Prayer to the Jimaguas (Ibeyis)

Prayer to the Jimaguas

The Prayer to the Jimaguas (Ibeyis) is a resource that can be very useful and effective for practitioners of Santeria or the rule of Osha and Ifa. It is believed that the power of these little Orishas is so intense that they become capable of taking on the fights that even other Orishas give up. That is why requesting their help in the appropriate way can be very beneficial for believers, therefore, having the appropriate prayer for their invocation considerably increases the chances of achieving success in our situations.

What are the Jimaguas asked for in their prayers?

With the use of the prayers offered to the jimaguas (Ibeyis) you can ask for their intervention in matters related to:

  • Serious health problems.
  • Faced with complex circumstances, or great difficulties, in which we need to have strength and will to get ahead.
  • To get rid and protect yourself from spiritual warfare, sorcery and witchcraft.
  • When we want to achieve economic evolution, prosperity, and good fortune.
  • To attract feelings and situations that cause joy, love and harmony in our physical and spiritual body.
  • When we want to triumph over our opponents.
  • Before causes considered lost or impossible.

How to pray to the Ibeyis?

To the Jimaguas we must pray very frankly, clearly and above all very calmly. The most important thing to pray to these Orishas is to maintain full faith that their intervention will solve our problems. It is also recommended to accompany your prayers with two white candles, or place adimuses such as: sweets, fruits or chicken rice, which is one of your favorite dishes.

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Short prayer to the Jimaguas

«With the blessing of Olofin, Olorun and Oloddumare. I ask for the blessing of the holy children; Taewo and Kainde. You are blessed Jimaguas, symbol of the Ashé that Oluddumare (God) sent to earth, to whom I implore company today and always. I ask for your important intervention to free me from all the wars of life, and from all the osogbos that I cannot get rid of by my own means. Likewise, I beg you to help me achieve all the ire, health, offspring, love, and fortune, keeping me in harmony and stability. Thank you for your intervention. Ashe to iran eshu."

Prayer to the Ibeyis

Prayer to the Ibeyis

I salute the spirit of the twins.

I am always safe, because the Ibeyis accompany me at all times.

Blessed Orishas children, you who enjoy unwavering courage, I beg you to fill me with strength.

You, known for being invincible in your heroism, who do not tire until you help us solve our vicissitudes in this earthly transit, fill me with health to cope with human ailments.

They work without hesitation in any breakage or discomfort that may occur.

Glorious holy children, from a very young age you have saved everyone around you. They took care of the people of their town. Today I ask you not to stop taking care of me wherever I am.

Blessed Jimaguas, little saints, turn your compassionate gaze on all your followers who we invoke with our hearts full of hope.

We request your intervention in our affairs with full confidence, because we are confident that you are the flag of all iworos (make request). 

I have no doubt that my prayer will be presented to Olodumare (God) thanks to his intervention, because infinite is his mercy and the love they have for all his devotees.

That is why I request, in this now and in this moment, your blessing to free me from all physical and spiritual enemies, from all natural or artificial illnesses, from all envy, gossip, entanglement, feelings of hatred, and any other energy that could disturb my good development.

Rather, may his presence in my life be manifested with the materialization of life chances, health, spirituality, abundance, prosperity, happiness, love and harmony.

May the power of the two holy children balance my life today and always. So be it, so it is, so it will be. Ashe».

Short prayer in Yoruba language to the Jimaguas

«Iba B'eji b'eji'la, or be ekun Iya re. Ase».


I respect the twins who have been given birth, that will make me rich, the twins comfort the crying of their mothers. I did.

Long prayer in Yoruba to the Ibeyis (Oríkì Ibeji)

«Se b'Olodumare Oba ni, Oba Olodumare lofejire jin o loje ko o bi'beji le ekan soso o.

B'eji b'eji're. 

B'eji b'eji 'la.

B'eji b'eji 'wo.

I was going to go.

B'eji be ekun Iya re.

B'eji'la fi ojú ta iná.

Iba B'eji. Iba oni O ji fi 'lu kii be eni r'. Ase».


It is Almighty God, the King of creation who blessed him with twins.

Giving birth to twins brings good fortune.

Giving birth to twins brings abundance.

Giving birth to twins brings money.

I praise children who bring good things.

Giving birth to twins calms the crying of mothers.

The flare of fortune is present in his eyes.

I salute the Ibeyis, I salute the twins, masters high above the roll of the royal drums. Ashe.

Prayer to the Jimaguas to ask for the children

The affinity that the Ibeyis have for children is evident, especially for those who go through difficult situations, since the childhood of the Jimaguas was a bit tortuous at the beginning of their days, due to the fact that the people who inhabited the land at the At the time of their birth, they did not know the importance of double births, until thanks to Olofin it was understood that the arrival in the world of these children "together" represented a blessing from Olodumare. The following prayer is to entrust the children to the care of the Ibeyis: 

I salute the spirit of the twins. The holy children who watch over all the souls of the little ones who inhabit this world.

