Prayer to Shango to ask for Prosperity, Protection, Love and more

prayer to shango

The prayers offered to Shango, the brave king of the Oyo empire, god of fire, lightning and thunder, are of great relevance in the practice of Santeria or rule of Osha and Ifa. Due to the considerable relevance of this deity, his blessing is usually requested by many of his followers, who have absolute faith that their prayers will be answered positively, since Chango is an Orisha who is victorious in everything he sets out to do. , therefore, at the moment of helping the one who invokes it, success enjoys great probabilities.

«I praise Oba kosó, spirit of thunder and lightning.

I hope my respects are to your liking, main benefactor in heaven.

I beg you my father, defend me, do not abandon me.

Father who remains in time, you who in difficult times hold the palm tree so it doesn't fall. In the same way, never let me fall.

It doesn't matter how strong the wind of vicissitudes blows. Keep me firm on this earth.

It is you who sends your warriors to fight for your children. You always go to the front with us and win every battle.

It is you, the Orisha who has the power to make everything wonderful through your charms.

King of knowledge and gallantry. You are the intelligent eye, the impetuous and implacable warrior.

Only you, is able to cross the skies fighting evil, while being closely watched by Olorun, that you also fight my sorrows (make request).

I praise you today and always, father of musical sounds.

You are the most beautiful Orisha of dance and celebrations.

The fire that burns and saves. The one who spreads his fire throughout the sky. The spirit that destroys the wicked with fire, stone and thunder.

Owner of the throne of the pestle and mortar, assist me, accompany me, bless me and keep me. Ashe».

Why pray to Shango?

Shango is an Orisha of incalculable power and great virtues, however, among all of them, his participation in the Divine Council stands out. This is a group made up of all the Orishas, ​​whose task designated by Olodumare (God) is to judge the actions of men on earth, and therefore, generate the punishments corresponding to their actions. When we invoke Shango, we realize the situations we are going through and the setbacks that prevent or disrupt our evolution, he, in his perfectly righteous role, is able to get rid of what is harming us and contribute safely with our development.

What is asked of Shangó in his prayers?

Shango is a very important deity in the Yoruba or Santeria cult, believers entrust themselves to him to ask for his favors and blessings with the faith that this Orisha will help them in prosperity and protect them from any adversity.

There are many ways to ask Shango to protect us, it is customary to place some Adimú, candles, wine or different fruits, but the most important thing is to pray with faith, that Shango feels that when we recite each Prayer we do it with the certainty that he He listens to us and he will help us.

Through prayers addressed to the god of fire, we can request his intervention in situations related to:

  • Problems in which we are victims of injustice.
  • When we are being attacked by our enemies.
  • Before wars of sorcery.
  • When we go through love or conquest problems.
  • When it is difficult for us to achieve the objectives or carry out the projects.
  • To carry out business, sales, or agreements that benefit us.
  • To achieve position and prosperity.

How to ask Shango to help us?

We must ask the god of thunder with great faith, but above all respect, this Orisha represents strength and greatness, for which we must avoid using diminutive terms.

It is advised that when you are going to ask Shango for a favor, you should place your tray on the ground on a mat, light two candles and kneel in front, touching your forehead to the ground, at the same time the ashere (maraca) is sounded. and the request begins.

If you can, place some type of adimu, fruit, wine, amala or whatever is within your reach.

Short prayer to Shango

prayers to Shango

«With the blessing of Olofin, Olorun and Oloddumare. I request the blessing of my father Shango. King who never knew defeat. You who defeat your enemies breathing fire through your mouth, today I ask you to conquer victory for me. May your energy reign in my life, warding off any Osogbo, and for your greater glory, may I become a worthy representative of yours on earth, full of life, health, and prosperity. Ashe to iran eshu."

Prayer to Shango for Prosperity

Prayer to Shango for Prosperity

Shango is an Orisha of great powerHe is a very effective Orisha when it comes to helping his children and a believer in financial matters. He will help us find success in business and bring the spirituality of money into our lives.

This saint once went through financial difficulties as reflected in the Odu Obarameji, but through ebbo and obedience he was able to change his luck, that is why he helps his children when they are going through a similar situation.

