Prayer to the Eggun (Ancestors)

Prayer to the Eggun

The prayers to the Eggun, the spirits of the deceased ancestors, are fundamental in the practice of Santeria or rule of Osha and Ifa, since their beliefs are based on the worship of the ancestors and therefore, the praise and veneration to the spirit of relatives who have gone to the "other world" is a very frequent tradition in this culture. In addition, it is believed that through prayers to the Eggun, they can come to the earthly world to help people who invoke them to solve certain circumstances that worry them.

Why pray to Eggun?

For practitioners of the Afro-Cuban culture, Santeria, Osha and Ifa rule, or any other that emerges from the Yoruba culture, the adoration of the deceased is essential, whose existence has left a legacy in their blood and religious descendants. Therefore, despite not being physically present, they continue to hold an important position in our lives.

Also, praying to Eggun allows us to establish a frequent connection with the spirits of the ancestors. In addition to this, communication with the deceased allows us to receive their help in resolving issues that we are sometimes unable to resolve, and it also serves to praise, reward and somehow help transcend those spiritualities that continue to watch over the deceased. that we are in this plane.

Eggun Ancestors

What are the Eggun asked for in their prayers?

It is the prayers to Eggun can be requested in relation to almost any issue that we need to solve, the most common prayers are aimed at issues related to:

  • Health wellness.
  • Love themes.
  • Money and economic stability.
  • To develop mediumship and spiritual perception.
  • To get rid of enemies and wars.
  • To overcome dark and disturbing spirits.
  • The Eggun are asked in order to succeed in our projects, among many other matters.

How to pray or ask the dead?

The Eggun should be prayed from the heart, with great honesty, with respect and solemnity, but above all with great faith. It is important to do it standing up, you should not pray to the Eggun on your knees unless required (in strictly specific cases).

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Short prayer to the Eggun (Ancestors)

«With the blessing of Olofin, Olorun and Olodumare. With the blessing of all the ancestors who accompany me from the spiritual plane. May you be the ones who support me today and always, removing death and disease from my path, and bringing health, stability and firmness to my life. Ashe to iran eshu."

Moyugba to Eggun

Ìbà a se Oyeku Meji ati Oyeku Meji, mo juba.

Ìbà a se Egún, mo juba.

Ìbà a se Arúku, mo juba.

Ibà a se Eluku, mo juba,

A dupe gbogbo according to enchant Olodumare.

I ni (say your name) omo ni Orisa (name of your guardian angel), omo ni (name of your godparents).

Egun pèlé or. Egun pèlé or. Egun pélè or.

Egún mo pé o. Egún mo pé o. Egún mo pé o. Nor igba meta.

Egún ikú ranran fe awo ku opipi. O da so bo fun le 'wo.

Egun wo'le wa. Yana wa neni. Egun wo'le wa. Yana wa neni. Egun wo'le wa. Yana

wa baby

Je wa adimu pa. Ti won ba nje lajule Òrun ba won je. Bi ekolo ba juba ile ile a


Omode ki Ijuba ki was going to. Ma ja kiki won Orun, a dupe.

Iba Baba. Iba Yeye. Iba Baba. Iba Yeye. Iba Baba. Iba Yeye.

Egún fun me lo mo, a dupe. Egún fun me la l'afia, a dupe.

Mo juba (name all your ancestors).

Egún Oro ti ase fun Òrun ni awon, a dupe.

Ìbà Oluwo (name of your elder if male). Ìbà Iyàgba (name of his elder if female).

Ìbà Ojugbona to ko ni li- 'fá, to ko ni li Òrìsà.

Ki kan mase (name of the major and minor santeros).

Egún e nle oo rami o o. Èmí o mona kan eyi ti nba gba Orí Egún. Ace.


We pay respect and praise to the sacred education of the ancestors, as indicated by Oyekun Meji.

We pay respect and praise to the spirit of the ancestors.

