ogunda okana

Other names for the Oddun Ogunda Okana:

  • Ogunda Folo Kana.
  • Ogunda Ko.
  • Ogunda Kana. 

What is born in the odu of Ifa Ogunda Okana?

  • The power of the garment over the Awó.
  • Jealousy in women.
  • The respect between OYA and OGUN.
  • They made Ifa to the crocodile.
  • In this Ifá OYA determines the death of each person.

What does the sign of Ifa Ogunda Okana talk about?

  • Talk about war between paleros.
  • ORUNMILA leaves Earth.
  • The Sun, Ifá, the Moon and the Earth are fed.
  • The person leads an unbridled sex life.
  • Talk about lame person.
  • OGUN gets 21 pieces.

The sign Ogunda Kana (3-1) indicates:

  • For this Ifá, 9 sabers are given to OYA and a machete to OGUN.
  • People run and they don't know why they run.
  • The art of Ifá is left or abandoned by other powers.

Sayings of the Sign of Ifa Ogunda Okana:

  • He runs and does not know why.

Code of Ethics of Ifa of the Odu Ogunda Kana:

No matter how many powers the Awó has, Ifá will always be the first.

Says Ifa Ogunda Okana:

That you have to receive a great and important position, you have to see people running and you don't have to know why they run; you don't believe in things until you know what happens; and evil is for you. You have to do EBO with a goodie that you have in your house that is thrown, a machete that you have for your son that you have not be disgraced;
you are bored and wish death because you cannot get out of your commitments; your leg hurts; in your house there is one who steals the food and everything he sees, and if you want to catch the thief, do EBO; give thanks to OBATALA and SHANGO, they have asked you for something and you have not given it to them; You want to get out of an issue that you have in hand and so that it does not fall apart, put a large bunch of bananas in SHANGO and when those bananas dry, they are taken to a ceiba tree. And if you are a woman: you have to be careful with a pregnancy, because a misfortune can befall you; you plan to leave for another point, because this does not produce enough for you. You have one thing that you are not quite sure. You are being lowered or chased, beware of a tall and thin person who is your enemy. Take care of a
person who seemingly crawls before you, he does so with the purpose of achieving his ends with respect to you. You lead an unbridled sex life, and it is by an Egun that you lead you into that life; you have to attend to the spirit of your grandfather who is the one who gives you everything in life; you cannot dye or cut your hair; leave the jealousy that
they will bring big problems with your husband; you have to do EBO in a dark room; you have to take care of accidents because you can get lame. You have to urgently catch warrior to get rid of the Arayés.

Prayer of the sign Ogunda Okana Ifa:


Suyere Oddún Ogunda Kana:


Ebbo of the Odu Ogunda Okana:

Secret of OGUNDA KO.

OGUNDA KO must give Eshu an akukó every fourteen days. He must have at the foot of his Ifá an OSUN of his size, which carries 16 lamps and when consecrating it, each lamp is given an eyelé fun fun whose lerí is placed inside it, as well as the okokán. Almond oil is added to each lamp and they are lit in front of ORUNMILA singing:


With the OSUN on, they say goodbye to meji dun dun to ORUNMILA singing:

BALEMI ILENI IFá WANIMI KAN KAN IFá. Awo OGUNDA KO must always have two ishu -yams- in front of his Ifa
and you should never miss the ORUNMILA necklace.

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Tips from Oddun Ogunda Okana (3-1):

For this Odu Awó OGUNDA KO must be careful not to depart from Ifá, since nothing exists above this power. Since here there is a tendency to attend more to the saints or garment than Ifá. When the Awó does not attend
ORUNMILA will be putting ofo.

For this Ifá OGUNDA OKANA has to feed his Ifá, the Sun, the Moon and the Earth so that he has the power of ORUNMILA.

Here you have to be careful to work with a garment, since it can seize the Awó.

The Awó OGUNDA KO must always have an ishu -yam- in front of his Ifá and must never lack the ORUNMILA necklace.

This Sign of Ifá determines that out of all the powers that an Awó has received, none is greater than Ifá.

In this sign ORUNMILA left Earth, because they did not attend to him.

Awo OGUNDA KO has to give akukó pinto to his grandfather's Egun along with Eshu and SHANGO.

This Ifá prescribes that the person must be very careful with an enemy who is tall and thin and who apparently crawls before you.

This he does with the purpose of achieving his ends with respect to his person.

Here the jealousy of women was born and they make life impossible for the man next to them.

Meaning of the Sign of Ifa Ogunda Kana:

For this Ifá, OYA is given nine sabers and OGUN a machete, since with those weapons they were able to defeat the attack of SHANGO. And they symbolize the peace between both of them and SHANGO.

Here in this Ifá is where it is described why OYA determines the death of each person.

OGUNDA FOLOKA KANA: speaks of a lame person. Where you have to be careful in accidents, falls, etc., so as not to fracture a bone in your foot or legs or they can amputate a toe and become lame.

This Ifá sign also speaks of war between paleros, avoid it, which will be your downfall in religious life, do EBO and consult with Ifá. The secret of this Ifá: it is to give Eshu an akukó every two weeks.