If you have a negative economic situation you can pray this Prayer to Shango for prosperity.

«Kabo Kabiosile Shango, here I am your son begging you to listen to me,

With great faith I entrust myself to you to help me find the way to success,

Help me to let the spirituality of Aje (prosperity) settle in my Ile,

I promise to be obedient and fulfill all your commandments,

But help me to increase my prosperity and be as bright as your fire. "

Prayer to Shango for money

Shangó is an Orisha who in his time on earth became very wealthy, due to his multiple victories in the countless wars he participated in. He managed to accumulate many titles and riches. It is for this reason that it is a very appropriate deity to request its intervention in matters related to money, as we do in the following prayer:

«I invoke the great king of the leopard, father Shangó. You who were chief of Ede, and led under a white and purple sky, a sign of spiritual wealth and earthly fortune. Do not let the thunder and lightning of your anger touch me.

On the contrary, you, famous owner of power, tireless, implacable and indestructible warrior, bless me with development and prosperity.

Just as you conquered the land of Arará for Asojuano, likewise, conquer economic fortune and an empire for me. That there is no negotiation that I carry out that ends in loss, or trade that does not leave me a profit, and that gold, copper and silver run through my house.

I pray that your will is to come to my aid, because I am confident that you are my great fortune. May my prayers sound on earth and resound in the sky, praised by your sacred word, the thunder. Ashe».

Prayer to Shango for success

Prayer to Shango for success

It tells the story of Chango who was the fourth king of the Oyo empire. An indisputable example of success. His legends relate that in any way he managed to overcome the obstacles in his way to achieve his goals. With the following prayer we can invoke that winning energy of this deity to achieve our goals:

«I invoke the spirit of the victorious Ose.

You are the edge of the knife that cuts adversity and obstacle.

Orisa who came down to earth through lightning, sent by Oloddumare to impose justice on the enemies of creation.

Only you are capable of overcoming any difficulty. Only you are capable of carrying the fire in your head.

I praise the spirit of conquest and masculinity, there is no one who can resist your presence.

Today I nourish myself with your brightness and your essence. You are my inner fire, the flame that drives me to succeed. In your name I will win and success I will achieve. There will be no failure for my project (make your request).

The blessing of the spirit of thunder and lightning accompanies me, today and always. Ashe».

Prayer to Shango for protection

When we feel insecure or unstable we can always turn to the monkey to ask for his protection, he will listen to us regardless of the consecration we have, whether we are aleyos, santeros or babalawos, Shango will always take care of us as long as we ask him with faith and devotion. That is why we leave you this prayer so that you can ask for protection from this Orisha:

«Here I am (full name), imploring protection from the great castle god,

Oh great king of fire, I ask you to protect me from any curse,

Protect me and my family, just as you protected your people,

Just as you kept Oyo safe from enemies,

Keep all the Ajogun away from here,

May any negative energy that tries to disturb us be calcined with your candle,

We ask you Shango and your partner Oya,

That there is no eggun buruku that harms me,

With faith and devotion we pray and entrust ourselves to you.  

I pray to Chango to win the war

If we have conflicts and wars with other people, this Prayer will be very helpful, we ask Chango to be the one to give us the blessing to win any lawsuit:

My father! Before your majesty I bow,

I surrender moforibale to your great power,

Great Orisha Shango, just as you defeated 1000 enemies,

Since you won 1000 battles,

As always you were victorious,

I ask you to give me your strength and I beg you to help me win this war that I have. (Here Shango is told the problem).

I know that with your blessing no one can defeat me,

Get rid of anyone who wants to hurt me and keep anyone who approaches with bad intentions away from me.

I implore you, great King of Thunder.


Short prayer to Chango in Yoruba

«Kabo kabiosile Shango, lugbe Obara lugbe, Oba Koso Kisieku, Alufina Koke, Ayala Yiki, or Bambi Oyo, Olueko a san Ozain, akaka mase, okototo mase, Alufina Koke, Ayala yiki, or Bambi Oyo».

Long prayer in Yoruba language to Shango (Oríkì Sango)

«Kawò Kabiyesilè, etalà mo júbà, gadagba a júbà. Oluoyo,

etalà mo júbà, gadagba to júbà. Oba ko sò, etalá mo júbà, gadagba a júbà.

