Ogunda Ogbe or Ogunda Biode (3-8)

odun ogunda biode

Ogunda biode or Ogunda Ogbe is the sign number 37 in the genealogical order of Ifa. Orunmila predicts blessings from Olodumare, success and prosperity will come to the person's life, but for luck to materialize he must fulfill his promises and entertain Ifa constantly.

Treatise of the Oddun of Ifa Ogunda Ogbe.

Other names of the Oddun Ogunda Ogbe

  • Ogunda Biode.
  • Ogunda Avede.
  • Ogunda The biode.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Ogunda Biode?

  • The Osun of Osanyin.
  • The destruction of human beings by pork.
  •  In which the dead are buried.
  • The representation of Olofin on earth.
  • Cadaveric decomposition.
  • That the Babalawos eat the chickens of Orúnmila.
  • The sadness and melancholy of Yemajá
  • Here: Oshún brought wealth to Orúnmila.
  • Osun was speechless.
  • The three marks were put on the right leg of the okpelle.
  • The testicles.

What is the Ogunda Biode sign talking about?

  • This Odu speaks of the need to overcome envy and lies to always tell the truth.
  • This sign of Ifa basically tells us about the seriousness and responsibility that we must give to the position or position that we have been granted, which does not depend on how old we are, but on the desire to do things well and the desire to study and learn , so we can give the position that corresponds to these values.
  • Ogunda Biode represents the hierarchy and crown, as it is also advisable to measure our crown, so that we can function in our environment with safety, honesty and respect for others, thus avoiding disturbing our environment and generating potential enemies.
  • As in all the Odus of Ifá, this one does not escape in emphasizing the sacrifice to achieve prosperity and ward off inconveniences, thus we achieve our evolution and guarantee a firm and safe step as Obatalá does every day.
  • Ogunda Ogbe also speaks of dangerous disappointments.

The sign Ogunda Ogbe points out:

  • The goat was killed for disobedience, by Olofin's sentence for the first time in the world.
  • Orúnmila first planted Igbodun's secret.
  • Yemajá carried Orúnmila and rocked him.
  • Ogunda Biode represents the godfather within the Igbodun room.
  • In this Odu Orúnmila he is given a black ram, along with Ogún and Shango.
  • Where Osun casts the shadow of Egun on the door of the Awó.

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Recommendations of the Ogunda Biode (Ogbe) sign:

When this Ifá «Ogunda Biode» is seen in Untefá, the godfather, in order to get rid of the curse of this letter, takes his Eshu Elegba, smears it with corojo butter, blows brandy and takes it to a garbage can, there he lights three candles, he cleans himself (Sarayeye) with a white rooster and sacrifices it to him.

The person with this Oddun is very capricious and willful even if he falls into the fire.

Woman: she can be a prostitute or an inverted woman, a matron or a tapa, a gossip and a liar.

By this sign a child can discover a secret.

Let Ebó do so that he does not suffer adversity in life, because everything he does he loses and he sees nothing.

You have to be patient so that you can reach the luck that comes your way.

Here the friends will treat you with falsehoods, in front they treat you with one face and behind with another, you have to know how to choose your friends, because because of this Odu you don't have friends who love you. Beware of contagion of venereal diseases.

Do not drink alcoholic beverages of any kind, as you always suffer from stomach problems.

Beware of tragedies and justice problems. People envy him and treat him with contempt.

You have to be careful because in your home there is a sick person who can die, let Ebo be done to get cured, it is not something that is going to be in danger.

This Oddun explains that there are three deceased elders, who are calling him because they say he needs you there. Make Ebo so that does not happen.

It has to do with why Eshu has stopped the roads for him. For this Odu Ogunda Labiode, you can not eat pork because of stomach problems.

