Ojuani Irete: Meaning, Sayings and Tips


Ojuani Irete or Ojuani Birete is the sign of Ifa number 104 in the genealogical order of IfaFor whoever is revealed this sign is told that he has a close friend, he must put limits between himself and his friend so that people in combination with his friend do not endanger his life.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Ojuani Irete?

  • The dynasty of religious heritage.
  • The first luck of the rooster.
  • The Osha who requests it is made a party.
  • It is the Ifá of the Counts and Marquis.
  • This is AREGUE, OLOKUN's daughter.
  • Ojuani Irete is a sign of theft.

What does the sign Ojuani Irete talk about?

  • Bathing in the sea is prohibited.
  • The woman older the man.
  • Ojuani Irete is an Ifá of sodomy and sexual aberrations.
  • OSHUN is angry.
  • The chicken bites the rooster (The young to the old)
  • orunmila he was poor and went to another land.
  • OLOFIN went down to the bottom of the sea.
  • Two roosters do not drink water together.
  • Because of this sign, no rooster is eaten.

The sign Ojuani Birete indicates:

  • Bathing in the sea is prohibited.
  • Talk about tragedy between son and father.
  • It was where the rooster was killed for the first time.
  • Ojuani birete says: "Shrimp that falls asleep, it is carried away by the current."
  • The woman has sexual debauchery.

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Recommendations of the Ojuani Irete sign:

By Ojuani Irete, the person will say one thing and they will not believe it. When it happens, they will agree.

Here you cannot cross barren terrain, so as not to pick up bad influences.

Here's how Adimu to Elegua two fresh fish, then one is taken to the river and the other to the corner.

You are quite lost, respect the elders of blood and religion, never try to raise your hands to your elders.

If the EBO takes ram, it is for SHANGO, to help him steal. You plan to go to a place to steal money, which is from an old man.

Here the person cannot speak ill of the Saints.

The person of this Odu, when he gets sick, it takes a lot of work to get up.

This Odu brand: seriously ill at home.

For this Ifá (Ojuani Birete), forgiveness is asked from the parents, who are old and have little life left, so that they may bless them.

Here the chicken bites the rooster because of the hen.

The young man hits the old man.

For this Odu, three guatacas are placed on Ifá. It is called Ifá playing on one of the guatacas. Before doing so, we pray to the guataca: TIPO TIPO NIKUN IMU ARUGBORA.

Here, to solve problems, a rooster is given to OLOKUN.

Here ORUNMILA was very poor and he went to another land, and Ifá told him to do EBO with rooster and corals, so that he could dominate it, since it was a rich land.

On the Odu Ojuani Irete, OLOFIN went down to the bottom of the sea.

Here the dynasty of religious heritage was born. The godchildren inherit the things of the godfather and the people the trawls that their ancestors did not fulfill.

Here's the saying: "Two roosters don't drink together."

For this Ifá, they grant something of value to the person, but there will always be an envious dissatisfied with that and it can even kill him.

This sign prohibits eating rooster.

Here to Elegua it is put ekó in the way you ask.

This Ifá speaks of tragedy between the son and the father, due to disobedience. Here the person likes money very much.

This Odu, when OSOBO ARUN (Disease) comes out, he will take decoction of apaure bud, scorpion, malvaté, purslane, for problems with the belly, brain, legs.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Ojuani Irete:

  • The chicken beats the rooster, because of the hen.
  • Camarón que se duerme, se lo lleva la corriente.
  • Disobedience costs life.
  • Two roosters do not drink water together.

Ifa Code of Ethics of the odu Ojuani Birete:

Those who today are your greatest flatterers and friends, when you fall will be your worst enemies.

Ifa Ojuani Irete says:

When Ojuani Birete appears in divination, the person will be told to make sacrifice if he or she intends to marry,
as other rivals will fight him or her to the end.

When this Ifá appears in divination, the person will be told that their problems are being caused by two very close friends who belong to the witchcraft club. He or she should not believe or trust friends. He or she in any case will proceed to make the sacrifice calmly.

When Ojuani Irete appears in the Igbodun and the special sacrifice (Ono-Ifá de Odiha) is made, sand is collected from where the river is born and they are put to dry to be used as Iyerosun to mark the Odu. Cowries (snails) are pulverized to add said powder to the sand. The traditional Iyerosun is not used.

When this sign appears in divination, the person should be advised not to rely too much on devilish charms. You must prepare to receive your own Ifá, since only Orúnmila will help you to live for a long time on the face of the Earth, otherwise you will die very young.

