Prayer to Blessed Saint Lazarus

Prayer to Blessed Saint Lazarus

Prayers to Blessed Saint Lazarus are very popular. He is a character who enjoys much devotion from believers of the Catholic religion and other spiritual cultures. Lazarus is invoked through prayers to request his intercession before Almighty God to obtain blessings of health and healing of diseases, as well as to attract abundance to our lives, since Saint Lazarus is known as the patron saint of the poor. .

Who is Saint Lazarus?

There are several stories that explain who San Lázaro is, all of them depend on the religious belief that the devotee has. In general, the most popular ones refer to Saint Lazarus in one of the following representations: 

Saint Lazarus as a biblical character

Lazarus' name is translated in the language of Israel as "God is my help." He is known as a good friend of Jesus of Nazareth, brother of Martha and Mary of Bethany. It is estimated that he lived in Bethany, just outside of Jerusalem. He gave shelter to Jesus in his house at least three times. His popularity is accentuated thanks to the fact that in the Gospel of John (11: 41-44) it is said that he was revived by Jesus, for which his name is a frequent synonym of resurrection. Such was the love that Jesus had for Lazarus that when he contemplated the suffering of Mary and Martha after Lazarus died, he wept.

According to Judeo-Christian beliefs, Lazarus accompanied Saint Peter to Syria, it is also believed that he was embarked by the Jews in Jaffa in a ship without sails with his two sisters and other Christians, reaching the island of Cyprus. He was Bishop of Kition and died 30 years later. He was martyred on December 17, the day on which his existence is commemorated.

Lazarus the beggar

This character appears in the parable of the Gospel of Saint Luke, in fact, it is the only one of the parables that contains a proper name "that of poor Lazarus", which speaks about the rich Epulon and a poor man named Lazarus or the rich man and of the beggar Lazarus (Luke 16: 19-31). Tell this story about the final destiny of both men; the poor Lazarus reaches the glory of heaven and the rich Epulón is condemned to live eternity in hell. It is here that Lazarus's condition as a leper and poverty are revealed, which made him the patron saint of leprosy.

The parable of the rich Epulón and the poor Lazarus

There was a rich man who dressed in purple and fine linen and feasted sumptuously every day. There was also a beggar named Lazarus, who lay at his door full of sores, and longed to be satisfied with the crumbs that fell from the rich man's table; and even the dogs came and licked his sores.

It came to pass that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham's bosom; and the rich man also died, and was buried. In Hades he raised his eyes from him, being in torments and saw Abraham from afar, and Lazarus in his bosom. Then he, shouting, he said: Father Abraham, have mercy on me and send Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue, because I am tormented in this flame.

But Abraham said to him: Son, remember that you received your goods in life, and Lazarus, evils; but now he is comforted here, and you tormented. In addition to all this, a great chasm is placed between us and you, so that those who want to cross from here to you cannot, nor can they cross here from there.

The Orisha Babalu Aye is syncretized with Saint Lazarus in its two previous versions. Babalú Ayé is a deity belonging to the Yoruba pantheon and to the Arará land, his cult comes from Africa and was spread in the American continent as a result of the arrival of slaves during colonization.

How to pray to Saint Lazarus?

How to pray to Saint Lazarus?

Blessed Saint Lazarus is prayed with deep devotion and faith. There is no other way to do it, because this is the feeling that he awakens in his devotees and followers. Many people usually accompany his prayers with violet-colored candles, offer him flowers, and typical dishes of each culture or region, as a treat and thanks for his timely intervention to solve their various conflicts. 

What is required of Saint Lazarus?

Saint Lazarus is often asked for his help to:

  • Seek physical or spiritual healing or maintain good health.
  • Get rid of enemies, wars and spiritual curses.
  • Prosper and obtain material evolution.
  • Get jobs.
  • Protect pets, especially dogs.
  • Open the paths and get good fortune. 

Prayer to Blessed Saint Lazarus

Prayer to Saint Lazarus

“In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I invoke Saint Lazarus blessed, glorious protector who tirelessly assists the poor, helpless and sick. You who listen attentively to his devotees when they call on him urgently for his help and mercy, this prayer is offered in his name. Blessed Saint, I beg you to raise my prayer to the heavenly kingdom at the feet of our Lord, to be able to enjoy his shelter and protection against and during any illness, enjoying good health during this earthly transit to be able to continue until achieving the missions that They have entrusted themselves to my destiny. Saint Lazarus protect me from all the evils of the world. Amen".

