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odi okana

Odi kana is Odu number 68 in the Ifa Genealogical Order and is the combination of Odi and OkanranIn this sign it is important to perform ceremonies, attentions and sacrifices to the Orisha Oggun, since this is the one who defends and frees from diseases that can put the life of those who have this Odu at risk.

Ifá advises that this person should offer sacrifice to see the fortune that comes from abroad, he is ordered to listen well to the advice and that if he is going to travel somewhere he should avoid going to dances or meetings with many people.

Other names for the Odi Okana:

  • Hate Kana.
  • Odi Okanran.

In the odu Odi Kana is born:

  • Dry wine, brandy and beer.
  • The envy.
  • The destruction of the organism.
  • The sacrifice of the rabbit within Ifismo.
  • Odi Kana people should always have 2 OBI KOLA in their Ifá.
  • In this Odu you work directly with OGGUN.
  • You must wear a majah skin belt.
  • OSHOSI meets in this Odu.
  • It is where the force of nature can be semi dominated by men.

Odi Okana Speaks:

  • It is the Ifá of the mango.
  • It was where ORISHA OKO cursed the ARARA.
  • Here the arteries and veins speak.

The Odi Kana Sign points out that:

  • Here: ORUNMILA is given a bell and white chickens are given.
  • ORUNMILA is given a guitar with a string.
  • Things are getting out of hand.
  • Speak the crab, wine and corruption.
  • The cobweb speaks.
  • It is the Odu Isalayé of OLOKUN.

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Recommendations of the Odi Kana sign:

  • When this Odu's Awó earns money from ceremonies at his house, he must give money and two coconuts to the Awos present so that their things go well.
  • This Odu predicts that you cannot live at home in high places and where you live you must have a dirt patio.
  • Here ORUNMILA is given a guitar with a string.
  • AWO ODI KANA, must feed his knife and the one who must sacrifice the rooster is his godson.
  • This Ifa sign speaks of the arteries and veins.
  • Here things slip out of the person's hands.
  • Diseases that afflict in Odi Kana: Blood circulatory system and the heart. Respiratory problems (bronchi) intestinal problems, ailments from accidents.
  • Here the person has had three things and today he is not sure.
  • You want security and tranquility, something you don't have.

Sayings of the Odu Odi Kana:

  • The rich are envious of the poor.
  • When it cannot be cured it can be killed.
  • While I haven't hurt you, I haven't hurt either.
  • A good son is better than a treasure.

Odi Okana Brand:

This Odu speaks of slander about the person.

Here things are not as the person wants them to be.

SHANGO is corojo.

Here we must be grateful to both the Babalawo and ORUNMILA.

Here it is forbidden to leave suddenly when called, so that his enemies do not surprise him.

This Odu predicts that a relative will die of a contagious disease, bury him when he dies and attend to his spirit that his luck will begin there. Take care of him also during his illness.

When Odi Kana comes IRE AYE: surely money will come to her, make Ebo so that she just arrived.

OSOBO IÑA: War is coming.

OSOBO EYO: Tragedy is coming.

Here the woman is upset with her husband and now she has another and wants to leave him to go back to her husband.

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Ifa says in the odu Odi Kana:

That your wife has aborted a belly and that is why both you and your wife are behind, because that child was a boy and it was your luck. You did not notice that in these days you have played the lottery and it was not long before it was drawn. He went to the house of a BABALAWO and did not do what he marked him, and now if he wants to be well, he has to go to that BABALAWO's house and do what marked him so that he can prosper. A person has to die of a contagious disease, you have to take care of him until he dies and after you bury him, there is your luck. He is a devotee of OSHUN. You have bad intestines or you suffer from constipation, you have your ducts

Prayer of the Odu Odi Okana:


Ebbo of the Odu Odi Okana:


Paraldo will be made with a white rooster on a hill, to cut off everything bad produced by an EGUN OBSESSOR.
EBO IFA FORE: 1 rooster, 3 mice, 1 pigeon, loma land, tiny feather, colored beads, arrow, spear, lots of corojo butter, cocoa butter, husk, hutía and smoked fish, herbs: marigold, leg of hen, white white, many sticks, a lot of money.

This Ebó goes to a house with stairs.

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Meaning of odu Odi Okana

Odi Kana predicts that dishonest acts should not be done or executed, as he will surely be punished or imprisoned.

Betrayal by those whom the client trusts will get you in trouble.

This Odu marks the destruction of the organism either by incurable disease, accidents promoted by the Saints for punishment or by a dark EGUN sent, so that the person attempts against his life. It also marks the destruction of the organism of the Godfather of Ifá, who to avoid this has to receive IGBA ODU (OLOFIN), ABITA, and ORUN.

This was where ORISHAOKO cursed those of the earth ARARA for being ungrateful and since then when they go to consecrate themselves in YOKO-OSHA they have to enter with ORISHAOKO to the IGBODUN of OSHA.

This Odu works directly with OGUN.

Here you must have a leather belt of majá which will be prayed on the Ifá board. Here the Ifá brothers of this Odu are not legal.

