Prayer to San Judas Tadeo

Prayer to Saint Jude Thaddeus

The prayer to San Judas Tadeo enjoys great popularity and acceptance by the followers of the saint of difficult causes. Precisely, because he is considered a very miraculous saint, invocations of him are required by all those who suffer and await divine intervention to get out of their most complex situations. That is why, among his prayers we can find novenas, litanies, and other invocations to praise him and also to request timely help from him.

«Magnificent apostle Saint Judas Tadeo, faithful follower of Jesus Christ. You have been recognized as the patron saint of difficult and desperate cases. To you we raise our prayer all the troubled.

Diligent are your prayers before God Our Lord. Heard are your requests in the kingdom of heaven. That is why I humbly ask for your help, so that your intervention may be worth the grace of enjoying the blessing of the Eternal Father.

San Judas Tadeo, before you I present myself full of despair, because I do not see the time when I will be able to get out of this misfortune. At your feet I place my hopes so that, renewed in your healing energy, I can get up stronger, full of patience to promptly receive the answer to my prayers.

I strongly implore you Saint Judas Tadeo, to attend to my prayer, because I come to you because I believe in you with deep faith and devotion. I am sure that your goodness is great, and that under no circumstances do you abandon those who need you. That is why I must always honor you as my most valuable guide and defender, it is you who advocates my cause before the Creator.

Help me now so that my implorations are answered in the office of the Lord, that through your mediation this adversity that worries me be resolved in good terms (make request).

Saint Judas Tadeo, glorious friend of God, in your hands I leave my prayers, and my concerns, make my sorrows become joys. With high fervor, zeal and comforted hope is my soul after having raised a prayer in your name, because in my heart rests the certainty that you do not abandon the needy.

Grateful to you I will be forever holy of my devotion. I thank you, and I thank Almighty God for allowing you to be in his presence, and in a mission of mercy you can extend our prayers before the magnificence of the Creator so that our vicissitudes may be resolved.

My prayer is flooded with joy, and my soul is revitalized, all this is motivated by your grace Saint Judas Tadeo. I am a witness of your immense charity, and as I await the manifestation of your miraculous intervention. Meanwhile, I will remain meditative, patient and peaceful in body and mind, as you know how to do.

You, who as a good farmer, wait patiently for the seeds of the sowing to germinate until giving good harvests. In the same way you sow your requests for our benefit in the garden of God. You, San Judas Tadeo, who removes all the weeds and bad grass from my path, leaving open and clean paths through which my walk becomes easier. Entrusted to you I will keep my prayers, thanking you once again for helping me in any situation.

Inspired by your actions, I promise to be a better person every day and work to help others, as you know how to do. In the name of the Father, of the Son, of the Holy Spirit. Amen".

(Pray Our Father, Gloria and Hail Mary)

Who is San Judas Tadeo?

Who is San Judas Tadeo?

It is estimated that Judas Tadeo was born in the city of Cana in Galilee. His occupation was a farmer. His father was Alfeo Cleofás, (brother of Saint Joseph) and his mother was María Antera, (first cousin of the Blessed Virgin Mary). His brothers were: the apostle Santiago the Less; Joseph known as the Just; Simon, who became Bishop of Jerusalem and Maria Salomé, mother of Santiago el Mayor and San Juan Evangelista.

His name has a very special meaning. Judas means: "praises be given to God"; and Tadeo translates as: "brave to proclaim his faith."

San Judas Tadeo is one of the most popular saints, this is due to a large number of favors for which he intercedes before God, managing to get the help required for the devotees who pray to him with faith. An example of this is what Santa Brígida manifested, who said that in her revelations Our Lord exhorted him to make requests through San Judas Tadeo when he wanted to obtain some favors.

What is asked of San Judas Tadeo?

We know that San Judas Tadeo is known as «the pattern of difficult causes» That is why the requests made to it are usually of any nature, however, it is commonly invoked to solve situations such as:

  • Faced with causes that we have considered lost, or sometimes impossible, in which ultimately only a miracle could save us.
  • In cases where the disease takes over people and it costs a lot to heal.
  • You are asked for favors to get a job.
  • It is opportune to achieve the joy of getting a house.
  • He is asked to solve marital crises.
  • It intervenes in the development and resolution of economic problems.
  • Help for people to get out of prison or to positively resolve litigation, complaints or legal problems.

Prayer to San Judas Tadeo for difficult and desperate cases

Prayer to San Judas Tadeo for difficult and desperate cases

«Glorious apostle Saint Judas Tadeo, faithful and brave evangelist. We are grateful, your devotees, because you have been invited to the table of the Son of God, since you have been invested with the honorable mission of helping the poor and desperate.