Prayer to Saint Lazarus for health

Prayer to Saint Lazarus for health

«I invoke the power of blessed Saint Lazarus. You, our noble hope. Shelter in martyrdom and grief. You know all the ups and downs of life's suffering. You know the pain and the burning desire to get ahead. You, waste of love to Jesus Christ, who gave you life back after having lost it. I humbly and pleadingly ask you to help me with your valuable mediation, so that my needs may be heard by God the Father and God the Son. Because you can reach the throne of the Most High, you enjoy the grace of being before Jesus, who is your good friend and benefactor.

Help me then Saint Lazarus to reach his infinite mercy to count on his blessing, and thus be able to find relief from the evils that afflict me (make request). Do not neglect my cause please I ask you, look that I come before you with a naked heart showing you my desperation.

Saint Lazarus, protector of those who suffer, you more than anyone know how difficult it is to suffer pain and illness, sadness and despair, even death itself, you knew beforehand and all the fears that this entails. Today I place my fears at your feet to get rid of everything that I cannot get rid of by my own means.

I raise my voice in a desperate call in your name Saint Lazarus, imploring you not to neglect my pleas. Give me your help in this hour of anguish that the disease has settled in my body and I want with all my strength to heal so I can fulfill my goals and dreams in this earthly life.

Blessed Saint Lazarus, just as you yourself felt the joy of being resurrected by the exalted power of Jesus Christ, give me the joy of being able to enjoy a life free from the ties of pain and the corruption of the evil that afflicts me. In you I place my trust because you are merciful and kind, therefore, I am sure that you will not abandon me. Thank you for your divine intervention. Amen".

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Prayer to Saint Lazarus to open the paths

With the blessing of Almighty God, with the blessing of all the holy men and women of the heavenly court. With the blessing of blessed Saint Lazarus, whom I invoke his presence to assist me in this situation that worries and afflicts me today.

You, Lázaro, witnessed the calamities that human beings can suffer in their own flesh, how terrible it can be that our paths are closed by obstacles that do not allow us to prosper, evolve, heal, and achieve peace.

Saint Lazarus, I beg you right now to help me to achieve the evolution of all my projects. That, just as the river grows and does not stop, that my evolution grows, that opportunities flow in my job, in my profession or in my business, and that in the same way prosperity reaches all the people related to my labors.

I also deliver my health into your blessed hands, so that my body is fresh, healthy, rosy and full of energy to meet the goals I have set for myself in life, without anything preventing me from traveling along paths of joy, peace and happiness. tranquillity.

I implore your intervention Saint Lazarus of my devotion, in the themes of love, so that on my path I only find sincere, brotherly and true love, and that loneliness or misfortune of any form or nature does not stagnate in me.

Take me by your hand my dear Saint Lazarus, so as not to take a false step, be my guide in the paths of life to make the most accurate decisions that lead me to the triumph of my mission and destiny in this incarnation. Thank you for responding to my call, I take it for granted that my prayer will be answered in blessings, because you have never failed me. My faith in you is firm and absolute is my trust. Amen".

Prayer to Saint Lazarus to ward off bad luck

This prayer can be made by offering a violet candle (candle) in the name of San Lázaro in the company of a holy card that will then be kept in your wallet as protection and shelter from any bad influence.

«In this holy hour and holy moment I invoke the assistance of blessed Saint Lazarus. Always counting on the blessing of the Heavenly Father, so that both the influence of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit protect us today and always.

Glorious Saint Lazarus, you were imbued with the grace to get out of everything bad, even from death you were rescued by the intercession of Jesus Christ, whose blood covers us and revokes today and always the evil and snares of the devil.

Help me, I ask you, Patron Saint of difficult causes, to get out of this misfortune that does not allow me to advance in the improvements of my life. Refresh my affairs so that they give good results and my efforts are not thrown into the void. It transmutes the bad energies that have brought me such bad luck lately. Eliminate the low vibrations and dark spiritualities that are responsible for the stagnation in my life.

Listen to me Saint Lazarus, who, just as you suffered at hand, you know the good, because you were blessed with the kindness of the creator. Do not allow then, that negativity, loss, failure, sadness and tragedy touch me once again (make the request of him). On the contrary, pour out on me, my family, my friends and everyone who does me good, blessings of happiness, health, life, love and prosperity.

In your arms I entrust myself, I entrust my protection to you. I am confident that from this moment all my affairs will improve thanks to your intervention. May God keep us forever. Amen".

Prayer to Saint Lazarus for dogs

Prayer to Saint Lazarus for dogs

The relationship with Saint Lazarus and the dogs stems from the story that tells that when "Lazarus the beggar" was very ill suffering from leprosy, only the dogs approached him and licked his sores, being blessed by him when he reached the joy of enjoying the grace of God and enter the kingdom of heaven, therefore, he is also considered a protector of those, and all the creatures of the Lord.

«Blessed be Saint Lazarus, may the blessing of God keep you today and always, like all of us, children of the highest mysteries of creation.

