Prayer to the holy souls in purgatory

Prayer to the holy souls in purgatory

Offering a prayer on behalf of the holy souls in purgatory is a more common custom than we imagine. Praying for the deceased, those souls who have disincarnated and who are now on the spiritual plane awaiting the moment in which they can join the Lord, can contribute to making their passage through the tribulation of purgatory much less, and in turn , the prayers to the blessed souls can connect us with them, to request and obtain their help in solving some issues that concern us.

Who are the holy souls in purgatory?

According to Christian doctrine, it is estimated that the blessed souls are the souls that are in purgatory, which is a place of atonement for earthly sins, where their stay is indefinitely.

It is believed that the delay of the deceased in purgatory is due to the fact that after their death they cannot be considered worthy of God's grace, for not having received the corresponding sacraments in this life. However, as they are not considered bad people, Saint Peter, as the guardian of the gates of heaven, does not authorize their entry, until they do the due penance.

How to ask the holy souls in purgatory for a favor?

It is estimated that our duty is to pray for all those souls who are awaiting union with God, in order to intercede in some way for their eternal rest. This has been manifested by various characters of Christianity, such as Saint Brigid or Saint Faustina, prayer is highly powerful for the redemption of the souls of the deceased.

The prayer for the souls in purgatory stimulates in them a deep feeling of gratitude, which inspires them to act as our intercessors, intensely begging God for his mercy to help us solve our problems. It is believed that his fervor is so great that it is very difficult for God to ignore his requests.

A very popular ritual to request a favor from the holy souls in purgatory it is to offer a prayer, the light of a candle, and a glass of water in his name; Some of his devotees tend to perform this service every Monday on a regular basis.

Is it bad to pray to souls?

There is nothing wrong with praying to the blessed souls in purgatory. In fact, this practice has always been recognized by various personalities of the Catholic Church due to its importance, it is estimated that we are all spiritually united and the prayer or the good that we do for a soul in need, can help another, that way both They can contribute to its purification.

In other religions and spiritual practices, the blessed souls are considered entities whose energy flows through the spiritual plane, and their actions are directed to goodness (otherwise they would be dark spiritualities) and that can be invoked through prayers or rituals to request in favor of their spiritual evolution and request their help in certain circumstances that are going through.

Prayer to the blessed souls in purgatory for difficult cases

This prayer can be done for 9 days in a row, lighting a white candle to the holy souls in purgatory daily. After saying this prayer, an Our Father and a Hail Mary should be prayed.

“My God, I cry out for your blessing and mercy for the souls that are purging and waiting patiently to be in your grace as soon as possible.

My prayer on this day is that its cause is not impossible, just as mine is not, although it does not enjoy the same seriousness, since it is not eternal like the stay of souls in purgatory, if it afflicts me and is the reason for my suffering.

Oh blessed souls of purgatory! I offer a light for your redemption, humbly asking you that just as I pray for you to be accepted before the presence of God Heavenly Father, in the same way, you pray for the solution of the problems that afflict me, especially for (make request).

I keep my faith in my blessed souls in purgatory, because although you are suffering right now, you will soon be received in the kingdoms of the Lord, together with God and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Meanwhile, I cry that you pray in my name, at the same time that I do it for you, that I have to come out of my difficulties, just as you have to come out of the tribulation. I have no doubt that a prayer from you can help, no matter how difficult the vicissitude I go through.

Blessed souls who await in purgatory, at your feet I leave my request to reach your help, I will return the favor imploring you for your rest, and your prompt entry into the kingdom of Heaven. Give them Lord eternal rest and illuminate perpetual light for them. Rest in peace. Amen".

Prayer to the souls to make a request

Requests to the blessed souls in purgatory must always be accompanied by a light, that is, we must offer a candle, preferably white in their name, every time we need their favors, in this way we will also be helping their spiritual evolution. .

«I invoke the blessed souls of purgatory.

There is no doubt that you are kind, wise and grateful.

In the name of Almighty God I ask you to listen to my prayer.

You who are an example of tireless hope, who wander the world helping the unfortunate like you who wait to be in the presence of the Creator.

Blessed souls of creation, I make my concerns known to you (make a request) please intercede with your prayers so that I reach a solution, for the love of Jesus Christ, ask for good fortune for me, which I will ask for you and for your redemption.

May God cover us and protect us from all evil with his mantle of light, allow us to progress in any plane of existence that we find, keep us in his heart, flood us with his love, and eradicate all problems or agony.

