Earth trembles (Mama Kengue): Deity of purity in the Palo Mayombe

Earth trembles

Earth Tremble is a Mpungo, that is, it represents an important spiritual entity within the Palo Mayombe, with a character of Supreme God or King of the world. It is a paternal energy that confers wisdom and protection to his followers. His influence on rituals and his role in the creation of humanity make him a highly revered figure in this religious stream.

Who is Earth Tremble?

Earth trembles is a deity widely worshiped in the rituals of Palo Mayombe. This figure is part of religious currents with African roots, but presents significant differences with the rule of Osha and Afro-Caribbean Ifá.

He is one of the 16 Mpungo, which means that he has the character of Supreme God connected with the creative energy of the Universe, known as Nsambia Mpungo, who commissioned him to take care of the creation of the entire universe. He physically identifies with an old man they call "Father of Time", because his creation dates back to the creation of the Earth, which is why he is considered the father of the rest of the Mpungo.

A paternal energy is attributed to him, with traits of experience and wisdom of an old man, always ready to favor his children and believers. He is very wise and kind, although he can become a fierce warrior if necessary. It has even been suggested that he originally possessed an essence that encompassed both the masculine and the feminine. He developed a hermaphrodite duality, which is associated with the introduction of notions of sexuality and fertility, allowing the proliferation of all human beings in the world.

Mama Kengue

Earth Tremble is also known by the names of Pandilanga or Mama Kengue.

This deity has fundamental relevance in the universe of Palo Mayombe, standing out for its role as a central spiritual force that transcends religious and cultural borders, enriching the spiritual landscape and offering a deep connection with the divine. She owns the mountains, she rules over the mystics and the parents.

His stick is the ceiba. Its minerals are: platinum and white marble. It is also linked to snails, the white elephant and the rainbow.

What is asked of Earth Tremble?

Palo Mayombe earth trembles

Devotees of Tiembla Tierra usually ask for their help and mediation in the following situations:

  • Achieve clarity and mental balance.
  • To release a person from jail.
  • When your help and protection is needed.
  • To find peace.
  • When you want to achieve spiritual development.
  • To sweeten and appease wars and enemies.

How to attend it?

You are offered: fresh and clear water, milk, cocoa butter, fruits such as melon, mangoes, and coconuts. He likes unsalted rice, parrot feathers, and a wooden stick. Their offerings must be taken to a mountain. Doves and white goats are immolated.

It is also possible to serve it at the foot of a ceiba tree, since this sacred tree has great relevance within the Regla del Palo Mayombe. It is said that "without Mama Fumbe (as the ceiba is known), the nganga cannot exist." Due to the importance that Tiembla Tierra has in Palo Monte, the ceiba is considered its throne.



The color of Earth Tremble is white. This tonality by nature has been associated with the most neat and pure of existence. Just like this Mpungo, both are the representation of peace, clarity, light, the cleansing of all energies and the connection with the divine.


The numbers associated with this Mpungo are 8 and 24. Both represent the balance between this and the other plane of existence. They are symbols of creativity, thoughts, the drive to achieve goals, the movement of the energy of fortune and good luck, the highest blessings, transcendence, resurrection and spiritual renewal. All this vibrates in perfect harmony with what the spirituality of Earth trembles.


Asshole of cloves, elderberry, algae, campane, white Christmas bonus, lilies, higuereta, almond, mango, marquise, white jagua and jasmine.

Earth Tremble Paths

Tremble-Earth Paleria
  • Talambe Akuyele War wins.
  • Guinda Vela Battle.
  • Nsila Darkmountain.
  • Break Mount Sun Sun ViraVira.
  • Earth Tremble Devarata ComposedNgombe Loose.
  • Turn Sakiriri World.
  • Saca Mpeño Fill World.
  • Nsila Congo Paticongo.
  • Loose Munuanko Wins Battle.
  • Vititi CongoMunanfinda Ngó Battle.
  • Nsila Congo.
  • Earth Patilemba Pemba Carire Tremble.
  • FindaMunansulo Field.
  • Samalongo Kigengko.
  • Kunalumbo Earth trembles.
  • munafilo.
  • Talumba Point.
  • Katilemba Ngo Batalla.
  • Disrupt Compose.
  • Munalongo.
  • Earth Tremble Spits Blood Maka.

