Prayer to Saint Nicholas of Bari

Prayer to Saint Nicholas of Bari

La prayer to Saint Nicholas of Bari It is a very effective invocation due to the special character of this Catholic saint whose popularity is quite wide, a demonstration of this is that from very ancient times to the present, more than two thousand temples have been consecrated in his name around the world. It is estimated that he always comes to the aid of his devotees, not in vain his name means "protector and defender of the peoples."

With the blessing of God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit. May the Holy Trinity allow me to make the invocation of Saint Nicholas of Bari, spirit of mercy, kindness, help and a deep conviction of faith.

In this plane of existence we are your devotees full of the deep humility that your actions inspire us both in life, and in the grace of God in heaven.

To you, my blessed Saint Nicholas, I implore with deep need that you help me in resolving this conflict that overwhelms me (make request).

Forever be my protection Saint Nicholas, behind you I cover myself, from your energy I strengthen myself and in your meditation I find wisdom. The conflicts that delay me, the anguish, the material deficiencies, the ill health, and sentimental problems, as well as everything that harms me and does not allow me to live in peace and happiness are revoked thanks to your beneficial influence on me.

Listen to me Saint Nicholas of Bari, so that you help my petitions to be presented by your immaculate presence before the throne of God's grace and that my prayers be heard and my problems attended to by his infinite mercy, consequently attracting their resolution.

Glorious Nicholas of Bari, help us. We are those who have always been your devotees, favor us to enjoy material and spiritual prosperity, filling us with your glory, so that we can walk the path of salvation, and that thanks to your prayers our request may be granted by the great power of God.

Saint Nicholas, in your hands I commend the protection of our lives, fill us with love, help us to be better people every day, to live enjoying the love of God, just as he loves you, and loves us all, because God is love and that feeling we must fill ourselves to enjoy the blessings that have been reserved for us in creation.

Do not abandon us today, or ever Saint Nicholas of Bari. We are grateful for your diligent intervention, may God keep for you a special place in the kingdom of heaven for such magnificent works and mission. Amen".

Who is Saint Nicholas of Bari?

Nicholas is said to have been a bishop of the Christian faith who lived during the fourth century. His birthplace is located in Patara, in the area of ​​Lycia (currently located in Turkey). He was the son of a fairly wealthy family that stood out for being fervent Christians, educating him within the precepts of the faith.

As a child, Nicolás stood out for his pious nature and great generosity. After the death of his parents, motivated by a terrible epidemic that hit the town, he inherited a huge fortune that he immediately offered to serve the most needy.

He is known as San Nicolás, San Nicolás de Mira or San Nicolás de Bari due to the place where he believes his remains were transferred.

The most interesting thing about San Nicolás de Bari is that he is the inspiration for the adorable character who distributes toys around the world on Easter night, because in life he was a reference to selfless help towards children. In the German language he is called "San Nikolaus", a name that later gave rise to being called Santa Claus, being represented with his traditional red suit and abundant white beard. In the allegorical celebrations of him, sweets and gifts are distributed to the little ones, giving rise to the legend of the popular character.

What is asked of Saint Nicholas?

Saint Nicholas of Bari is usually asked in the following cases:

  • For the protection of children.
  • So that sailors, fishermen, high seas workers and travelers in general have a good journey in the waters and arrive safe and sound at their destination.
  • He is the patron saint of moneylenders.
  • Protect and help prostitutes get a better life.
  • He is a strong defender of people who are unjustly accused.

Short prayer to Saint Nicholas of Bari

«Blessed Saint Nicholas of Bari, it is you who guides and protects me. You are my gold coin, my light in the dark, my peace in times of tribulation. I beg you to heed my plea and extend your hands to my aid. Protect me from all bad influences, both spiritual and physical, and help me reach the fullness of my goals, especially (make request).

Saint Nicholas, you who are the consolation of the afflicted, do not allow my worries and sorrows to intensify, on the contrary, intervene in a positive way so that I can triumph over all adverse situations thanks to your company and intervention. Amen".

Prayer to Saint Nicholas of Bari for difficult cases

Prayer to Saint Nicholas of Bari for difficult cases

«Oh revered and merciful Saint Nicholas of Bari! Example of grace glorified in God. You were full of virtues that due to your pious character you were cultivating until you enjoyed the infinite benevolence of the Creator.

Recognized and admired are the miracles in which you have manifested your intervention, because you do not tire of helping the needy, your noble soul comes to our calls when we face difficult times and require your divine protection.

Saint Nicholas of Bari, you who without hesitation protect entire families, those who suffer misery, poverty and despair, help heal the sick, care for merchants and their workers, accompany prisoners so that they can reincorporated into society, you take care of children and maidens in danger, your piety is indisputable and worthy of admiration.

