Prayer to San Marcos de León to dominate and tame the loved one

Prayer to San Marcos de León

Saint Mark the Evangelist, also known as Saint Mark of León, is identified as the author of the gospel that bears his name. However, he was not a direct disciple of Jesus, but rather of Peter, from whom he acquired all the knowledge that he captured in his stories. His prayers are highly effective due to his high spiritual level and the grace imposed on him by God.

This prayer is very powerful, so it can be very opportune to solve family, work and any other nature problems.

"Oh Almighty God! You who reveal yourself full of love in front of men through deeds and words. We beg you to allow the blessed hand of your servant San Marcos de León to help us.

God of heaven, we implore you, through the intercession of the Evangelist Saint Mark whose grace allowed his thoughts to materialize, bequeathing us good news through his gospel so that we can follow the example of the risen Jesus Christ, the word made flesh in the womb of Mary, through Jesus Christ, your Son, Lord, we pray to you today.

Oh blessed brother San Marcos de León! you who tame the beasts of this world, you tame dragons and lions, I beg you to tame the living spirit of (say the name of the person with whom you have the conflict) so that he may come as meek and docile as the lion at your feet to mine to stop.

San Marcos, you who disarm the momentum of the most seasoned, I ask you to disarm bad intentions and change the negative feelings, bad thoughts and bad feelings of (say the name of the person with whom you have the conflict), so that the problems and differences between us are appeased and peace, harmony, respect, affection and consideration reign among us.   

San Marcos, at your feet I entrust (say the name of the person with whom you have the conflict) so that there is no confrontation between us, and sweetened his feelings walk behind me like the living behind the Cross and the dead behind the light

Full of faith I ask for your blessing and that of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. May the Lord grant the grace that I request today through your mediation. Amen, so be it".

It is recommended that after this prayer to Saint Mark an Our Father, 9 Hail Marys, and a Glory be prayed for 9 days.

How to pray to San Marcos?

To San Marcos de León, like the rest of the spiritualities, we must pray with great faith. The certainty that our prayers will be heard and materialized is what makes them so. In addition, it is recommended that requests in his name be made for several days in a row and even be accompanied by veladoras (candles), flowers, essences and sweet spices, to enjoy greater effectiveness.

What are the prayers to San Marcos de León for?

Your prayers are usually very effective in resolving conflict situations in which people show great opposition to our interests, have hostile and even aggressive attitudes. Also, they are used to improve relationships with loved ones, especially freeing them from anger and anger.

short sentence

Short Prayer to San Marcos de León

This prayer is very popular and is often used by its devotees because, despite being so short, it is quite effective.

«San Marcos de León, you who tamed the dredger and the dragon, tames the brave bulls that are also from the mountain; man, woman, tiger, dragon, lion, who want to offend me face to face or treason, I ask that you cut the wings of the heart for those who have bad intentions against me, tame and humiliate them, as Christ humiliated Pilate, who needlessly from ill-treatment like sheep without a shepherd, come back to me and see the truth of San Marcos de León, Christ, Peace and Love. Amen»

Prayer to San Marcos de León to tame

Prayer to San Marcos de León to tame

This prayer is very effective to soften the opposite feelings that our opponents have. It can be performed by accompanying the prayer with a red veladora (candle), offered in the name of San Marcos. It is recommended that this prayer be performed for 9 days.

"Oh San Marcos de León! You who tamed all kinds of beasts, dragons and lions like no other, I ask that by your great blessed power you tame the living spirit of (say the name of the person who wants to be tamed) so that their thoughts, feelings and deeds may be tame towards me who called me (say your name).

Glorious Saint Mark, you who were faithful to your beliefs, to your faith, in such a way that you defeated your enemies represented by the strongest and most indomitable creatures of creation. In the same way, I beg you to put down the bad ideas and bad intentions that (say the name of the person who wants to tame) may have towards me. Change everything negative for positive, change everything that can harm me for everything that benefits me.

Tame him (a) San Marcos, that by your grace and power gifted by the Creator (say the name of the person you want to tame) walk behind me, like a sheep without a shepherd and meek as the lamb and that the blessing of heaven be sit in your heavenly fluid so that my prayers are heard and my requests materialized.

In the name of the great power of God I request the intervention of San Marcos de León and all the dominating spirits, spirit of love, spirit of despair, restless spirit, Don Juan of the Conquest, Don Juan of the roads, Don Juan miner, Don Juan de la calle, Don Juan de los cuatro vientos paths and places, Santa Martha and San Elena de Jerusalén, San Salvador de Orta, Santa Inés del Monte Perdido, María de la Cabeza, and all the beneficent spirits whom I conjure to work in my favor, taming the five senses, mind, judgment, body, spirit and will of (say the name of the person you want to tame).

