Ofun Ojuani

Ofun Ojuani - OFUN FUNI

Other names of the Odu Ofun Ojuani:

  • Ofun juani.
  • Ofun Owonrin.
  • Ofun Funi.

Born in the odu Ofun Funi:

  • The Iruke of ORUNMILA.
  • The Ashé of the Kestrel.
  • The curse of the color black.
  • Calvary and the pilgrimage through it.
  • The Great Secret of SHAKUANA, where Grace is born is not lucky.
  • Why is EBO done.

What does the sign of Ifa Ofun Funi talk about?

  • The Secret of Coal and Ash. 
  • They wiped OBAMORO's face. 
  • The Ashé lives behind the kitchen. 
  • The enemy curses us and kills himself with himself.
  • Receive the Power of the Double Spiritual ENIKEJIRE ORUN, who is in Heaven. 
  • The paralysis gradually reaches the head. 
  • The Secret of the Cloths of Osha in the Lerí by sweat and blood.
  • ORUN JUN JUN and IYANZAN, the Great Secret of OFUN FUNENI.
  • The children are epileptic.
  • IBAKO, the Oluopopó casserole.
  • ODUSHO, the Secret of Ashé.
  • OBIRIKITI OSUN LERI, which indicates each Orisha with its fundamental color.
  • The photographic impression and the action of the spirit of Osha in each person.
  • The Eweses are Almácigo and Aguacate.

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Ofun Funi's sayings:

  • Enemies curse and kill themselves with it.
  • It cannot be imitated, the audacity is paid.
  • Everything you hear cannot be said.
  • Where grace is born, luck is not found.
  • Each one will die as determined by OLOFIN.
  • He is saved from Iku for doing EBBO.
  • You are King in another land.
  • ABITA wants to destroy Humanity.
  • The stronger abuses the weak and loses.

Ethical Code of Ifa of the Sign Ofun Ojuani

Olofin gives the Awó the power to defeat his enemies.

Recommendations of the Ofun Funi sign:

Take care of a wound with a knife.

Carefully care for a pregnant woman.

Take care of Eshu.

Take care of your digestive tract.

Don't drink or drink everywhere.

Be careful with your hands, they can be injured.

Be careful with the candle, it can be burned to death.

prohibitions from Ofun ojuani:

It cannot be imitated, boldness pays dearly.
Stay away from the candle.

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Says Ifa odu Ofun Ojuani

In his house there is a girl who wants to know everything and this will bring her accidents, Arayé and loss of virginity; do not discover or uncover something that is covered, as you may have problems with the law. You are bad and something you have done weighs on you, sadness surrounds you. Take care of Eshu; if it is not sick, it can become a disease. Take care of a wound with a knife. Don't comment on what you hear. Take care of women; look for nothing in the corners. It is an Ifá of deception by Obini. The money they owe you will be paid back; do not go out in a period of seven days that may suffer an accident. Do not let them walk you in the Saints. Don't walk with Epo in front of OBATALA. Carefully care for a pregnant woman; take care of your head; receive ORUNMILA; They are very envious of you, take care of your spiritual entities and put flowers on you; do not expect anything from the boy you raise because he is ungrateful; do not imitate, daring pays dearly; pay a lot of attention to San Lázaro. You live with someone who will bring you problems and Arayé and even confrontations, which degenerate into fights, because they want to take you down or charge you the cheap. Take care of your digestive tract, someone wants to give you Ogu, do not drink or drink everywhere; Beware of accidents due to bad weather. The candle is your enemy. If you live or climb to high places, be very careful, there may be Ogu or disaster. Be careful with epilepsy, both you and your children; they can throw you away from where you live or work. Alcoholic drink is negative for your body. Your objects for personal use and especially the towel, must be unique.

Prayer of the Odu Ofun Funi:

Fertilizer ring kunkuo adifafun orunmila, umbati orun jun jun oku awo lleke aworun yanya
oniku omolaye bi orun batide orunmila ilayi osa osifun orun kotolowa ekun ipin, odile
orunmila obere siwatoleno untele ado buruku olomu yade gbogbo ile orunmila osifun
arun okavada sile odi ategun umbati dele ofun ofun oni lodafun orunmila.

