Prayer to Santa Rita To ask for a miracle, difficult cases, love and more

Prayer to Saint Rita

The prayers to Saint Rita of Cassia She is well known, since she is one of the most popular saints among believers of the Catholic Church. This is due to the impressive effectiveness with which, the well-known "Saint of the Impossible", she answers the requests that her devotees make of her through her prayers.

How do you pray to Santa Rita?

Santa Rita is a reference to fervent prayer and deep love for God, to such an extent that she came to ask Jesus to allow her to share, even if it was, a little of the pain of his passion, being crowned with a thorn on her forehead, living stigmatization almost until the end of his days. Therefore, making a prayer in her name should be done under the inspiration of her own example.

Regardless of whether the prayer is pronounced out loud or mentally, the important thing is that the communication with God and with Santa Rita be carried out from the heart, with sincerity, respect, full of faith and with full confidence that our prayers will be heard.

How to pray to Saint Rita of Casia

What is asked of Santa Rita?

Being the patroness of impossible causes, the devotees of Santa Rita make all kinds of requests, especially when it comes to situations that are difficult to solve, lost causes and urgent or desperate conflicts. In addition to this, her help is usually requested in cases related to:

  • Everything related to marriages, love, protection of the family and mothers.
  • When going through marital problems.
  • To entrust the protection of women who suffer abuse, violence, or harassment by their husbands and any other individual.
  • In the face of serious illnesses, terminals, injuries, or of any nature.
  • When you suffer losses, you are a victim of injustice or abuse of power.
  • To achieve peace and tranquility in life.

Short sentence

Short Prayer to Santa Rita de Casia

"Oh Santa Rita! Blessed of the Impossible, patroness of the needy. You diligently carry our prayers before God Our Lord, because with love you look at your neighbor and do not discriminate to distribute your help, mercy and intercession. I implore you, beloved Santa, that in the name of the generosity that characterizes you, grant me your favors (make a request). In your hands I leave my cause, mediator sister of the hopeless, because for you there is no impossible. Thank you Santa Rita, may your spirit rest today and always under the brilliance of Divine light, Amen».

Prayer to Saint Rita

«Oh great Santa Rita! For your immense kindness you were recognized as a lawyer for impossible cases. It is you, who helps us when we have lost our last hope, sweet refuge and balm that relieves us in the face of affliction.

Oh Santa Rita! You who protect your devotees in the face of the most difficult adversities, being recognized as a symbol of salvation in the face of the abyss of hopelessness and despair. In you we place all our trust, because you were full of grace when touched by the hand of God, bearing on your forehead the mark of the sacrifice that his Son made for us.

That is why, in your name I call out, oh Santa Rita! Come to my aid, be my consolation, allow your merciful gaze to rest on me, and full of your mercy make me worthy of counting on your intercession before God the Father. , to achieve relief from the sorrows that keep my heart extremely troubled.

Oh Santa Rita! You know well what agony and pain are, although, being full of the highest virtues, you knew how to endure your martyrdom with the greatest dignity, we implore you to strengthen us so that we can face the cruel sorrows that overwhelm us without failing. Santa Rita, your blessed eyes shed more than once the bitter tears produced by the tribulation, that is why today, you can truly see that my suffering is genuine.

Oh powerful Santa Rita! I beg you to come to my aid. Your voice is well heard by the Lord, you have been received by the choirs of angels in the kingdom of heaven thanks to your ministry on this Earth. Intercede for me, I ask you. I confess my weaknesses before you and before the Father, however, with an open heart I show that my intentions are pure and clean, I only want to find a solution to my tribulations, always counting on the mercy of the God of heaven, the only Father and Creator of life and source of all consolation.

Without hesitation, we come to your feet as fervent devotees, hoping that you will be our relief, because you were always the comfort of all those who knew you on this Earth, and of all of us who have known you since your departure into the arms of the Lord. Listen to our prayer, how eagerly we hope that you will favor our request, bringing before the great power of God in the name of this humble supplicant, the request that I entrust to you with so much faith.

Oh miraculous Santa Rita! Give us your generous kindness, because the eyes of men have been witnesses to so many wonderful cases in which your noble intervention has achieved the greatest miracles of love for your neighbor. For this reason, we, your devotees, do not tire of spreading our devotion to you, as well as our love for our Lord Jesus Christ, who has always been your greatest inspiration.

Santa Rita de Casia, patron saint of desperate cases. You, who help those most in need, become the last hope, a warm refuge and balm for our pain. I turn to you, because I am aware that my situation is not easy to solve, if it were, I would have already found the way in which my own hands would provide me with a solution to this tribulation, without the need to interrupt your valuable heavenly mission by being attentive of so many desperate, but you are the only hope I have to achieve the grace of our Lord.