Prayer of the Odu Ojuani Birete:


Suyere Oddún Ojuani Irete:


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Ebbo from Odu Ojuani Irete:

Work of Ojuani Birete to extend life.

A chicken will be given to OYIYI (The shadow of the person).

A stick the size of the person concerned is taken, with one of the points well sharpened. After the chicken is given to the shade, it sticks its anus on the tip of the stick and the stick stands on the ground, so that the body of the chicken looks to Heaven and is asked to let it live . is still a child.

Inshé Osanyin of the sign Ojuani Irete

16 rooster spurs or 16 pieces of different sticks, in the shape of a rooster's spur, lots of corojo butter, 16 peonies, 16 guinea peppers, dove feather, prayed Iyefá.

Meaning of the oddun of Ifa Ojuani Irete:

This Odu speaks of non-existence of suspicious or mental disorder, characterized by vanity, distrust and restlessness. He has problems with introspection regarding goals and a change in his behavior is necessary.

The sign of Ifa Ojuani Irete predicts that we must celebrate the Osha who asks for it. As there may also be problems between the Awó and relatives of the person who registers.

Ojuani Birete is the Ifá of the Counts and Marquis (noble title granted by the sovereigns to certain people), who are always in wars.

In this Odu, in the land INLE ODO the owl was Queen (AYABA) Here speaks AREGUE, the daughter of OLOKUN.

This is a sign of theft. You are prevented from taking great care of yourself because someone wants to do a bad thing to you, so there will be issues of justice.

This Odu, when an old person is seen, must take care of himself and trust no one, because his enemies have agreed to steal the money he has saved.

This Ifá prohibits bathing in the sea and in the river.

Here, the son of this sign is disobedient and that is why he has problems with the father, and that is his downfall.

Here the woman older the man. Her husband will have to be Awó, otherwise no man will be old bone by her side.

Here the wife tickles the husband and he likes them very much, and if she leaves, he will miss her very much. It is an Ifá of sodomy, sexual aberrations. Of sexual impotence. Of sexual debauchery in women.

Here, so that the woman does not leave, she has to give Eshu a cock from time to time (ELEGBA)

You have to take great care of your feet, wounds, fungi, lack of blood circulation, swelling, etc.

By Ojuani Birete, if the person wishes to embark, he must be careful with bad weather so that he is not in danger.

Here you have to be careful with the bad things that occur to you and justice.

Here the person, when bored, wishes to run his fortune.

In this sign, OSHUN is angry with the person and wants to hand him over to Eshu, so that he can upset everything about him.

You cannot mediate in tragedies, so that they do not go to you.

Be careful not to get lost in life because of bad advice from bad company. You have to know how to choose your friends.

Here the person has a great fright in the sea or in the river. The father of the son of this Odu had or has military rank.

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Pataki of the sign of Ifa Ojuani Irete:

When they gave the rooster to Eshu.

Once an Awó went to ORUNMILA's house and did EBO with a rooster for Eshu and two white doves that he would take wherever he went. He put them in a sack and after a long walk, he found three warriors. They asked him where he was going, answering that for ODE. They told him if he hadn't seen a white bird. And, the moment they asked him that question, the owl passed by.

Then, they said: That one who goes there is the brave one. To which the Awó replied: I also have two. He clenched his arms and the pigeons fluttered.

The warriors continued on their way and as soon as they reached the city, the news immediately spread. When she got to where the King was, he went to meet the Awó of the people, who made him Osode and ordered him to do EBO as soon as possible. And her son, the Prince, not to bathe in the river.

When everything was going to be done, the warriors arrived, who tried to cross the river, being impossible for them to reach. In that they remember the Awó and they went to look for him, finding him on top of a bush. And he said to the warriors: In order to go down, you have to bring a bag of money.

They brought him and when he got off, he did EBO and in a boat he went to where the Prince was and next to him, he threw the banana stock, where the Prince could leave.

When the King found out, he made a great present to the Awó.

