Prayer to Saint Raphael the Archangel for Health, Healing, Healing and More

Prayer to Saint Raphael the Archangel

The great power of prayer Saint Raphael the Archangel It was given to him directly by God, by conferring on him the virtue of being one of the intercessors who directly and without delay presents our prayers before the heavenly throne. Requesting the help of the Archangel Raphael through prayers is highly effective, due to his condition as commissioner for the help of the people of God in special missions, and to promote the well-being of homes.

«God of heaven, beloved Created, today I raise my prayer in your name to request the help of the Archangel Saint Raphael, selfless servant of kindness and charity in your honor.

Saint Raphael Archangel, you who were entrusted by the Father to heal and restore Tobias' sight, in the name of those good deeds is that right now I implore you to spill all that divine medicine on me.

Pure Spirit of God, allow me to receive the cure of my ills at your feet. Listen to me Saint Raphael, come right now and take my prayers to Our Lord (make a request).

Beloved angel from heaven, we are confident your devotees that you do not delay in taking our prayers to the throne of the Blessed Sacrament, because it is a joy for you to serve and help all the creatures of creation. In the same way you did it with Sara, Tobias's daughter-in-law, carrying her prayers before the Father.

I implore you, diligent archangel, to assist me in these moments of overwhelm and despair that I am going through. I cry out your name and free myself from so many anxieties that oppress my heart. I stick to your signs and I trust you forever, because I know that with your own words you said that you are one of the seven Angels that leads the prayers of men before the magnificent presence of God.

You were created with such kindness Saint Raphael Archangel, that the Creator commissioned you to help all those who suffer from the machinations of the devil and his low spirits. That is why I give you my heart, my thoughts, my devotion, and everything in my life that needs to be freed from evil. Because without hesitation you freed Sara and tied up the demons that were repressing her, then tie up any entity or being of low light that is disturbing my affairs, my mind, or my spirit.

Saint Raphael the Archangel, you who are light, illuminate my thoughts so that they remain healthy, so that neither ideas nor negative feelings can take root within my being. Dispel feelings of anger, resentments, revenge, memories of sadness and wounds that could darken my heart and close me to forgiveness.

Archangel Raphael, you are welcome in my home, whenever I invoke you my soul lights up with joy because you are one of the Lord's favorite envoys. Touch me with your divine energy allowing my misfortunes to become joys, my fears to confidence, my concerns to calm, my annoyances to peace. Get out of my being all the presence of the devil who, using his perverse abilities, is stealing my inner harmony.

Archangel Raphael, I humbly ask you to be the guardian of my progress, in the same way that you did with Tobias, whom you took care of from all evil and helped to recover the silver. At this moment I entrust you, my dear angel, to also help me recover my good fortune, that my economy be stable, prosperous and abundant, so much so that it even serves to help others.

Do not allow him to suffer losses of any nature. Guard me and my family, my friends, and my benefactors with your heavenly army. Under your care I give my children (say their names if you have them, if you don't have them, you can ask on behalf of your siblings, relatives or whoever you want) so that you protect them from all evil, from bad company, from failure, and from any trap of the devil.

I give you my home San Rafael Arcángel, allow that there are angels around us taking care of us, that inspire union, respect, and love; and that only good-hearted people enter our house, disinterested, free from feelings of envy or falsehood. Deliver us from misfortune, from the temptations of sin, from bad decisions and from the snares of our enemies.

I beg you Saint Raphael that, as you know how to do it, keep me sentimentally attached to the right person, and in the same way, augur a good husband or wife to all the members of my household. So that bathed in your immense grace we manage to find ourselves along the paths of this life with the person that God has predestined for us.

To your devotion I give myself San Rafael Archangel, take control of all my circumstances. Protect me from all evil, misfortunes, diseases, and premature death. Because I trust in you and in the word of God Our Lord. Thank you, dear Archangel Raphael, for always coming to my aid. Stay with me. Fight by my side and pray for us until the last day of our lives. Amen".

Why do we pray to the Archangel Raphael?

San Rafael is a healing Archangel, the nature of his energy stimulates physical, emotional and spiritual healing processes in human beings. All this is done from internal liberation processes, which allow us to neutralize negative emotions that harm our health. In another sense, Rafael also willingly helps those who require help to maintain or improve family unity, and to achieve or maintain good interpersonal relationships, whether: family, work, or partner.

How do you pray to the Archangel Raphael?