My said Santa Rita is not in my hands, it is in your hands, because my joy has to come at the moment in which I manage to overcome adversity, emerging victorious. Help me then, noble devout, reduce the weight of anguish that I carry on my back, so that little by little so much pain is appeased.

Holy of the impossible, while my prayer is elevated to heaven, confidence takes over my being, because I trust that I will be helped soon. Calm has to settle in my mind, in my body, in my soul and in my heart, because with all of them I have cried the suffering of the vicissitude that overwhelms me. But you are peace Santa Rita, that's why you were chosen by God to defend men in the most desperate cases.

Oh glorious Santa Rita! consolation of those who trust in you, with joy we promise that today, tomorrow and always we will glorify your name, and we will not tire of sharing with our brothers on this Earth all that you have given us, blessing your name and singing your praises in all moment. Crying out in your name and to the power of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we implore you to (make request).

Once my plea is presented, it will surely be heard and I will reciprocate this favor by improving my life and my customs, filling my being with strength to avoid temptations, correcting my faults, inspired by your virtues Santa Rita, to be closer to the blessing of God.

From now on, my eyes are yours, my mouth is yours, and my actions are subject to your influence, because your help will bring me out of tribulation and will take me through the world in tune with the Creator's teachings. I will always be grateful to you. Blessed be Santa Rita, may God perpetually fill you with her glory. Amen".

Pray Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be.

Prayer to Santa Rita for a miracle

Prayer to Santa Rita for a miracle

"Oh Santa Rita! You who, with the blessing of Almighty God, were struck with such grace, carried with dignity the sign of the passion of Jesus Christ, and you are a deserved example of imitation for your integrity of faith and your virtuous execution of the true Christian life. Give us your valuable strength so that we can faithfully fulfill the obligations of our own path as Christians and children of God. We ask you through Christ Our Lord.

Glorious Santa Rita de Casia, once again I come before your presence today, full of humility and with a soul overflowing with confidence, because, continuous are the favors that in the name of your devotees you reach from heaven. Therefore, I implore your intercession before God Our Lord so that the request that I raise today in his name may be heard before his throne.

You, pious Santa Rita, who bravely endured a long martyrdom in the name of the trust you have in God, well, your faith was so great that you asked the Son to share his agony with you, and you were crowned with a stigmata on your forehead. Long was your pain and extensive your agony. You know very well what it means to suffer, that's why you pity us, the believing supplicants, even when our cause is impossible.

You, kind blessed, are a soul full of the privilege of God's grace, because your vows were sincere and backed by your actions, it is evident that your faith was always ahead. You gave food to the needy even at the risk of suffering the humiliation of a vile husband. You gave encouragement to the desperate and inspiration to the sorrowful. You are the remedy for sickness and hopelessness.

Just as roses miraculously appeared among your clothes, saving you from certain suffering, so I implore you, Santa Rita, to grant me a miraculous solution to my cause (make a request). I implore you Santa Rita, pray for me before the Creator, with that burning fervor with which you always prostrated yourself to pray, at the feet of the Holy Crucifix.

You are an example of how miraculous the grace of God can be. Your incorrupt body lies smelling of roses as a sign of your grace. I beg you, in the name of your great merits, your goodness, mercy, self-sacrifice, resignation, faith and hope in Christ, help me Holy Beata.

Oh Santa Rita! You, who despite all the difficulties you had to go through, waited patiently until you could enter the religious cloister, living a life of example of holiness until the end of your days. You, kind Saint, grant me your blessed mediation that my soul desperately desires.

Surely the requests that you take to the creator are heard. Well, you are worthy of his blessedness, with which you entered the kingdom of heaven. I implore you then, if it is for your greater glory and that of God Our Lord, that the miracle that I so desperately long for be granted to me.

Santa Rita de Casia, lawyer for impossible cases, in your hands I place my faith and hopes, I ask you to pray for this devotee of yours who is grateful for your mercy, I patiently await your magnificent intervention always on behalf of of God, forever and ever. Amen".

Pray the Creed, the Hail, three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and three Glories. It is recommended to do this prayer in the company of prayers for three consecutive days.

Prayer for difficult and desperate cases

Prayer to Santa Rita for difficult and desperate cases

"Oh dearest Santa Rita! With a heart full of faith, trust and love for you, today I invoke your help, always counting on the blessing of God the Almighty Father. With all confidence I come to you, to beg you to intercede on my behalf before the Most High, with the same conviction with which you offered your prayers on the Cross.

Hail Santa Rita! Dear and respected blessed. You know very well what it is to suffer, because you experienced agony in different ways throughout your life. Furthermore, pain did not appease your love for the Lord, much less diminished your capacity for service. We beg you that in the name of the virtues that made you overcome the vicissitudes of life, intercede before Jesus Christ, God of mercy, so that, with your help, I may be deserving of the grace of Our Father.