In my humility I recognize that I am a sinner on this Earth, but I also confess that my requests are good and are born from my faith and my heart (make the request to Saint Nicholas).

I trust that you will work to my aid because you do not deny help to the needy. I implore you to bless me with the happiness of receiving the favor of enjoying your infinite goodness, my cause being one more example of the magnificent mercy of the Lord that materializes thanks to the intervention of his saints.

Glorious Saint Nicholas, at your feet I will patiently wait for my problems to be resolved by your charitable help. May God bless us forever and ever, amen."

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Prayer to Saint Nicholas of Bari on Mondays

This prayer to Saint Nicholas of Bari is performed for three consecutive Mondays in the following way:

First Monday Prayer

"Lord Saint Nicholas, for the precious blood of my Lord Jesus Christ that was shed on the street of bitterness, for the crown of thorns that they placed on his most holy head, for the slap that they gave him on his most holy face, for the spear that they hit him on his most holy side, oh, divine love! for the lashes that they gave him on her most holy back, for the pain that her Holy Mother felt in the street of bitterness, when she saw him fall with the cross on his shoulders for our faults; for all that he felt in his most holy passion and for the copious blood that he shed, I beg you, Mr. Saint Nicholas, to take an interest in the needs and afflictions that surround me, and give me a favorable response in all my afflictions." .

The request is made and repeated three times: "Lord Saint Nicholas, listen to me." To conclude this ritual, the praise and the final prayer are prayed.

Second Monday Prayer

The prayer of the first Monday is repeated. The request is made. At the end, say three times:

"Lord Saint Nicholas, guide me."

To conclude this ritual, the praise and the final prayer are prayed.

Third Monday Prayer

The prayer of the first Monday is repeated. The request is made. At the end, say three times:

"Lord Saint Nicholas, I come for my request."

Conclude with praise and final prayer.

praise prayer

«Full of sweet hope today I come to you, my saint, because in your goodness I trust that I will find my well-being.

I know well that my confidence will not be disappointed, and that I will see my fervent request dispatched because you will calm the affliction of this troubled soul».

Final prayer

«Most glorious Saint Nicholas, humble and virtuous Archbishop of Mira, remember that it has not been heard that someone who approaches you in his tribulations does not reach your favor. I trust in you, I hope in you and I ask you to be my interpreter with God Our Lord, in order to obtain this grace that I have asked you with all my soul. Be my guide, be my safeguard and purify my soul Amen.

Prayer to Saint Nicholas of Bari for work

«Blessed Saint Nicholas of Bari, missionary of God who glorifies his name with your actions of faith and charity. You spread hope and help among your followers and the faithful believers of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I invoke your energy on this holy day to begin the work counting on your blessing and God's.

I implore you Saint Nicholas of Bari to spill your noble fluid on my physical and spiritual body so that you impregnate me with your wisdom and your incalculable goodness. Teach me to live in love for my neighbor, to be merciful, ready to help those most in need, living within the parameters dictated by God, so that in his holy name, I can repay in some way his sacrifice on the cross and thank the blessings I receive every day.

Dear Saint Nicholas, help me find a job that is appropriate for my abilities and aspirations, where I can develop and evolve professionally, where I can meet my economic needs and those of mine. Be my letter of introduction, so that with your charitable energy I can establish myself for a better future (make request).

I thank you in advance, because trusting in you I support myself, knowing that very soon my request will be attended and answered positively for my greatest benefit. So be it. Amen".

Novena to Saint Nicholas of Bari

The novena in honor of Saint Nicholas of Bari is usually celebrated from November 27 to December 5, since December 6 marks the day dedicated to Saint Nicholas. Normally, his devotees use this festivity to request his good offices in the solution of matters of any nature, since it is well known that Nicolás intervenes in a positive way in the resolution of various problems, for which the officiants, in addition to praising him and place their faith in the intercession of Saint Nicholas before God, they also make requests to solve health concerns, love, for the care of children and home, for work, or to find the right partner.

Although we have indicated the traditional date on which this novena is performed, in the same way, it is possible that it is performed whenever it is needed, the most important thing is to do it full of faith and maintain the achievement of the prayers for nine uninterrupted days in which the following sentences will be repeated:

Sign of the Cross

“By the sign of the Holy Cross, deliver us from our enemies Lord, our God. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen".

Hymn to Saint Nicholas of Bari

"From this stormy sea

Oh Father Saint Nicholas,

Drive to the safe harbor

From the heavenly homeland.

Of the struggles of life

And deadly storms

Save us please

And unique virtues.

You always come to the aid

How many your help implore

Sick and navigators

Poor or rich they invoke you.