We pay respect and praise to the spirits that modify and purify our ancestors.

We pay respect and praise to the spirits that transcend our ancestors.

We thank the Eguns who are at the feet of Olodumare.

I, (say your name), son of (name of your guardian angel), godson of (name of your godparents).

I call my ancestors. I call my ancestors. I call my ancestors.

I invoke my ancestors three times.

The Eguns who possess the mysteries of flight without feathers. Those who preserve the mysterious words of homage and power.

In this home we welcome all ancestors. So, we ask you to knock at our door right now.

Come here and receive our offerings. Please join in the offering feast. When the earthworm pays homage to the earth, she gives its abundance to her ancestors.

If the child clings to his ancestral father, he will never experience abandonment. That is why we must all honor the realm of the ancestors.

Honor the parents. Honor mothers. Honor the parents. Honor mothers. Honor the parents. Honor mothers.

Blessed be my ancestors (name all the ancestors you want to remember, saying the word "Mo juba" before each name).

We ask and thank you for helping our ancestors. We thank you and ask for good health, peace and prosperity for all.

We thank our ancestors for the power of evolution with which they reward our faith and belief.

I respect (name of eldest if male). I respect (name of eldest if female).

I respect all those elders who have taught me Ifá and Òrìsha.

I ask for the blessing of (name of all the elders that you want to recognize. Before each name you must say the phrase “Ki kan mase”).

Greetings to all ancestors. And, when I don't know which path to follow, I will follow the one marked by my ancestors. I did.

I pray in Yoruba to the Eggun

“Eyi nab gba r'elejogun, eyi nba gba r'elejogun. Ìbà se Egúngún Egbe ope o».


I have kept the path that my destiny has indicated to me. I have the duty to always follow the path that destiny marks me. Therefore, I praise the ancestors and the elders listen to my prayers.

Prayer to the Eggun (Oríkì Egún)

«Ìbà se Ose – Oyeku. 

E nle oo rami oo. 

Eiye dudu baro Babalawo la npe ri. 

Eiye dudu baro Babalawo ma ni o. 

Igba kerìndínlogun to dana igbo Ose.

O digba kerìndínlogun a dana igbo Ose 'na oo rami o. 

O jo geregere si owoko otun.

O gba rere si cough o.

Pray merìndínlogun ni won ima dana Ifa yes. 

Emi o mona kan eyi ti nba gba r'elejogun o.

Egungun kiki egungun.

Egún iku ranran fe awo ku opipi.

O da so bo fun le wo.

Egún iku bata bango egún de.

Bi aba f 'atori na le egún a se de. Ase».


We pay respect to the sacred Odu Oshe Oyekun that guides our communication with the ancestors.

We honor our friends and brothers.

We honor the black bird that pronounced the names of the first Babalawos.

We honor the black thrush bird that uttered the name of the first Babalawos.

We honor the fifteenth Odu, who lights the sacred fire of Ose.

Thanks to the sixteen sacred fires of Odu they do not harm us.

It resounds, the fire that burns to the right. 

Resounds, the fire that burns to the left.

I adore the sixteen sites where the fire of Odu forges the knowledge and wisdom of Ifa.

I will never forget when I didn't know which way to go, I should have followed my destiny.

I praise all the ancestors.

To the ancestors who have kept the mystery of flight without feathers.

To the voices of honor and power.

To the drums that herald your arrival.

Because on the mat they spread their presence and their power. Ashe.

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Prayer to the Eggun for mediums to enter a trance 

It is of the utmost importance that mediums make the appropriate prayers before entering a trance and lending their physical body for the manifestation of the spirits of the ancestors who wish to transmit some type of message. There are multiple sentences that can be used to establish such communication, such as the one below:

«Egúngún gún ani o gún, Akala ka ani oka lekeleke moat.

Eggún ajùwòn lùkùlùkù gbugbu. A rago gbálè egúngún kiki egúngún.

