Prayer to Santa Marta Dominadora

Prayer to Santa Marta Dominadora

Prayers to Santa Marta dominadora enjoy great spiritual power and mysticism. It is known that they can tame, dominate and bind the will of even the most difficult to convince. Santa Marta's ability to dominate is so impressive that she enjoys a great deal of devotion in various religious beliefs throughout history, including many artists who have dedicated songs, paintings, and poems to her.

Who is dominating Santa Marta?

It is said that Santa Marta la Dominadora is a woman who was born in Africa in the XNUMXth century, known under the name of Philomena Loubaba, who became very popular for having saved a child from a snake that wanted to devour him. This incredible feat caused her to be recognized as a skilled snake tamer.

Within the Dominican Voodoo culture, Santa Marta la Dominadora is also attributed the name of Marta Guede. It is considered a metrésa belonging to the 21 divisions of the Voodoo pantheon. The representation of her offers a very beautiful image as a dark-skinned woman who always has a snake under her dominion. It is said that this spirituality is related to the Baron of the Cemetery, therefore, it is believed that the image of Santa Marta la Dominadora should always be placed on the floor, next to the image of San Elías del Monte Carmelo.  

What is asked of dominating Santa Marta?

This Loa is popularly known for her ability to dominate whoever wants it, in the same way, she attends to everyone who needs her powers and spiritual virtues to solve their affairs. It is possible to obtain her help through prayers and invocations to Santa Marta la Dominadora, as long as they are carried out with great faith. Usually, it is widely used to solve situations such as:

  • Solve sentimental problems.
  • For the loved one to return.
  • To dominate the intentions or actions of people in all areas.
  • To make love moorings.
  • Resolve conflicts or difficult problems.

Dominating colors of Santa Marta

The colors of Santa Marta la Dominadora are: purple, yellow and green. In some customs orange is used instead of yellow; and in other practices it is attributed with the color red because of its relationship with love spells. All these colors, according to belief, are used in the candles that are lit for this spirituality.

Dominating Santa Marta Day

In the Dominican Republic the day of Santa Marta dominadora is celebrated on January 19, however, in other places it is celebrated on July 29 for its syncretism with Santa Marta of the Catholic religion. The days of the week attributed to it are Monday and Tuesday.

Number of dominating Santa Marta

It is believed that Santa Marta la Dominadora is related to several numbers: 19, 8, 89, 38 and 88. However, the number that most predominates in relation to this spirituality in esoteric practices is 5, motivated by the intense control it exerts. about the 5 senses of the people whom he fully dominates.

How do you take care of dominating Santa Marta?

The attentions and rituals to Santa Marta la Dominadora can vary according to the spiritual practice where they are offered. Among the most popular items that are given to you can be highlighted:

  • Strong black coffee.
  • Tobacco and cigarettes.
  • Brown malt.
  • Coffee grounds or coffee beans mixed with honey from bees.
  • 1 raw egg.
  • Spicy foods.
  • Drinks such as: gin and sweet liqueurs.
  • Yellow corn flour, raw or cooked with cinnamon and cloves.
  • Assorted fruits.
  • tulip flowers.

History and syncretism of dominating Santa Marta

In Catholic culture, Martha was the sister of Lazarus and Mary Magdalene. She daughter of Syro, who was Duke of Syria. After the death of her parents, she shared the inheritance of the castle of Magdalen, that of Betania and part of Jerusalem, with her sister. According to legend, she arrived in Marseille after sailing on a ship without sails, oars, rudder or provisions, in that place Marta inspired many conversions.

At that time it happened that while Santa Marta was evangelizing in Provence, a feared dragon, known as the Tarasca, destroyed the plains of the Rhone Valley, harming the tranquility and productivity of all the inhabitants of the place. Marta, faced with such a situation, went into the forest where the dragon was believed to live, taking with her only holy water. When she managed to find him, she was just about to devour a man, so Marta took a branch of hyssop and sprinkled it with holy water, traced a sign of the cross and surprisingly the dreaded beast stopped, and prostrated herself at the feet of the Santa totally tamed. Marta tied the dragon with a rope which she then tied around her waist and took it to the city of Tarascon, from where the dragon is believed to have inherited her name.

Now, this story of Santa Marta, belonging to Catholicism, is what gives rise to the syncretism resulting from the mixture of worship with the African metrésa Filomena Loubaba. Both spiritualities are symbols of domination, control of the will, of the salvation of others thanks to their virtues of authority, trust and determination.

The dragon is the representation of difficulties, problems that cannot be overcome and that, thanks to the intervention of Santa Marta, become submissive and can be controlled by ourselves. The snake, for some, can be interpreted as a symbol of the snares of the devil that are dominated and counteracted by the saint. In other cultures, the snake can also be synonymous with knowledge, so Santa Marta could be seen as a perfect connoisseur, master of the knowledge necessary to get out of the setbacks of the earthly and spiritual world.