Sayings of the Sign of Ifa Ogunda Biode (Ogbe):

Sayings of Ogunda Biode
  • Because of the jar the grave is opened.
  • Eye of fire, adultery of the heart.
  • If the slave dies, only his mother mourns him. If a free man dies, everyone talks about it. This is the unjust law of men.
  • The king before dying gives his crown.
  • Speaking without discussion clears up many things.
  • A single man with the help of Ifá, can challenge 30 men to fight and defeat them.
  • The mighty untie himself and unties the rope of the others.
  • The adulterous woman dies in her husband's house while she is alive.
  • He who does not steal enough, does not hide the theft.
  • Honesty is the best policy.
  • Boy and okra, in front of them I crouch.
  • The thief who is a thief in abundance, takes what of another and manages to force the loot of the one who watches.
  • The male monkey uses his head to avoid death.
  • The stump of a tree does not wag.
  • As long as the world is, the ringworm will not eat grass.

What are Ogunda Ogbe's prohibitions?

  • Be careful, once again, with the consumption of pork.
  • Reduce the use and consumption of okra.
  • It is recommended to be honest and upright.
  • Ifa in Ogunda Biode prohibits eating: meatballs, croquettes, stuffed potatoes, etc. Cooked outside your home.
  • Abide by the provisions of those who have any authority.
  • Prevent children from being aware of critical issues of the elderly.
  • Calls for meetings for conciliation.
  • Be careful with the intervention of women in government affairs.
  • We recommend increasing new maternity, help and protection plans for children.
  • Increase the market and community service centers.
  • Application of Calaguala root and ginger in neurological problems.
  • Caution when consuming wrapped food (croquettes, meatballs, stuffed potatoes, etc.) putting
  • Special care in the quality of the products with which they are made and the places where they are made and consumed.

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Says Ifa Ogunda Biode (Ogbe):

Everyone who has this Odu must be obedient, because he can lose everything, including life, due to disobedience in advice. The secret of this Ogunda Ogbe is to make a necklace of black beads with three jets sandwiched between its beads. The necklace is washed and put on in Orúnmila because he lives there. The person will wear it every now and then to go out, but only occasionally.

When Orúnmila is going to be fed, okra is thrown inside, it is cut into strips or wheels as if it were for Agayú; You can also put whole okra, sometimes it is linked with flour, Orúnmila should be asked how he wants the okra. The person must have a thick cane, which is not carried by the fist but underneath it carries human blood, fingers and toes of a dead person, tamarind root, from the Pacific Sea and Ceiba, many herbs, earth burial, two teeth and a person's tooth, obi, ero, kolá, scraping from an ox jar, scraping the pieces of Ogún from the person in question, scraping from a train line, 21 different sticks, next to the staff there are two cujes of tamarind and two cujes of the pacific sea.-The person with this oddun must constantly take decoction of garro blanco, bejuco garro and romerillo, their weak points are the throat and stomach, they must beg with coconuts placed in Ogún and then take them .

Prayer of the sign Ogunda Biode:


Suyere Oddun Ogunda Ogbe:


Ebbo from Odu Ogunda Biode Ifa:

Ogunda Ogbe's work to solve with Eshu:

You are given a chicken and asked what you want to solve. When he grants it, he is given a rooster and asked again. When he grants it, he is given a goat, which is cut into four parts and taken to four different places. The head of the goat is presented on the head of the person concerned. The right front leg on the right arm of the person concerned, the front left leg on the left arm, the rear right leg on the right leg, the rear left leg on the left leg, the testicles, on the genitalia of the person concerned. If it is a woman, no.

In addition, Eshu-Elegba is given a stuffed majá.

Oshinshín of five different herbs to Oshún.

It is made separately and with a different Oshún herb each one of them. The first four that are made carry shrimp. The fifth also has river fish and pumpkin seeds and guts. Those with shrimp go to the river and the other to the sea. They carry twenty-five cents each of them. (Oshishin: it is prepared with egg seasonings, spices and herbs from Oshún and shrimp are added)

Tips from the oddun of Ifa Ogunda La Biode:

Be careful with another powerful who wants or wishes to collide with you to destroy you. Take the woman out for a walk and distract her.

Do not feel sorry for anyone, let everyone solve their problems as best they can. Do not hurt them but do not help them either, because when they get up they will betray or forget you in the best of cases.