Oh brave Santa Rita! Light that illuminates us in the darkness. Hope and remedy in the face of despair and hopelessness, help us in this troubled hour. Lawyer of desperate cases, I turn to you attached to your infinite goodness to give you my plea and expose my need (make a request).

I raise my voice in praise, crying out the name of my Lord Jesus Christ, to whom you were particularly devoted, my glorious blessed, because, being your favorite daughter of the Lord, because of your high dignity, you will surely find a way to find comfort in my cause and a prompt solution. In you I trust, I thank you, today and always Santa Rita de Casia, come to my aid. Amen".

Pray an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory Be.

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Prayer to ask Santa Rita for a favor

Prayer to ask Santa Rita de Casia for a favor

Oh Santa Rita de Casia! Faced with imminent despair and protected by the enormous charity that characterizes you, I dare to prostrate myself before you, at this time and at this moment, to implore your help, because those who know you are confident that we will be heard.

I beg you my dear Santa Rita, help me free my anguished heart from the concerns that oppress it so much, so that calm can return to my spirit and regain peace.

You, who were designated by God to hold the high position of lawyer in the most desperate cases, are the only one capable of achieving the important favor that I await. That is why with all humility I beg you to deliver my pleas to the highest heavenly throne, so that, being honored with the grace of the creator, I can find a solution to my agony (ask for the favor that you want to obtain).

Oh Santa Rita! With my soul naked and my heart in my hands, I recognize that sometimes I have failed, because I have been weak in the face of temptation, therefore, if my faults are an impediment to fulfilling my claims, help me find grace within me. of repentance and forgiveness that is accompanied by a sincere confession. Be you my guide, so that the time in which I keep shedding tears of bitterness is shorter.

Santa Rita, you who were enlightened with the rose and the thorn, at your feet I place all my hopes and wherever I find myself I will recognize and share your great mercy. Imploring I remain under your shadow, meditating on your example and strength in the face of the pains of your martyrdom, always counting on your blessing and that of Almighty God who lives and reigns forever and ever. Amen".

Prayer to Santa Rita for Health

Oh Santa Rita! Lawyer you are desperate cases and patron saint of impossible cases. Renowned missionary who comforts and helps those who suffer, because you understand very well how anguish feels, since you suffered it on many occasions during your life. For all these experiences and protected by your virtues, your devotees ask for your valuable intercession before the Divine Heart of the loving Jesus Crucified, God the Son, who sacrificed himself for all of us.

Dear Santa Rita, in your name I call for the help that I desperately need right now, because my pain is increasing and my affliction is out of my control. Only Divine intervention could help me. I swear to you that my intentions are humble and my prayers are sincere.

Help me Santa Rita, become my balm and my cure. Reach me the grace of the Almighty so that your blessed intervention allows God to work on me, with his powerful hand and free me from this disease that has lodged in my body (make his request).

Oh Santa Rita! Share with me that strength that made you continue even with the pain of the martyrdom of your stigma, so that full of your grace I can overcome anxiety, depression, pain and finally be victorious over this disease. Be you, my health, influx of vitality and replacement of my desire to live.

Oh my God! Unique and Creator of all that exists, you who with such countless nobility deigned to grant us the help of your blessed Santa Rita, full of that deep love for your teachings, forgive our sins and allow our prayers to be heard from her lips, our lawyer. Grant us then, through her intercession and her merits, the promised reward of your love, your forgiveness and the resolution of our vicissitudes. Amen".

Prayer to Santa Rita for Love

"Oh Almighty God! Through the merits of your faithful blessed, Santa Rita, whom you rammed with so much grace, full of mercy, sweetness and love for you and your neighbor.

Dear Santa Rita, you are a lamp of peace wherever you see discord. To you, dear saint, I entrust the protection of my heart so that you pray before the Lord for the grace to protect my family and all families that are in difficulty.

Oh pious Santa Rita! Although you lived through an unfortunate marriage because of your devotion to your parents, you were a good wife, a Christian at heart, and a good mother. Grant me the joy of being able to achieve a happy marriage, full of love, respect, loyalty and tranquility.

Imbue me with your energy so that I can remain faithful to God and find a sincere husband to take care of me and our home. Help me to be able to enjoy children who are raised under the teachings of God, where goodness and peace reign between us and our fellow men.

In your hands I deposit my deepest desires, so that there is no disturbance that clouds my good wishes, that your presence, which is harmony, assists my house, drives away discord and settles the understanding that characterizes and unites the souls redeemed by the blood of Christ.

Oh brave Santa Rita! Strengthen my intentions so that I do not fail in my purposes, following your example in married life, which allows me to fulfill myself within the true model of the Christian family.

At your feet I find myself in need of the Creator's help and your intercession. Bless my ways to find the right partner to live protected by the glory of God and under the common benefit, forever praising God Our Lord, just as you did on Earth and now you do in the kingdom of heaven. Amen".

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