Obara Dila (6-7): Meaning, Sayings and Tips

Obara dila sign of ifa

Obara Dila or Obara Odi (6-7) is Oddun number 110 in the lordly Order of Ifa, this sign explains why Shango and Yemaya and Yemaya eat together. Ifá prays that the secrets of this person are not exposed. He must offer sacrifice to cover their secrets for him. Ifá says that he must offer sacrifice with clothing; and you should not leave your family. They will be the people who will guard your secrets.

What is born in the oddun of Ifa Obara Dila?

  • The Ebó of the year.
  • Prostitution.
  • That the genital organs were placed between the legs.
  • Modest hair in humans.
  • That Shango and Yemaya eat together.
  • Kiye. (the matador).
  • Eni Osha Abuken.

What is the Obara Dila sign talking about?

  • Here: Rule the Bad Wind. Shango took it out.
  • It was where Olofin ate goat (Eure).
  • Talk about a woman with many buttocks and a gold tooth.
  • Talk about a girl who can be lost.
  • Shango gave his crown to Yemajá
  • The woman trades with her body and the man is powerless
  • You should not try to know everything.
  • Fresh fish is a secret for the Iré. (Ejá-tutu)
  • Shango was invalid.
  • People are bought to bring down others.
  • This Odu brought the light of day.
  • Obá Kolaba and Eni-Osha-Abuken must be received.

The Obara Di sign points out:

  • He does not ride a horse.
  • He does not remove his hat to say hello.
  • They left Elegba holding the house.
  • The diseases are: Impotence, stomach gas, problems in the lower limbs due to trauma, circulatory system, gastritis and stomach ulcers.
  • Save Yemajá.
  • This is Orun and the mud, who made the person dirty.

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Says Ifa odu Obara Dila

When this Odu "Obara Odi" comes out for a man, he will be told to stop living with women, and to worry more about his house, because if his house is destroyed, his virile strength will be destroyed. He speaks of impotence, as this happened to Shango because of his carelessness and debauchery.

In this Ifá, fresh fish is a secret for Iré, and to get rid of enemies. A whole fresh fish will be caught, it will be smeared with corojo butter and it is put to the Saint who catches it, and as long as he says. Then with three pennies he will take him to the corner or to the bush.

When this Odu Obara Dila appears in IGBODU, a special sacrifice must be made with a snail collected in the bush, a chameleon, grass: tete-nifa, odondon, ero, irorowo, a goat, a guinea, white cloth and husk, and the person will be able to live a long life. If the Odu comes out in an ordinary register, the person must serve ESHU with a goat and catch Orúnmila as he may have great difficulties.

In an ordinary record the person is told that he must have his own Ifá to prosper in the
life, and serve Eshu-Elegba with a goat.

Ifa Obara Odi Oddun Prayer:


Suyere Obara Say:

MAMBA OSIRE OFO BA FOWAO (osobos mentioned)

Obara Dila's Ebbo:

To take off the enemies.

Take a fresh and whole fish, spread it with corojo butter, and put the name of the enemies on a piece of paper, on top of the fish. This is cut down the middle, trying to split the enemy's name in the middle just like the fish. The head part goes to the river and the tail part to the sea.
When you see this «Odu Obara Di» and the Iré is given by Orúnmila, you are asked what you want to eat.

Oddun Obara Di recommendations:

When this Odu comes out, the person is told not to tire that they are going to give him a reward.

The person for 7 days will not be able to ride a horse. Furthermore, he cannot attend any meeting or party for 16 days, as he cannot hope to conclude anything with anyone at the moment.

When Obara Di comes out in the divination and the person in his house has a broody hen, if it has eggs they are odd. If he has chicks taken out, they are killed on the hen's head and this is then given to Egun.

Don't try to want to know everything. When you see this Odu and the Iré is given by Orúnmila, you are asked what you want to eat.

For this Odu you have to be careful with theft, because it can be stolen, you must know who enters your house to avoid it. You should also be careful not to blame him for what someone else steals. You have to be careful with the problem of justice.

Sayings of the Odu Obara dila:

  • The dog has four legs and takes only one path.
  • The mouse does not kill the cat.
  • Two things that are not continuous, can hardly catch fire.
  • Evil becomes good.

Obara Di 6-7 bans:

You have to be careful with a person who can climb in height in his house and can fall and kill himself. In your house there is gossip with you. Because of this oddun you cannot tell about your projects or things because they disrupt it, because of the bad thoughts of your enemies.

When he goes out in divination for a man, he is very jealous, so he will be advised not to be so jealous of his wife, so that she does not turn bad and go with someone else. He predicts that he will have three children with his wife.

When this Odu Obara Dila comes out for a young man who is dating, he will be told that his girlfriend is very pretty and very nice, let Ebo make him marry her, since there are going to be many who are going to envy her and have to turn their enemies, and they will try to take it away.

Meaning of the sign Obara Dila 6-7

The Odu Obara Dila prevents the loss of our independence and our integrity. The person's relationships are being swayed by the demands of their partner.

Here the bad wind rules. Kaferefun SHANGO who was the one who took the bad wind off the Earth.

Here Olofin ate Chiva (Ewure).

This Ifá speaks of the woman with many buttocks and the gold tooth. It talks about a girl who can be lost by not putting a stop to it in time.

Here SHANGO gave his crown to Yemajá. They eat together.

The Ebó of the Year was born. This Odu brought the light of day to the world. Obá-Kolaba and Eni-Osha-Abuken are received. Eni Osha Abuken was born, after the flood he left human beings, he had a hump on his shoulder blade from carrying the weight of humanity and he lived forever in the Yagruma forest. The Sun did not hit the Earth and people were dying. The Yagruma bush was a hindrance. Eni Osha Abuken brought the light again.