Someone watches him in the house. Give Oshún a very pretty majagua doll, so that he neutralizes the bad influences of the obsessive Eguns and does not mistreat his spouse. Don't curse. His wife who is never going to look at each other with draperies. Be careful not to want to remove the woman with witchcraft.

When he is uncomfortable he pulls his clothes off. Do not do it anymore, as this slows you down, and you can make unforgivable mistakes.

Orúnmila is given well-cooked shrimp, the next day the Awó, the Omofá or the Apetebí that he put it on, before washing his face and talking to another person, he will eat a few, take a little water from the soup tureen. Oshún and the shrimp that remain on the plate are taken to the river, with a nickel.

Shango is given a rooster with flour and okra in the yard.

Yemajá is given seven coconuts painted blue and seven days later he is taken to a bush.

By Ogunda Ogbe a box of cigars is prepared to prepare jobs.

Eshu-Elegba is given three cigars. A green tobacco leaf is also put on it to ward off a cancerous process in the person.

Ogunda La biode represents in an Athena of Egun all the recently deceased.

Head praying sweet oranges and 2 white doves for your head to bring luck to everything you wish for.

Oshún is given five yellow hens and they are given five little bean buns, Ebó is made with the five heads of the hens, an Ebó with five loaves (akará) from Oshún, and another Ebó, with the head of the goat of Eshu the head of the rooster that was given to Shango in the middle of the courtyard with flour with okra.

Elegba is given a gourd with toasted corn and a bell for six Fridays. Eshu-Elegba is also given hutía and smoked fish, after crushing that roasted corn with hutía and smoked fish, it is taken to the center of a square and from there he returns to his house spreading a little of that powder, the rest is it puts him back. This is done as early as possible so that no one interferes.

Meaning of the Sign of Ifa Ogunda Ogbe (3-8):

Ogunda-Biode is a powerful Odu, typical of Oduduwa's children who esteem him very much.

This Sign is also known as:

“Ogunda sorí ire fogbe” - (Ogunda ties the blessed head and places it on Ogbė).

Ògúndá Ábėdė: (Ogún with the sword makes a clean cut).

This Odu is the first Omolú chosen by Olofin to represent him on earth.

Ogunda Biode represents the godfather inside Igbodun's room.

It also bails out those they meet.

Because of the jar the grave is opened.

The person for this Ifá has to do Ifá before dying if there are no major causes that prevent it. That he is spiritualist, homosexual (adodi), or has problems in one of his hands.

Sign of Ifa Ogunda Biode Ire:

Orúnmila is given well-cooked shrimp, they are left for two days and before talking to someone he eats them the second day. Prohibits lying down to sleep wearing clothes to go out.

For this Odu «Ogunda La biode» three wooden dolls are taken to the foot of a majagua bush, there they are given a hen and the bloody earth is collected and added to jutía and smoked fish, toasted corn, corojo butter, honey, brandy for the load of your Eshu-Elegba. Those three dolls will live with their Eshu Elegba.

Ogunda The Bio of Osogbo:

Awó of this Odu has to go to the cemetery and gather herbs and put it to dry, he binds with yam, eru, obi, kolá, osun naború, jutía and heavy smoked, roasted corn and this is his Iyefá.

When this Odu leaves in Untefá when the Alawo leaves the Igbodun Ifá, the next day he goes to the cemetery and in front of the most abandoned tomb he prays Ogunda Biode and calls that Egun to accompany him and then he has to attend to him for life.

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Ifa Code of Ethics from odu Ogunda Biode:

When man does Ifá, he changes his life.

Patakie of the sign of Ifa Ogunda Ogbe:

Oshún was poor and made Santo.

On this road Oshún was poor and he went to see Orúnmila who made him Osode and sent him Ebó with: three arrows and three balls of yam and that he put the arrows, buns, hutía and smoked fish and other things inside. the Ebó to the field and that she herself walked until tired.

At the end of the road he met a man who gave him his house and told him to go, that he was going to introduce him to his wife. Oshún accepted believing that what he said was true. But it was all just deception. He told her so to abuse Oshún, because he had fallen in love with her.

