Ogbe Wale or Ogbe Ojuani: Meaning, tips, sayings, patakies and more

ogbe wale

The Odu Ogbe Wale or Ogbe Ojuani (Owonrin), is the sign number 21 in the lord order of Ifa. Here the Eggun tile and its attention are born. He is an Odu maferefun Oshun and he asks us to reinforce our astral since he speaks that some consecrations may not have settled in the best way.

Other names of the sign Ogbe Ojuani:

  • Ogbe Wale.
  • Ogbe Owonrin.

Interpretation and analysis of Ogbe Wale

People governed by the Odu Ogbe Wale must take great care in the way in which they interact socially, since pride and bad character generate distancing in our environment which will not be beneficial for our emotional stability.

In the personal aspect, we must avoid being selfish, not only in the material but also in the sentimental, since many times we want to receive a treatment, a care or love that we are not really giving. This sign speaks of a negative and possessive attitude with our partner, reaching the point of generating a hostile environment instead of a healthy coexistence.

'Love kills love'

Ogbe wale teaches us that a relationship is to help each other, to support our partner when they have negative situations, as Oshun did with orunmila when he couldn't walk and she carried him on her shoulders to save him from Shango's anger and jealousy.

Orunmila in this oddun talks about the importance of family unity and marital stability, but also teaches us that when a relationship does not work, no matter how much it hurts, we must let go, it is useless to stay in a relationship that brings instability, craving and despair this is not right for our sanity.

A relationship full of jealousy and insecurities can end in chaos full of physical and verbal attacks which will bring irreparable consequences.

Ogbe Wale Love kills love

Religious aspect

This sign draws us from the distance between the godchildren and the godfather, Ogbe Ojuani is a sign of loneliness, this is generated by our own actions, where without realizing it because we want to learn or have a religious hierarchy ahead of time, we can generate some instability in our religious house, even committing disrespect to our elders, just as eshu did when he ate his mother and Orunmila had to intervene and with the Irofa made him vomit her up.

This Odu talks about the tips of the crown, Orun, Odduwa, Ashikuelu, Ozain, and Olofin, this refers to the fact that to become Oba Ifa, you must receive them little by little and learn from each one of them, with patience and perseverance the objectives will be achieved and you will have that much-desired knowledge.

In the odu Ogbe Wale was born:

  • The Egun Tile. That is why it is written in the Athena of Egun and in the Paraldo. All the Ebora-Egun (deceased) must be fed.
  • That here (Ogbe Wale) Orun received Ifá
  • What Elegua ate Biajaca (Ejá-osun)
  • That in every stone of Eshu Elegua when he breaks it, in each piece he cannot mount an Eshu Elegua.
  • That Oshún ate chicken for the first time
  • The origin of creation

Ogbe Wale speaks:

  • That the projects of the person are always in the air, he makes vain illusions.
  • That the person lives in their own way and does not listen to advice and must be left to gain experience in life, since in Ogbe Wale no one is considered, he only believes himself important.
  • That he remains alone in social and religious life.
  • That all his consecrations are weak.

The Ogbe Wale sign points out:

  • War within your own home.
  • Warning.
  • Burning and pain in the soles of the feet.
  • Vision ailment.
  • Cancer in the bones.
  • Heart ailments.
  • Chest disease. Drains blood from the mouth (Tisis).

Recommendations of the Ogbe Wale sign:

  • For this Ifá, when Orúnmila is given a goat, a piece of liver is taken and fed to a dog.
  • Give food to the angel of your guard for people to drink and eat, that there will be their luck.
  • You must be obedient and listen to advice.
  • Feed all the Ebora-Egun (all the deceased) often.
  • The Awó Ogbe Ojuani, has to receive: Ashikuelu, Osanyin, Swear in Orun, receive Oduduwa and Olofin,
  • to affirm the land (path of the 5 stones of the crown).

Ogbe Wale (Ojuani) bans:

  • Neither weaknesses nor secrets will ever be disclosed.
  • He will not work after six in the afternoon, as he will draw water in a basket.
  • Do not fall into Prostitution problems.

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Ogbe Wale Sayings:

  • He speaks in the house, he respects the house, he enters the house, he is skilled in the house.
  • The moment of creation has come
  • You are the lamp of the street and the darkness of your house
  • The longest path becomes short when you return home.
  • Love kills love
  • East or West my house is better
  • Whoever finds peace at home does not lose it on the street.
Ogbe wale sayings

Says Ifa odu Ogbe Wale

In "Ogbe Wale" divination the person must be told to make sacrifice with the usual materials, which must include his only machete. You should be advised to avoid traveling very early in the morning to ward off the risk of accidental death.

Watch what you eat. you died at your wife's house and rose again at your beloved's house. In the house where he lives or is placed, they want to hurt him so that they can throw him out of there.

