Prayer to Ochosi for Justice, love, protection and more

The prayers to ochosi They are of great help to communicate effectively with that Orisha, which is why they are very popular among practitioners of the Osha and Ifa rule. Let's remember that the use of prayers is very varied, in them you can thank, praise or request Oshosi's help on issues related to justice, problems with enemies; or also to attract tranquility, health, spirituality, among other things.

Why pray to Ochosi?

The most relevant reason to pray to Oshosi is his spiritual importance. Oshosi is an Orisha that influences the energy balance of everything in the universe. Also, it has a special virtue that allows it to contribute to the spiritual alignment of the energy present in nature and ancestral spiritualities. Another important factor of Oshosi's powers is that he acts on behalf of human beings to help fulfill their destinies. Therefore, praying to this Deity is very opportune to achieve our goals.

What is asked of Ochosi through the prayers?

Through the use of prayers to Ochosi, we can request your help to improve or solve the following situations:

  • To clearly understand the decisions that will take us on the right path to fulfill our destiny, and be able to succeed in life.
  • To balance our energies, attract harmony and balance in aspects related to the earthly or spiritual.
  • To develop our spiritual abilities and mediumship.
  • To dominate the negative feelings that can manifest within ourselves.
  • To request his protection in matters related to health, since he is an excellent healer.
  • To get rid of wars of sorcery and witchcraft.
  • To get out of justice problems, being a victim of unfair situations.

How to pray to Ochosi?

To the Orisha Oshosi of course, you have to pray with great faith. However, there is a much more important factor when invoking this Orisha. Let us remember that Oshosi is a faithful representative of Divine justice, there is no fault that this deity goes unnoticed.

Therefore, to pray to Oshosi asking for his help, we must be completely sure that our cause is under the parameters of truth, honesty, innocence, and that what we are asking for is really just, otherwise we would be running the risk to receive everything contrary to what was requested, because Oshosi does not forgive faults regardless of who they are.

Short prayer to Ochosi

«With the blessing of Olofin, Olorun and Oloddumare. With the blessing of Oshosi, blessed hunter, accompany me today and always. Immense Orisa, skillful in the mountains, righteous warrior, with your arrow that never fails, hunt my enemies and anyone who harms me. Become my protector at all times, make me a good hunter of blessings, luck and everything that brings me development. Ashe to iran eshu."

Long prayer to Oshosi

Long prayer to Ochosi

“O great father hunter, your arrow is in the sky. Blessed Oshosi, you are always just and good.

From the top of the highest tree you see everything and you know everything, there is no creature that moves or hides from the tip of your spear, your power is immense.

Your actions are perfect because you act without breaking the cosmic balance that emanates from God.

Representative of divine justice, your help is timely and does not take even a thousandth of time.

You were entrusted to watch over the welfare of human beings, your mercy inclines them towards the destiny they chose in heaven.

You do not allow faults, abuses or any use.

Oshosi, blessed hunter, you fill us with strength, you are the best refuge in the face of the harshest vicissitudes.

I praise and salute the spirit of the hunter, your help is never lacking.

I am aware that you despise selfish acts, evil, imposture and everything that seeks to harm others. That's why with my heart in my hand I come to your feet looking for rest (make your request).

Deliver me from envy, ingratitude, falsehood, and injustice. Your Ochosi, you are always a winner against bad energies.

There will be no spell, incantation, natural or false disease that lodges in my physical or spiritual body, as long as I have your protection. Your kindness always gets me out of trouble I find myself in.

Never let my enemies claim victory over me. May your Divine justice reach everyone who deserves it. Protect me and listen to me at all times, I trust you, I believe in you, I thank you. So be it. Ashe».

Short prayer in Yoruba to Ochosi

«Oshosi odemata, damata figbòru, Oshosi odemata ayugba».


Oshosi hunter who does not fail, the hunter never fails to insert himself into the night, Oshosi hunter who does not fail I salute you.

Long prayer in Yoruba language to Ochosi (Oríkì Òsóòsi)

ochosi prayer

« Ode ata matase, agbani nijo to buru.

Oni odide gan fi di ja, to juba. Ace.

Osolikere, Asa la ko gbo ogùn, Odide mataode.

Odide gan fi di ha. Ace.

Àrà l'èmí n f'Òsóòsi dá.

Àrà nì n f'Òsóòsi dá.

Gbogbo ìsòwò ibi no b'ode dé rèé o.

Àrà nì n f'Òsóòsi dá. Ase».


Hunter that never fails, wise spirit that bestows many blessings.

Owner of the parrot that guides me to overcome fear, I salute you.

Forest wizard, medicine-gathering falcon, spotted parrot, twenty-spotted parrot.

Parrot that guides me beyond fear.

Summons are my offering in trade with Osoosi.

Summons are my offering in the trade with the Spirit of the Hunter.