How are the children of Tiembla tierra?

The children of Tiembla Tierra are considered individuals with a strong and determined personality. Like their deity, they are not easily defeated and face life's challenges bravely. They possess great inner strength and unwavering perseverance, which allows them to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals with determination. They are loyal people and committed to their beliefs and principles, which makes them fervent defenders of their spiritual values ​​and traditions. In addition, they are characterized by their deep connection with nature and the spiritual world. Their ancient wisdom and keen intuition allow them to understand and use spiritual energies to their advantage, making them spiritual guides and advisors to those who seek their help.

Syncretism of Tiembla Tierra in different religions

The syncretism of The earth trembles within the Regla de Palo Mayombe, has been associated with different spiritualities, one of them is the orisha obatala, one of the main deities of the Yoruba religion. This connection is based on the idea that both gods share attributes such as wisdom, creation, and balance. Obatala is considered the father of all deities and the primordial source of creation, while Earth Tiembla is seen as a father figure who provides protection and guidance to his followers.

In the practice of Umbanda, which is an Afro-Brazilian religion, Earth trembles It has been identified with the figure of Oxalá, who is one of the main deities in Umbanda and represents peace, purity and wisdom. This connection is established due to the similarities in their spiritual attributes and roles, which has led to their being considered as similar manifestations of the same divine energy.

With respect to the religions of antiquity, comparisons have been established between Mama Kengue and figures from Greco-Roman mythology, such as Jupiter (Zeus in Greek mythology) and Odin (main god in Norse mythology). These connections center on their role as supreme gods, rulers of heaven, and leaders of the other deities. Being considered a supreme Mpungo within the Palo Mayombe pantheon, Tiembla Tierra shares some similarities with these ancient deities in terms of his dominance over other spirits and his power in the universe.

Also, a relationship has been established between Mpungo and the Egyptian god Horus. This connection is based on the idea that both are considered protective and guardian gods, as well as representatives of justice and balance. Horus, in Egyptian mythology, was seen as the god of the sky and the sun, and was revered as a symbol of protection and guidance for human beings.

Works with Tiembla Tierra to solve difficult problems

Within the Regla del Palo Mayombe, a ceremony is held in honor of Tiembla Tierra that must be propitiated on top of a mountain. It must be started, specifically, during a full moon night. The duration of this ceremony is 21 days, under the guidance of Tata Ngnanga. During this period, various sacred rituals are carried out, which are only known by the members of a munanzo. These rituals include animal sacrifices such as guinea fowl, goats, and eight white doves. At the end of these 21 days, the spirit expresses its acceptance of the offerings made and provides the necessary support to the ngangulero.

Earth Tremble Signature (Mama Kengue)

There are many signatures within the Palo Mayombe rule, its usefulness varies depending on the symbols that are incorporated into it. One of Tiemblatierra's most popular signatures is the following:



  • The triangle means the fire that is trapped in the center of the Earth, which represents spiritual rebirth.
  • The semicircle supported by a vertical line symbolizes the growing consciousness, the line of destiny that fights in an upward direction to be able to achieve the manifestation of spiritual perception.
  • The arrows represent the movement of the vital source: Lucero Mundo.

Earth Tremble Prayer

«Before Earth Tremble, powerful Mpungo and Supreme God, I bow with humility and reverence. In your hands I place my prayers and my desires, trusting in your ancestral wisdom and your constant protection.

Oh, Earth trembles, father and guide on the paths of Palo Mayombe, I implore your presence and your strength on my spiritual path. May your blessings and advice illuminate my mind and my heart, granting me clarity and balance in every step I take.

From the depths of my being, I offer you my devotion and dedication, aware of the honor it represents to have access to your vast knowledge and power. May your fatherly and wise energy guide my steps, giving me protection and strength in every situation I face.

Earth trembles, I invoke you with respect and gratitude, trusting that your positive influences will clear the obstacles that arise in my life. May your presence be a beacon of light in moments of darkness and may your loving embrace fill me with peace and well-being.

Oh, Earth Tremble! I entrust myself to you, knowing that your spirit will always be by my side, guiding me towards truth and harmony. I honor and venerate you, with the certainty that in you I find refuge and protection. So be it".

Earth Tremble Songs

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