Blessed souls in purgatory do not forget to protect me from those who want to harm me, that their eyes cannot see me so that they cannot harm me. May your influence revitalize me at every moment so that my desire to fight does not falter and so I can never give up, until I achieve my triumph on this earth, just as you do not give up waiting to reach the celestial land.

May my God allow you eternal rest and grant you light and progress forever. Amen".

Prayer for the holy souls in purgatory

Praying for the holy souls in purgatory is an act of love for the deceased. A benefactor action that exalts their souls and ours.

“I cry out to you Almighty God. Maker of heaven and earth. Merciful redeemer.

I cling to the great power of Christ that strengthens me.

To you Eternal Father, I cry out that all your children who have departed to the land of truth, be received with open arms, their sins forgiven, their souls healed in your immaculate redemption, especially the soul of (say the name of the deceased for which the prayer is offered).

Mary Mother of Mercy, your lawyer, our lawyer, intercede once again for the souls of those who wait. You recognize their goodness in them, and if there is any sin to forgive, let their absolution be prompt so that they can participate in holiness and live in your glory and that of God.

Christ lives and reigns together with the Holy Spirit. Merciful God listen to this heartfelt prayer that your children make that we are still on this earth and that with humility we cry out for the souls that still lie in purgatory waiting with faith and hope to be able to live the joy of being before your eyes. Receive them Father of mercy. Especially the soul of (say the name of the deceased for whom the prayer is offered) who has left this world leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of family and friends.

Pray Lord for (say the name of the deceased for whom the prayer is offered), for us, and for all the blessed souls of those deceased who are waiting to find peace in your lap. Allow them eternal rest. Make perpetual light shine for them and they can achieve peace of their souls. Amen Jesus».

Prayer to Saint Gertrude for the blessed souls in purgatory

Santa Gertrudis de Helfa, was a Cistercian Benedictine nun, of German nationality, also known as: Gertrudis la Grande or Gertrudis la Magnifica. Among her virtues, the fight for the salvation of the souls of men stands out. In addition, she wrote various writings where multiple prayers stand out to ask for divine grace and union with God. Her invocations are widely used to request her intervention for the forgiveness of the sins of the blessed souls in purgatory.

«I ask the blessing of God the Father. May his blessing be extended to all the saints and saints of the heavenly court, especially to Saint Gertrude, self-sacrificing devotee of faith.

May the blessing of God also attend without delay to all those blessed souls who await the forgiveness of their sins in purgatory.

In the name of the most precious blood of your immaculate Son Jesus, my God, I cry out that the wait of the waiting souls is not eternal, that their faults be recognized and atoned for greater grace and mercy of his name.

Glorious Saint Gertrude, you who were considered great among the great, because your faith is great, do not forsake us who are in this world exposed to weakness in the face of sin, fighting in the name of our conviction so that our conversion in faith of God allow us to distance ourselves from evil.

O Saint Gertrude! Nor do you forget those busy souls who in purgatory yearn to be in the kingdom of God as you are now. Always raise a prayer in their names, especially for the soul of (say the name of the deceased for whom the prayer is offered). That during his journey on this earth he was a good person, a good father / mother, a good son / daughter, a good friend. If the creator has to forgive him for something, help him to be prompt and advocate in the same way for the rest of the souls who are in a similar situation.  

I raise my prayer for all the blessed souls in purgatory, and for all who require forgiveness for their sins, for my own, so that God, thanks to Saint Gertrude, may see us with eyes of mercy. Amen".

Prayer to the 13 blessed souls in purgatory

Prayer to the 13 blessed souls in purgatory

The 13 blessed souls are known as the souls in pain who are in purgatory waiting for the sins they committed during their earthly existence to be forgiven. Being in that place, called "purgatory" these souls are in a kind of purification process that will allow them to reach the celestial kingdom with God. The development of this purification is often a cause of suffering and sorrow for the souls, that is why they work with great fervor in order to get out of there soon. Those of us on the earthly plane can also help him, raising our prayers to God for his cause.

«Blessed God, God of goodness.

Prostrate before you are your most devoted children, crying out for your blessing. This time not only for us, we also pray on behalf of the 13 blessed souls in purgatory.

In the name of the love that they have for you, my God, we entrust you with missions of kindness, so that you can demonstrate your willingness to achieve holiness.

Your faith and your charity became infinite 13 blessed souls, I beg you to listen to my request (make request).

In me there is no doubt that my 13 blessed souls will also pray for my cause until it is resolved. In the same way, I will pray for you to be accepted in the house of the Lord.

Lord Jesus Christ into your hands I commend myself, and I commend the 13 blessed souls.

