Prayer to Oya to ask for protection, money, love and more

Prayer to Oya

The prayers to Oya, mysterious Orisha mistress of the wind, are widely used by the followers of the Osha and Ifa rule. It is estimated that the power of prayers is of such magnitude that through them it is possible to invoke the influence of ancestral spiritualities in our lives. In the case of Oya, his prayers cause a connection with the deity through which it is possible to ask for her help in relation to love, health, financial, mystical issues, among many others.

Why pray to Oya?

Prayers to Oya

Oya is a spirituality that is present in an indispensable way in the life of the human being because it represents the essence of breath "pure air", a fundamental element for survival. Oya is a warrior with great skill in the use of weapons. She is credited with power over the market, the cemetery gate and the square. She, therefore, is a representative of commerce, financial movement, and life itself. However, her spiritual function is what makes this Orisha more mystical and interesting.

She is in charge of guiding human beings during life and after their death, to find the perfect harmony between vital energy and the balance that allows them to transcend after physical death. That is why, offering prayers to this Deity, both petitions and praises, is of great help to human beings.

What is asked of Oya through the prayers?

Through the Prayers addressed to Oya, in addition to praising her, her intervention is requested to solve situations in which her children or followers go through the following conflicts:

  • When we want to advance in our spiritual evolution.
  • To achieve an optimal understanding of the lessons received from earthly experiences.
  • To win wars, conflicts, disputes of any nature, even of a spiritual nature.
  • To avoid being harmed by our enemies.
  • To obtain economic development, prosperity in our businesses or work projects.
  • When we go through love conflicts.
  • When we lack the strength to continue with our goals in life, our spirits falter, we are unmotivated, and we need to re-energize.

How to pray to him?

To the Orisha Oya you have to pray very calmly and clearly. Due to its fierce temperament, it does not forgive disrespect or lack of seriousness, therefore, when invoking it we must be very focused on the ritual we are performing to promote its energy in the best way. That personality full of strength also makes him implacable with the enemies of his children and followers, therefore, it is necessary to be careful with the requests that are made so as not to be alarmed later, with the consequences.

Short prayer to Oya

Short prayer to Oya

«With the blessing of Olofin, Olorun and Oloddumare. May the blessing of my mother Oya always be with me. Blessed Yanza, mother of the nine colored skirts, you who live and reign between the world of the living and the dead. Owner of all the money that is traded in the market, fill me with health, life and prosperity. May the Osogbos not stay in my life because you are the one who protects me, and may I go forever in my house. Ashé to iban eshu ».

Long prayer to Oya

«Praise the spirit of the Wind.

Oya, mother of great strength, agile warrior, with her 9 handkerchiefs of power.

You are the spirit of the wind of death, I salute you.

You scare my enemies and end their evil intentions by showing them your true face, it is your face that has the 9 stripes.

We all pay respect to the deity of the wind, his gaze is very serious.

The spark in the sky announces the arrival of the king (Shango) and the queen.

Your children and followers bow our knee to the ground as a symbol of respect and praise when we hear the voice from your throat.

Blow winds of good fortune for your devotees, bring health, peace and prosperity.

Remove sorrows, fears, anguish and sadness from our hearts.

Mighty spirit of the wind I pray that your powerful will always be devoted to protect your followers on this earth, bless me enormously. Ashé ».

Short sentence in Yoruba language to Oya

"Jekua jey Yanza, biripiti oke, iya mesan mesan obini odo, jekua jei Yanza."


I greet the spirit of the wind that is at the top of the mountain, mother of the nine women of the river, I greet you mother of the wind. 

I pray to Oya in Yoruba (Oríkì)

I pray to Oya

«Oya - Opéré làlàóyàn. To gbé agbònobì siwaju oko.

O-ni-ìl bear in Oya rumú bi enor gbé ike Oya òpèrè, 'wá gbà je, kò dé inú.

Oya l'o l 'Ósin, ki Olónje máa ha onje rè Oya péré bi ewe bó!

Oya fufu lèlè bí iná là l'okè! Oalready more mà dá igi l 'ékùlé my.

Oya a ri iná bo ara bí aso! Bi e ba nwa Oya bi e kò ba rí,

Oya ki e wa Oalready of isò kòla, nibi ti Oya gbé ndá kéwú yes eNo.

Ki e wa Oya give itò osùn, nibi you Oya gbe nf ó buké if you plow.

Ké e wa Oya give itò batá, nibi ti Oya gbé nla igó móra.

Iya, iya mo ni ng or mà je igbe Oya, nwon ni kí n'mà sexe igbe Oalready.

Mo ní kíni kí n'wa sand? Nwon ní kí n'sare sese ki n'fún OYet theso.

Kí n'fi àtàmpàràkò la obì n'iyàn. Onown fune neither idà or kò pa ewounds.

Iya saàn nwon fun e neither idà or kò bé laugh O ní kini o yio fi idàdídà se!

Oya a-r'iná bora bí aso, Effu lèlè ti ndá igi lókèlokè.

Ojèlóìké a-ní-iyì l 'ójè. I and my pòrò bí omoreé  l'aíyà.

Òjè  l'o ni oketè Se. Oya l'ó ni Egun. TOse.


