Treatise or Book of the Oddun of Ifa Ogbe and its Omoluos brings to all Iworos, santeros and babalawos, the Ifa odu treatise regarding Ogbe and his omoluos. Here you can find all the information so that you can learn about the literary corpus of Ifa.

treatise of odun ogbe

Encyclopedic treatise on the Odu of Ifa «Ogbe»

From the Odu Baba Eji Ogbe or Ogbe Meji to the odu Ogbe fun. You can find the most complete information about the signs of Ifa here. Sayings, Patakies, Recommendations and more in these treaties that we leave you below.

Summary of the Odu of Ifa «OGBE»


Whenever this letter comes out, you have to pray and give your head food, because this is the Oddun that reveals Ori as a divinity

You don't eat sweet potatoes or eggs. Two people seek to defend him. I have everything I lack everything. If the person to whom this sign is revealed is the victim of any trap, they will have time to derail it. Don't get involved in anything you don't care about.

Avoid working or having activities at night.

Ogbe Yeku:

You have to master your character to avoid losses. This Odu is not put on the board, it is replaced with his Omo Iya Oyekun nilogbe, this is a sign of Maferefun Oshun, a friend wants to subdue him, he must not go out in the street in 7 days.

He is surrounded by enemies and envious. The person being consulted is sleeping little, he should cover his head and avoid drinking excess water. The people of this Odu die in old age. It is recommended to attend Elegua and Oshun. Do not argue with anyone.

Ogbe Weñe (Iwori)

You have to avoid being in love triangles. In this sign the babalawos went to war with the Paleros, Maferefun Eshu, when this sign appears on the divination tray through a consultation or an atheist, the head is turned from one side to the other, since Ifa says in this Oddun that death comes from one side and illness comes from the other.

The person can be wicked. 3 coins are thrown 3 times on the ground. Help the poor this will be your course and this will bring you blessings. Have patience. The divination process is not free.

ogbe di

Ogbe di talks about the importance of keeping promises, Ifa recommends its Awoses to follow an ethical and moral standard. Ogbe Di predicts stomach, chest, and lung pain. It is taboo to drink coffee. You should not sit or lean under any tree.

The person being consulted has many enemies who will try to destroy him, he must do much ebo. Avoid acquiring debt with lenders or banks. Do not pick up anyone at your house who will bring you a lot of trouble and you may end up involved in situations with Ashelu.

Ogbe Roso

As much as the babalawos hide their things, they will always be known, because Orunmila and Olodumare see everything in the world. Ifa says that people with this sign in a consultation, or with Orula hand odu are liars, it is recommended to avoid entering into wars and seeking to harm other people.

To win wars you must ebbo with Elegua and Shango.

Ogbe Wale (Ojuani)

Ifa in this sign recommends that the Awoses take care of their environment, their home and family before undertaking to help clients and godchildren. Ogbe Ojuani was the Odu who could cheat death, the person must be told to make sacrifice with the usual tools of his work.

It is said that everything you criticize will end up doing you too. The person is good but very stubborn and lets pride dominate him. He is always involved in gossip. This is a Maferefun Oshun sign.

Ogbe Bara:

Good manners always triumph. Ifa predicts that you will be able to defeat your enemies thanks to your intelligence and eloquence, but you should not fall into vanity. Talk about a person who goes out of his way to fulfill his wishes. The person to achieve his wishes does not skimp on anything.

You must beg your head and it is recommended to offer a Ram to Shago.

ogbe kana

The laugh of today will be the cry of tomorrow. Don't go for walks or masquerade balls. If it comes out in Awofakan, you have to help the person so that he can be a great babalawo. The person who is looking is ungrateful.

Important responsibilities should not be delegated as Ifa in Ogbe Kana says that if you want things to go well, you have to do them yourself. Avoid being dominated and do not give asylum to sick people.

Maferefun Olokun and Yemaya.

Ogbe Yono

You have to work in the family union, avoid getting wet with rainwater. He is an Odu who tells us about the importance of patience and good character.

The most important sayings of Ogbe Ogunda are: Violence solves nothing, pride in the end costs him his life. It is born that when a person is being consulted, the babalawo must play with the Opele the frende of the client or the godson. Talk about treason. He touches his belly and blows himself out. Beware of pride.

Ogbe Sa

Recommends that the babalawo should always do things complete. It marks betrayal by close people, friends, family or godchildren. Odu kaferefun Shango.

Snapper praying is done so as not to lose. The godfather or Ojugbona marks the separation with a religious family. We must take care of the children and respect the Daughters of Oshun.

Ogbe Sayeye Matero.

ogbe ika

He exhorts the babalawos to be very productive in their activities, both in their personal life, work and religious environment. Brand slander.

Ifa predicts problems in employment, you have to take care of it since you surely have wars with your colleagues. To give a verdict, both parties must be heard. Ogbe Ka speaks of a person who is not a very believer who pays little attention to what is said to him. The curse of a son can overtake the father.

Ogbe Tumako

All babalawos must respect each other, each one is king in his land. Be careful who is

This sign warns that there is a sick child or a pregnant woman who must take care of herself since it is a risk of abortion.

Ogbe Tumako says he will have a big war. Speak nostalgia. Abandonment of residence. Recommend receiving the foundation of Ochosi.

ogbe tua

The babalawo will always know how to differentiate the mud from the sand. Double-edged knife, knife for his neck. To receive before you have to give, this is one of the Ifa Odu that tells us about the importance of sacrifice and worship of the Orishas.

People seen Ogbe Tua are violent and disobedient. He tells his enemy what he is going to do and then he does it. You should not live with daughters of Oya. This sign brings out hidden issues within religion.