Ojuani Ogunda Ifa Traditional Nigerian


Òwón ilé abèyin goórómò goórómò
A dífá fun Oníwéémò
Hey you are Ìmùlè Ekòló
Oníwèémò àti Ekòló ni ón jóń sòré
Àsé bí ón ti jé òrétó
Àsé Ekòló ń gbóguún ti Oníwèémò
Oníwèémò làá pé Àkùko adìe
Orò tí on jo ni
Bí Orò or did you Ekòló
Ni Ekòlóń sánnà
Àkùko ba sun
Oorun rè ò já gaara
Àkùko ba to Òrúnmìlà lo
Òrúnmìlà ní À!
"Enìkan nìyí téérété yìí o"
"Tí ń gbóguún tì ó!"
"Ebo ní kóo yáa ru"
"Kín wá lebo?"
Òrúnmìlà ní kó tújú araa rè
Wón bá se Ifá fun Àkùko
Enu ònà àbáwolé àti èyinkùlé è
Àkùko gbé ebo tí ón ní ó ru Síbè
Àti ebo àti Itàn tí ón ró yes i
Nígbà tí Àkùko or tùn sùn lálé
Ekóló bá tún dé
Àsé Ekòló níí móo na àse látèyìnkùlé yes Àkùko
Ló bá gorí nňkan tí Àkùko ti nà Sílè
Kò bá him mó
Ó bá gé wélewèle
Ńgbà ó sì jé pé àrúbo só ebo ni
ó bá di àárò
Àkùko lòó wo ìdí ètùtùtó se
Ó bá Ekòló to ti gé wélewèle
Àkùko wò wòò wò
Kò mo ohun tú lè se
Wón a gbodo bá àgékù Ekòló léyìnkùlé òun?
Ó bá sà a mi
Ló gbé gbogbo è pónkán pónkán
Léyìn igbà díè
Wón báń wá Ekòló kiri
Wón ò rí Ekòló mó
Ńgbà or pé
Àkùko bá gbon apá pì; pìì; pi
Ó ní: “Èkó ké wélewèleeeè”
"Èkó ké wélewèleeeè"
Àwon èèyàn ní “níbo ló gbé ri I to ké wéle wèle?”
Àkùko tún ni
"Nínú làá sìnkú Ìmùlèé yes ì!"
"Nínú làá sinkú Ìmùlèé si í í ì!"
Neither Àkùko bá ń jó n nor ń yò
Níń yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo ń yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Òwón ilé abèyin goórómò goórómò
A dífá fun Oníwéémò
Hey you are Ìmùlè Ekòló
ninu ni
Inú làá sinkú Ìmùlèé yes
ninu ni
nínú momó ni
Èké Ìmùlè
Nínú làá sìnkú è é si
Èkó ké wélewèle
Béè ni Àkùko ń wí tée dòní.

He must offer sacrifice in order to defeat his enemies. You are warned not to be antagonistic to anyone. He will weigh you down if you try to. But conversely if people try to war against him, he will defeat them.

Òwón ilé abèyin goórómò goórómò
He prophesied Ifá for Oníwèémò
The worm's intimate friend
Oníwèémò and the worm were close friends for a long time
Despite their degree of friendship
The Worm is secretly a sworn enemy of Oníwèémò
Oníwèémò is the alias for the Rooster
The owner of their property
How it would become only the property of the Worm
That was what he was up to
The Rooster on a fatal day slept
His dream was full of nightmares
He went to consult with Òrúnmìlà
Surprised, Òrúnmìlà exclaimed, Ha!
"This is a thin person who appears on the Ifá board"
"He is your antagonist"
"You must offer sacrifice immediately"
"The rooster asked: What are the materials for the sacrifice?"
Òrúnmìlà said: "You must try to be very careful"
They prepared a special portion of Ifá for the Rooster
Both in the main entrance and in the back
The Rooster placed the sacrificial preparation there
With the ìyèrosùn poured into it in large quantity
When the Rooster was sleeping again that night
The Worm arrived again
He came as always from the backyard where the Àse made for the Rooster was
Without knowing, he pounced on the sacrifice placed by the Rooster
The sacrifice caught him and he couldn't move again
He was cut to pieces
Since then, that was the way to place the sacrifice, observe it and check it.
At dawn
The Rooster came to check the sacrifice
He got the worm on the ground cut to pieces
Surprised, the Rooster stared in amazement
He did not know what to do
And he said "What would someone do with the pieces of my friend the Worm?"
He took the pieces of his friend and swallowed it
After a period of time
People started looking for the Worm
He had disappeared and could not have been located
When it became impossible for the Rooster to continue to be silent
The Rooster flapped its wings
Singing: "The Worm was cut into pieces"
"The Worm has been cut into pieces"
People listened and asked him: "Where do you see the pieces?"
It flapped again and said
"It is in the stomach that one buries the body of a close friend"
It is in the stomach that one buries the body of a close friend "
The Rooster began to dance and was happy
He was praising his Babaláwo
His Babaláwo praised Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwo had said
Òwón ilé abèyin goórómò goórómò
He prophesied Ifá for Oníwèémò
The worm's intimate friend
It's in the stomach
It is in the stomach that one buries the body of a friend
It's in the stomach
It's in the stomach really
A false friend
It is in the stomach that one would bury his body
The Worm is cut into pieces
This is what the Rooster continues to say to this day.

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