Prayer to Saint Francis of Assisi

Prayer to Saint Francis of Assisi

La Prayer to Saint Francis of Assisi It is usually used by its devotees as a way of expressing gratitude for the many favors granted, in addition to requesting its valuable intercession to solve difficult situations or find peace and harmony in their lives. San Francisco, is considered a figure especially recognized for his love and respect for God's creation, so his prayers also serve as a way to connect with spirituality and nature.

How to pray to Saint Francis of Assisi?

to pray to St. Francis of Assisi, we can find different prayers that express devotion, gratitude, or simply, our feelings regarding this saint. Generally, his prayers can begin as a greeting, exalt or glorify his virtues, followed by a request or intention that you want to express, and end with an expression of gratitude and trust in the saint's intercession.

In any case, the important thing when raising a prayer in the name of this saint is that it be sincere and humble, expressing our desires and needs, as well as our gratitude and trust in divine mercy. Let us remember that Saint Francis of Assisi is a model of holiness and humility, who teaches us to love and respect all of God's creatures, and to always seek peace and harmony in our lives and in our world.

What are the prayers to Saint Francis of Assisi for?

Prayers to Saint Francis of Assisi can have different purposes, depending on the needs and desires of those who perform them. Usually, they are used to ask for your help in the following situations:

  • To ask for spiritual help, protection, guidance and guidance in times of difficulty.
  • Thank you for the favors granted by your intercession.
  • Try to awaken or develop the natural virtues in San Francisco, such as: humility, charity, love for God and neighbor.
  • When we are in search of peace, justice, love and universal brotherhood.
  • To entrust the protection of all kinds of creatures of creation, it is special of our pets.
  • To achieve health, and both physical and spiritual healing.
  • Entrust the protection of children and loved ones.

Short prayer to Saint Francis of Assisi

Short prayer to Saint Francis of Assisi

Oh, Saint Francis of Assisi, brother full of humility and love towards all God's creatures. Your life is my example to follow. You are delivery and service to those most in need, compassion towards the sick and reverence towards divine creation. We implore you to intercede for us before God the Father, so that we can follow in your footsteps living in peace, harmony and love with all the people and living beings that surround us in this world. Help us to cultivate your beautiful gifts of humility, compassion and generosity in our hearts, so that we can find God's grace and mercy at every moment of our lives. Saint Francis of Assisi, pray for us today and always.


Prayer to Saint Francis of Assisi

This prayer can be performed daily, when we wake up or when we go to bed as a kind of meditation of gratitude and devotion to Saint Francis of Assisi.

"Oh darling St. Francis of Assisi, symbol of humility and tenderness towards all living beings. Your life and legacy have been a source of inspiration for millions of people throughout the centuries. Your example teaches us to live with simplicity and kindness, to love animals and nature, to care for the most disadvantaged and to see in every human being a brother or sister.

Your love for God in the company of your surrender to his will are a testimony of faith and trust that reminds us of the importance of placing our lives in divine hands, and seeking the guidance and comfort of the Lord in times of difficulty and pain.

Saint Francis of Assisi, faithful intercessor before the throne of the Most High, we have experienced in our hearts the strength of your intercession, and we have also seen your miraculous hands work in our lives, granting us favors and blessings that can only be explained by divine grace.

We praise you, dear saint of peace and joy, because your life and your example show us the path to true happiness, which can only be achieved through love for God and love for our brothers and sisters.

We pray that your help continue to accompany and guide us on our way, and that we always keep in mind your love for all living beings, to live in harmony with creation and with our fellow men.

Oh Saint Francis of Assisi! Patron of the poor and the needy, we never tire of thanking you for your presence in our lives. We humbly ask that you continue to intercede for us before the throne of Heavenly Father.

Amen, so be it".

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Prayer to Saint Francis of Assisi for pets

Prayer to Saint Francis of Assisi for pets

One of the graces that San Francisco demonstrated in his earthly passage was his close link with nature and animals, which is why he is considered the patron of all these beings, so his help in protecting our pets is quite efficient and timely.

Oh glorious Saint Francis of Assisi! Protector of animals and friend of divine creation. Today, we implore you to help us care for and protect our beloved pets.

You, who loved all the creatures of the Earth, from the birds of the sky to the most humble insects, went to your church to hear you recite the word of God. You know well what the unconditional love that our friends from other species give us means.