Prayers to Archangel Raphael

Performing prayers to invoke the help of angels is just an intimate conversation with a "good friend." Let us remember that, from the beginning of our incarnation, they are accompanying us and protecting us at every step. Therefore, the first thing that must reign when invoking the help of the angels is faith. They will always be willing to listen to us and assist us in whatever is necessary.

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Prayer to Saint Raphael the Archangel to ask for healing

This prayer of Saint Raphael the Archangel can be accompanied by a small ritual to promote with greater intensity the help of your spirituality. The following elements will be used: a holy card of the Archangel, 7 very clean and dry fishbones, a green and a white candle (candle), an olive or eucalyptus branch.

To perform this ritual, a clean and quiet space will be available, to avoid interruptions. The image of Raphael will be placed on a table, the two candles will be lit and the seven thorns will be placed next to it on a small plate. The branch will be placed in a small vase in front of the candles, offering all the elements in the name of the Archangel Raphael and reciting the prayer below.

Archangel Raphael, prince of the armies of God. It is you, healing on Earth. With humility I completely open my heart, hoping that from my love I can reach yours. Glorious watchman of those who suffer, of those who travel, and of those who seek true affection in this life. You are love, you are health, you are life, you are peace. I beg you that by your divine intervention and the vibration of these elements that I have arranged in your name, heal, cure, strip all evil from (say their name or the name of the person for whom the request is made). Create a healing network in his aura, so that under your protection he recovers from all evil and full of life can serve God with acts of mercy. Amen and so be it."

When the candles are consumed, he will keep the thorns in a little box or in a green cloth envelope, saying the following affirmation: «Saint Rafael the Archangel, just as you saved Tobias's son with the fish, so I ask you to save (say his name). or the name of the person for whom the petition is made) amen.” Keep them until the person you are petitioning for heals.

Prayer to the Archangel Raphael to ask for protection

Prayer to the Archangel Raphael to ask for protection

Saint Raphael the Archangel, with the blessing of Almighty God, I implore you to come to my call accompanied by the armies of the Lord.

Guardian angels of the children of God on Earth, led by Miguel, by Gabriel and Rafael, under their protection I take refuge.

Archangel Raphael, I come to you in this hour of great concern. I ask that, with your angelic strength, accompanied by the grace of God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit, counting as always on the intercession of the Virgin Mary, all evil in my life may be overthrown (make request).

By the power of the Holy Trinity and the strength of Saint Raphael the Archangel, I revoke all conflicts, confrontations, machinations, betrayals, bad intentions and bad actions of my enemies; and by his sacred will I invalidate any spirit of evil that remains attached to my being, to my home, or to my paths.

San Rafael Archangel, cover me with your green energy full of light, health, and love. As a good guide and protector, accompany me to get out of this moment of tribulation, refresh my mind to see clearly the decisions I must make and achieve, thanks to your intervention, the long-awaited peace and tranquility.

Thank you Saint Raphael Archangel for listening and answering my prayers, I am sure that you will help me without forsaking me for a moment along the paths of life. Guard me, protect me from all evil, danger and disturbance, I ask you from my heart. Amen".

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Prayer to Saint Raphael the Archangel for children

“Dear Saint Raphael the Archangel, I invoke you today and every day of my life to humbly ask for your heavenly help and protection.

From my heart, I confess that the protection I request is not for me, however, my call is profound. Lovingly I come to you my dear angel to deliver under your protection and shelter my adored son / daughter (say the name of his son).

I beg you, that by the grace of God you manifest yourself before my prayer. That from now on my son / daughter is your protégé / ay with you and his guardian angel can complete his destiny in this life. Protect him Saint Rafael Archangel, so that he can become happy in this life, full of peace, of tranquility, surrounded by people who love him and happy in physical, mental and spiritual health.

Oh Archangel Raphael! pour all your kindness on my son / daughter (say the name of his son). Make our home, your home, and dwell with us from now on, filling us with your presence, with your light, so that, strengthened in you, we can overcome any setback, always emerging victorious. Amen".

Prayer to Saint Raphael the Archangel for health

Prayer to Saint Raphael the Archangel for health

Merciful God, keep us with your blessing, may your grace rest forever on all of us, your children incarnated on this Earth.

Holy Father, I implore your approval to commend myself under the protection of the angels and archangels of the heavenly court, especially under the protection of the Archangel Saint Raphael.

Oh Archangel Raphael! Missionary of God, divine doctor, pious healer, cover me with your vigorous fluid so that the sanction of my suffering materializes in my body and in my soul according to your will.