Prayer to Dominating Santa Marta

This prayer can be accompanied with three candles, one purple, one yellow and the last one green, in honor of Santa Marta la Dominadora.

«God save the Morena, Gloriosa Santa Marta Dominadora.

I implore your attention, your heroic and respected mystery, you who, being only a woman of flesh and blood, but protected by your immense faith, overcame and ended the most dangerous snake, it is you who I implore for help in the face of my weakness.

I also need to win, and break the ill will that my enemies have against me. It is to you, Santa Marta, to whom I give my struggles, which often overwhelm me with sorrow, because I am confident that your virtues will grant me victory.

Anoint me with your blessed hyssop, so that I radiate your powerful energy myself, defeating and dominating everyone who stands in front of me. Do your will so that my conversation convinces, so that my presence charms, so that my perfume soothes, so that my intentions are accepted, and my proposals approved.

I beg you Santa Marta, as a faithful devotee of yours, to protect me, take care of me and protect me from all danger and from any snake that wants to attack me, whether in the physical or spiritual world. Discover before my eyes the intentions of my opponents, in order to dominate their machinations in my favor (make request).

For more glory of your power Santa Marta, I beg you that everyone who approaches me with some bad intention, collides with your protective shield and turns their purposes into meek, helpful and cordial actions, their will always being defeated in my benefit. Thank you Santa Marta Dominadora for always answering my prayers, may victory be mine forever in your name. Amen".

Short prayer to dominating Santa Marta

Short prayer to dominating Santa Marta

«Holy Martha Dominator, come to my call by the blessing of the great power of God. You who tame even the most bitter and elusive of hearts, dominate the hidden feelings in the heart of (name of loved one). I invoke the great virtue that was granted to you with which, sheltered under your immense faith, you tamed the snake and the dragon, in the same way that I implore you to achieve the submission of (name of the loved one). May your strength and power Santa Marta dominate (name of the loved one) in body and soul, so that it is only for me, without looking at anyone else, nor loving anyone else, staying tied by my side with the Santa Marta bow that never dissolves. Amen".

Prayer to Santa Marta dominadora to dominate a man

This prayer can be accompanied by a purple candle, where the name of the person you want to dominate is written five times, moistened with holy water and domain essence.

"I invoke the great power of the spirit that dominates the serpents, conqueror of the dragons.

Santa Marta Dominadora, a shine of light on you Powerful God saw, that's why I call you five times.

Santa Marta Dominadora comes to my aid.

Santa Marta Dominadora come to my aid.

Santa Marta Dominadora comes to my aid.

Santa Marta Dominadora comes to my benefit.

Santa Marta Dominadora comes to my favor.

5 times I call you because 5 are the senses of (say the name of the person you want to dominate).

You are not afraid of any resistance and darkness, on the contrary, you turn the negative into love and submission. That is why I beg you to take possession of the five senses of (say the name of the person you want to dominate) so that his gaze only sees me with eyes of love; so that his hands only feel pleasure touching me, so that his ears only enjoy the sound of my voice; so that his nose perceives my aroma wherever he is and by my side he wants to return; so that his lips just want to taste my skin.

Dominating Santa Marta, to you I entrust the living spirit of (say the name of the person you want to dominate) return it to me dominated before my heart, may his love be for me, and may our union not be broken by anything or anyone.

The 5 senses of (say the name of the person you want to dominate) have been fixed on me, by the power of Santa Marta, the spirit of domination that subdues and conquers everything. Amen and so be it."

Prayer to Santa Marta dominadora to recover the loved one

This prayer can be performed in the company of a ritual to Santa Marta la Dominadora in which a chicken egg is taken, a small hole is opened and the name of the loved one is introduced, which has been previously written on a piece of paper. parchment, along with 5 spice nails and a cinnamon stick sliver. Then, the hole is covered with red candle wax, completely wrapped in red thread and placed at the foot of Santa Marta with a half red and half white candle.

«I praise the spirit of Santa Marta la Dominadora. Filled with grace and virtue by God.

In this sacred hour and moment, I beg your intercession so that the 5 senses may be tamed, dominated, tied, and controlled: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch; in the company of the judgment, conscience, thought, word, deed, emotion, sensation, spirit and will of (say the name of the person you want to dominate) in my favor.

I (say your name) by the power of Santa Marta la Dominadora, conjure (say the name of the person you want to dominate) and his feelings towards me will be softened, his mind and his soul will yearn to be by my side, unintentionally nobody else, because only with me will he find rest and happiness.