The complete Spirit of the wind, strolling with full confidence and importance. She takes a basket of cola nuts to put before her husband.

Owner of the place of worship. Hey, deep in thought, shaping out the concepts. Full spirit of the wind, come and receive your offerings without offense.

Oyá is the owner of the place of worship, maybe those who have prepared good food start serving it, Oya provokes the leaves to tremble!

Oyá, strong wind that gave birth to fire while crossing the mountain. Spirit of the wind, please don't knock down the tree in my backyard.

Spirit of the wind, we have seen the fire that covers his body like a cloth. If you look for the spirit of the wind you will find Oyá.

You might find her at the kola nut stand, where Oya enjoys tossing small pieces into her mouth.

You may find Oya at the carpenter's stall, where he likes to rub his body in his red energy.

You may find Oyá at the drum stand, where she moves her body in a frenzied dance.

Mother, mother, I will always answer Oyá's call, they warned me not to answer their call, I will answer.

Where can I go, what can I do? They told me that I should offer small pieces of cloth to Oya.

They said that I should offer kola nut and crushed yam to the ancestors. They gave Oyá a sword, but she is not used to killing animals.

They must present a sword to the mother that is not used to kill animals. They must give him a sword that is used to behead people.

The spirit of the wind uses fire to cover its body, similar to a cloth. Powerful wind blowing under the trees in the forest.

Ancestors deserve good treatment and respect for members of the ancestral society. Mother, pour into me from her breasts, mother of the world.

Devoted to the ancestor, owner of the bush rat, Oyá is the owner of the Egun society. Asé ».

Prayer to Oya for money

Prayer to Oya for money

«Blessed mother, ancestral mother, the mother of the nine skirts, of the nine colored fabrics, mother owner of the buffalo skin.

You are the owner of the business, the market, and everything that exists in the square. Your energy moves without stopping among the noise produced by the merchants.

I ask you that in the same way my finances do not stop, that money, gold, silver and copper flow through my house in abundance, that there is no lack of bread on my table, and that all my needs are covered. sign my job, and prosper my business.

Adored mother, I implore you to take charge of my stability as you very well know how to do it, protect my finances, that money comes to me like metal to magnet.

I place the success of my plans and projects in your hands, because with your blessing I always count. Ashé.

Prayer against enemies

«Oya Yanza, strong and powerful warrior, you are the voice of fire and wind.

In your hand you carry a sword forged with the most valuable metals, reinforced by the harshness of time.

There is no obstacle that stands before you, nor an enemy that stands in front of you.

That is why today, my mother, I give you my battles, my struggles and my enemies (make request) be you my protection and my justice.

Destroy and uproot the plans and the damage that my opponents are preparing or doing to me, as well as a tree that roots the wind out of the earth, that there is not even an enemy standing against me, that repentant of their wickedness modify their behavior.

With your grace I am shielded, with your love protected, with your light protected and before you grateful. Ashé ».

Prayer to Oya to ask for protection

«Gloriosa Oya, example of so many virtues, loyalty and devotion.

I turn to you to protect myself from so many dangers that threaten me daily.

I implore you to take care of my enemies, evil spirits, misfortune and all the unforeseen events that could harm me.

May your blessing be with me at all times. I humbly ask you to protect me from so much darkness. I invoke your great intercession, because I trust you and as long as you walk by my side, there will be no evil that could harm me. Ashé ».

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Prayer to Oya for love

«Mighty queen of the winds, kind mother with the character of fire.

From my humble heart I ask you today to bless me with the joy of attracting true love.

Help me to find the love of the person with whom I have to travel the earthly world, full of full moments, building a life project from which we both reap only good fruits.

Bless me ancestral mother, to achieve the construction of the home that I long for. In your hands I place my destiny, I give you my heart loaded with faith and hope, because soon in you I will find the answer to everything I desire.

You are light, blessed mother, you are strength, you are my guide and my life always illuminates, I thank you for listening to my plea, my prayer will never be in vain as long as I praise the spirit of the wind. Ashé ».

To dominate

«Spirit of the wind. Wind of death, wind of enchantment. I invoke you powerful Yanza, that your winds help me to conjure the thought, feeling, judgment, will and emotion of the living spirit of (name of the person you want to dominate).

Let your winds blow from the north, south, east and west, five senses I dominate, five submissive senses of (name of the person who wants to dominate) his physical body and spiritual body is dominated and controlled by me on behalf of Oya that she is the only one who can grab the horns of the wild buffalo. Similarly, submit the will of (name of the person you want to dominate).

That is why you have to come to me (name of the person to dominate) defeated in body and soul, without thought or will, doing what I wish (make request) my will from now on is yours, thanks to the strength of the spirit of the wind, jekua jei Yanza. Ashé ».

Prayer for the children of Oya

Prayer children of Oya

«My mother is Oya, she is the blessed mother of Oyo.

It is my mother who brings the wind from heaven where our ancestors live.

Oyá is the spirit that lives in the tornado. Do not allow mother, may chaos flourish in my life.

It is you who plays with the leaves of the trees when they have movement. The bearer of the colorful crown.

My mother Oya blesses me, and the winds of earth and heaven bring me good fortune, protect me mother and allow my life to prosper. Ashé ».

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