Obara Dila predicts; that the bad thing that the person has, he takes it away quickly, leaving the bad thing in which he develops or lives.

Here the woman can trade with her body. It indicates impotence in the man. You cannot remove your hat to greet anyone.

In an ordinary search the person is warned that he must serve Eshu with a goat and a mirror in order to win a competition and that he could be challenged for a charge.

When Obara Di appears in an ordinary register, the person is told that there is a woman very close to her who is anxious and doing everything to have a child. That person will have to make sacrifice and will surely begin to have children.

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Obara Dila:

The Awó becomes Ebbó with the letter of the year.

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Patakie of the Obara Dila sign:

Divination was made for the genitals (THE PENIS AND THE VULVA).

Originally, the genitalia of animals, like those of plants, were located on the forehead, where it could barely serve any purpose. One day, an Ifa priest named Mikiligui was celebrating his annual Ifa festival at his home near the market. The vulva (Obo in Yoruba and Uhe in Benin) was going to the market when he decided to stop at Mikiligui's house to make divination. He told her that she could prosper if she made sacrifice. He told him that he should bring a black goat, a chicken, kolanuts, 3 water yams, 4 white yams, an ax and a machete so that he could make the sacrifice he needed.

She went to the market and procured all the materials without paying for them because traditionally, no one refused to do her a favor. The goat, the ax, the machete and the water yams were sent to ESHU. After eating the edible particles, ESHU asked OBO what she wanted, she explained that she wanted honor and prosperity. ESHU asked Mikiligui if he had already eaten, he answered affirmatively and added that he would not eat the offerings made to him until he did not keep his word. ESHU was the only one who had the power to modify or maim God's creations.

Before this, whoever wanted to have a child asked God for it and He created one for the person or the animal. There was a route or path through which the child walked to his parents on Earth.

Then ESHU began his task, using the ax, he cut the tree to block the way eternally. After the sacrifice ESHU invited two people with their genitals on their foreheads and sat them on them. He removed the penis and inserted it between the man's legs and removed the vulva and inserted it between the woman's legs and using pieces of skin from the black goat that was sacrificed to him, he covered the parts, which today is the modest hair human.

Then Eshu took out his Ashe and decreed that from that moment on all animated objects created by God should have their genitals and that everyone who wanted to procreate no longer had to go before God but before OBO. Eshu-Elegba added that everyone who went to OBO had to pay a debt that she incurred by making sacrifice. That is the debt that all those who want to have a child today must pay, this is not a dowry but the cost of caring for the wife during the marriage.

Obara Di Ifa Traditional Nigerian


Òbàrà or bodí
Ìdí ò mó le
E jé kanhinkanhin ilée yín or ta yín díe
Today I will Odíderé
Omo a fosù gbogbo sòwò èjè
Wón ní kó rbo
kó fidí è mole
kò gboràn
Wón bá pè e léyìn odi
Pírí ló Sídìí
Ló bá korí yes Ilé Ifè
ó kúó nilé è
Ióó lòóra isu
Or from Ilé Ifè
Ko ba isu mo
Kànhìnkànhìn ló kù
Àwon ti ta isu tán nlé Ifè
'Kànhìnkànhìn to kú nlè nùu'
Nílé hasta ti kúò
Won ti kó isu dé ibe
Kó toó padà dé ilé
Àwon náà ti tà tán
Wón làwon ò wí fún or
Pé kóo fara bale
Ifá lóun wí fun o
Pé o móo bi òun I will read
Kóo toó le móo yún àjò
Ibi toun bá ní kóo móo lo
Kó mò pé àkókò è lóto
Ló bá padàá le
Ló bá bèrè sií fìdí mólé
Òbàrà or bodí
Ìdí ò mó le
E jé kanhinkanhin ilée yín or ta yín díe
Today I will Odíderé
Omo a fosù gbogbo sòwò èjè
Yóó mòmò dome
Òwo èjè kan
Òwò èjè kan
Táa se lósu yìí
Yóó mòmò dome
Omo ní or mòmò dà.

Ifá advises that this person should stay at home. Ifá says that he wishes to plan a trip, but Ifá advises him that he must first confirm with him (Ifá) when he decides to go, so that it does not give rise to a wave of missing persons. The trip will make your good fortune miss you. To prevent the case that you seek fortunes in a place, which you will not find there, before returning home, the good fortunes will have left your home; that is why you must offer sacrifice.

Òbàrà does not cover her buttocks
Your buttocks don't stay at home
Let the ants in your house bite you
They prophesied Ifá for Odíderé
The one who trades in blood every month
He was advised to offer sacrifice
And stay at home
He ignored the warning
He was called from abroad
Without hesitation, he went
He addressed Ilé Ifè
He left home alone
He tried to go and buy yams
When he arrived at Ilé Ifè
He didn't get no yams to buy
There was only dried yam
They said "We have sold all our yams"
"Only the stem and the leaves remain as a sponge"
The house that he left alone
Sellers brought yams for sale
Before he returned home
They had also sold their merchandise
And that's where they reminded him of the warning
"You did not have patience"
Ifá said "I warned him"
"Always consult me"
"Before going on a trip anywhere"
"When I approve your going"
"You will know when you will travel to the place"
When he got home
There if he decided to stay at home
Òbàrà does not cover her buttocks
Your buttocks don't stay at home
Let the ants in your house bite you
They prophesied Ifá for Odíderé
The one who trades in blood every month
Will turn into a baby
The "Blood Trade"
Certainly the blood trade
What we did this month
Will turn into a baby
It will certainly turn into a baby.

If you want to learn more about the Orishas you can read:

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