Be careful with a tragedy and they arrest you in your house there is a talker who speaks everything he sees, and they will bear a false testimony.

The person for whom this Ogbe Ojuani comes out in Igbodu will prosper on Earth, if he dedicates himself to some profession that is based on metallurgy. You must dedicate yourself to engineering and your prosperity will be assured.

Give thanks to Obatala, have a dead relative celebrate. Beware of crossing corners, because they want to kill you. do not continue wishing death, for that reason is bleeding from the mouth. you dreamed of a saint talking to them.

His head is hot. That mass he has to do for his mother or father if they are dead. If you regret doing everything right, do ebo so you don't have any more delays.

Meaning of the Odu Ogbe Ojuani:

When this Sign of Ifa comes out in Igbodun, the person must be told that from the moment he takes his own Ifá, his prosperity will begin to consolidate and that he will be able to make good use of it, without spoiling it.

Separate yourself from those people or person who are talking to you so much, and all because it will bring you a serious commitment.

For this ifa (Ogbe Wale) if she is a woman, a breast hurts.

Ifa is a vice, you have burning and pain in the soles of your feet, as well as in your eyes, if they propose to work in the fields, do not do it, because you should avoid going into the bush. watch out for stains on your thighs. don't argue with your brother.

When this Odu leaves in Igbodun, he must go to a crossroads with three bottles of palm oil, a stake, a piece of stone and a scrap iron to avoid the risk of being falsely accused of an offense that the person did not commit. . The same sacrifice will be made if the Odu Ogbe Ojuani comes out in divination for the same reasons. Whether in Igbodun or divination, the person should be advised to refrain from going to any dance party.

When Ogbe Wale manifests himself in Igbodun for a light-skinned person, sooner or later he will suffer from a disease that will change the color of his skin. Immediately, he must continue the initiation ceremony by buying a piece of cloth for his wife.

Take care of your kidneys and intestines. think well what you are going to do is not something that what you think is impossible.

Prayer of the Odu Ogbe Wale - Ogbe Ojuani:

Ogbe Wale ago eni ibeború ke okuni pawo ayawale ayawale oto ayawale osi mokunlo mokunlo ale toko Wale to oun baleno otó, otó.

Ogbe Wale's Ebo:

To drink

Tua-Tua and three Bramble Buds. Elegba is given a taro leaf and 7 chicken eggs, they wonder how many they take and the rest the way they take. Eat parsley with beef bone marrow. Take infusion of guama leaves as common water. Take sarsaparilla and hump with sugar after having it for three days in the serene.

Special ebbo of the sign of Ifa Ogbe Ojuani (8-11)

Jabado rooster, clove, corojo butter with 9 cents, bread, trap, fish, 9-color cloth, 5 Chinese oranges, other ingredients and a lot of money.

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Description of the odu of Ifa Ogbe Wale

  • From false testimonials, beware of it.
  • Of hidden weaknesses, try that nobody knows it so that it is not disclosed.
  • Of suffering for the children, because they are not what you expected of them.
  • Of prostitution in women take care of that.
  • Of conjugal deception fundamentally of the man.
  • He likes to do bad things and over the years, due to this defect, he can even seek death. You have to do ebbó.
  • Beware of a trap that could cost you your life.

Herbs (Ewe) of Ifa Ogbe Ojuani oddun:

  • Malanga (Yemajá) Good Herb
  • Sarsaparilla Climber.
  • Coralina Chamico (Eshu).
  • Sunflower (Oshún) White Bell (Obatalá).
  • Tua-Tua White Malva.

Ifa code of ethics of the oddun Ogbe Ojuani - Ogbe Wale:

The Awó takes care of his house before the other's.

Pataki of the sign Ogbe Wale:

The Three Elegua

Elegua Ekuté's planting was large and beautiful, with a great production, its yams were the best that were sold. Then his two brothers envied him, they put powders on him so that his production would not come out good since they did not prosper, since Eshu-Ekuté cheated his brothers.

The result of the work of the Eshu-Ekuté brothers was not seen because it diverted the irrigation water from them for planting.

Eshu-Ekuté brought Orúnmila a yam every day and in turn told him that the others did not want to give him anything, because they said they had been working for so long as they did, they were not going to give part of their production to that old sorcerer.

Orúnmila before the demonstrations of Eshu-Ekuté, decided to act against Eshu-Laroye and Eshu-Alawana, closing them in such a way that nothing would enter them until the two went to complain to Olofin, who told him that how it was possible that they sent to his son Orúnmila of everything and that Orúnmila ordered that nothing be bought from them.

This is how it was discovered that Ogbe Wale's trap had been made for his two brothers, then Orúnmila punished him for:

Wherever he went he carried misadjustment and divination.

