Prayer of San Antonio de Padua: Love, Marry, find a partner and more

Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua

Prayers to San Antonio de Padua, the Catholic priest, whose virtues led him to be recognized and venerated to this day, are usually very effective and powerful. In general, he is invoked to find what we have lost, especially love.

How to pray to San Antonio de Padua?

The first thing we must do when praying is to recognize the supremacy and infinite love that God the Father gives us from heaven, his mercy is such that he allows his grace-filled children, like Saint Anthony, to assist us in the vicissitudes of this world. .

Therefore, the moment of prayer must be solemn, calm, and peaceful, where we find the opportunity for meditation and from our faith we can connect with the Creator, and with San Antonio in order to achieve the blessings that we are imploring.

On the other hand, the prayers to San Antonio also go hand in hand with many customs that have become traditions by its devotees. Among them we can mention: the practice of repeating your prayers three times when making a request, this inspired by the number 3 or the perfect number, in allegory to the Holy Trinity.

Other popular practices are: introducing the image of the saint into a well; place it head down; cover one eye or tie a knot in a handkerchief, among others; all this with the purpose of propitiating more effectively that the intervention of the saint in the request made is achieved.

What are the prayers to San Antonio for?

San Antonio enjoys great popularity throughout the world, so there are many devotees. The power and effectiveness of it is well recognized. The requests that are made to him usually request his help to:

  • Support the elderly.
  • Find all kinds of lost objects.
  • Achieve love and find a stable partner.
  • Make commitments and marriages.
  • Solve difficult cases.
  • Protect those most in need.
  • Take care of domestic animals.
  • Promote productive and economic processes. He is patron saint of fishermen, and protects the crops.
  • Protect the military, police and all those who carry out activities related to this type of work.
  • Protect pregnant women throughout the gestation and delivery process.
  • Get your protection during long trips, especially those made by sea and against shipwrecks.

short sentence

Short prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua

"Oh dear Saint Anthony! Your heart has always been, has been and must be full of love for all creatures. With the blessing of God the Father and the Son, whose infant personification you hold in your arms. Help this, your humble devotee / who begs at your feet so that his words are heard in the kingdom of heaven (make request). Saint Anthony blessed, do not deny me your mercy, accompany me in the walk of this life and the other, to always count on your blessing and to be able to achieve divine grace. The gratitude of my heart today and always will be yours.


Prayer to Saint Anthony

San Antonio is a saint recognized for his multiple miracles, which is why it is recommended to perform this prayer with great faith, having full confidence that it will be heard and materialized through the intervention of this powerful blessed.

Oh blessed Saint Anthony of Padua! Patron saint and protector of mine. Day by day under your blameless image I strengthen my faith that takes refuge in you for the love of Almighty God who attacked you with the most beautiful virtues. That is why I do not abandon the confidence that makes me wait for your help in any of the circumstances that I go through.

My confidence has always been great because I know that you do not abandon me in my needs. That is why I pray to God Our Lord, to the Blessed Virgin and to the divine Child Jesus, whom you loved with infinite devotion, that they allow me to enjoy your great virtues and, filled with your mercy, you can intercede before the cause that overwhelms me today.

Oh pious Saint Anthony! You who made your way in this world of tribulation finding the grace of God on your way, I beg you that through your blessed mediation I can find so many of the things I have lost. You, full of charity, work so many wonders for the good of your devotees; I beg you to help me to reach from the heavenly kingdom the forgiveness of my sins, and the favor that I require right now.

Oh dear Saint Anthony! Recognized you are among all the saints for your kindness, for your love for God and your immense charity towards all the creatures of the Lord; which made you deserving of heavenly gifts, that is why you were miraculous since your stay on this Earth.

Through your beautiful word you modified everything that could torment us, calming the despair that grief causes. You encouraged the thought of the confused, and brought peace to the soul of the one who sought God from his heart. That is why I implore you that with your miraculous words you transmit my prayers to the throne of the Creator, which coming from you cannot be wrongly said, your communication is pure and pious, and your intention to help others is more than genuine.

I am aware that the response I desire from you requires a miracle on your part, but I know that you are a miraculous saint, with a heart full of compassion towards all who need it.

Saint Anthony of Padua, you who had the magnificent grace of being represented supporting the invocation of Jesus in his childhood, as a sign of the high consideration you received from the God of heaven, listen to the cry of my heart that today cries out for your help and without hesitation he shows you his affection and gratitude because my devotion is true (make request).

Grant me what I ask of you San Antonio de Padua, I beg you in the name of the favors that the Father was pleased to grant you; for the joy you had when the Divine Child Jesus allowed you to embrace him with affection and sweetness; for the special prerogative with which you were rammed in this world; for the joy of your speedy beatification; and for the position you occupy in the kingdom of heaven.