You are all fellow hunters, this is why I have come from a far away place to hunt.

Summons are my offering in trade with Osoosi. I did.

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Prayer to Oshosi for love

Ochosi prayer for love

«Beloved Oshosi, beneficial spirit of the hunter, look at me now that I appear before you.

I always appreciate the blessings that emanate from your being to my life.

I always appreciate the beautiful blessings with which you fill my days.

I always give thanks for my health, prosperity and for my family.

I always appreciate that bread is not lacking on my table.

All this is a sign of your incalculable goodness, of God's mercy and the love that all the Orishas give me.

Among so many things that afflict the world, today I dare with great humility to request your help in matters of love.

Who could my father go to? If I am sure that you know my desires and what I really deserve.

Allow me the joy of getting the right person to share my life, that person who is reserved in my destiny, but who has not yet crossed my path.

The company in life is sometimes necessary my father, I would like that from your kindness and infinite love you repair for me that companion with whom to share the joys of life, to lean on in moments of sadness, someone with whom to grow , evolve, and sow many good things.

Allow me blessed Oshosi, to find true love, the one that represents the true expression of the essence of God in our lives. Bless me with a companion of good feelings, noble of heart, capable of loving me as I am; and works in me to accept him also enjoying his virtues and understanding his defects, to build a good home by his side.

Blessed hunter, I trust above all that you get anything you want, because you are the hunter who never fails, therefore I know that my desires have been delivered in the appropriate place, at your feet I prostrate asking for your intervention in my affairs, and I always appreciate your immense kindness and your infinite love. Ashe».

Prayer to Oshosi to ask for Protection

«I invoke the power of the great warrior Ochosi, hunter who never loses and always wins.

I offer you my home to be your abode. I implore your presence so that there is no harm, no corruption, no evil spirit, no bad action that could harm me, my family, or the beings I love.

Spirit of the hunter hear my call and protect me with your protection.

Cover me with that shield you carry to war.

Hunt me with your arrow all the luck and blessings of my destiny.

May all the bad guys fail in their intention to harm me.

Cover me with your cape so that calm, tranquility, love, happiness, and well-being reign in my life.

Make me victorious over all the unjust, the traitors, the envious, the unscrupulous, the bandits and the wicked.

Prevent it from being found by my enemies, that our paths do not cross under any circumstances.

May Divine justice always reign. Do not forsake me for a moment, from your hand I go with your blessing. Ashe».

Prayer to Ochosi for justice

Prayer to Ochosi for justice

«Great Orisha Ochosi, you who hold in your hands the scales of divine justice, listen to my prayer, please do not neglect my pleas.

In my being there is no doubt because I am certain that you will attend to my call.

My prayer is intoned with the greatest humility possible. However, I confess that fear and anguish invade me, that is why I come to you father, since I need justice to be done for my cause (make your request).

You well know that my enemies try to harm me, but I have not given them reason to proceed against me. You know it because God has given you the virtue of seeing what is hidden in the hearts of men.

That is why you have been entrusted by the Creator to deliver punishment to those who deserve it. That is why I ask you not to let the wicked get away with it.

Protect me, take care of me, protect me, protect me from all the bad people. Oshosi blessed hunter, you are my shield and my refuge.

Your justice always triumphs, your blessing always protects me. Ashe».

Prayer to Ochosi for health

"I salute the great Oshosi, the magician of the forest, the hunter who never fails. In the thickness of the savannah you prepare your sacred medicine, your blessing never fails me.

May your infinite goodness rest in my physical and spiritual body and do not allow any discomfort to overtake me.

The spirituality of the disease is defeated by your medicine of sacred herbs.

The spirit of sudden death is confused with your prayers and healing concoctions.

Oshosi, magician of the Divine healer forest, agrees with the spiritualities of misfortune so that no harm harms me.

Heal my body, bring health to my life, and well-being to my mind, that there is no pain, sore or accident that can reach me. 

Oshosi, blessed hunter, point your arrow and hunt for me the ire ariku, good health and good life radiate from you to me.

Lying at your feet, I beg your intervention to get rid of the disease (make a request) and shelter me under your protection. Thank you infinite hunter, in your immense strength and benevolence, my request will surely be answered and my pain relieved. So be it, so it will be.


Prayer for the children of Oshosi

«The magician of the forest is Ochosi, that is my father.

His eyes are like a hawk's. He gathers the medicine with which he saves us. My father blesses me with good health.  

Only Oshosi is the powerful hunter who never fails, with his arrow he hunts all the luck for his children. My Father, make me prosperous and firm on this earth.

You, great Orisha, symbol of fellowship and union, keep the peace and balance of my home and my family.

Blessed hunter who provides food for his tribe, refreshes my relationships and keeps my job, my business, and my income stable.

Blessed be the spirit of my father the hunter forever. His blessing pours over my body accompanied by the energy of my ancestors. I did.

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