Ogbe Ate or Ogbe Irete

Orunmila always does something for women. You cannot drink because you may suffer from stomach or liver diseases. At Ogbe She Orunmila and Oshun eat together.

Children do not listen to the advice of their parents. Illegal activities are prohibited. No one is wished badly. Ogbe Ate is the Odu Isalaye of Elegua.

Ogbe She:

The Babalawo is never in a hurry not to fail. Maferefun Obatala and Eshu, Ifa predicts prosperity well-being to the person who looks at himself with this Oddun.

It is said that the godson wants to be more than the godfather. The person you are looking at is capricious, vindictive and spiteful.

Curious woman who can compromise her husband's activities. You have to do ebbo to discover the enemies that are hidden. The person does good, but does not prosper and is not recognized.

Ogbe Fun Funlo

Ifa exhorts us to take care of ourselves since this sign of Ifa says that, just as we take care of ourselves, this is how we are going to live, it indicates the proximity of marriage and loss through disbelief.

Talk about a war between two people, they fight for the same thing or for position.

The money that was paid for the divination is returned.

Predict fight between man and woman.

How Eyi Ogbe helped a litigant win the case.

As soon as he prospered he was able to invite other Awos to work for him. When Babá Jagba Loorun came to him because he had a case, Ejiogbe invited another Awó named: Ajagba Agbagba Ajagba Jagba, ni ira, Toon defa-fun Babá Jagba Jagba Loorun El Awó told the litigant to make sacrifice in order to be free in relation to that case. He was told to sacrifice two chickens, hand-spun yarn and plenty of ginger (Unien in Beni and Eruru in Yoruba). He produced all the materials and the Awó prepared the sacrifice for him. The feathers of the hens and the ginger seeds were sewn with the thread to form a necklace for him to put on his neck and then removed with Uroke in the holy place of Eshu-Elegba. When the case was eventually brought to court and tried, Baba Ajagba won.

Therefore, when Ejiogbe goes out in divination for a person who has a pending case, he should be advised to make the aforementioned sacrifice which, however, has to be done for him by an Awó who knows how to do it.

How Ogbe made a barren woman bear a child.


These were the names of other Awos invited by Eji ogbe, when he made divination for Elerimoju when she came to see him because she could not have children. Ejiogbe told him to make the sacrifice without delay. After preparing the sacrifice, Ejiogbe told him to take the offering to a running water drain (Agbara in Yoruba and Orogho in Beni). She did as directed.

However, Eshu-Elegba was upset that he had not received any part of the sacrifice, but Elerimoju, also known as Olomo Agbuti, replied that she had previously made many sacrifices to Eshu-Elegba and that it had been in vain. Eshu Elegba then invoked the rain to fall, in order to prevent the drain from enjoying the sacrifice. The rain fell so heavily that the current running through the drain carried the sacrifice to the river (Olokun), the Divinity of water, who in turn carried it to Heaven.

Meanwhile, in Heaven, Olodumare's son was ill and the Celestial Awos had been invited to heal him. When the Awos were performing divination about the child's illness, they asked Olodumare to go to the back of their house to bring a sacrifice that was coming from Earth, for them to use it in curing the child.

When Olodumare reached the back of the house, he saw Elerimoju's sacrifice. He took it and brought it to the Awos who added Iyerosun (divination powder) to it and later touched the child's head with it. Almost immediately after, the boy was well.

As soon as the boy improved, Olodumare invited Olokun to ask him what he was looking for with the sacrifice made that had saved his son.
Olokun explained that he did not know where Agbara or Oroghe (drain) had brought the sacrifice. Olokun invited the drain to explain where he had obtained the sacrifice and he said that it was Elerimoju who had made it. Then her Guardian Angel was invited in Heaven and she explained that Orúnmila had advised her protégé to make the sacrifice because she had remained infertile since she had come to Earth.

The Guardian Angel explained that Elerimoju even lamented that the children of those who had come to the World together with her were already so great that they were falling in love with her.

Olodumare then drew her mace of authority and proclaimed that Elerimoju would have a child and that, before she died, her children and grandchildren would also have children, whom she would see with her own eyes.

Before dawn, Elerimoju had already had her period. After it was removed, she had intercourse with her husband and became pregnant. Nine months later she had a son, whom she named Adeyoriju. He had other children, he had grandchildren and great-grandchildren before he returned to Heaven.

Therefore, when Eji ogbe goes out in divination for a woman who is eager to have a child, she should be counseled to make the above sacrifice and will invariably have abundant children.

How Eji ogbe helped the mountain to resist the attack of its enemies.


Oke, or mountain, was advised to make sacrifice and he did so because of the evil plans of his enemies. The machete and the hoe were trying to destroy it. After the mountain had made the sacrifice, the hoe and the machete came out to destroy him, but they could not even scratch his body. The inclusive mountain grew larger. He rejoiced and thanked his diviner.

EJi ogbe saves his son from the hands of Death.

Ono Gbooro miti fewa, was the Ifá Priest who made divination for Abati, the son of Eji Ogbe, when Death had planned to take him away within seven days. Abati was told to make sacrifice with a rooster, a hen and snails and to give a male goat to Eshu Eleggua.

Death tried three times in vain to take Abati from Earth, after which she left him to complete his stay on Earth. Then Abati sang the following poem:


Death grabbed me and released me.
The disease had me and left me.
Nobody eats the turtle along with the shell.
Nobody eats a ram with its body.
The shell of the snail is saved after eating its meat.
I have survived the evil plans of my enemies.

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