Okana Sa Bilari

What is born in the odu of Ifa Okana Sa?

  • That this Odu is a messenger to Heaven of sacrifices and Eboses.
  • Mention Eshu Agbirari to make the sacrifice manifest.
  • Obara kekute Oluo and Añagui Elufe. (He has an arrow on his head.
  • Not getting things wet.
  • Fulfill your commitments with EGUN.
  • The reason is put in the Ebó OKANA SA.
  • The bush of cardón in Dahomey.
  • That OKANA SA does not know, but marks what is necessary.
  • That OLOFIN gave the ashé and literature of Odu.
  • That the death of some is the benefit of others
  • Leprosy.
  • Born: White cloth as Jirón (coat of arms) emblem of the immortality of GOD.
  • Guess for prosperity.
  • That SHANGO accidentally hit the sight of one of his followers.

What is the Okana Sa sign talking about?

  • Agbirari the friend of ESHU.
  • ESHU put teeth and poison in the snake.
  • ELEGBA went out to travel the world and everything was scarce.
  • The grave and death speak.
  • Eating sesame is prohibited.
  • The children of OBATALA did not keep their promise.
  • OGUN and OSHAOSI tried to deceive ORUNMILA.
  • SHANGO was the only one who told the truth.
  • The man forgot his commitment to EGUN.
  • OKANA SA told OLOFIN that he did not know, because he had not taught him anything.
  • The semi-blind Oluo mistakenly berated his son.
  • ESHU brought the rain to earth with OBATALA.
  • OKANA SA, due to a hurry, got wet and erased the Odus.
  • SHANGO screams on Earth, he has a King's crown.
  • This is the Azojuano family speaking.
  • Came the hecatomb, disease, death, and the Universal Flood.

The Okana Osa sign points out:

  • The son of ORUNMILA and Ikú faced each other.
  • ODUDUWA must be received.
  • OLODUMARE sought the means of immortality.
  • There is something that occludes the view.
  • Here: The diseases are: Digestive system, (vomiting), sight, Leprosy, evil eye,
  • Venison, OGUN, ELEGBA jutía and SHANGO mouse are given.

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Recommendations of the Okana Sa Bilari sign:

OKANA SA must be shiny and avoid that the obligations lead it to be dirty, as well as its house, not to fight, because all that is purified will be Foré by blessing of OBATALA and OLOFIN.

OKANA SA over time becomes indispensable and prosperous.

Here you put wild flowers and everything you eat in a glass at EGUN.

You have to respect the Tiñosa that saves, offer food with corojo butter.

Here who defends is ELEGBA.

OKANA OSA became so famous that at the meeting of the Earthly Divine Council, he was appointed by Arone to take the sacrifices offered to Heaven.

Because of this Odu you can suffer an accident at a party, especially in sight.

In this Odu to have children you have to make sacrifice with: a hen, rat, fish, akara and ekó.

When this Sign of Ifa appears in an ordinary record, the person is told not to worry about his poverty, because before the sunset of his life, he will flourish, multiply and prosper, as long as he makes sacrifice with a rooster, a guinea, a hen and eggs.

When Okana Sa Bilari appears in an ordinary record, the person is told that he must make sacrifice in order to be feared by his enemies.

Here it should be known that Agbirari is a friend of ESHU, and that he is always hungry, that if they do not lie to him before feeding any Divinity, including ESHU himself, he stops him, and it would not be achieved, as ESHU so determined.

This was where Atlantis sank.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Okana Sa:

  • The death of one is the joy of others.
  • With the truth you win.
  • White cloth only ages in shreds.
  • Ikú is not in the Awó's house.
  • The old have never heard that OLODUMARE is dead.
  • When the forest blooms, the animals will flourish.
  • If I avoid confrontation I will not have problems.
  • When he acted peacefully I will have no conflicts.

Odu Okana Osa Ifa Code of Ethics:

The Awó does not get wet with rainwater, because he forgets things.

Says Ifa Okana Sa Bilari:

Do not stand at the window that will have died. You want to do a good thing and someone does not want you to do it, when you do it it will be fine.

You plan to move or have already moved from where you lived.

You want to go on a trip, make Ebo so that you can be well in that place, make Ebo with white cloth, so that you get rid of the bad eyes and the envious ones.

For women: you are sick to your stomach and you are not in good shape, you must get a treatment in time. Beware of traps. Do not hide or steal money from your brother, do not tell lies.

You are sick but you will be cured. You have to do one thing that you will soon see.

Be frank, they have been looking for you to cure a sick person or to do a job, because of a woman death can come. Your enemy lives near you.

There is almost a death in his house due to tragedies, you have to attend to Egun so that he can move forward. The day you forget about the Dead, you will lose everything.

Give your dead a gourd with ajiaco in your house, one in the nearest corner and one behind the cemetery and
then receive ORUNMILA.

