Prayer to Divine Providence

Prayer to Divine Providence

The prayer to Divine Providence is directed especially to implore God's beneficial influence on the affairs of men, based on the belief that God is the Creator of the Universe, and everything that happens within existence obeys his divine plan. Through prayers, a kind of mediation with the Supreme Being is achieved, to try to receive the greatest possible help from divine action, that is, for God to perform "miracles" on us.

What is Divine Providence?

Divine Providence is about the action by which God carries out his will to guarantee the fulfillment of his designs, governing the destiny of human beings and influencing the natural order of all things.

To begin to understand the functioning of God's influence over all of existence, we must bear in mind that He has created the laws of nature as an initial resource, through them the preservation and balance of the universe and of the creatures that compose it.

Although the natural laws continue their course, because it was thus established by divine provision since creation, God continues to be regent of all of them, therefore, it is possible that he changes or intervenes in earthly affairs that according to his wisdom he deems necessary.

However, the concept of Divine Providence has various interpretations, including philosophical ones. The Greeks of the pre-Christian era did not conceive the idea of ​​Divine Providence as such, rather, they called it "destiny", having in common the perception in which a superior and impersonal authority defined the irrevocable designs above everything that existed. .

Be that as it may, ancient paganism gradually assumed the understanding and belief that there is providence or influence by a supreme entity over all men.

The Catholic doctrine of Divine Providence states that God is in control of all things. He is the only ruler of the universe, absolute ruler of the physical world, and of human destiny, intervening directly on his successes or failures and on the protection of the people from him.

What is asked of Divine Providence?

Due to the control that God exercises over everything that exists in creation, and according to what is written in the biblical texts about the meaning and power of Divine Providence, we can identify according to its attributions, the type of requests that can be made:

  • With respect to physical laws, which the Creator imparted from the beginning of his work, all creatures are assigned a function according to their nature and will never disobey his mandates, which indicates that in times of tribulation we can ask Providence to find the right and indicated path for us in the eyes of God.
  • With respect to the moral and transcendental laws with which man is inspired, it is estimated that God filled us with science and intelligence, and made us know good and evil, constantly working on it, therefore, it is logical to ask to Providence that intervenes in our personal and internal affairs, when going through moments of despair, anxiety, sadness, misfortune, depression, temptations and everything that harms us emotionally and mentally.
  • For Divine Providence there are no coincidences, everything is propitiated by his will, that is why we can ask him to generate the precise opportunities for us to be able to prosper both physically, mentally, and spiritually, thus helping our evolution within the precepts of God.
  • Obviously, the influence of Divine Providence can cause abrupt and unexpected changes in the most difficult situations to solve, resulting in what we know as "miracles". All this always happens under the will of God and without forcing the divine plan, therefore, in our prayers we cannot abandon the hope of asking him to solve all kinds of health, economic, conflicts with enemies, sentimental problems, and of any kind. nature, from the simplest to the most complex.

Are prayers to Divine Providence effective?

Prayers to Divine Providence

Definitely, prayer to Divine Providence is very powerful and effective. Let us remember that prayer is used as a petition, and it is written that God wants us to ask him. The Bible says that the Lord says: "Ask and it will be given to you" (Lk 11:9). That is why prayer as a request is a fundamental tool for communication with the Creator and above all to pray for his beneficial action through providence.

Believers have always been clear that God hears their prayers efficiently, Saint Thomas said about the constancy of Divine Providence and the efficiency of prayer of supplication that: «Exclude the effect of prayer (alleging the immutability of providence of God) amounts to excluding the effect of all other causes.

So while the constancy of divine order does not deprive other causes of their effects, it does not deprive prayer of its power either. Therefore, prayers are not effective because they modify the layout of the divine plan, rather, they are effective because they are part of that plan.