Oh revered Saint Anthony! Do not overlook my grief, do not ignore my problems and setbacks, particularly the one I beg you with this prayer. Allow your heart to be moved by my pain by listening and responding to my call. Take my desires and needs before the Lord because your word will always be answered.

Today, as always, my gratitude to you has no limits, you are my hope and the joy of those who trust in God, whom I honor by imploring you as a faithful devotee of the Holy Trinity. Pray for us Saint Anthony, and do not forsake us so that we may be worthy of enjoying the promises of Christ.


Pray 3 Our Fathers, 3 Hail Marys and 3 Glories.

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Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua for love

Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua for love

Getting love is a very important desire in the nature of the human being. Surrounding yourself with loved ones, establishing yourself in the company of that ideal being is something that helps us find peace. For this reason, San Antonio is usually very effective in answering the calls that are made to him for that cause through his prayers.

"Oh admired Saint Anthony! You who were chosen by Almighty God as our intercessor for your love towards all beings of creation. You help us in the face of vicissitudes, in the face of misfortunes and material losses, because you understand how important they could be.

I come before you with my heart in my hands, asking for your help to solve a great conflict that causes me despair. You who are such a miraculous saint, guardian and benefactor of lovers, I charge you to take care of the union and love that may exist between me and (say the name of your sentimental partner).

Oh dear Saint Anthony! You who peacefully with your messages and wise reflections removed the doubts and uncertainties of all those who came to you to listen to the Word of God, likewise, I ask that you come to us to clear up all the misunderstandings, the anguish, the jealousy and everything negative that could cause our separation.

Oh blessed Saint Anthony! Reign in my home and in my relationship so that good memories prevail, good times shine, good feelings stand out, and we can stand firm and established in the name of the Lord.

May true love triumph over adversities, over intrigues and defamations, that envy cannot destroy our love forged as the strongest iron, inspired by your name San Antonio.

You, who find all that is lost, help us to find each other day after day, constantly discovering the importance of the love we have sown, reaping the fruits of this union full of happiness, fidelity, loyalty and tranquility.

You who restore and comfort those who suffer, inspire unification in us and let your goodness shine throughout our home, the one we have to form and maintain under your protection, our patron. saint of miracles, San Antonio de Padua, listen to my prayer at this time that I need it so much.

I ask you San Antonio, renew the bonds of love that bind me to (say the name of your sentimental partner) so that our souls and our bodies vibrate in the same tune, in perfect balance, and nothing and no one can separate us.

You, Saint Anthony, saint of my devotion, who makes things that seem impossible become real through your many miracles, I beg you to come to my call and enlighten me with your timely intervention. I am grateful for your diligent help. May God fill you with his grace forever and ever.


Pray three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and three Glories and perform this prayer for three consecutive days.

Saint Anthony's prayer to find lost objects

There are various prayers to San Antonio to request his help to find an endless number of lost things, from objects to feelings like love, even so, the most important thing when making these prayers is faith and perseverance. These are the ones that will make the connection with the saint genuine and the goals achieved. Therefore, do not forget to make your prayers from your heart so that you can see their effects more quickly.

"Oh Saint Anthony of Padua! Devoted and uncorrupted follower of Christ Our Lord. Your fervent life made you receive the grace of God from the highest of heaven.

Saint Anthony, you are recognized for the miraculous help you provide to all believers thanks to the special consideration that Jesus placed in you by making you a virtuous transmitter of his word, with which you transformed hearts in agony, restoring joy and lost hope to those who suffer.

In the name of your generosity, I raise to you the deepest requests of my heart, because I am sure of your many virtues, those that define you from your walk on this Earth. You have the gift of restoring lost things, help me now so that I can find (say the name of the object to be found) well, I have lost it.

You, who were so pious with the sad sinners, surely you will be with me that, at your feet I pray that you intercede for the redemption of my sins, since you are merciful with those who pray and truly repent.

Help me, dear San Antonio, to restore peace and tranquility in my thoughts that are disoriented and disturbed due to the despair that the loss has caused, this concern being much greater than the material loss that overwhelms me.

Oh kind Saint Anthony! Exemplary practitioner of faith, bless me with your charity and allow me to count on your meritorious intervention to obtain what I so eagerly request. Thanking you in advance for your patient attention, because I am sure that you listen to everyone who cries out in your name and in the name of Almighty God.