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Ogbe Ojuani - Ogbe Owonrin Ifa Traditional





These were the Awoses who guessed for yam, corn, banana and cocoyan when they left Heaven to come to Earth. They were advised to sacrifice and avoid traveling too early to ward off the risk of sudden death. They were told to make sacrifice with the machete with which they went to the farm.

All but laakpa (the cocoyan) considered that their machetes were very necessary to be delivered for sacrifice. The cocoyan made the sacrifice as directed. The next morning, they left for Earth. On the way they decided to go in search of toothpicks to clean them.

The others used their own machetes to cut chewing sticks and continued their journey to earth. The cocoyan begged the others to lend him their machetes, but they refused, arguing that because he foolishly used his for sacrifice, they had no moral obligation to lend him the machete.

While the cocoyan used its hands and teeth to cut chopsticks from the bush, the others continued the journey to Earth.

ESHU, who was the beneficiary of the cocoyan sacrifice, made it almost impossible for him to cut chopsticks. He was determined to cut the chopsticks but couldn't try hard.

He was about to give up when he could cut a toothpick. The sun had already appeared dancing

hard, and the dew had evaporated. He continued his journey to Earth.

Meanwhile, the others who had continued the journey to Earth, reached the border of heaven and Earth, where they encountered the King of Death who was already irritated by his failure to capture victims on Earth, and He returned empty-handed to Heaven.

As soon as death found them, he took the machete from them and beheaded them, returning their corpses to Heaven.

Death had already passed to Heaven before sunrise.

At that moment, the cocoyan was passing. When he reached the confines of Heaven and Earth, people asked him how he could deceive the King of Death. When he explained the difficulties he had to go through, the people immediately exclaimed: "eni tuku eko, which earned him the earthly name" Ekoko, "that is, the one who could cheat Death.

That is the reason why, to this day, yams, corn and bananas are generally beheaded with machetes to extract their fruits, while the fruits produced by the cocoyan are plucked without cutting them.


ogbe húnlé
Ilé eni làá hún
Ònà eni làá tò
Ònà tàà to rí níí seni sìbálá sibolo
A day fún Seseese kò lórí yìn
Èyí tíí we are bíbí inú Àgbonnìrègún
Gbogbo nnkan lòún n se ti won ò yin òun
Wón wá le yin òun báyìí?
Wón ní òpòlòpò eyìn ni kó tjú
Kí wón or wáá sè é
Ko kó àwon Awo jo
kó se oúnje
Bí ón bá ti n jeun kí won ó móo mú eyìn òhún je
Ó bá rbo
Layé bá n yin in
nnkan è dára
Ko bajé mo
N ní wá n jó ní wá n yò
Ni n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
ogbe húnlé
Ilé eni làá hún
Ònà eni làá tò
Ònà láà tò rí níí seni sìbálá sìbolo
A day fún Seseese-kò-lórí-yìn tíí we are bíbí inú Àgbonnìrègún
Nó lòórí eyìn ní tèmi ò
Igba lewe ereyin
Nó mòmò lórí eyìn ní tèmi ò
Igba lewe ereyin
N or lòórí eyìn aya
Igba lewe ereyin
Nó mòmò lórí eyìn ní tèmi ò
Igba lewe ereyin
Nó mòmò lórí eyìn ní temi ò
Igba lewe ereyin
Nó lóórí eyìn omo
Igba lewe ereyin
Nó mòmò lórí eyìn ní tèmi ò
Igba lewe ereyin
Nó lòórí eyìn ire gbogbo nilé ayé
Igba lewe ereyin
Nó mòmò lórí eyìn ní tèmi ò
Igba lewe ereyin.

Ifá in Ogbe Ojuani, advises this person to offer the sacrifice so that everything good reaches his home. Your things will not be spoiled. He is doing a particular thing for people, but he is not being thanked as he deserves. He must perform the sacrifice for praise by offering many palm seeds and doves. He would then call all the people and offer the fruits as gifts. After this, they would praise him for any act performed by him. This person is an honest and firm person but he should sacrifice so that they praise his actions.

Eshu by Ogbe Wale

Eshu Obwe.

This esu everything is made of bronze, the head is removable, with a thread, it is seated in a bronze chair, with a cane, everything goes on a jicotea breastplate. The goat that is sacrificed is smoked, and is taken to the mountain, this Eshu-Elegba does not eat a rooster.

Load: goat's head, pigeon, hutía, 4 guinea pepper, Bledo Blanco root, cotton, coconut, prodigious, obi motiguao, eru, kolá, quicksilver, consecrated crab land, river land, mountain, 21 stick strong. Charge of the Staff: head of rooster, fish, jicotea, tusk of dog and tiger.

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