Before you I expose myself without hiding anything, put your blessed hands on this disease that is affecting my being (make a request) so that once your blessing is obtained, I begin to improve day after day, until I reach the moment in which I declare myself completely healthy / or in your name and in the name of God Our Lord.

You, who emanated your light of protection and grace over the house of Tobias, radiate that same light of salvation over my home, I beg you, so that your vibrations concentrated, every trace of the energy of the disease and of every dark spirit comes out. who wanders the world seeking the perdition and decomposition of men.

Saint Raphael Archangel, work on me and on my need, welcome me under your protection and never let me go, and intercede for my cause without delay because what I ask of you today is urgent. Thank you for listening and responding to my humble prayers, blessed be today and always. Amen".

Healing Prayer to Saint Raphael the Archangel

Praise be to the God of heaven, all honor and glory belong to you. That is why we can do no more than adore you and thank you for your great mercy. Today, pleading, I bow before you, beloved Father, to ask you to allow the influence of Saint Raphael the Archangel to settle on me, so that, just as you sent him to save Tobias by restoring his health, in the same way I can enjoy your mercy. to get your input on mine.

Archangel Saint Raphael, be present in my home, in the hospital or clinic, where with great care they attend me with the medicine of this world, that in your presence be impregnated with true healing, becoming the way in which I manage to recover my health. that I have lost

Saint Raphael the Archangel, with all the love in the world I am ready to welcome you by my side, because my faith is great and you being such a charitable angel of the Lord, my devotion to you is full of trust and hope.

I beg you Rafael, do not abandon my prayer, on the contrary, that it be taken to God's office promptly, so that, with great speed, I can enjoy the joy of being blessed with health that has eluded me for a long time.

I know that today you are listening to my prayers, because you do not deny your ears to the afflicted, nor your help to the helpless. I cling to your spirit, receiving from you the consolation that encourages me to continue, because just having the certainty that you listen to me is enough to take for granted that at your feet I will heal.

Therefore, help me Archangel Raphael, intercede before our Lord so that I can enjoy health in every part of my body that is sick, especially in this particular one (deliver your cause and illness in the hands of Saint Raphael the Archangel). Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your invaluable help, blessed angel. Amen".

Prayer to Saint Raphael the Archangel to ask for the sick

«Glorious Archangel Raphael, I cry out for your help in the name of the Holy Trinity. It was Almighty God who granted you the virtue of interceding for those who suffer, you did it without hesitation for Tobias and Sara as they begged for the help of the Creator.

Archangel Saint Raphael, I take refuge in your powerful intercession, because despite being a humble and sinful creature, I fully trust in your mercy, and being a great devotee of yours, I am sure of your willingness to help those who suffer great consternation.

Today I appear before you, beloved Archangel of God, to ask on behalf of another person, because, although I am not the one who personally suffers this bitter avatar, I see with despair what it means to suffer a bitter illness. I strongly commend you to place your miraculous hands on the body of (say the name of the sick person) so that his needs may be delivered before God, and the joy of healing granted.

You, who are such a kind being, do not deny him your intervention, favor then, his recovery process, that he be in the correct earthly hands, which, influenced by your spirit, must apply the appropriate medicine for the improvement and healing of his affliction.

Likewise, I commend all the sick in this world, do not abandon those who are alone going through serious recovery processes, revive them and fill them with hope so that they do not lose the desire to continue fighting until they feel much better.

Dear Saint Raphael the Archangel, take my pleas before the glorious presence of the Lord so that, through your invaluable intervention, they may be taken into account, blessed and materialized. May the glory of God protect us today and always. Amen".

Prayer to the Archangel Raphael to get a job

Saint Raphael the Archangel, today I invoke you with all my heart. You, who are a being of light, delight in the joy of being before the Blessed Sacrament, you have the power to bring kind blessings from heaven.

To you, angel of my devotion, I place myself, my family and my friends in your hands. Well troubled and sad I find myself, but, in you I have to find peace and guidance to achieve firmness and security that will make me get out of this instability.

Help me, Archangel Raphael, to obtain, through your divine grace, the best news about a new job, because, no matter how hard I have tried, I have not been able to establish myself in the work area and overwhelmed I am submerged in despair. However, by invoking your presence my soul finds comfort, faith and hope spring up in me that I will soon find a solution to my cause (make a request).

Do not allow me to live in misery San Rafael, help me to obtain the appropriate employment to make the most of my abilities, thus enjoying the tranquility and material stability of this Earth. Thank you for heeding my call, may your will be done. Amen".

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