Prayer to Divine Providence

«Oh Divine Providence! You rule over all destinies, you are the evidence of God's purpose. There is no seed that sprouts, a drop of rain that falls, a ray of sunshine that illuminates, that does not happen without it being written in your books.

Divine Providence that you are present in existence, governs and protects all creatures, from the most minuscule being, to the highest spirit. Prostrated before your will we are the children of God, faithful believers in the wisdom and mercy of his will.

We implore you to turn your sublime gaze towards us, so that we may be seen with eyes of mercy and protected under your indulgent care. Hopeful in faith, we beg you to pour out on us, our home, family, friends, our properties, projects and jobs, the benefit of your blessings and your favors.

O Divine Providence! It positively influences our actions, giving us the necessary wisdom to make decisions in the best possible way, always directing ourselves on the path of success and prosperity, without causing harm to anyone and maintaining humility, getting to enjoy the good effects of our actions, in such a way that there is no lack of bread on our table, nor the roof over our heads, and that we can share the abundance with those around us and with any other brother on this Earth who needs it.

Divine Providence, settle your blessings within my home, I beg you, so that union, love, peace and tranquility are always maintained among all of us who live there. Provide us with a shelter that protects us from dangers, from our opponents, and from the stalking of evil.

Preserve us from sin, lead us not into temptation. Allow us, assisted by your beneficence, to always be guided on the paths that lead to the Lord, for the greater glory of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

O Divine Providence! Extension of the powerful hand of the Lord, who has written the course of our destinies with deep love. Father, your Providence is never wrong, all your designs are wisely planned, and everything obeys your divine orders.

Humble and pleading at your feet, we implore you to remove from our path any trace of evil, and of physical or spiritual illnesses that can disrupt the good development of our lives, so that we can serve you to the fullest of our potential. Do not let us suffer long agonies and strengthen our spirit to face vicissitude until we manage to get out of it.

My God, have mercy before the most complex tribulations that we go through, and help us with your Providence to come out of the bitter hour with good, especially (make request), that your will be today and always favorable to our needs Beloved Father, making In our journey through this life, let us primarily seek your kingdom, being worthy children of your goodness.  

Save us from sin Divine Providence, so that we may be worthy of reaching the glory of the Lord when the time comes to depart from this Earth, we have to face divine judgment for our actions. Thank you today and always for your merciful Providence Lord. Amen".

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Prayer to Divine Providence for prosperity

«Oh Divine Providence! Fruit of the perfect planning of the Father of mercy. Here is a submissive and pleading son of God, who in your Holy Name cries out for your help.

I cling to your Divine grace, imploring the blessings of abundance to be manifested in my path, and thus, full of prosperity I find myself in every step and effort that I make, because we kind ones must reap the harvest of the sowing, whenever it is have done well.

Today I entrust in the sacred hands of Providence everything I have and everything I do, so that with his blessing it will always be enough to provide my home with everything necessary to subsist in a dignified and comfortable way.

That is why I pray to Divine Providence that I never lack work, as well as abundant strength in my body, that full of health allows me to work day by day, giving my best and making the most of my abilities. .

Under the beneficent protection of Divine Providence I adhere, blessing in his name my finances that must be abundant for me, for my family and to serve in helping others who need it and with whomever is within my reach to share the blessings emanated of God's mercy.

O Divine Providence! Your blessing will never fail me in all the senses of my life. Consequently, I have to fulfill the good destiny that is written for me in the designs of the Lord. Amen". 

Prayer for money

«May the blessing of God the Father never fail us, so that his Providence grants us the grace of a good walk and a good life.

Today, like every day, we thank God for keeping us with the breath of life that allows us a new opportunity.

Creator Father, you who established the order of all things with your universal laws. You are the reason why the fields bloom, and the trees bear fruit, you are the cause of our prosperity.

To you, Eternal Father, I beg you to bless me with your Providence, to find in my paths the most convenient opportunities to improve my economic situation and consolidate my stability and firmness.