We ask you to give us the strength and wisdom to take care of them as you took care of the little animals that lived in the forests of Umbria. Radiate us with your energy to teach us to love them as brothers and sisters of our own family, and to treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve.

We also ask you to protect our friends from the diseases and dangers of the world. May you give them the health and well-being they need to live long and happy lives. And when their time to leave comes, we ask that you welcome them into your kingdom of love and peace, where they can enjoy the company of other animals and continue to be loved and protected.

Oh Saint Francis of Assisi! We ask you to guide us on our way to become better human beings, so that we can care for and protect not only our pets, but all living beings of divine creation and all those little animals that are alone in the street, Without food and without shelter, find a friendly hand that offers you shelter and protection.

Help us Saint Francis of Assisi so that we can follow your example of love, humility and service to others, and that we can live our lives in harmony with nature and all the creatures that inhabit it. Amen, and so be it."

Prayer to find my pet

A very painful and desperate situation can be the loss of a pet, since these little companions become part of our family and any harmful situation they suffer can make us go through deep discomfort. This prayer is very timely in a desperate case in which we do not find our pet.

"Oh dear Saint Francis of Assisi! You who loved and cared for all of God's creatures, both great and small, I implore you to help me find my beloved pet (say pet's name).

As your follower, I know that you always had a great love for animals and that you saw every living being as a child of God. Your unconditional love for them is a testament to the goodness and mercy that God shows us all.

I beg you to intercede for me and guide me in my search for my beloved pet. I ask you to grant me the wisdom and patience to look in the right places, and to give me the strength and hope not to lose faith.

You who spoke to the animals and cared for them with a loving heart, I ask you to help (say the name of the pet) find his way back home. Protect and guide my beloved animal in his path, may nothing bad happen to him, and help me to be a good caregiver and companion for him.

May the divine light of God illuminate our path and guide us in our purpose of finding our pet. May his love and his grace fill us with strength and hope to move forward and not lose faith in our search.

May your words of love and your actions full of kindness serve as a guide for our path and lead us to a happy reunion with our beloved pet. Amen, and so be it."

Prayer to Saint Francis of Assisi to heal sick animals

Prayer to Saint Francis of Assisi to heal sick animals

When you have a heart that is sensitive and empathetic to the pain of others, you understand how difficult the suffering of beings who find it difficult to express their suffering can be. That is why taking care of a sick animal is one of the most special acts of kindness that man can do. This prayer to Saint Francis is very timely for such situations.

«Oh praised Saint Francis of Assisi! Friend and patron of animals, protector of nature, I ask you to guide us in the healing of sick animals. We know that your love for all God's creatures is immense and that you have always worked for their well-being. Today, I implore you to listen to our prayers and help us to heal the creatures that are suffering.

We know that illness and suffering are a part of life, but we ask that you grant us the wisdom and knowledge to find the right treatments to alleviate the pain of the animals we love. We know that through you we can find the strength to be compassionate and kind to all of God's creatures, including those who suffer from afflictions.

We ask you to enlighten us and give us the strength to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves. May our hands be your hands, our words be your words and our hearts be your heart. Help us to be healers of your creatures, so that they can recover their health and joy.

May our healing work be a testament to God's love and mercy, and may our actions inspire others to love and protect all living creatures. Oh Saint Francis of Assisi, we ask you to help us in this task, so that we can do our part in protecting God's creation and building a more loving and compassionate world. In your hands we leave our healing work, in your love we trust, and we follow your example. Amen".

Prayer to Saint Francis of Assisi for children

The sensitivity that characterizes Saint Francis of Assisi makes him a special protector of the most defenseless creatures, so entrusting children to his care through this prayer is highly recommended.

"Oh beloved Saint Francis of Assisi! Protector of all living beings, today I ask for your help and guidance in this world full of dangers and fears.

I implore you to spread your wings over the children of this world that is full of multiple dangers, protect them and cover them with your love and divine wisdom.

I ask you to give them strength and courage to face the challenges of life, and to always feel your presence by their side, like a warm hug of love, especially entrusted to your care (say the name of the child you want to protect ).

May your light shine on them and illuminate their paths, and may they always find their way to happiness and peace.