In this Odu, the one who solves is OSHOSI. MAFEREFUN OSHOSI, you will have to receive it as soon as possible.

This is an Ifá, who has a house but seeks honors.

The person with this Ifá, likes to live isolated and when he is better, adversity arrives. It is Odu to live to old age and does Ifá to godchildren until old age.

Dry wine, brandy and beer were born here.

This is the Ifá of the mango. YEMAYA and OSHUN are put mangoes.

The Awó of this Odu must receive ABITA.

Here was born, that ODUDUWA, OBATALA, AYAGUNA AND OSHAGRINAN eat corojo butter, (EPO). OBATALA AYAGUNA is also called ARUWARE.

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Odi Kana:

The Awó respects the word of the Oriaté.

Patakie of the Odi Kana sign:

The destruction of the organism was born.

On this path, there was an AWO named: AWO MOSARA KIKU, who had many virtues, because he was very obedient to his father's EGUN and to choose, and in turn Shango protected him.

AWO MOSARA KIKU a brother of INLE IBAY BABA, where TENTE ORUN also lived. The brother's name was: AWO ABITI, which boasted of hurting and destroying, so always at 12 noon and at different times at night, he began to sing and called: TENTE ORUN. »IBAY BABA LOKUN LORUN IBAY BABA MAWAVA OLOFIN IBAY BABA TENTE ORUN NI AYA OKUN ORUN».

AWO ABITI, he never remembered that he had a brother named AWO MOSARA. One day ELEGBA went out for a walk and said: I am going to visit AWO ABITI to see what he is doing. He arrived at his town at 12 o'clock at night and stopped on the outskirts, seeing that AWO ABITI had great control over TENTE ORUN, hearing what he called him. ELEGBA said to himself: When it's 4 in the morning, I'm going to go into town.

When the time came, Elegua began to ring a bell she was wearing and began to sing: "BABA TENTE ORUN IKUABUE TENTE ORUN ULUESA ORUN TENTE ORUN ELEGBA TE BAYE."

TENTE ORUN, who listened to ELEGBA, went to him and gave him MOFORIBALE and told him what he did and what AWO ABITI used it for.

Elegua told TENTE ORUN: -You have to swear to me that you will never do what AWO ABITI tells you. "Well," TENTE ORUN replied, "after I fulfill this commitment that I have with AWO ABITI, I swear to you that I place myself under your command." ELEGBA accepted without realizing what TENTE ORUN had said. He hid himself right away, so that AWO ABITI would not see him talking to Elegua.

Elegua, meanwhile, sat in the middle of that town and when AWO ABITI got up, he met Elegua and they began to talk and while they talked, AWO ABITI fed ELEGBA, jutía and smoked fish, corojo butter , chicken and gave him to drink brandy.

ELEGBA heard what AWO ABITI was saying and accepted everything very happily. He left town half drunk. After a while walking, he began to realize what had happened. He quickly left to where AWO MOSARA was and said: -You have to make EBO and PARALDO META right away, with 3 cocks and 3 small bananas and put 3 gourds with food in three different places in town, for when your brother AWO ABITI sends TENTE ORUN, let him find food and you have to dress with three kinds of leather and many necklaces and put the EBO at the exit of town, so I can talk to TENTE ORUN when he arrives and does not destroy your land or you. AWO MOSARA did what Elegua told him to do.
For his part, ELEGBA hid in a corner and when TENTE ORUN arrived and began to eat everything and ELEGBA saw him, he began to sing to him and ring the bell:

TENTA ORUN, who heard Elegua, ran out, gave him MOFORIBALE and they began to cry.

Then ELEGBA said: Here lives AWO MOSARA, who does nothing but good and lives poor and you came sent by AWO ABITI, to do harm. You will leave together with AGUEDAY, so that he will distribute you throughout the world, you will live in all parts and you will do harm, to those who deserve it. You were going to serve for good, but since you deceived me, you will only serve as for OFO.

Odi Okana (Okanran) Traditional Ifa

He made divination for Gongon:

Edi Konron, edi kanrin, kanrin, Adafa fun gongon ni jo ti'onshawo lo si ona jinrin.

He made divination for the great drum when it was going to perform in a distant place. He was advised to make a sacrifice with a threaded rope to avoid the risk of being tied up during his journey. But he didn't make the sacrifice.

When he arrived at his destination, he performed so impressively that people danced to his melodies. After dancing for a long time, he ended up very tired, and it was at that moment that Esu was informed that Gongon had not made a sacrifice.

As soon as Esu saw how tired he was, he suggested to the people who were present that they should use a threaded string to tie his head tightly since that was the only way to make him produce more music and a great melody. Hence his head was tied up and the music he produced much more harmonious. As his music grew he went crazy like he was possessed, his music was much more joyous and his head exploded and cracked.

His pieces were thrown away and abandoned. When this Odun comes out in the consultation for a person who plans to take a trip, they would be told to make a sacrifice before going, if it is URE. If on the contrary it is AYEO, you will be told not to undertake any trip, since misfortune to stumbling blocks awaits you there.

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