Prayer to Oshanla: Health, protection, love and more

Prayer to Oshanla

Prayers to Oshanla, the female path of the Orisha Obatala, are very mystical prayers and full of mysteries, always oriented to purity and noble reasons, due to the nature of the energy that characterizes this Orisha. The prayer to Oshanlá is of great help for practitioners of the rule of Osha and Ifa, since the spiritual power that this deity possesses stimulates spiritual processes in a very effective way, causing connections that are usually transcendental, capable of positively influencing aspects of life such as: health, love, money, among others.

Why pray to Oshanla?

Oshanla is a deity that enjoys a lot of respect among believers. Why pray to Oshanla is explained due to the magnitude of his spirituality, whose antiquity is incalculable. It is said that she arrived on earth during creation, accompanied by other spiritualities that participated in that process. In addition, she represents the appearance of light, even becoming known as: "the mother of the beautiful light". These are some of the reasons that explain her profound wisdom, which is why praying and invoking Oshanla is a resource that undoubtedly benefits all her devotees.

What is Oshanla asked for in her prayers?

Through prayers Oshanla is asked to solve situations related to:

  • To develop habits of calm, patience, tolerance, and attract peace into our lives.
  • On issues related to the evolution of groups of human beings. We can ask you to resolve conflicts between communities or societies. Also, so that they progress and prosper, especially culturally.
  • When we want it to influence us to make the right decisions, since it has a lot of wisdom.
  • To achieve better spiritual development and mediumship.
  • When we want to develop and progress intellectually, acquire new knowledge, or use it wisely.
  • To develop self-control, since it has the virtue of helping control clarity and understanding.

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How to pray to Oshanla?

The followers of the Orisha Oshanla must learn very well how to pray to her, since she is a fairly delicate deity, whose treatment must be very respectful. His sentences must be pronounced clearly and with a good tone of voice, since it is estimated that he is a little deaf. Of course, as usual, faith is the most important factor when praying to Oshanla, since it is what will make it possible for the requests made to materialize, establishing a genuine connection with his spirituality.

Short prayer to Oshanla

«With the blessing of Olofin, Olorun and Oloddumare. Today I raise my prayer to heaven, and I also ask for the blessing of my mother Oshanla. Great blessed Orisha, I beg you to cover me with your sacred mantle of purity and whiteness. May your immaculate power cleanse from my astral all kinds of darkness and osogbo that want to harm me. Then allow my mother, that the influence of her fun fun (white) host all the ire in me, in my work and in my home, bringing peace, evolution and tranquility. Ashe to Iban Eshu."

Long sentence

«I praise the great Orisha Oshanla, she is the greatest Orisha.

I ask once again for your blessing and protection, Divine Queen with her white mantle.

Be you, righteous Orisha, who guide me displaying your brand new wisdom, obtained through the eternity of time.

In your hands I offer my way, I ask you to inspire in me feelings of courage in moments of anguish, calm in moments of despair, patience in moments of uncertainty, intelligence in moments of confusion and faith in every situation.

I offer you blessed Oshanla, my deepest prayers. In your name my prayers rise, more than words, feeling and devotion.

Today I ask you for my life, for that of my family, for that of my friends and for that of my benefactors.

I also ask you merciful mother Oshanla, for everyone who suffers, lacks and cries. Cover the world with your magnificent fabric, become the medicine that heals from evil and disease.

Your kindness is infinite, that's why your devotees adore you and entertain you today and always. May Olodumare (God) reward you.

Do not stop accompanying me in the journey of this life and the next, both on earth and in heaven, I require your blessing, and in this way I will surely obtain everything that I long for.

Thank you infinite, mother Oshanla. Ashe».

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Oshanla prayer in Yoruba

“Oshanla was going. wing, wing Niki, niki Oni panpe ode orun. I did”.


Greetings to Oshanla. In his reign the days become a festival, because he possesses the holy shining white cloth. Ashe.

Prayer to Oshanla in Yoruba (Oríkì Orisaalá)

«I was going Orisaalá Òrìsà wù mí ní bùdó bàntà-banta n'nu àlà, or sùn n'nú àlà. Ó jí n'nu àlà.

Ibi re Orisaala kalè.

orisà ni ma sìn A – da – ni bóit rí. orisà ni ma sin

Aji we 'gun ka ìlú on nikan s osor. Jagidi-jagan Òrì sto you and ko'lé s'arin igbe.

Alo 'kú-lowo gba omo re sile. ko j e fi oriki to o dun fun eruje.

Ení rán mi wá. orisà ni ma sin TOse».


I greet Oshanla, the spirit of light gives me joy when she is in her place with her white robes, she sleeps in white cloths. She wakes up in white cloths.

It is a nice place where Oshanla has her throne.

It is the spirit of light that I will serve. It is who creates when he has chosen what to create. It is the spirit of light that I will serve.

He wakes up early to drive his car around town. Turbulent spirit of light that he builds his house in the middle of the jungle.