Almighty God has blessed your company, so you enjoy his grace throughout eternity. You, how blessed you are, always remember this humble devotee of yours who from now on will honor and praise you, because you lie among the righteous, and in your mercy you do not hesitate to help all of us who, overwhelmed, face difficult adversities.

Holy benevolent, selfless guide and protector, take my prayers to our Lord so that, through your intercession, my pleas may be granted. I am sure that your intervention will help me to obtain divine charity that will allow me to get out of the conflicts that concern me (make a request).

While my needs are being met, I beg you not to let go of my hand, dear companion and friend of ours. Protect me from temptations, from bad inclinations, from bad thoughts, and from bad actions. Help me to live within the precepts of God, so that fulfilling my obligations as a man/woman of faith, I can practice all the necessary virtues to achieve the salvation of my soul at the end of my life.

Blessed Saint Judas Tadeo, student of the Divine Master, you who learned how miraculous the great power of God can be, work diligently on my cause, so that the presence of the Father's mercy may be manifested for my benefit, bringing peace to me, the tranquility, the calm, and the resolution of my major concerns.

Oh my dear San Judas Tadeo! Kind saint, saint of my heart, consolation of the faithful, calm in turbulence and timely response to vicissitude, protect me on all the path that remains for me to follow. Thank you infinite for your good works, may the blessing of the Father of heaven keep you forever. Amen".

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Prayer to San Judas Tadeo for money

Prayer to San Judas Tadeo for money

«Oh San Judas Tadeo! Defender of difficult causes, today I invoke your help in my pressing situation.

You are a charitable saint, a fervent brother, a merciful apostle and a spirit of goodness at the service of God. He intercedes before the Creator so that we are worthy to receive the honeys of earthly abundance, since, troubled, we swim in despair in the face of the urgent need that overwhelms us. Economic difficulties delay us, debts overwhelm us, and although we are aware that money is not the first thing in life, there are situations in which we need it to be able to provide ourselves with a good future.

Help me then Saint Jude, you who happily received from the Savior the grace of the vocation to the apostolate, to observe him more closely in the practice of virtues, love of neighbor and the preaching of the gospel. You, who learned well what it is to help the needy.

You were given the laudable mission of spreading the word of the Son of God, and in your work you moved the hearts of the infidels, converting so many believers through the example of your actions and your teachings, which earned you to receive the honor of mediating in the execution of the Lord's miracles. By that sacred virtue, I beg you to help me in the face of this urgent need that I am going through (make request).

At your feet I deposit my requests Saint Judas Tadeo, confident I strengthen myself in faith and I await your prompt and timely help. I ask you not to stop encouraging me at any time, because you are my support and my consolation. Work on my affairs so that I can live a full, abundant, and peaceful life, in which I can share with others the blessings received from your hands.

I thank you for your divine intervention Saint Judas Tadeo, with love and humility I take refuge in your protection, waiting for the good that your miraculous spirit will bring me. May the blessing of the Holy Trinity be with us today and always. Amen"

Prayer to San Judas Tadeo for love

“Beloved and venerated Saint Judas Tadeo, today I invoke your help with the blessing of God, Creator of the Universe. For him to work with all your holiness on our hearts, so that we can know the true meaning of love. You, who with your own eyes saw the Divine Master demonstrate what deep and fraternal love means, even suffering the cruelest treatment until martyrdom on the cross, as a sign of love and sacrifice for our salvation.

You, who in the name of that love also suffered the martyrdom of the infidels. We ask you to help us foster true love within us.

Strengthen us in faith to love as corresponds to God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, reason for all existence. Inspire in our souls the ability to selflessly forgive and love others. Help us to accept ourselves as we are, without judging ourselves.

Inspire us San Judas Tadeo, to be able to understand with wisdom everything that our emotions transmit, and thus, strengthen our hopes and our dreams. Infuse love towards ourselves through your fluid of goodness, so that we may be able to live with joy, freedom and love.

Once our energies are balanced, help us San Judas Tadeo so that from this moment on every action, every reaction, every thought and every emotion we have is based on love. Because we are confident that if you intervene, the presence of love in our lives will increase, until everything is transformed, and fear, misery, sadness and depression are replaced by peace and joy.

See that the power of love settles so firmly in our lives that all bad energies are destroyed, there will be no betrayal, no disloyalty, no bad actions against us, as long as you, Saint Judas Tadeo, fill us with your immense mercy.

Then, try to ensure that the love of a couple reaches us, getting and connecting with the right person to embark side by side on the great journey that is to live. May our life partner vibrate in the same tune and enter our lives to make us grow and evolve, drawing from us the best we have to give and developing within a family dynamic inspired by the Holy Family.