Protect us, keep us, take care of us and forgive our sins so that we can live the joy of grace and reconciliation in God. Amen".

Prayer to Saint Augustine for the souls in purgatory

Aurelius Augustine of Hippo, better known as Saint Augustine of Hippo or simply Saint Augustine, was a prominent bishop of the Christian faith who was born in the Roman Empire. He stands out for his multiple theological and philosophical works that made him be recognized as "the doctor of grace" and the greatest thinker of Christianity during the first millennium. His prayers are charged with a deep kindness that denotes Augustine's willingness to plead for the forgiveness of the blessed souls in purgatory.

«Glorious Saint Augustine, look at us with your eyes of mercy, today that we humbly request your help.

You who have been anointed with the grace of God, for your multiple virtues, and your excellent wisdom, magnificent thinker.

I beg you to please intercede before our Lord Jesus Christ for the blessed souls who rest in purgatory, to placate their anguish and suffering.

God the Son knows the sufferings of pain and consternation, because in his passion he suffered the despair of suffering in his own flesh the evil of men. In this profound way backward souls also suffer while waiting for the expiation of their sins. We beg you Saint Augustine, intercede for his release.

Blessed souls in Purgatory who are in pain, be carried by the grace of God and the intervention of Saint Augustine to rest in the kingdom of heaven. Let perpetual light shine for them. Amen".

Prayer to the holy souls of purgatory for love

This prayer to the holy souls of purgatory for love can be made by offering them a white candle and a glass of sugar water, to soften and resolve couple conflicts.

"Blessed be the souls of purgatory.

May Almighty God shower all his mercy on you.

Their wisdom and kindness is immense, that is why they will soon be released from the waiting in purgatory and anointed with God's purification.

I pray that your pains and burdens be relieved, so that your faults, if they had them, are forgiven.

I pray for you blessed souls in purgatory, and I take the audacity to ask you to do it for me.

Just as peace and tranquility are lacking in your existence, chaos and sentimental instability abound in mine.

Conflicts, fights and misunderstandings have taken over my relationship with (say the name of the loved one). That is why anguish and fear reign in my heart.

My deep devotion to you makes me raise my prayer imploring your help. Influence you so that peace, calm, and love reign. So that (say the name of the loved one) change their negative thoughts and their predisposition and thus achieve an understanding between us.

To you blessed souls I commend my relationship to strip it of hatred, resentments, entanglements, gossip, envy, witchcraft, spells, incantations, curses, envoys, imposed separation, love of wills and all the snares of evil.

Blessed Souls, souls in purgatory, I entrust my cause to you, I know that you must act with kindness and provoking the best energy for the benefit of my request. Meanwhile, I have to continue begging our Lord to grant them eternal rest and redemption. Amen".

Powerful prayer to the blessed souls in purgatory to master

This prayer for the blessed souls in purgatory to dominate can be performed in the company of a candle that is half white and half red, so that one part prays for the blessed souls and the other part prays for the goal we want to achieve.

«Blessed Souls in purgatory, may the blessing of God be with you.

Beneficial spirits that guard me, accompany me at this time.

I conjure through this light, in this holy hour and in this holy moment, the five senses, feelings, thoughts, and spirit of (name of the person you wish to dominate).

This light that I have conjured pleads for your needs, blessed souls in purgatory, and for mine. May eternal rest be made for you, and may control over (name of the person you want to dominate) be made for me. That my ideas are his/hers, that what I want he/she also wants (make a request).

At my feet you must come (name of the person who wishes to dominate) dominated, repentant, pleading, willing, doing my will, obeying my wishes, by the power of this light and the intervention of the blessed souls in purgatory.

I trust in you blessed souls, may God bless you, and protect you promptly in his heavenly kingdom. May the light shine for you, with the blessing of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen".

Prayer to the holy souls in purgatory to ask for protection

Make this prayer to the blessed souls of purgatory to ask for protection every Sunday, to start a week protected from all evil.

«Blessed souls of purgatory, you are always diligent.

To you I entrust the care of my person, my ways and my affairs.

I humbly beg you, souls of my devotion, to intercede to free me from all evil, from all adversity, from any risk, enemy or calamity.

I ask for your help and relief, that my paths be covered by your goodness, allowing health, prosperity and love to be maintained in my life, in my home and in mine.

May the blessing of God allow the purification of my mind, heart, body, soul and spirit. At the same time that allows the purification of the blessed souls of him.

May the Virgin of Carmen plead for the forgiveness of your sins, and in the name of the power of the Blood of Jesus, the mercy of God be poured out on you, so that you may live as soon as possible in his grace. Amen".

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