I offer this prayer in the name of (say the name of the person you want to tame) for the holy day he was baptized, for the day he came into this world, and for the day he is to die. Grant me the ability to tame his momentum and that he comes to my feet giving in to my claims (make a request).

Thanks to the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, thanks San Marcos de León, at your feet I leave my request, it is agreed, it is done, materialized on this Earth. Amen and so be it, so be it."

At the end, a Hail Mary and a Glory are prayed.

Prayer to San Marcos de León to dominate

Prayer to San Marcos de León to dominate

The prayers of San Marcos de León to dominate are very popular. His devotees often use this type of prayer to solve problems of a sentimental nature whose resolution has been very difficult or even impossible.

"Oh blessed San Marcos de León! Dominator of beasts and dominator of hearts, by the infinite grace that was imposed on you, I beg you to dominate the heart of (say the name of the person you want to dominate).

Dear San Marcos, just as Santa Marta enjoyed the power to tame the snake, so you had the power to dominate the lion, it is that strength that I request to be able to dominate (say the name of the person you want to dominate).

Oh Saint Mark, faithful spirit of the Lord! The Almighty looked at you with his eyes of pity and blessed you, being the spokesperson for his truth, dominating the inequity that is hidden within many men on this Earth, I implore you to help me to revoke the negativity hidden within (say the name of the person who wants to dominate) that inspires him to act against me.

May your divine power, San Marcos, make (say the name of the person you want to dominate) be dominated in body and soul by me, that you do not respond to anyone else, that you are not interested in anyone else, that you do not want to look to no one but me, that I own (or) your love, your affection and that without me you cannot live, eat, sleep, or find peace, or tranquility, or happiness.

San Marcos de León, you who have the power to act lovingly on hostile creatures, subdue (say the name of the person you want to dominate) so that their actions and words are only for my benefit, and dominated by my interests keep calm and quiet, that (make your request).

San Marcos de León, help me, do not forsake me in the face of this struggle that I face, which overwhelms me and makes me desperate. Intercede so that the conflicts and contradictions between (say the name of the person who wants to dominate) and myself end. That (say the name of the person you want to dominate) remain meek and docile with me. May my image be found in the thoughts that are in your mind, in your dreams, in your ideals, with love and peace, bringing joy to both.

By the dominating power of San Marcos (say the name of the person you want to dominate) with two I look at you, with three I bind you, with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; dominated in body and soul, in thought and will, tied to me, to my love, to my body, and to no one else. So be it, so be it, so be it, so be it. Amen"

Prayer to San Marcos for difficult cases

Prayer to San Marcos for difficult cases

This prayer can be accompanied by a green veladora (candle) offered in the name of San Marcos to attract the beneficial energy of his spirituality through light.

"Oh blessed San Marcos de León! You who are capable of influencing the thought of all beings when evil, hostility and violence have taken over them. Today I beg you virtuous evangelist to influence the energies blessed by the Creator Father so that accompanied by your winged Lion I can conquer the thoughts of my opponents, that in their dreams and reveries our problems are repaired so that the solution of our conflicts be done.

San Marcos de León, I implore you to put your blessed hand, so that wherever I am, and with whomever I am, I live in tranquility, in calm, in happiness and in peace. May my wishes come true. May my enemies come to a halt at my defeated feet, that no one can harm me, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Oh Glorious Saint Mark of the Lion! You tamed the lion and the dragon, you extinguished the bonfire of your enemies, and you took the word of the Son to the ends of the Earth, your grace is magnificent, for this reason I commend myself to you. Take care of me, my home, my loved ones, my relationship.

I pray with great devotion so that my love is not corrupted, that unity reigns in my family and that through your merciful intervention I can reach the help of the Creator, if it is his will and it is in his sacred plans so that I can achieve the solution to my desperate cause (make request).

I beg you, Evangelist Saint Mark, to you who, miraculously inspired by the teachings of the Father, gave us your sacred writings to share the truth of Christ, peace and the infinite love of his word.

I take refuge in your divine strength, dear San Marcos de León, invoking the Holy Trinity, because my deep faith in the three divine persons will bring me out of so much darkness and tribulation. Thank the Creator I rise, I am armored by the power of Christ's birth and his baptism, bathed in the blood of his crucifixion and his burial. Accompanied by the blessing of his resurrection and his assumption.