Ofun Ojuani's Ebbo:

Work to resolve a dispute.

The stick nailed where the Sun, the holster and the rest are asked to ORULA. The EBBO goes inside the holster and owó.

Description of the odu Ofun Funi:

  • Damn Odu, he fights with the elders, a woman is his worst enemy.
  • The spirit of this Odu is called OKOLO.
  • Here resides the Power of the Spiritual Double that is in Heaven: ENIKEJIRE ORUN, the one that couples with that of the body, that is why it is the Lerí, that is, Orisha LAGBATONI that is greater than the Orisha itself.
  • Here the enemy curses us and kills himself with himself.
  • EBBO is made with Adié meji and it is not given to any Orisha, they are sacrificed normally and a kite is made.
  • OLOFIN gives the Power to defeat enemies.
  • When the Awó of this sign dies, a Sarao de Ekó is made or prepared and for 9 days the relatives of the deceased's blood and religion take from that and what remains after 9 days, is sent to his grave.
  • It signals accidental death.
  • The Ashé lives behind the kitchen.
  • It cannot be imitated, boldness pays dearly.
  • The boy who raises, do not expect anything good from him or from his elders, because they are ungrateful, expect more bad than good from him, he is an Ifá of disappointment.
  • Be careful what you hear, because everything that is heard cannot be said. Do not discover anything covered.
  • Be careful with your hands, they can be injured.
  • KAFEREFUN OBATALA, don't go with Epo.
  • The Paralysis comes to his head little by little.
  • Beware of pregnant woman.
  • The curse of the black color where it would only transform into what it wanted to stain.
  • The Secret of the Cloths of Osha is born in La Lerí, where when the ashé is collected, the astral image of the Saint is engraved, which is called in the Osun and the Ashé.

Meaning of Oddun Ofun Ojuani

  • For Arun, the disease begins little by little, do EBBO and the Bud of Almácigo should not be missing.
  • The shoulders are alone and their happiness is in having a child, but they have to watch out for them because they can suffer unexpected accidents, for disobeying themselves. They can kidnap the son.
  • The children admonish the parents, for attitudes of the latter that out of balance with the loving feeling of the children.
  • Of two friends, the one who thinks he is stronger abuses and mistreats the weaker, who in the end triumphs.
  • The person does not agree with the powers that OLOFIN has given him, nor with what his Father or Godfather grants him.
  • Be careful what you drink, in places that are not entirely trustworthy, because Ogo is thrown at you and you get seriously sick to your stomach.
  • In the parties where you attend there may be traps, candela and Arayé, take action.
  • It is an Ifá to take it as an experiment and to try forces with one.
  • Heed dreams.
  • OFUN FUNI takes care of the path where ORAGUN walks. Clean the OFUN sign on the ground OSHA DILOGUN.
  • Pay close attention to Saint Lazarus, the works that are done with this Saint bring him back to life or save him from death.
  • Pay attention to his spiritual protections and put flowers on him, because in life one of his protections enchanted him.
  • You are King in another land.
  • Here the action of the spirit of Osha is born in the person and he is an individuality even if he is the son of the same Orisha as another person because the marks of his Odushe are particular and different from those of the other.
    Make everything complete in religious consecrations, you must crown in Santo if you have not done it.
  • You must respect the elderly and people with physical defects, because mocking them can bring you a disease sent by the Orishas.
  • The person leaves his land and returns out of necessity.
  • Be careful with the candle, it can be burned to death.             

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Patakie of the Ofun Funi sign:

The oil doll.

Near a mighty river, lived a man who was sad because he had not been able to
have children. Once, not knowing how to find a remedy for his misfortune, he went to an Abéshu-Mulei (sorcerer) who enjoyed great fame, and said:

I want your wisdom to advise me on the means so that I can have a daughter who can take me out of this loneliness in which I find myself.
Go to your shack and bring me all the palm oil you can.
With this reply from the sorcerer, he returned home hopefully. For many days he was pouring oil into a jar, until he found it full. He took his oil to the sorcerer, who with him was modeling a girl, who was given to that man.

