Prayer to the Mighty Hand of God

La Prayer to the Mighty Hand For protection, it is a very powerful invocation that has lasted through time, acquiring more and more strength, due to the faith with which believers recite it and the multiple testimonies that attribute prodigious miracles of protection against enemies.

This spiritual shield is not only capable of safeguarding us against the machinations of those who wish to harm us, it also acts as a key capable of opening the doors of prosperity and abundance, which are often closed thanks to the low vibrations produced by envy. , the evil eye and betrayal.

That is why it is recommended to pray this prayer daily, when you wake up, in order to clear the roads that have to be traveled throughout the day, attracting the blessings that God has arranged for you on this earth. In the same way, if you want to make this invocation on behalf of your loved ones, you should only pray it as many times as necessary, so that they May the Mighty Hand protect you and protect you in all aspects of your life.

“I invoke the power of the mighty hand, the mighty hand of God. There is no help more sacred than that of God himself, that's why I implore his protection. I pray that he cover me with his strength so that I can travel the paths of life in peace.

Accompany me day and night wherever I go, in the actions I take and in the decisions I make. Guide me so that I can fulfill my destiny in blessings and successes. Open my mind so that my past mistakes serve as a lesson and make me a better human being, preparing me for a better future thanks to your presence, so that I can heal the physical, mental and emotional wounds that overwhelm me today and restore in me the building my faith

I cry out to my Lord Jesus Christ, beloved and adored, to look at me with his eyes of mercy, giving me his highest compassion, his immaculate love and mercy, so that during bad times, of austerity, scarcity and misfortune, I can have the strength and the necessary faith to understand which is the right path to reach the solution of my concerns and thus wait patiently, until the rain of blessings in your name pours over my life.

I beg you, sacred powerful hand, to please show me your great kindness by making me an example of your fidelity and kindness, which will serve for my good and that of others, thus trying to one day be able to enjoy your grace and your gifts.

O mighty hand! Drive my prayers to the kingdom of God, to be worthy of enlightenment, thus choosing the best way out to calm my restlessness, each of my pleas being heard and my request answered (at this time make your request).

Powerful hand of God, you who with such generous love have the power to act on my life and my heart, I beg you not to forsake me, accompany me today and always allowing me to count on your presence, in the name of God, our Lord who lives and reign for ever and ever, amen."

Prayer to the mighty hand of God for difficult cases

«Powerful Hand of God, manifestation of the purity of love, representative of the Holy Family and of the passion of Christ who with his glorious blood gave his life for us, a sign of dedication, salvation and devotion.

Today prostrate before you with the deepest faith I beg your benevolence, so that your majestic energy takes over all aspects of my life, permeating it with healing and peace. By your side I shelter, my faith in you sustains me and serves as a cane, because it does not allow my fall during the tribulation that I could go through in life.

I cling to the love of God, because I am sure that it is the force that moves the world. We were created for his love and where that feeling reigns forever He will reign. My God, I cling to your love and that of your son, to find the joy that my soul lacks, just as all of us who are heartbroken do.

Once again imploring, in the powerful hand of God I deposit my concerns and everything that produces my misfortune (make request). I am aware that my cause is not easy to solve, I assure you that I have done everything I could to find a path that leads me to redemption, but my steps have been in vain, failure overwhelms me, sorrows, sadness and disappointment.

But I will not fear, because to the powerful hand of God I deliver my problems and complications. There is no doubt that the mercy of the Creator is infinite and your kindness will flood my life with glory. By your side I am in good care and under no circumstances should I be abandoned.

May the blessing of the powerful hand, Jesus Christ, the immaculate Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Anne, and Saint Joaquin accompany me today and always, filling me with their virtues and materializing the solution to my concerns in blessings. Thank you.


What is the mighty hand?

The powerful hand, as its name indicates, refers to the hand of God. It is represented by a hand from which 5 fingers extend and in the palm it shows a stigmatization. For some, this phenomenon represents the presence of Saint Francis of Assisi, who received the stigmata of Jesus Christ himself as a sign of his passion, and just as he reflected it in his palms, he also did it in his feet. Either way, it represents the passion of Christ and his sacrificial wounds for the sins of mankind.

In addition to this, on each of the fingers of that powerful hand we observe the baby Jesus in the company of his parents, the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph, and his grandparents Saint Anne and Saint Joaquin. In the upper part is the representation of God with his heavenly custody consisting of an angel on each side. In the lower area you can see San Francisco de Asís and San Francisco de Paula, who remain in an attitude of prayer or suffering.

Why do you pray to him?