Oh San Marcos de León, at your feet the miracle that I implore I have to reach, then, until the heavenly throne my prayers you have to carry. You who implore before Almighty God for us, incarnated souls in this world of suffering and desolation. The evil and stalking of the devil will not allow it to settle in us, your devotees.

I recover, and a miracle has to manifest in my life thanks to the help and love of the Cherubim, the intercession of the Angels, the special service of the Archangels, hope and full faith in the word, the raised prayers to the Lord, the blessing of the Virgin Mary and the saints and saints of the heavenly court.

I recover, and a miracle has to manifest in my life thanks to the power of God that is expressed in the universe, in the light of the sun, in the force of the fire, in the imposing lightning, in the whisper of the wind, in the the immensity of the seas, in the enormity of the earth, and in the strength of the rock.

I recover, and a miracle has to manifest in my life thanks to the impulse that God places in the lives of all of us, his children in this world, his children of creation, whom he leads, supports, guides, watches over, listens, speak, protect, protect and save.

I recover, and a miracle has to manifest in my life because San Marcos de León has to protect me from the traps of the devil, from the temptations of vices and darkness, from anyone who wishes me harm, from curses and witchcraft, of diseases and misfortunes, of cruel powers that want to harm my body and my soul, and of anyone who rises up against the goodness of God.

Thank God, and blessings to San Marcos de León, Christ, peace and love. Amen".

Prayer to San Marcos de León to defeat enemies

It is recommended to perform this prayer for 9 days in a row to intensify its effect and thus appease the intentions of your enemies.

"Oh San Marcos de León! Shield me, before you I deposit my desperate prayer because my enemies have surrounded me and want to see me perish. I entrust myself to your goodness so as not to fail on the path arranged for me by the Lord.

My faith is deep dear San Marcos, in your hands I commend my virtue, strengthen my preparation, my talents and my abilities, so that I do not succumb to the trials of life. That I can fully perform in any area in which I develop, without anyone being able to maliciously oppose my path, in order to be able to carry out the project that the Father has for me.

Because guided by the hand of San Marcos I will repeat three times that: the Holy Shirt, that of the son of the living God, is the one that I am wearing, and it is the one that protects me against my enemies. So his eyes will not be able to see me, his feet will not reach me, his hands will not touch me, his irons will not harm me, his knots will not bind me. In the name of the three crowns of the Patriarch Abraham, I have to defeat my enemies, and meek as the lamb they will come to me, just as Our Lord Jesus Christ did to the wood of the cross.

San Marcos de León, bless my feet, my path, my rooms, my body and my home and everything around me, freeing me from the evil of men, witches, sorcerers, traitors, slanderers, malicious, and All my opponents whom I measure with two in your name, I divide them with three, and I overcome with the grace of God and the Holy Spirit.

Blessed Evangelist, protect me today, tomorrow and always against filters and poisons; save me from burns, suffocation, wounds, premature death; do not allow him to suffer embarrassment, injustice, or prison. Christ with me, Christ in front of me, Christ behind me, Christ in me, Christ at my right hand, Christ at my left, Christ resting, Christ rising, Christ in the heart of every man who thinks of me, Christ in the mouth of all who speak of me, Christ in every eye that looks at me, Christ in every ear that listens to me.

San Marcos de León, tamer of beasts, to you I give the heart of my opponents (say the name of their enemies) so that, just as you tamed the Lion, you make their thoughts, attitudes, actions and feelings more docile with me. May all the opposition you have against me turn into good intentions, kindness, peace, reconciliation and tranquility.

San Marcos de León, may your merciful inspiration direct me towards a greater good, may I achieve all my goals, may my request be attended to and never be forgotten. That my talents and abilities that I now offer to this world with love provide me with the just position that corresponds to me due to my preparation and the desire to serve, without the inequity of those who oppose me being able to divert me from achieving success. The doors of God will be open for my benefit and will not be closed by day or by night.

Divine intelligence assists me at the right time along the paths of life, my needs are covered now and always in perfect balance, my days are full of achievements and my nights of dreams that have to come true.

San Marcos de León, I trust in your great goodness, I will be happy, I will be prosperous because I will have many opportunities to fulfill myself in a fair, wonderful, warm, and harmonious environment. Grateful for your charitable intercession, loaded with patience and humility, I await your response, which is to be revealed in this now and at this moment. Thanks to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit God, the Virgin Mary and Saint Mark. Amen".

Pray an Our Father, a Hail Mary, and a Glory Be.

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