For your holy holiness

And mighty intercession,

Make us chosen

To blissful eternity.

To the faithful who devotees

Your cult we propagate

Make us deserve the glory

Loving our brothers.


petition prayer

"O glorious Saint Nicholas! From that abode of light, in which you enjoy the divine presence, turn your pious eyes towards me, and obtain for me from the Lord those graces and convenient aids for my present needs, both spiritual and corporal, and in particular the grace (mention here the intention of the ninth), if it is convenient for my eternal salvation.

Protect also, O Holy Bishop, our Supreme Pontiff, the Church and all the Christian people. He leads those who live immersed in sin, or wrapped in the darkness of ignorance, error and heresy, to the straight path of salvation.

Console the afflicted, succor the needy, comfort the faint-hearted, defend the oppressed, assist the sick; and make everyone experience the effects of your intercession before the Lord, who is the dispenser of all goods. Amen".

Supplication to Saint Nicholas of Bari

«Oh blessed Saint Nicholas of Bari! To which families, the poor, the sick, merchants, employees, prisoners, children, maidens in danger go.

I humbly ask you to obtain for me the grace that I expect from you, trusting in your invaluable protection, which you never deny to your devotees, so that, favored by your kindness, we may once again sing the mercies of the Lord, and the wonders of his saints. . Most Provident Saint Nicholas! do not leave me".

Final prayer

«We implore Lord, beseeching your mercy, and through the intercession of Saint Nicholas, Bishop, keep us from all dangers, so that the path of salvation may be shown to us expeditiously. Through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen".

Prayer to Saint Nicholas of Bari for love

«Most excellent Saint Nicholas of Bari, Bishop at the service of the Christian faith, example of love towards God and neighbor. Noble have always been your feelings, thoughts and actions. All that grace earned you the blessing of being promoted to the kingdom of heaven where he, accompanied by the saints, helps those most in need.

Self-sacrificing brother, blameless son of the Creator, protective father of all who come to your call. Until you I raise my prayer today. Your eyes are capable of recognizing the goodness and true intentions of men, that is why with my heart exposed I reveal my deepest desires.

Loneliness overwhelms me at times, despite being sure that I have the company of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, as well as your always timely assistance. However, I want to find a person of flesh and blood who becomes my life partner, someone who gives me sincere love with whom to form a loving home, full of peace and tranquility.

It is to you my dear Saint Nicholas, to whom I beg to cross my paths with the appropriate person to share my life. I am sure that you have to intercede so that I can achieve this dream that I long for so much (make a request).

When that happens my dear saint, you will be the patron of the home that I will form. In the meantime, I will wait with patience and humility because I recognize that for good things sometimes it is necessary to wait. Then fulfill the plea that I have left at your feet, at the time and in the way that you consider most convenient for my benefit. God bless us today and forever Saint Nicholas of Bari. Amen and so be it, so be it, amen.”

History of Saint Nicholas of Bari

History of Saint Nicholas of Bari

Among the stories that tell the story of Saint Nicholas there are many miraculous interventions that are attributed to him, a well-known story tells that when he was very young, he felt a lot of sadness and concern about the situation of a deranged man who lived in hidalgo, in the town of Patara, in Lycia.

That individual was going through very critical circumstances, living in the deepest misery, so he had the infamous idea of ​​prostituting his three daughters, who were beautiful and very honest young women, so they were in a difficult situation.

Nicolás, due to his merciful nature and given to the help of others, seeing that unfair reality, wanted to intervene to provide a solution. Some versions of this story say that he threw three shoes full of gold through the window of the house where the man and the girls lived; Another version that even had an impact to the present day tells that Nicolás threw some gold coins down the chimney of that house, which fell into three woolen socks that the young women had left to dry, which improved their economic situation by taking them out of the house. that job they did not want to perform. This story gave rise to the Christmas Eve tradition of hanging knitted stockings in the fireplace to receive Christmas gifts.

Another miraculous story of Saint Nicholas is the one that attributes him to have resurrected three children who had fallen from a tree, dying immediately from the blows received in their fall. That same miracle indicates that it was performed on three children who were sacrificed to offer food to the clients of a hotelier.

It is also said that on another occasion, he saved the lives of three generals who were sentenced to death for unjust causes. For their part, the navigators tell a legend about Saint Nicholas in which a group of sailors who were in danger under a strong storm invoked his protection, seeing the image of the saint appear on their ship, immediately appeasing the storm that was whipping them.

It is curious how in most of the stories of San Nicolás de Bari the number three prevails. In fact, in the representative images of him, three gold coins are usually placed in his hands or he is accompanied by three children, in a bucket.

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