The mighty hand is considered an ancient talisman that enjoys great popularity. It is estimated that from the eighteenth century is when his first images are made. His cult begins to invoke the great power of God through the intercession of the Holy Family.

From that time to the present, both the image and the prayers to the Holy Family are considered powerful amulets that attract blessings and repel many evils. In spiritualist and esoteric practices, the syncretism related to the image of the powerful hand is used with great regularity, accompanying its prayers with candles (candles) consecrated in its name, and retains the same meaning «a talisman of magical protection that attracts blessings and positive energies emanated from God and spiritualities of highest lights».

Meaning of the prayer to the mighty hand

Prayer has always been a basic element for the connection of believers with the spiritualities to which their faith is anchored. In the case of the Powerful Hand, its meaning is of great importance due to the gathering of saints and saints who accompanied Jesus on his mission during his incarnation. Together, they are a sample of what support and help means in the most difficult situations. The people who make up the powerful hand are:

  • Baby Jesus: it is through this name that Christ is known during his childhood in Nazareth. It is considered to cover the corresponding period from his birth to the age of 12 when the encounter in the temple occurs.
  • The virgin mary: is the mother of Jesus. Filled with divine grace from the moment she receives the message from God through the Archangel Gabriel, where she knows that God had chosen her, purified her and preferred her above all the women in the world to bring her son to this earth.
  • San Jose: putative father of Jesus. He is known as the patron saint of a good death, because his story tells that he came to the end of his life in the arms of Jesus and Mary. Characterized as a just man, an example of good family relations, a symbol of respect for God's will due to his unconditional support for Mary and Jesus.
  • Saint Joaquin: father of Mary, therefore grandfather of Jesus. He is considered the patron and protector of parents, grandparents, the married. Good man and family custodian.
  • Santa Ana: mother of Mary, wife of Saint Joachim and maternal grandmother of Jesus of Nazareth. She is credited with patronage of many cities and countries; She is also the guardian of the working women and the miners, the latter because it is estimated that Jesus is the gold and Mary the silver, a symbolic way of highlighting her value. In addition, she is the protector of pregnant women, always present at the time of childbirth.

What are the prayers of the mighty hand for?

The image of the powerful hand is used as a relic that can be carried in any situation, after all, its main attribute is the protection of its devotees. As to prayers to the mighty hand their use can be very varied, what really matters is that they must be used with great faith and devotion, since the sincerity with which their prayers are used will definitely help them to be heard by God. Some more common situations in which mighty hand prayers are used are:

  • Protect yourself from enemies.
  • Heal from physical or spiritual illnesses.
  • Ask for help with financial matters.
  • Solve highly complex issues.
  • Connect with good fortune.
  • Make any type of request about the problems that afflict us.

Short prayer to the mighty hand of God

mighty hand prayer

O miraculous mighty hand! Reflection of the sacrifice of our savior Jesus Christ. You who gather the Holy Family to guard those of us who wander through this world full of evil and exposed to the temptations that incite us to sin. I beg you to protect me and accompany me so I can get rid of all evil. Guide me with blessings, and protect all my loved ones from the snares of the devil and from any low vibration that could harm us, bringing us peace, calm, health and all the blessings that bring us closer every day to the grace of God. Sir. Amen and eternal thanks.

Prayer powerful hand for impossible

When we invoke the powerful hand of God we are making a prayer to its very essence, if we are really full of faith its answer is totally sure, because God does not abandon his children, so this prayer to ask for help to achieve a desire difficult can bring us surprising results.

«In the name of the powerful hand of God, where the power of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is combined in the company of the Holy Family, I offer before you the deepest longing of my heart. Naked are my feelings before you, because nothing is hidden and even if I wanted to do it, it would be of no use because the grace of the Lord is capable of seeing what the creatures of his creation really keep.

Virtuous Child Jesus, miraculously intercede before my cause, I beg you, your goodness is infinite, that's why you are and will always be our refuge.

Always virgin mother, Mary, symbol of goodness, faith and our advocate. Intercede before Almighty God so that my pleas may be heard, and the wish that springs from the depths of my heart may be granted.

Glorious Saint Joseph, example of unconditional support. You, tireless worker, I beg you to work with your benevolence so that my prayer reaches the kingdom of the Lord.

Blessed Santa Ana, you who are a selfless mother, custodian of the most precious treasures of God, your son and your mother. In the same way, it safeguards my concerns, my desires and the projects that are so difficult for me to achieve.

Beloved Saint Joaquin, spirit of light, great family protector, welcome me like one more son and give me your support in the cause I want to conquer.

Powerful hand of God, you who can see through the hearts of all your children, with transparency and kindness I beg you for your miraculous help (make request).