He wrings the hand of death to rescue his child. She never gives praise to any servant.

It's who sent me here. It is the Orisa whom I will serve. Ashe.

Prayer to Oshanla for health

Prayer to Oshanla for health

Oshanla is a deity to whom we are accustomed to offer prayers to ask for health, especially when it comes to elderly people or with regard to illnesses of a mental nature, in addition, due to its well-known influence on thoughts, like all Obatala, it has the authority over heads. A prayer to Oshanla to ask for health is as follows:

“I praise the spirit of white mother-of-pearl. Oshanla, you are the one who watches over me while I sleep.

You are my mother, the one who cares for the sick, the one who helps the weary to find rest, the one who helps the dying and offers comfort to those who suffer.

Mother Oshanla, pity the afflicted and advocate before Oloddumare for their healing, especially for (name the person for whom you pray) I trust you great Orisha, because your love is very great.

You were present during creation, you know how our body is made, radiate your blessed healing light, become a health energy for your devotees, break down the barriers raised by disease and revolution, do not allow loss or major breakage.

May our fight be yours, and may it settle in all of us ariku to be able to fulfill our destiny on this earth. We count on your blessing today and always. Ashe».

Prayer to develop intelligence and mediumship

Oshanla is an Orisha widely known for possessing virtues that awaken enlightenment in the human being. That is why she considerably influences the processes that lead to her intellectual and spiritual awakening. Through the following prayer we can ask this deity to help us develop these gifts:

"I praise and salute the mother of the beautiful light. Blessed Oshanla, you who He knows my deepest thoughts, the color of my aura, he can see through my spirit.

You selfless mother, you are aware of the importance that this new mission that I am considering has for me, you also know that my intentions are noble.

Therefore, I put the development of my intellect and my mediumship in your hands. Be you the guide of my project, bless it, sow in me the seed of mental and spiritual evolution.

Allow mother Oshanla, that the correct attitudes develop in me so that my thoughts are fresh, full of peace, calm and evolution.

I also ask you, blessed mother, that there is no adversity that makes me forget the objective that I set for myself, that my heart does not break before the vicissitudes of the road, and that my weaknesses are not obstacles, but on the contrary, that they become strength to help me prosper.

May your light shine on my physical, psychic and mental body, today and always. Ashe».

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Prayer for protection

Oshanla is also an Orisha recognized for being a virtuous mother, protector of her children and followers, she does not accept faults against her and quickly responds to the call of her devotees. Here is a prayer to ask for her protection:

«I greet the Orisha of light, great Oshanla.

I present to you my ways, you know my destiny.

I present to you my setbacks, you know what is the best way to get out of them.

I present to you my health, you know where to radiate your energy to give me strength.

I present to you my heart, you know very well where I have to find love.

I stand before you, mother of the white cloth to beg you once again to protect my four sides, so that you cover me with your sacred cloth taking care of me from every obstacle.

Here at the edge of your feet I bring all my projects, offering them in your name to ask you to please take them, and spill your blessings on everything that is mine.

Mother Oshanla, accept my words and my offerings, which, I hope, are pleasing to your eyes, so that you bless my ability to work and my intelligence, that you be the one to influence my will and my resources, in order to align me correctly. with my destiny and to be able to achieve the success of my mission in this world. Grace mother Oshanla. Protect me, so be it, so it is, so it will be. Ashe».

Prayer to Oshanla for love

Oshanla is a Deity that represents purity in all senses, that is why the color with which she is identified is immaculate white, therefore, when asking her for help regarding love issues we must do it with the heart. in hand and full of sincerity. A prayer at the foot of Oshanla to find true love is as follows:   

"Oh loving Oshanla, my protector.

Once again I deposit to your eleses (feet) all my faith and devotion.

I give you my deepest desires, my hopes and desires.

I ask that my prayer be listened to by you Blessed Oshanla, and thus have a favorable response.

May you be the one to work quickly to help me to tear from my heart any feeling of emptiness, anguish, or crying. Get rid of all the sentimental problems that I go through.

Open the paths for me to find a true love, since, until now, I have not been lucky enough to be able to enjoy a good life partner, with whom to share happiness and live the illusion again (make a specific request in this regard).

In your hands I leave my wishes, because I know that you will not take long to offer me answers. Thank you mother Oshanla, may your blessing always keep me. Ashe».

Prayer of the children of Oshanla

«I salute the spirit that has endured over time. The wise old woman with white hair is my mother Oshanla.

You, the calm, gentle, benevolent and knowledgeable woman. The oldest, that's my mother Oshanla.

Usually cold and trembling, although you are not lacking in strength when it comes to protecting your children, your light never goes out and always expands.

Wrap me up at all times with your white tunic.

From the top of the mountain on your chair, never allow your blessing to fail me. I am a child of light, of whiteness, of purity, in me shines the sparkle of my mother Oshanla's crown. Ashe».

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