O Divine Providence! Do not let me go through the bitter pill of misery, nor let debts overwhelm me; try rather, that abundance comes to my life, to my home, to my family, and to my friends, that everyone who is by my side becomes prosperous, and thus money is not lacking in our pockets nor bread in our desk.

Divine providence, guide our steps so that we can serve our Lord God in his plans in the best way, sharing the blessings we receive with our loved ones and with everyone who needs it, in such a way that we are honored to become a good instrument of the will of God. Amen".

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 Prayer to Divine Providence for health

“I cry out to the mercy of Divine Providence! With the blessing of Almighty God, Creator of Heaven and Earth. From this moment he left my physical body, my spirit and my life completely in his hands.

I cling to Divine Providence, imploring his protection and shelter, so that in his grace I may find the strength to face this vicissitude that overwhelms me today, and that only my Father God could solve by placing his pious gaze on me, who humbly cries for healing from this disease (make request).

Only you, Creator of the designs of destiny, can change this adversity that I go through with my health, because you are governor of everything that exists. If it is your will, or if it is necessary for me to go through this difficult test because it is written in the divine plan, then I ask you to come out of this agony as quickly as possible, stronger in my faith than ever, and with the teaching that this experience has to give me.

O Divine Providence! Influence both my body and my mind, so that your beneficial energy revitalizes my spirit and encourages me to face difficulties. Free me from despair, sadness, pain and crying.

May it be Divine Providence that takes absolute control of my paths, guiding all my steps, so that I can always stay in the valleys of goodness and justice. Today I declare that I am a healthy person, that health lives in me, that my recovery will be prompt and that all this will pass quickly, because the Providence of God works in my favor. Deliver us from all evil. Amen".

Prayer to Divine Providence for difficult cases

Prayer to Divine Providence for difficult cases

«Father of mercy, beloved Father, today I find myself under a great struggle, and facing a very difficult inconvenience on my way, seeing myself unable to solve by my own means the adversity in which I find myself, therefore, I desperately cry out for your help. .

I implore that Divine Providence favors me, making me solve in a positive way everything that afflicts me (make a request) allows the course of events to improve in such a way that I manage to get out of all this.  

God of Heaven, enlighten me with your Providence so that under your protection I make the best decisions to get out of the setbacks that overwhelm my life, making your blessings and your grace permeate my spirit.

Divine Providence of the Creator, take control over my life, be the rudder and the north that takes me to a good destination port, taking me out of this dark moment, where I cannot see clearly, since, I walk along paths of darkness.

Turn your Divine Providence into the bright light that guides me on the paths of life, to promptly come out of this difficult test and in the company of the saints and saints of Heaven, can protect me from the temptation of sin and all my opponents, avoiding all the evil that could cause me. Thank you Almighty God, I am sure that you will attend to my call. Amen". 

Prayer to Divine Providence to start the year

“I ask for the blessing of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit through Divine Providence. Today, first of all, I come loaded with humility to thank you for the countless benefits with which your kindness has showered me.

When I wake up this year that begins, I thank not only in my name, I also do it for my relatives, for my friends and all the people who esteem me, because there are infinite acknowledgments that we children of God must make, before such pious grace that we allow the hand of the Creator to lead us to the good destiny that was written for us with his wisdom.

This and every year of my life and for ever and ever I entrust myself to Divine Providence because, in one way or another, you always honor us by providing us with the necessary means for subsistence.

O Divine Providence! Help us, assist us, protect us and help us to be worthy children of God the Father, genuine representatives of the faith, so that during the time we walk in this world we praise the Lord, glorifying him with a good existence developed under his laws and parameters. May your goodness be with us, so that we never lack a home, shelter, food, work, or the Sacraments.

Receive from now on all our actions as an offering and sacrifice that we offer to God Our Lord, to be able to count throughout this year and those to come with the blessing of the Holy Trinity, three persons, one God and one true essence. Amen".

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