Tògògò okú yi gbé ni eni ará kan ti nj'ijó awo, isò ràn l'okun nde l'agbùrè,

Mo ny sewe k'apinni, Àbàjà mo bù mo mu sewe l'agbùrè,

Gòmbò mo wà mo mu sewe l'igborì, tori igboré mi l'oyo – mo-ko. Ase».


The spirit of the ancestors mounts the mediums gently, while the vulture flies over the ceremony like a snake.

The ancestors possess power beyond the realm of death. We have to sweep and clean the ground before greeting our ancestors upon their arrival. 

The spirit of death directs our ori towards the ancestors who have obtained the secret of life beyond death.

Today I show the marks of my body as a hymn to the sacred oath.

I offer my devotion to the ancestors through the oath. And I am blessed by your energy and your wisdom. Ashe.

I pray to Eggun (Dead) recently deceased

I pray to Eggun

At the moment in which a loved one departs from this earthly plane, the practitioners of the Osha and Ifa rule or santeria perform all the necessary ceremonies to help their spirit to make the transition from the earthly plane to the spiritual plane in the best possible way. possible way. One of the most common practices is to offer prayers on their behalf, such as the following:     

«Epa Oro, (Baba/Iyà) wa lo loni. (Baba/Iyà) li to nwa.

Awa ko ri o. Epa Oro. Mo de oja ko si l'oja mo de ita ko si ni ita.

Mo de ile ko si ni ile. Ng ko ni ri i mo o. Odi gbere or di arinako. Ase».


Spirit of the transformation of souls, we ask mercy for (fathers or mothers) and for all those who have left today for the kingdom of the dead.

We human beings cannot find the bodies from which they have departed. That is why we honor you, spirit of the transformation of souls. We go to the market, and they are not there. We go to the streets, and they are not there. They are in your kingdom.

We go to our houses, and they are not there. We don't see them. But they have become spirits and so they can be everywhere, that way they can accompany us and help us maintain the morality of the spiritual family. Ashe».

Prayer to Eggun for money

This prayer must be done in the company of an obi omi tuto (fresh coconut cut in half), a glass of gin, and two candles offered to the ancestors to pray for the economic development of the officiant.

“I praise the spirit of my ancestors. Although there is always a sadness in our hearts, we are certain that they will be in a better place.

Now his eyes can look at the events that life has in store for us.

I honor the spirit of my ancestors. Each of us calls them in different ways. I pay homage and greet all who come to my call.

I honor all those who are before and behind me. Who wonders who are you? I answer that they are the Orisa of my family that is in front of me and behind me.

You are always vigilant, you know of my adversities, of my setbacks to evolve. They know the worries that afflict my heart. How difficult it has been for me to prosper.

I offer before you the materials for the ritual that has been chosen. My ancestors descend and make this ritual a success for me. They tell me that the gin is what should be offered first. They tell me that the sacrifice will bring prosperity, money and abundance to me.

The ancestors descend and make this ritual a success for me, they tell me

that the coconut is what should be offered first. They tell me that the sacrifice will bring firmness, evolution and tranquility for me. Ashe».

Prayer to Eggun for protection against enemies

The protection of the deceased who accompany us in the transit of earthly life is usually very important for practitioners of the rule of Osha and Ifa. They act as guides in the transit of our paths and as tireless protectors to defend us from all the evil that could lie in wait for us. Next, we have a prayer to request your defense and care from our enemies.

“I praise the great power that my ancestors possess.

I praise the blessings and protection that the ancestors offer us from heaven.

I am a faithful follower of the wise advice of my ancestors.

Today I pray that the love of my ancestors covers me and protects me from all my detractors, that my enemies cannot harm me and that their evil deeds cannot harm me (make request).

The power of the spirit of the ancestors strengthens us and makes us better every day.

Thank you for your protection. May Oloddumare (God) bless the spirit of my ancestors. Ashe».

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