Glorious Saint Lazarus, patron saint of difficult cases, of all the poor and abandoned, also of animals, especially dogs, living beings worthy of care and love.

They, like us, also suffer from diseases, are saddened by abandonment, suffer from hunger, misery and pain. Many times no one notices their needs, just as it happens with beggars in the worst situation, you well know what it's like to go through all that.

But his heart is forever noble and his company remains faithful. I beg you then, do not abandon all those animals that suffer due to the indolence of man, so that they can get the protection, food, care and attention they need.

I also ask you to extend that blessing to my pet, who is currently in poor health, with all my faith in your miraculous hand, I submit this plea so that he will soon recover from this illness that afflicts him and can run again and play bringing us joys to our life as always, and enjoying a home that loves and protects you.

Saint Lazarus, please listen to what I ask of you, do not abandon us in this moment of concern, that this plea be heeded in the eyes of God and my pet safely reaches its speedy recovery. Thank you blessed saint. Amen"

Prayer to Blessed Saint Lazarus for money

Blessed Saint Lazarus, I call to you, I have come to your feet and I place my faith in your hands. I am sure that you are an excellent friend, because our Lord Jesus Christ placed his affection on you, even bringing your salvation. I also consider you my friend because you are the saint of my devotion.

Never leave me without your help and mediation, may your hand always be extended to get me out of affliction. You who well knew poverty, need and distressed how misery can become. That is why I come to you in this time of tribulation. I beg you to intercede on my behalf before Almighty God so that together we can find a solution to the economic setbacks that afflict me today. Debts worry and torment me, and I can't find a way to get my projects going, my businesses and my professional life don't prosper.

To you, my dear San Lázaro, today I ask for your hand, lift me up right now from so much calamity and backwardness, allow each undertaking that you have, or where you seek a job and financial improvement, to find luck. Let money flow through my life and stability settle.

Assist me dear Saint Lazarus, so that I can obtain that solvency that I urgently need to meet commitments, expenses, and debts, thus being able to live in abundance, peace and tranquility.

Help me Saint Lazarus, so that conflicts and misfortune do not harm me anymore. Bring to my life a prompt solution to my inconveniences. I place all my trust in you, because I know that today and always you support me. Thank you for your help and infinite company. So be it, so be it, so it will be. Amen".

Prayer to Saint Lazarus to ask for healing

Prayer to Saint Lazarus to ask for healing

«Oh blessed Saint Lazarus! Connoisseur of what it means to suffer a fatal illness, an example in the flesh of the miracle of the resurrection. You who help your devotees because you were never abandoned by the eyes of the Lord. You do not abandon those who cry out for your intervention in the same way.

Lázaro, you well know how intense the pain produced by the evils of the flesh can become, the physical evils that eat away at us until they end earthly existence. It has been your experience in the avatars of your incarnation that make you the perfect advocate for our ailments before the heavenly throne.

I beg you, pious Saint Lazarus, for the health of (say the name of the person for whom the prayer is offered) so that you show off your virtues by working on his healing. Give strength to my requests and may my words become life, just as the words of our Lord Jesus Christ were when in your darkest moment he invited you to rise from the grave.

At your feet I place my prayers (make a request for the person you want to heal) intercede with God the Creator so that your help may soon come full of happiness, filled with the healing of this creature's body and soul. Father of the poor and those who suffer, I implore you not to stop helping us, be diligent as you have always done and take our petitions to the eternal Father as soon as possible. Fill us with your blessings and protection, alleviating our sorrows and all the evil of our lives. Amen".

Prayer to Saint Lazarus for work

«May the blessing of the Heavenly Father guide us at all times, may the blessing of Saint Lazarus guide me at all times.

Saint Lazarus, patron saint of those who suffer the misfortunes of this world, please never let me suffer the misfortunes of stagnation or inactivity. On the contrary, emanate your powerful and healing energy to clean all my spaces, especially what concerns the work area.

Fill me with your spiritual fluid Blessed Saint Lazarus, so that my work is always well done. Cover me with your light to enchant everyone with whom I interact, and thus maintain a fresh relationship, without problems or setbacks with my peers and my superiors.

My dear Saint Lazarus, free me from all physical, mental or spiritual laziness that does not allow me to maximize my abilities and take advantage of my potential. Enlighten my mind to have good ideas, and perform my assignments efficiently in any circumstance. Wake up the flame of my virtues and talents so that I can carry out my assignments efficiently. I beg you for my professional evolution, so that once all these attitudes have been developed, I can establish myself in a successful, prosperous and stable way thanks to the appropriate recognition of my work. Saint Lazarus, be my guide, my partner, my protector and my protection, do not allow me to suffer setbacks or unjustified dismissal. In your shadow I shelter and by your side I always walk. Thank you for listening to my pleas. Amen".

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