Prayer of the Odu Okana Osa:




Ebbo of the Oddun Okana Osa:

Praying with SHANGO:

Head praying is made with a banana, fish, coconut and guinea pepper. The banana is cooked and goes to the hill or manigua.

EBO: 3 mice, slugs, a cuje, cocoa butter, husk, other ingredients, a lot of money.

EBO: rooster, wet yam, black and white thread, other ingredients, a lot of money.

Okana Osa's work for the evil eye:

The Aleyus must make works with white cloth as an emblem of the immortality of God.

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Meaning of the Sign of Ifa Okana Sa:

This sign speaks that the person must know how to avoid confrontations, in addition, conflicts and actions must be faced peacefully.

Only by taking things slow and analyzing them well, will you be able to emerge victorious from them. Sacrifice is recommended.

In this Odu SHANGO he got angry and climbed the crown of the royal palm and the old women of that land begged him to come down.

ELEGBA went out to travel the world.

Here the death of one is the benefit of others. Beware of bad eyes. You also have to beware of theft. Husk is blown into the house.

The sign of Ifa Okana Sa, speaks Burial and Death. The death of one is the joy of others.

Here Ebó had to be made for good and evil.

For women: She is sick to her stomach and is not well of her habit, she must undergo urgent treatment.

When SHANGO came from Heaven to this Earth to help ORUNMILA compose it, he made Ebo with: ram and rooster.

When SHANGO wanted to marry OYA, all the Saints opposed and he made Ebo and beat the Saints.

Here there cannot be two who rule the house (SHANGO is only one).

You also can't do favors for friends.

Message: When the forest blooms, animals and birds flourish, when houses flourish, human beings prosper, if the rivers are abundant, the fish multiply. Do not worry about your poverty, because before the sunset of your life, you will flourish, multiply and prosper.

This Oddun marks hunger, scarcity, calamities, disease, and ultimate triumph.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Okana Sa:

The man who forgot about EGUN.


There was a man who had everything going wrong and had a desperate situation, he went to the countryside to look for work. He came across an individual, who employed him to dig trenches. The man began his work reluctantly, thinking that after the situation he had what he had gotten was a bad job.

When he gave the first blows with his beak, he tripped over something and when he saw what it was, he found a Dead (Egun). And he said to himself: "And now a Dead Man too." At that, the Dead man replied: "Don't mistreat me, you don't know what I can help you in the future."

When the man heard what the Dead Man had said, he took it out and put it aside and continued working.

From that day this man cared for that Dead and began to prosper, becoming the owner of those lands, but with the prosperity, he left the Dead and the descent came.

When the man found himself in misery again, he went to the Dead and the latter said to him: «It is too late, I told you not to
he will mistreat and you all you have done is that ». Because of what the Dead said: TO IBAN ESHU.

The man died in mining, for having neglected the Dead who had given him everything in life.

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Okana Osa Ifa Traditional


Awo Àsá ló día fun Àsá
Àsá ní n lo yes oko ìwáje
Oko ìwáje túun n lo yìí
A rí se nbè?
Wón ní kí Àsá ó rbo
Wón ní kò níí sánwó re ile
I will go to lówó
Àsá bá rbo
Ó rbo tán, ayé bá ye é
Ni nnkan è daa
I will go or take
Òun náà ò tàsé ire
Gbogbo nnkan ní n gún régé
Ijó ní n jó ayò ní n yò
Àwon Aláwo ní n tìn
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Awo Àsá ló día fun Àsá
Àsá ní n lo yes oko ìwáje
Wón ní ó saca káalè ebo ni kó ru kó tú móo lo
Àsá yes gbébo nbè ó rbo
Òkò Àsá ì í balè or sánwó
Àwòdì or níí balè kó pòfo
I will go gbogbo ò
Mó tase Awo
I will go gbogbo.

Ifá says that good things would not elude this person. He must sacrifice well. He is asking if his things could not be spoiled. They will not spoil. If he travels, he would meet his good fortune at his destination.

It is the Babaláwo of the Falcon who made divination for the Falcon
When the Falcon was going to defend himself
He asked 'Where am I going to defend myself'
'Would it be okay for me'?
They told him to make sacrifice
They told him that he would never go empty handed
And that good things would come to him
The Falcon made sacrifice
He finished the execution of the sacrifice and life pleased him
Her things got good
The good things did not elude him
He didn't miss her good things either
Everything turned out to be a success
He was dancing and rejoicing
The Babaláwo that he was praising
I was praising Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwo had said
It is the Babaláwo of the Falcon who made divination for the Falcon
When the Falcon was going to defend himself
They advised him to take care of the land and make the sacrifice
The Falcon heard about the sacrifice and performed it
Swooping down from a Falcon will never touch the ground and lose
The Comet would never touch the earth and would return empty-handed
All the good things
Do not elude the Babaláwo
All the good things.

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