We entrust to you the seed of tomorrow, which is inside all the creatures that grow with the hope of finding in them the answer for a better future.

I entrust to you the protection of my child (name the child). As well as, I also ask for all those who are to be born, so that they arrive safely to this plane; I ask for children who may be victims of family problems, abuse, violence or simply lack love; May his blessed mercy put an end to all their sufferings, bringing a better world for them and for us. Ashe»

Prayer to the Ibeyis (Jimaguas) to defeat enemies

Prayers to the Ibeyis (Jimaguas)

It is advisable to say this prayer while playing a small drum to the Jimaguas (it does not matter if you do not know how to play the instrument). This is done to remind the Orishas of the moment in which they defeated the demon and the power that the drum has over enemies.

«Blessed be the twin Orishas, ​​whom I humbly request to achieve the goal I set for myself.

For the power with which you, brave Jimaguas, played your sacred drum and defeated the devil in his snares. By that power today I decree my triumph over my enemies, especially over (name its opposite).

I trust that they will not allow me to claim victory against me, nor suffer loss, cheating or calamity.

You are the ones who have to take me along the best path, through the correct north, allowing my steps to win all the battles, until I reach my proposed objective. Ashe».

Prayer to the Jimaguas (Ibeyis) for health

When praying this prayer, it is recommended to cleanse the sick person with two white candles and a bit of cotton that, after making the invocation, will be burned in the nearest corner, with the intention of stripping away the energies that may harm the process of improving the condition. patient.

«May Olodumare bless the holy children, Taewo and Kainde forever.

The blessed jimaguas, today I greet you.

Due to that wonderful virtue with which they were filled, they do not work separately, their energies complement each other to achieve the most precious objectives.

Right now I beg you to guide me along the path of healing, because I am confident that you can be an intermediary before Olodumare to heal this afflicted creature of creation (name the person and cleanse with the elements).

I put all my faith in you and with my eyes closed I commend it to you, so that you work for your healing, protection and liberation. Secure it to this land that still has things to accomplish in its destiny, and please do not rest until its improvement is achieved, spilling all that vital force that characterizes you on your physical and spiritual body. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Ashe».

Prayer to the Ibeyis for love

Love is a quite complex feeling that the human being inhabits, that is why on some occasions it is necessary to resort to the help of the deities to simplify its manifestation a little. This sentence is opportune to ask for the effective intervention of the Jimaguas in this matter:

«Blessed Ibeyis, always full of much love,

Holy children of difficult causes, therefore, also of the causes of the heart. Right now, I understand that for me love cannot be found.

That is why I am addressing you to ask you what I most desire.

I invoke you with all sincerity, I put my heart in my hand, which through my prayers wishes to express.

I want to ask you for that impossible love, for whom I sigh in love / or at your feet (say the name of the person you are interested in).

I beg you to please help me make this feeling come true, that he loves me as much as I love him/her. May her devotion be to me and me alone, and may there be no one else in her life but me.

So it will be in the name of the Ibeyis. Ashe to Iban Eshu."

Why pray to the Ibeyis?

Praying to the Jimaguas is essential for practitioners of Santeria, since, by invoking them, their help is highly effective. This is due to the belief that for the Ibeyis there is no obstacle that can cause fear, in fact, it is estimated that their daring and strength is such that they were even able to defeat the devil himself. We can verify this through the following documented story in the Odu of Ifa: Otura Di:

Pataki: The Jimaguas defeated the Devil.

It happened that among the roads to leave a distant town, in the middle of one of its crosses, the devil used to be found. There, he had placed a trap where everyone who passed by fell into a hole and he ate them. For that reason, the town was very disturbed, people disappeared when moving from one place to another.

The jimaguas that lived in that town, despite being still small, were always playing a little drum and through their touch they called each other. One day, they decided to go out on the roads of the town. Upon reaching the crossroads where people got lost, one hid and the other kept walking until he met the devil, who, seeing him so small, told him to go to his house because he couldn't go that way. But, the jimagua insisted on doing it, so the devil told him: in order to pass you will have to lend me your drum. The jimagua answered yes, challenging him to play better than him.

They did so until only the Jimagua touched and the devil began to dance. The brothers exchanged themselves over and over again without the devil noticing, until reaching a point where he was very tired and could not dance anymore. It was then that the devil offered to grant him whatever he wanted, on the condition that he stop playing. Opportunity that he took advantage of the jimagua to ask him to remove the trap from the road, and thus avoid more losses, his request being granted. Since then, the villagers have been able to cross the road without any problem.

This story shows us that the Ibeyis do not stop in the face of any adversity and with great cunning they solve any setback that may come their way, in the same way, they help and benefit their devotees.

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