic vibration is excellent to counteract the effects of the evil eye, which is why this is a very common element for this purpose. Normally, it is used as a decorative bracelet whose attributes go beyond a simple ornament.
  • The Turkish eye: this talisman since ancient times is considered an effective protection to avoid the curse caused by the evil eye. It can be placed as a garment on the body or at home, work, business, among others.
  • Peony seed: this half black and half red seed has an energy power capable of reducing the energy frequency of evil. In various cultures it is used as a spiritual protector, even against death caused by spiritual phenomena and curses.
  • Jet: this shiny black mineral due to its considerable antiquity that can even be considered a semi-precious stone has energetic qualities that make it effectively repel the energies of envy, bad vibes, the evil eye, and all imposed energetic evils.
  • Saint Benedict Medal: this medal is a popular talisman for protection against bad spiritualities and therefore the effects generated by the evil eye.     

Prayers against the evil eye

These prayers are used to protect the affected person with the sign of the holy cross and under the blessing of God the Father, son and Holy Spirit.

Prayer to cross

Jesus sweet name of Jesus, where Jesus was named all the evil was taken away, where Jesus was named all the evil was taken away.

Santa Ana gave birth to Mary, Our Lady of Saint Elizabeth and Saint John the Baptist, as well as these words are holy and true, allow me, sir, to remove bad grief and fright that is found in the body of (say the generalities of the affected person).

I cross you in the name of the Father (say the generalities of the affected person)

In the name of the Son (say generalities again)

and in the name of the Holy Spirit (say the generalities again)

Amen. (This is said by making the sign of the holy cross)

Jesus! Creature of God

I cut your scare

I don't cut it with a knife

nor with iron,

nor hammered hammer,

because it can't be cut.

I cut it in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (he makes the sign of the cross again).


Prayer of saint luis beltrán

This is one of the most powerful and effective invocations to combat the evil eye. Indeed, San Luis Beltrán is a spirituality with recognized gifts for both physical and spiritual healing.

Creature of God, I conjure you, I exalt you and I bless you in the name of the Holy Trinity Father, + Son + and Holy Spirit + three persons and a true essence and of the Virgin Mary Our Lady Conceived without spot of original sin.

Virgin before childbirth + in childbirth + and after childbirth + and by the glorious Saint Gertrude your dear and gifted wife, eleven thousand Virgins, Lord San José, San Roque and San Sebastián and for all the Saints and Saints of your Celestial Court .

For your most glorious incarnation + most glorious Birth + Most Holy Passion + Most Glorious Resurrection + Ascension: for so high and most holy mysteries that I believe and with truth, I beg your divine Majesty, placing your Blessed Mother as intercessor, our free lawyer, sanes to this afflicted creature of this disease, evil eye, pain, accident and fever and other any damage, injury or illness.

Amen Jesus.

Prayer of Saint Benedict

Saint Benedict is a saint who is widely invoked to combat the evil eye, for his well-known gifts to break and fight against evil. To this end, the Catholic Church throughout the world recommends using the Saint Benedict medal to keep evil away from people and as a symbol of protection. His prayer is usually very effective.

Oh Saint Benedict! Beloved and always remembered, Who before the armies always knew how to get out, Who favors his people, and is a firm devotee of Our Lord.

I beg you that by your Divine intersection, Remedy my need, As soon as possible, To ward off the influence of evil, From my life and my family members, That the power that you have, be goodness and charity, be that of free my soul, from cruelty and evil.

By the merits of Our Lord Jesus Christ, I beg you to accompany me in all the moments of my life, I beg you to protect me from all evil and danger, from witchcraft and evil, if they have hands they cannot catch me, if they have feet they cannot follow me, that every enemy is defeated and shaken, with your protection and that of God.

May the spark nor the trembling scare me and conspire against me, may my lips and my tongue only have for you a thousand graces, praises and blessings, tranquility and peace in my soul, that neither misery nor nakedness, nor hunger nor does sadness settle within me and my life, and even if they pass by, I have the strength to acclaim your holy name.

I consecrate myself to you, I trust and I hope in you, Amen.

Prayer to cure evil eyes in children

The smallest of the home are usually the most vulnerable to suffer from the effects of evil eyes. This is because his energy is pure and has not yet been charged by the vicissitudes of life. However, with the same ease that these energies lodge in your astral body, they can be discarded. That is why this prayer can be used when the presence of the evil eye is suspected or as constant protection.

“In the holy name of God the Father;

In the holy name of the fallen and the heavenly protectors who dwell in heaven protecting the will of the faithful devotees.

Oh my father! Today I cry out to your name to help this creature that in these hours is invaded by the envy of the one who only wants evil for his neighbor.

You most holy and merciful will can do everything, Lord, and I know that you will restore his health to that state of mind, happiness and glory of yesteryear.

Help him, almighty god, for you are the only one who can. Amen".

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