From love we have to triumph in your name San Judas Tadeo, and in the name of God, because we will make correct and timely actions and choices. With this love that we feel for God, for you, for ourselves, for our family, and for the love of a partner that will soon come into our lives, we must succeed (make a request).

With the power of love that San Judas Tadeo gives us, we will enjoy a full life enhancing beauty and light inside and outside. Grateful today and always for your infinite goodness, protect us San Judas Tadeo. Amen".

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Prayer to San Judas Tadeo to get a job

O San Judas Tadeo! Tireless evangelist at the service of God's work. Your work more than a mission is a grace, that is why, crying out for your infinite charity, I beg you to listen to my prayer.

I entrust myself to you, I beg you, do not allow me to be subjected to arduous work during my days, do not let unproductiveness take over my life. San Judas Tadeo, patron saint of difficult causes, I ask that the difficulty I am going through to find a job be overthrown, that the difficult become easy and that I start working soon.

You, merciful apostle of Jesus, attend to my prayers, do not allow me to experience misery, misery and oppression. Make me find opportunities on my paths that help me prosper, so that I can achieve the stability that I long for, and with which the tranquility and the necessary supply for me and my family will come.

Saint Judas Tadeo, with humility I promise to remain obedient to the commandments of God, even when my luck changes and prosperity settles in my life and my affairs, because I will always be grateful to you and God Our Lord.

Dear San Judas Tadeo, I am confident that I will quickly find a job blessed by your influence and granted by the grace of God. Nothing and no one will prevent me from progressing. Now I thank you merciful brother, in Jesus name, Amen.

Prayer to San Judas Tadeo for the family

«Blessed Saint Judas Tadeo, cousin brother and friend of Jesus, you who belonged to a united and loving family where the teachings of God prevailed generation after generation.

I ask you to pray before the Creator so that my requests are heard. May the grace of the Son rest on my home, and the Holy Spirit dwell in the hearts of each of the members of my family.

Do not allow San Judas Tadeo that bad feelings enter our house, nor in the hearts or minds of all those who reside in it. Guard our front door as you guarded the commandments of God, so that no evil spirituality, malevolent entity, demon, death or disease can enter it, with the intention of harming the members of my family (make request).

May the absolute harmony emanated by your help reign among us and thus establish stability, firmness, health, happiness, brotherly love and the blessing of God and Saint Judas Tadeo. In the name of the Father, of the Son, of the Holy Spirit. Amen".

History of San Judas Tadeo

The scriptures say that after the Last Supper, at the moment in which Christ promised that he would manifest himself to those who listened to him, Judas asked why he did not manifest himself to everyone. Jesus replied that He and his Father would be with all those who loved him.

Among the ancient texts, the authorship of one of the canonical epistles is attributed to Saint Jude. This is not addressed to any person or church in particular, but it does have a powerful message of faith. He invites Christians to: «fight bravely for the faith that has been given to the saints. Because some in the secret of their hearts are impious men, who turn the grace of our Lord God into an occasion for quarrel and deny the only regulating sovereign, our Lord Jesus Christ».

From the beginning it is well known that Judas Tadeo is exposed as a fervent follower of Jesus, not in vain he is one of his apostles. His criticism against false teachers is usually very strong, since his main objective is to call and convert men to the true faith. As he himself explains with this beautiful prayer that says: "Eternal glory be to Our Lord Jesus Christ, who is able to keep us free from sins, and without stain in the soul and with great joy."

In another sense, Judas Tadeo is a sometimes controversial character, because his name has sometimes been confused with other figures in history, for example, some often think that he is Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus; or he is confused with Saint Thaddeus of the legend of Abgar, coming to consider that his death was calm and peaceful, ending his life in Beirut of Edessa.

According to Western tradition, the Roman liturgy indicates that San Judas Tadeo met San Simón in Mesopotamia, together they preached the word of God for several years in Persia, where they finally perished being martyred. In an ancient story, attributed to a character named Obadiah, who is believed to have been a disciple of Simon and Judas, being consecrated by them as the first bishop of Babylon, the death of both saints is discussed. It states that San Simón was martyred by sawing him in half, and San Judas Tadeo was decapitated, cutting off his head with an axe. This is the reason why the Western Church commemorates their celebration together.

The Eastern church, on the other hand, has a different perspective on Judas Thaddeus. It is estimated that he passed away in Beirut from Edessa in Lebanon, completely separating the festivals related to Simon and Judas Thaddeus.

Your day

As mentioned above, the festival of San Judas Tadeo el Apóstol was established in the western church on October 28, sharing the celebration with San Simón. However, for some time now, it has become frequent for devotees to venerate him on the 28th of each month, this is undoubtedly due to his considerable appreciation and popularity among believers.

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