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Prayer to San Antonio de Padua to get married

Consolidating unions can sometimes be uphill. Romantic relationships usually go through ups and downs, and having a harmony that allows you to establish lasting bonds is something that should be taken as a priority when maintaining a relationship. That is why this prayer is very effective so that through the matchmaking properties of San Antonio we can strengthen the unions.

"Oh pious Saint Anthony! Worthy representative of love towards God, and of the rewards of the Father. Saint who blesses unions, you are a merciful mediator between Earth and heaven, I implore you to share with this devotee of yours the enjoyment of your magnificent intervention.

Do you know San Antonio of the importance of marriage, being this a consecration blessed by God, representation of the constitution of the family and fundamental foundation of the home, grant me then, the joy of strengthening my relationship until that most valuable sacrament is completed.

Oh dear Saint Anthony! Favor my path so that I can achieve this long-awaited goal in my life, that I can reach the altar in the company of my partner (say his name), that the celebratory bells ring at our wedding, and that our union builds a marriage under the teachings emanated from God.

Oh dear Saint Anthony! I also ask you to bless my boyfriend/girlfriend so that love, peace, respect, fraternity, loyalty and fidelity reign between us in our marital union, and that full of prosperity and happiness we remain one by the side of the another to forge a future together.

I hope, and in you I trust my dear Saint Anthony, from my soul in love I give you my plea on this day, so that with the blessing of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit I reach where you are.

Amen and so be it.

Infallible prayer to San Antonio de Padua to find a boyfriend

Having a stable partner and above all feeling loved is one of the most basic needs of the human being, for this reason prayers to Saint Anthony are very popular thanks to their effectiveness, because the mercy of this saint in matters of love is very great.

«Miraculous Saint Anthony, saint of my devotion, pious saint, loving saint, comfort of those who suffer, peace of hearts, orator of the Lord. You who with your word encourage and comfort the confused, bring certainties with the truth of God, and restore what has been lost to the desperate.

I come before you with great devotion and affection, because I know that you care about the sorrows of everyone who suffers, that is why I am certain that you will bring relief and remedy to my life, because you are generous and sensitive with the creatures of the Lord.

Here you have me San Antonio, at your feet imploring for my greatest desire to come true, I beg you to direct my steps to find the man of my life, the appropriate partner, the boyfriend who has been destined for me in this earthly world, with the that I have to establish myself with love and tranquility to form a family.

Oh dear Saint Anthony! Become peace in the face of my anxiety, that despair does not win me over or loneliness scares me, so that I can clearly see who is the appropriate person to consolidate the union that I aspire so much.

Allow blessed saint, may my prayer move your heart and intercede for me, before the immaculate presence of the Creator, so that I may be honored with the help that I humbly request, and once my concerns are heard, they may be answered positively.

I trust my prayers at your feet San Antonio, I beg you for your merits and intervention be granted what I ask of you, and in your name I pray to God to keep you bright and full of grace in his heavenly chambers, today and forever.


Prayer to San Antonio de Padua for difficult cases

Prayer to San Antonio de Padua for difficult cases

No matter how difficult the situation we are going through may be, we must never lose faith. Praying intensely in the name of God, crying out for the help of his blessed Saint Anthony is a path that can lead believers to find a way out of adversity. This prayer is very powerful for moments of greatest disappointment.

«Kind Saint Anthony, recognized brother full of compassion, your love for God and for all beings of creation has been more than evident during your journey through this Earth and after leaving for the arms of the Lord, that is why you were recognized by divine light and full of grace you have been allowed to work miraculously in aid of the afflicted.

You, who with such magnificent virtue were honored with the opportunity to hold in your arms the earliest representation of Jesus, the Child God, your rush being so lofty, I beg you to whisper my desperate requests into the ears of your Son.

Oh admired San Antonio! Your life and work is an example of charity and dignity, the compassion that your heart harbors is an inexhaustible source of help for those who suffer, I implore you to listen to my prayer and attend to my request, because I am going through tribulation and in the dark I fear I cannot find a way out of my sorrows

You, who by following the word of God became a source of charity, earning the respect and affection of all those who were lucky enough to hear your preaching, and of all of us who have had the joy of knowing your story, do not abandon this / a faithful believer of yours / who before you demonstrates his sorrows looking for a miraculous solution counting on your intercession.

We who pray in your name are confident, because you are a faithful friend and brother dedicated to helping others. Therefore, I sincerely ask you to help me with the cause that today causes me so much sadness and vicissitudes (make a request).

My heart is strengthened in faith and in love for Almighty God and in my fervent admiration and affection for you, because you are shelter for those who suffer. My prayer comforts me, just as your sermon comforted the bereaved, because in your name the miracle has to manifest in my life representing the eternal mercy of the Creator. With God everything, without God nothing, forever and ever.


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