Prayer to Oshun for Love

Prayer to Oshun for Love

The prayer to Oshun for love is a very special invocation, because it is a deep meditation to attract the magnetic energy of this Orisha, breaking down the spiritual obstacles that prevent us from achieving ideal love, promoting effective unions.

What are Oshun's prayers for love for?

These prayers are appropriate when we go through love breakups that trigger states of anguish, anxiety, and melancholy, which are very common when we have had an emotional loss.

Certainly, in some situations reconciliation is an almost lost option, but, through Oshun, in many cases it is possible to get an opportunity to soften conflicts and give way to conciliation, stimulating energies that attract calm, communication and peace. most importantly, love.

There is no feeling more complex and at the same time more contradictory than love, for some, sweet as honey and for others, bitter as gall. Precisely for these reasons, requesting the help of Oshun It is very timely, since both love, honey and gall belong to him.

«Òsún, represents the very principle of eroticism, of empathy, the substantial energy that causes things to come together, sympathize, be compatible with each other, the concave and the convex, the perfect fit...»

(Ifa Orilana Aworeni Odumola Sowunmi. The nature of the Orisa. 2009).

How to pray the Oshun prayer for love?

I pray to oshun for love

We recommend that you do it in a place where you can be completely calm and free of interruptions, in the company of a yellow veladora (candle), previously smeared with honey and offering it to Oshun so that your deepest wishes come true. , repeating out loud:

«Almighty God, with you everything and without you nothing.

In this now and at this moment, with the blessing of my guardian angel, I offer you my thoughts and affirmations in which I invoke the Orisha Oshun, goddess of love.

To be able to connect with the person I want to share true love in my life.

To attract and keep the right person for me,

with whom you can establish a relationship full of harmony,

living with peace, love, happiness, good communication and absolute prosperity. So be it.

I invoke the spirit of fresh water. Oh mother of the honey dress! I call upon you.

I ask you to manifest yourself in my heart and fill it with your divine influence.

You, mother of the pearl bead comb, who are present in all the love that surrounds me, I ask you with joy and gratitude, that my vibrations remain very high, because soon I will enjoy my ideal partner, that that has been destined for my life from heaven.

Here I am, (say your name) releasing my request to the universe, counting on the blessing of the Creator, my guardian angel, and the goddess of love, Oshun mori yeyeo.

Mother of the white cloak, mother of the yellow cloak, mother of the golden cloak, I greet you from love, I look at you with the eyes of love, and I feel you from love,

Because the frequency of love has been activated in me, therefore, I believe with faith and absolute certainty that love lives in me.

Oh glorious Oshun! With your blessing, I attract love because I vibrate in love, I am prepared to receive true love materialized through my ideal partner, who reaches me thanks to your kind intervention.

Oshun, ancestral mother, you who were endowed with the powerful ashé of attraction and beauty, fill me with your ashé to live alongside true love, and enlighten me to receive him at the moment of his arrival.

Bathe me in your energy, to breathe and feel love in everything I propose, because with your help I have no doubt that I am full of love and abundance, I have love to give and receive.

In this hour, and in this moment, I allow love to find me hand in hand with the queen of the river waters, with which I get rid of any delay, neutralize any fear and get rid of every physical and mental obstacle that does not let me to love or be loved.

My high vibration attracts the love I wish for myself as a blessing from Oshun, and its arrival will not be long in coming.

I am one with divinity, I express love in every way. I exercise gratitude for the abundant love I have in my life, becoming more and more human, and a better person.

I am willing to receive the blessings that my mother Oshun wishes to provide for me, and at the same time I become an instrument of divine love for everything in this world.

Oshun, blessed mother, I am in admiration of your beauty, your charms and your wisdom. I praise your name and your presence. You, Ibu Akuaro queen of love, laugh at falsehood and remove it from my path.

I praise your sensuality and your spiritual powers. Mother owner of the vibration of love, today I implore your help. I require that with your gifts you bring the ideal partner into my life, and that, having found and connected correctly, only love, devotion, sweetness, passion and desire emanate from this union.

Cover me with the sweetness of your honey waters, so that love does not take long to knock on my door. Under your radiant golden light, oh Oshun, I must achieve everything I long for.

At your feet I prostrate myself, queen of attraction, begging that you attend to the request that I make to you today. I trust that I will overcome any setback that opposes my intentions, because I count on that at your feet my wishes will be approved, and my prayers granted.

That is why it must be agreed upon, sealed, and will be fulfilled. I cover myself with your honey, and my body must taste like honey, smell like honey, it will be full of charm, dominance and seduction. There will be no one who can resist my presence, especially that being that I have been waiting for so long to become my companion.

Oh dear Oshun! for allowing me to vibrate in tune with you and activate love in my life. I thank you for the love you have shown for me through the person I want by my side. I thank you for your help, because I have no doubt that my request has already been received in heaven and will soon be materialized. Thank you thank you thank you. So be it. Ashe to, they were Eshu.

After finishing this prayer, it is recommended to spend a few minutes visualizing the request that is being made to the Orisha Oshun. If we want a new partner, we will describe their qualities and characteristics, or if we want happiness to reign in our current relationship, we will describe what we want to obtain thanks to the intervention of this deity.

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Steps After Prayer: Strengthening your Bond with Oshun

  • Reflection and Meditation: Take a few minutes to meditate on your request. Clearly visualize how the desired love manifests in your life, feel the presence and support of Oshun surrounding you.
  • Natural elements: Place natural offerings such as fresh yellow or orange flowers, symbols of the beauty and love that Oshun represents, near your prayer space. If you have access to river water, consider adding a small container of it as a tribute to its dominance over fresh waters.
  • Personalization of the Ritual: If you wish, personalize your sacred space with personal objects that connect you with love or with Oshun. This can include jewelry, gemstones such as amber or coral, or even a small mirror to reflect beauty and self-love.
  • Daily Intention: Keep your prayer intention active throughout the day. Carry with you a small reminder of your request, such as a prayer bead, a gemstone, or even some honey in a small jar, to remind you of the sweet power of Oshun and his ability to attract love.
  • Respect and Gratitude: When visiting natural spaces, especially bodies of water, show your respect and gratitude to Oshun. Avoid leaving trash or contaminating in any way. A simple gesture, such as offering flowers to water, can be a powerful act of gratitude.

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