Santa Marta la Dominadora, brings (say the name of the person you want to dominate) to me, dominated in body and soul, giving me her love and passion, being forever tied to my heart. So be it, so it is, so it will be. Amen".

Prayer to Santa Marta for love

This prayer is recommended for couples who go through constant quarrels and fights, to soften the relationship and make the flame of love resurface.

«I cry out to the powerful Santa Marta the dominator. My call is a call of love.

Blessed Santa Marta, you who dominate and know the intentions in each being of creation, fight without fear against dangers, against evil, and triumph over what no one else has managed to achieve, I ask you, saint of my devotion, to help me. to break the opposition and resistance of (say the name of the person you want to dominate) in order to achieve peace in our relationship.

There is no doubt that your power is incomparable, you defeated dragons, assassins, evildoers and huge snakes, that is why I implore you that love overcome hate, that sweetness overcome bitterness, that peace and tranquility overcome disappointment in my relationship.

Dominating Santa Marta make sure that the snake does not descend now in my home, in my family or in my love. It turns (say the name of the person you want to dominate) into a docile, kind and willing being, delivered to the touch of my skin, delighted with my love, in need of my company and dependent on me in his life, so that May harmony reign in our relationship, may your heart be flooded with longing for me, may you understand that I am the ideal person in your life.

Santa Marta Dominadora in your hands I leave the balance of my relationship, that love, calm and happiness reign between (say the name of the person you want to dominate) and me (say your name) always under your mandate and your domain . Amen".

Prayer to Santa Marta dominatrix for domain

A highly recommended ritual for domination at the foot of Santa Marta Dominadora consists of preparing a magical bath to take a shower with those waters. The ingredients for its preparation are: fresh water, yellow rose petals, honey, cinnamon powder, spice cloves, calm balm, handsome amansa leaves, and brown sugar. All this is mixed, the shower is prepared with yellow candles and a bath is taken praying a prayer of dominion to Santa Marta like the following:  

“May the blessing of God be with me today and always.

May the blessing of God always keep you great Santa Marta Dominadora.

I invoke you once more to demonstrate my deep devotion on your behalf. You who are synonymous with victory, capable of achieving what everyone feared, saved that man from the claws of the ruthless dragon, dominating him and tying him meek and bowed to your waist, likewise, today I ask you to tie meek and bowed to ( say the name of the person you want to dominate).

Bless my body Santa Marta Dominadora, so that I am the one who dominates in all situations, that my presence radiates power, authority, and that all submissive do my will, especially (say the name of the person you want to dominate).

That just like the viper that you controlled, bound and over which you triumphed, likewise, the will of my opponents be dominated. May my vibrations be of success and control over everyone who opposes me. That the snake of evil and bad energies cannot harm me (make request). Make me always winner and never defeated Santa Marta. Amen".

Prayer to tame

«Santa Marta Dominadora today I invoke your benefactor action.

There is no doubt that you were noble and brave, known for your kindness to gentiles and hostiles, everyone fell under the power of your charm, even the vilest snake could not harm you, nor those you protected.

That is why I ask for your majestic help to tame (say the name of the person you want to tame). Dominate him, love him and prepare him to receive my love in body and soul. May he enter my life with peace and tranquility, submissive and kind, loving me as I wish, doing my will as the snake does at the feet of Santa Marta.

I beg you Dominating Santa Marta, that my relationship with (say the name of the person you want to tame) be established full of harmony and firmness, that our union brings us happiness (make your request). I trust in you Santa Marta, because your power is undeniable. Amen".

Prayer to Santa Marta for protection against enemies

This prayer can be performed by offering a white candle to Santa Marta, which must be passed over the entire body from head to toe so that the saint can strip us of all bad energy and protect us from all attacks from our enemies.

«Gloriosa Santa Marta, the great dominator. Today I beg you, in the company of San Cipriano, to be my shield against so much evil in the world. Dominate as you did with the dragon, any curse or hex that has been invoked against me. Never allow the snakes disguised as false friends or my declared enemies to ruin me, dominate me, or sing victory over me.

Santa Marta Dominadora, known to all is your story, you are capable of subduing any kind of monster, demon and darkness. It is to you that I beg placate, control and humiliate the snares of my opponents. Never accept that their machinations destroy me, or that confusion invades me suffering a defeat.

God Save the Brunette, Santa Marta, it is you who without hesitation remove my adversaries from my path, nurture me with your brave and determined fluid so that my step is firm and my path fresh, free of obstacles, problems or ties. May the traps not surprise me and the snake can never hurt me.

Saint Martha of my devotion, you well know that there are many who conspire against me, especially (say the name of their enemies) but I have to fear none of them, because I walk in this world under your protection. Fill my life with your energy and your light, in such a way that my illumination is so great and powerful, that with their earthly eyes they can never see me again. Amen".

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