Oh protector of animals and nature! I ask that you also take care of those animals that are sick and suffer, that you heal their bodies and soothe their souls with your divine love and compassion. May we never forget that they are living beings with the right to life and love.

Saint Francis of Assisi, you who love and protect all beings in this world, I ask you to extend your protection and your love to children and animals, the sheltered and the helpless, so that they always live in harmony, full of happiness and in peace with the nature that surrounds us. Amen, and so be it."

Prayer to Saint Francis of Assisi to achieve a miracle

Prayer to Saint Francis of Assisi to achieve a miracle

Due to the lofty virtues of Saint Francis of Assisi, he enjoys special attention from the Lord, so his intercession in the cause of his devotees is quite effective.

"Oh dear Saint Francis of Assisi! There is no doubt that you are known for your miracles and your great deeds. So, to you that I beg with all my heart to help me in this moment of need and despair.

I am sure that you are the intercessor of great miracles and that your prayers have the power to change the course of things until they become positive.

I ask you to help me find a solution to this difficult cause that worries me so much (make request). In the name of your teachings, where you have reminded us that love and faith are the keys to overcome any difficulty.

I beg you to bless me with the guidance of your wisdom, to give me the necessary strength to face the challenges that come my way and to grant me the miracle that I need so much to resolve this vicissitude.

Oh Saint Francis of Assisi, you who dedicated your entire existence to serving others, both on this Earth and in heaven, you protect the most vulnerable and fight for justice and peace in the world, I beg you to intercede for me before Almighty God.

I trust that my prayers will reach the top from your hand and that divine grace will illuminate my path to find the solution to my cause. I thank you in advance for your intercession and I promise to follow your example and live by the values ​​you taught us: love, humility, charity and service to others. Amen".

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I pray to ask Saint Francis of Assisi for a favor

The devotees of San Francisco de Asís recognize the great effectiveness of prayers to ask for favors at his feet. The following prayer enjoys great efficiency to get your help.

Oh, Saint Francis of Assisi! Blessed saint of the Catholic Church, who quickly ascended to heaven for your many virtues. Intercessor before the Most High, today I come to you with humility and devotion to ask you to grant me an important favor.

I know that your miracles are numerous and that your love for animals, nature and human beings is immense. That is why I trust that, through your intercession before the heavenly throne, you can make what seems impossible possible.

Witnesses were those who had the joy of knowing you that you dedicated your life to the service of those most in need and that you always showed great empathy and compassion for all living beings, you are the perfect example of how to live a life of faith and love. Therefore, I come to you for help to achieve God's grace on this important favor.

I ask you to intercede with the Almighty to grant me the need that I long for so much. I know that you are capable of working miracles and that your faith and your love are more powerful than any obstacle or difficulty that comes my way.

I trust that through your help, God will hear my prayers and grant what I am seeking. For this reason, today and always I thank you for your intercession and for your unconditional love for all living beings.

I wait with faith so that your spirit always guides my path and leads me on the path of light and truth, so that I can achieve my goal and obtain the favor that I so much need. Amen".

Prayer to Saint Francis of Assisi to ask for peace

Peace is a virtue that emanates from the depths of the energy of Saint Francis of Assisi. Since his transit through this Earth, he was an example and representative of his meaning in every way. This is the reason why when we are looking for calm and tranquility in all our affairs, it is highly recommended to pray in the name of Saint Francis of Assisi, assuring that this path will be much cooler with his company.

Oh charitable Saint Francis of Assisi! You are the patron of peace and nature. That is why we ask you to help us achieve the precious well-being of peace in our lives, and not only for us, we also pray that peace be in the whole world that surrounds us.

We implore you to teach us to be instruments of peace, where there is hate that we bring love; where there is offense, may we bring forgiveness; where there is discord, let us bring union; where there is doubt, let us bring faith; where there is despair, let us bring hope; where there is sadness, let us bring joy.

Help us, dear Saint Francis, to become a reflection of your love for nature, to take care of it and protect it as you did, so that it can continue to be a habitable place for all.

May our search for peace begin in our own hearts, so that we can radiate it to those around us, and together we can work for the peace of the whole world.

We implore you to intercede with Almighty God, and grant us the grace of individual and collective peace, so that we can live in harmony and love in this world. Amen".

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