With patience and humility I will wait for my request to materialize, because I trust in you, your hand holds me God of mercy and under no circumstances will he let me fall.

Grateful I prostrate before your feet all the days of my life, kind and omnipotent Father. Your magnificence loaded with love and trust fills me, lifts me up in strength and inspires me to continue.

I submit to your will Heavenly Father, because surely what happens from now on will be the best for me and those around me. I accept the way you have to act because a Father always wants the good of his children. I take it for granted that my request has been heard. Thank you Eternal Father. Amen".

Prayer to petition the mighty hand

Prayer to petition the mighty hand

«Most high powerful hand of God, today pleading I ask you to take me and never let me go. I require your presence in my life, waiting for me with the blessing of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Here I am humble and pleading, begging for your help to achieve what at times I think is impossible. My earthly hands cannot achieve the desired objectives, that is why I require the powerful hand of God, your hand, Holy Father, is the one that will make me succeed in this incarnation.

Powerful hand of God, you are the sign of the strength of the power of Jesus, who was able to achieve even the impossible by raising Lazarus after death, multiplying the loaves, turning water into wine, interceding for Sarah until she became a mother at a young age. advanced, for you there is nothing improbable. Work then in my cause (make his request).

Surely my problem is not so immense before your great mercy, although for me it means a difficulty that is very difficult to remedy. Please heal my tears and my sorrows. Help me solve it. Show me the way to find salvation, and thus secure the long-awaited well-being that my soul requires right now.

Assist me in this imperative moment. Break all the chains that come from the energy of evil. Powerful hand, I entrust my prayers and my request to you, because I am certain that you inhabit everything that I have achieved, and you will inhabit in the same way in everything that I have not managed to achieve but that very soon will materialize. Praising you with fervor I stand up, forever and ever amen.

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Prayer to the mighty hand for the prosperity and abundance

“Oh Powerful Hand, Miraculous is your intervention in the lives of men who cry out in the name of the Lord. My soul that works day by day to be more noble and to be able to achieve the bliss of your grace today prostrates itself before your feet.

I request your incomparable mercy in these times of tribulation. When hope falters, when dreams seem lost due to their difficulty in reaching them. Tired sometimes my feet are revealed, and my soul is weakened by misfortune.

That is why I make this call, invoking all the saints and saints who work hand in hand with you, my God, king of kings, powerful and immaculate. Be the stone where you can build a dignified life, full of prosperity, stability, with abundance to move forward. That the new projects flow, that the opportunities do not wait, so that the scarcity of my paths manages to revoke.

Nourish my life with the honeys of good fortune, so that the happiness that I have longed for so much may overflow in me. That joy I should not keep for myself alone. I promise to help everyone I can, share the blessings emanating from your hands with my family, my friends, my benefactors and those most in need.

Kneeling before your majestic power, I implore that my needs be met, and that everything that hinders my development be removed from my path. That there is no misfortune, bad energy or low spirituality that can lodge again in my walk as it has done before. Because with your intervention Heavenly Father all the bad has been left behind. From this moment I declare myself a prosperous, solvent person, free from the ties of poverty and misery. Success will no longer be expected.

Powerful hand of God, in your name I will always sing glories of praise and joy, to thank you for listening to me and never forsaking me. Amen".

Prayer for health and good fortune

This prayer to the mighty hand of God is recommended to start the day. It can be prayed every morning to attract positive energies, health and economic development.

"O mighty Hand! I ask for your blessing so that this and all my days are filled with the joy of seeing my expectations fulfilled. I declare that today will be a productive day like no other. Abundance is to be anchored in all my affairs.

My Father, my prayer is not just about money, it is about my own well-being, that of my family, and of all those who depend on my shelter. You know very well that my love above the material is offered in your name, because it is you who sustains me, cares for me and protects me forever.

Powerful hand of the Lord, impose your good will by pouring your healthy fluid over my body, mind, soul and heart, to keep me always healthy, and if I have to deal with any discomfort, that I can solve it soon, thus giving me the strength for my goals. attain.

Blessed God, I start my day in your name today and always, with your blessing I feed myself before trying any bite, because you nourish me, enlighten me and strengthen me. For you there is nothing impossible. Do not let the setbacks of life prevent me from achieving my goals and allow me to stay in an optimal state of tranquility, to be able to share with my peers the happiness of having you always present in my life.

Thank you for listening to my pleas, my pleas, and my prayers. I am sure that I am lucky to have your help, since many favors have been granted. You manifest yourself in everything I live and fill me with your love and kindness at every moment. Bless us today and always, beloved Father, I trust in you. Amen".

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