Prayer to Shango to ask for Prosperity and Protection

prayer to shango

Shango He is a very important deity in the Yoruba or Santeria cult, believers entrust themselves to him to ask for his favors and blessings with the faith that this Orisha helps them in prosperity and protects them from any adversity.

There are many ways to ask Shango to protect us, it is customary to place some Adimu, candles, wine or different fruits, but the most important thing is to pray with faith, that Shango feels that when we recite each Prayer we do it with the assurance that the listen to us and help us.

How to ask Shango to help us?

We must ask the god of thunder with great faith, but above all respect, this Orisha represents strength and greatness for which we must avoid using diminutive terms.

It is advised that when you are going to ask Shango for a favor, you should place your pan on the ground on a mat, light two candles and kneel in front, sticking the forehead to the ground, at the same time the ashere (Maraca) is blown and the request begins.

If you can, put some kind of adimu, fruits, wine, amala or whatever is within your reach.

Prayer to Shango for Prosperity

Prayer to Shango for Prosperity

Shango is an Orisha of great powerHe is a very effective Orisha when it comes to helping his children and a believer in financial matters. He will help us find success in business and bring the spirituality of money into our lives.

This saint once went through financial difficulties as reflected in the oddun Obara Meyi, But through ebbo and obedience he was able to change his luck, that is why he helps his children when they are going through a similar situation.

If you have a negative economic situation you can pray this Prayer to Shango for prosperity.

«Kabo Kabiosile Shango, here I am your son begging you to listen to me,

With great faith I entrust myself to you to help me find the way to success,

Help me to let the spirituality of Aje (prosperity) settle in my Ile,

I promise to be obedient and fulfill all your commandments,

But help me to increase my prosperity and be as bright as your fire. "

Prayer to Shango for protection

When we feel insecure or unstable we can always turn to the monkey to ask for his protection, he will listen to us regardless of the consecration we have, whether we are aleyos, santeros or babalawos, Shango will always take care of us as long as we ask him with faith and devotion. That is why we leave you this prayer so that you can ask for protection from this Orisha:

Here I am (full name), imploring protection from the great castle god,

Oh great king of fire, I ask you to protect me from any curse,

Protect me and my family, just as you protected your people,

Just as you kept Oyo safe from enemies,

Keep all the Ajogun away from here,

May any negative energy that tries to disturb us be calcined with your candle,

We ask you Shango and your partner Oya,

That there is no eggun buruku that harms me,

With faith and devotion we pray and entrust ourselves to you.  

I pray to Chango to win the war

If we have conflicts and wars with other people, this Prayer will be very helpful, we ask Chango to be the one to give us the blessing to win any lawsuit:

My father! Before your majesty I bow,

I surrender moforibale to your great power,

Great Orisha Shango, just as you defeated 1000 enemies,

Since you won 1000 battles,

As always you were victorious,

I ask you to give me your strength and I beg you to help me win this war that I have. (Here Shango is told the problem).

I know that with your blessing no one can defeat me,

Get rid of anyone who wants to hurt me and keep anyone who approaches with bad intentions away from me.

I implore you, great King of Thunder.


Prayer to Shango to destroy enemies

To recite this Prayer it is necessary to have a white candle, a red candle and a wine bottle.

Shango, King of Kings you with your great strength in which you handle the thunder, defeat my enemies and with the power of the storms it takes away everything bad from me.

Father, here I am in front of you asking, begging you through this Prayer, that be you who interfere and help me defeat my enemies.

I offer you 2 candles, a white one so that you light my way and do not allow my enemies to obstruct my path and a red candle, so that you return all the evil that they wish me and with this glass of red wine I thank you in advance for your help. Ashe.

These Prayers to the Orisha Shango They are very powerful, but let's remember that everything is based on faith, I hope these prayers work for you and know how to use them at the right time.

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