For this Ifá things are never safe so EBO must be done to ensure them.
By this Ifá the person can lead a wild sexual life for a

Egun leading to that. Consult ORUNMILA and do EBO. This Ifá for obiní: you have to be careful with a pregnancy, because a misfortune can befall you, if you are pregnant you should be advised to do EBO.

She must also be told that she is a disenchanted princess, and that her hair should not be cut or dyed.

For this Ifá the Awó of this odun must respect the siguaraya, and cover ORUNMILA and make afoshé with her. Here also 21 pieces are put to OGUN to reinforce it.

When this Ifá comes out, the person is cleansed with an akukó and it is sung: ARIMU MANIGUA ENI SARAYEYE.

When this Oddun comes out, a person should be told to keep his secrets because they can discover something he is doing.

For this Ifá, OYA is given a caleta grape pylon.

The person who sees this odun should also be advised to take the warriors so that he can defeat the Arayés.

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Pataki of the sign of Ifa Ogunda Okana:

The two hutías.

The jutía conga and the hutía carabalí went to look at each other at ORUNMILA's house, in the Osode they got this Ifá intori ikú lowó arayé. ORUNMILA told them: You have to take good care of EYO -maja- who wants to eat you. And he ordered them to do EBO to get rid of it.

The carabalí jutía returned to ORUNMILA's house so that he could do the EBO for her. On the other hand, the jutía conga no longer went to ORUNMILA's house, so they did not do EBO.

A few days after the jutía conga was eating the shells of a stick, he saw EYO lowered it to eat it among the leaves. She forgot what ORUNMILA had told her, that when she met EYO while she was on a pole, she should not throw herself on it. She jumped out of the tree and EYO caught her before she got there
to the ground and ate it.

Days later, the EYO found the hutía carabalí climbed on a pole and waited for her to jump from it to catch it, but since she had done EBO and listened to ORUNMILA's advice, she stayed curled up and watching on the pole. The EYO launched itself towards the branch where the hutía carabalí was to catch it, but it fell to the ground, bursting.

And so the hutía carabalí was saved from its enemy thanks to its obedience.

NOTE: Because of this, the person has to take care of tall and thin people who are his enemies.

Ogunda Kana - Traditional Nigerian Ifa.


Ònà to tara mó yà
A day fún Ògún tí n re igbó méje èlèjù méje
Wón ní ó rubo kó lè réran múbò wálé
Ògún bà rbo
Ngbà or dé òhún
Erin ló kókó rí
O perin ninu igbo
Ó képè è wále
ó pefón náà
Ó képè è wále
Ogun bá n jayé
Ngbà or tún se sàà
Ó tún korí Sínú ijù
Ó tun méran bò
Enìkan ò leè bi Ògún
Ayé ye Ogún
Okàan rè balè
Ní wá n jó ní n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Ònà to tara mó yà
A day fún Ògún
Ògún n re igbó méje èlèjù méje
Wón ní ó rubo kó lè réran múbò wálé
Ògún mòmò dáràn kan kò tíì so
Ògún or tùún looko àmíìn
Béè ni ò níí tán láíláí.

Ifá says that life will please this person. Good fortunes would not escape his captivity. He must perform the sacrifice for 'àsegbé', which will cause people to absolve him of any reproach arising from the evils done by him in the past.

Ònà to tààrà mó yà
He made divination for Ògún, when he went to the seven renowned forests and bushes
They advised him to sacrifice so that he could return with the animals that would be lost.
Ògún performed the sacrifice
When he came to the forest
He saw the elephant first
He killed the elephant in the woods
He brought the news home
He also killed a buffalo
He brought the news home
He started to enjoy
After a while
He set out again for the wild woods
He returned with the animals that he had lost
No one can question Ògún
Life pleased Ògún
He had peace of mind
He began to dance and rejoice
He was praising his Babaláwo
His Babaláwo was praising Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwo had said
Ònà to tààrà mó yà
He made divination for Ògún, when he went to the seven renowned forests and bushes
And he was going to bring home the animals that he had hunted and had lost their way
Ògún has committed an offense and did not respond to the case
He would go and commit another
And there is no one to stop it.

Eshu of the Sign Ogunda Ko (Ogunda Kana)


This Eshu is from Alayiki's family. Live and eat on the doorstep. When he goes to eat, he does so in a pallet made of palm yagua. It stands next to it, a lerí de hutía.


Land of the four roads, of a bibijaguero, of a church, of the square, of the audience, of the jail, of a hospital, eru, obi, kolá, osun naború, airá, bejuco mowo, pica pica, get up, winner , opens the way, jagüey, palo carbonero, cardo santo, tengue, yaya, lerí de ayapa, palo jicotea, an otá de sabana, iyefa, 29 different coins, which are taken instead of seven different wineries, rainwater, river , from the sea, holy water, epo, otí, otí kana, oñí, 11 atare, 11 iwereyeye, ilekán, etá eledé,

secret cargo of the Eshu.

It is made from dough. In the crown he also wears ju ju de owiwi. This is buried before the sun rises, at a crossroads, for seven days. When removing it from there, three jio jio, awadó, ejá, otí, etc. are added to it.

After it is armed, in the house it is given ayapa, akukó and jutía.

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