When they arrived at the house, there were two more men who were bandits and all three fell in love with Oshún. But before they began to abuse Oshún, they began to eat the food she was carrying and swallowed the arrows that were inside the balls and the three men died.

When Oshún began to search the house and saw a large amount of money inked, he ran out and returned home to tell Orúnmila about it, but she had prayed to find the money to make Santo. Then Orúnmila announced that something bad was going to happen through the city and all the houses were closed and covered with white cloth.
In that Oshún took advantage and entered the city with all the money without being seen and became a Saint. And there was a party and no one knew where the money came from.

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Ogunda Biode - Traditional Nigerian Ifa.


Awo Orí ló día fun Orí
Orí ní n sawoó ràjùlé Olórò
Àjùlé ibi tí òun n lo yìí
Ayé ye òun báyìí?
Wón ní kí Orí or rubo
Orí bá rbo
Ngbà or dé àjùlé Olórò
Wón bá bèrè sií ké e
Ayé ye Orí tán ní n jó
Ní wá n yo
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní bèé làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Awo Orí ló día fun Orí
Orí ní n sawoó ràjùlé Olórò
Ajé iléè mi ni o ya wá
Àkàrà dindìn ò sàì yà wálé Olóró
Aya iléè mi ni o ya wá
Àkàrà dindìn ò sàì yà wálé Olóró
Omo, iléè mi ni o ya wá
Àkàrà dindìn ò sàì yà wálé Olóró
I'll go gbogbo, iléè mi ni o yà wá
Àkàrà dindìn ò sàì yà wálé Olóró

Ifá wants this person to be well. Life will please you; He will be recognized; even more than his contemporaries. Ifá advises him to offer sacrifices to his Orí; he must prepare 201 Àkàrà, gather people, and serve those Àkàrà as a sacrifice to his Orí. Good things will come to your house.

Omonídindinrin, the Babaláwo Orí
He made divination to Orí
When Orí is venturing his priesthood in the courtyard of a wealthy man
Orí asked 'To this corral where I am going'
'I will be fine?'
They advised Orí to make sacrifice
Orí made the sacrifice
When he came to the pen of the wealthy person
He attended him well
Life pleased Orí and he began to dance
He was rejoicing
He was praising his Babaláwo
His Babaláwo was praising Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwo had said
Omonídindinrin, the Babaláwo of Orí
He made divination to Orí
When Orí is venturing his priesthood to the corral of a wealthy man
Wealth, it is in my house that I call you, for what you will come
Àkàrà enters the house of a wealthy man
Wives, it is at my house that I call her, for which you will come
Àkàrà enters the house of a wealthy man
Children, it is in my house that I call you, so you will come
Àkàrà enters the house of a wealthy man
All good things, it is in my house that I call them, so you will come
Àkàrà enters the house of a wealthy man

Verses of this sign

Igi gogoro món gínni lójú, Okèère làá tíí lòó. Adífafún Oríire tíi smèsó Àgbìrá Ebo won ní KóseÓ gbébo n bé - Ó rubo E wagbìrà - é woríire Ajé n sé nímòrun Àgbìrá E worí Ire.


Igi gogoro mon gunni loju Okeere lati loo They guessed for Orire (good fortune). Agbira's "emeso" They told him to make a sacrifice and he did it Good fortune is for Agbira Look at Agbira and look at Oriire All blessings come for Agbira Look at Agbira and look at Oriire.

Eshu of the Oddun Ogunda The biode:


This is the keeper of Olofin's secrets.

It is a doll that is sown in a pot. In which two hands of 21 snails and 16 Ikines are thrown, a deer frontal.

The doll is drilled through the head and it is loaded with: eru, obi, kolá, osun naború, arogbo, obi edun, earth from the top of a hill, head of tocororo, and dove, gold, silver, stick placed on the sun, root of Iroko, Ceiba, palm, Ikines, atiponlá grass, Iroko, pacific sea, bomb fruit, Ikepe grass, jicotea stick root. Plus the secret cargo.

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