But first, the witcher told him:

This, who will be your daughter, will never be able to bathe in the river, or be exposed to the sun for a long time.

That man took his daughter home. With the girl he considered himself happy and kept her in his hut, hidden from everyone's gaze.
When he went hunting, he advised him not to leave the hut, much less to go near the river bank.

The girl grew up amid the joy that her father believed.
But, on one occasion when he needed to go to his farm, the girl, disobeying his advice, went to the river, where she met a woman, who, seeing her alone, took her to her village, without her crying could be of no use to her.

When that man returned to the hut and did not find his daughter, he desperately undertook his search for the rivers and forests, without his efforts being crowned with success.

Little by little, that man died of sadness.

Meanwhile, that girl had married, in the village, the son of that woman who stole her on the river bank, next to her father's house. A long time later, she remained locked up in her new home, where her mother-in-law had her kidnapped, for fear that she would escape.

On one occasion, she took her daughter-in-law to the farm where she was going to work, to better keep an eye on her. It was extremely hot. While her mother-in-law collected the food from the farm, the daughter-in-law, sitting at the foot of a tree, watched with surprise and horror as her feet fell apart and her arms and body lost their shape, while the ground was soaked in oil.
I couldn't scream. And it melted completely.

When the mother-in-law returned to the place where she had left her daughter-in-law, she only found a large oil stain on the ground, as her daughter-in-law had disappeared. Upon returning to the village, the husband's mother did not know how to answer the questions that he
he did about the whereabouts of his wife, until, full of anger, he killed his own mother in punishment for the neglect that had deprived him of that woman, whom he adored.

Ofun Funi Ifa Traditional


Mo sanyán sanyán
Mo feèé kú
A day fún Òrúnmìlà
Tí Babá or dolóbè lóla
Wón ní ko rubo
Won ni kó gun Iyán
Kée bo òkè ìpòrí è
Kó wáá bu òkèlè méje nnú Iyán òhún láì lobè
Kó lòó fi lé ibi òkè ìpòrí è
Kó pé bóun tíí je é nùu láì lobè
Dandan ni kíre òún or dé
Wón ní àyípadà or ba
Òrúnmìlà béè
Gbogbo nnkan bá yí padà si rere
Ní bá n jó ní n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Mo sanyán sanyán
Mo feèé kú
A day fún Òrúnmìlà
Tí Babá or dolóbè lóla
Ebo n won ni kí Babá ó se
Òrúnmìlà gbébo nbè
Ó rubo
Ó tí n sányán sányán bíi féèé kú o
Babá wáá dolóbè or

Ifá says that this person will have good things later in life. No matter how hard he puts in his current job, he will not be successful. It will be fine soon, but it
offer sacrifice to accelerate the process and that it does not take long for that well-being to arrive.

I ate all the yam without the stew
And I almost died
They were the ones who made divination for Òrúnmìlà
Baba would soon have some stew to eat
He was advised to offer sacrifice
He was advised to prepare chopped yam
And he will use it as a sacrifice to his Ifá
He will then cut it into seven slices apart from the raw yam
He will place it on his Ifá
He would say this to his Ifá 'This is how I ate it without stew'
They told him 'It is imperative that your fortunes come to you'
They assured him 'There must be a change'
Òrúnmìlà did as instructed
And all her things changed for the better
He then started dancing and was happy
He was praising his Babaláwos
And their Babaláwos praised Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwos had said
I ate all the yam without the stew
And I almost died
They were the ones who made divination for Òrúnmìlà
Baba would soon have some stew to eat
He was advised to offer sacrifice
Òrúnmìlà heard about the sacrifice
And he did
He was eating dried chopped yam continuously as if he was going to die
Baba now has stew

Eshu by Ofun Ojuani

Eshú aye yelu.

Father of all Eleguases. Mother Añagui.
It carries 42 snails, which are previously given eyerbale de Ayapa. He carries the same load as Añaqui, except eyelé legs; In addition, 1 Siju, 1 Jew, 1 carpenter, cochineal, leri de Ologbo, a piece of tiger leather are added. It contains the fundamental ingredients of Elegbá. Instead of the eyelé, it wears jutía legs.

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