Olueko to san Osain will be adase. 'Koko n'ogi 'koko n'ogi,

Omo aladufe tani I will be binu. Etala mo júbà, gadagba a júbà.

Olomo kìlò f omo rè, e má pèé Sango gbomo lo, bí ó soro.

A s'gi dènìyàn. Bí or soro, to seniyan deranko. Ase.

Or too bora njo kan an ponju. Eye or ku ojumo.

O si ku ojumo Sangò okolayà mi Orun. Ase».


Thirteen times I salute you, chief of Oyo. Thirteen times I greet him, Obá ko só. He is the chief Orisa who has not died, that is why your children and followers greet him thirteen times remembering him in his day.

Senior of Olueko, we praise you. You give us the authority to do good.

He was the King boy loved by multitudes thanks to his greatness to do good. Thirteen times I greet him and openly thank him.

Let us all shelter ourselves from his wrath, as well as our children, parents and brothers.

We know that when he gets angry he is able to turn a tree into a man and a man into an animal. That is why we ask for your blessings and benevolence.

You, the defender of the weak. The magnanimous, the almighty Orisha owner of fire and war. You who are as fast as a flying bird in the morning.

To you, Shangó, owner of lightning and thunder, I raise my prayers imploring your blessings. Ashe».

Prayer to Shango to destroy enemies

To recite this Prayer it is necessary to have a white candle, a red candle and a wine bottle.

Shango, King of Kings you with your great strength in which you handle the thunder, defeat my enemies and with the power of the storms it takes away everything bad from me.

Father, here I am in front of you asking, begging you through this Prayer, that be you who interfere and help me defeat my enemies.

I offer you 2 candles, a white one so that you light my way and do not allow my enemies to obstruct my path and a red candle, so that you return all the evil that they wish me and with this glass of red wine I thank you in advance for your help. Ashe.

Prayer to Shango for love

Shango is a deity who, according to his avatars on earth, was very lucky in love. His charisma and charm was able to conquer any woman or Orisha, since his virtues as a seducer were present both on earth and in heaven. Such is the case of the deity Yewa, who, despite being virginal and immaculate, could not help but feel attracted to Chango, even if that caused her regret for the rest of her existence. The following prayer helps us request the intervention of the Orisha in love affairs, displaying his virtues.

I praise the king with the eyes of fire.

The owner of the flare of the leopard's eyes.

The head of the fire from heaven that devours everything bad.

Your charm has no equal, your beauty and virility is irresistible.

In this way I ask you blessed father to radiate your shine of red and white light on me.

May my eyes transmit the fire of seduction.

May my look be a great charm.

May the person I want (name the person you want to fall in love with) fall at my feet, in the same way that all women did when they saw you.

There was none who could resist your charms. In the same way (naming the person you want to fall in love with) will not be able to resist me.

It is you who guides me, who enlightens me and who fills me with life. I am a reflection of your energy and your devotion. Ashe to Iban Eshu."

Prayer to dominate with Shango

In addition to having warrior skills, Shangó is a very powerful sorcerer. So much so, that in his multiple battles with the Orisha Oggun, Obatala's intervention was necessary to placate the havoc that both deities caused on earth with the use of their magic. Therefore, requesting their intervention to achieve control of a person or situation is very opportune given their abilities, as recounted in the following sentence:

“I invoke the swift king who appears in the sky like the evening sun.

Powerful Orisa I entertain you, I admire you, I respect you and I implore you that the work I do today has as much power as those prepared in your sacred mortar.

I give you completely the situation in which I find myself, since sometimes I feel that it is getting out of hand. Therefore, you exercise the domain King of power and courage (make your request).

Only you are the one that Osé mounts on his head and marches like the mighty leopard in search of his enemies. Likewise, make me march victorious over my enemies. I count on your blessing forever. Ashe».

Prayer for the children of Shango

«The well-known King Oba Kosó is my father. The King who did not hang himself because he only deceived his enemies.

My father is Shango, the one who was not born. Only he fell from heaven to this earth wrapped in a ball of fire.

The virtuous chief, the feared military strategist. His impressive legion of warriors increased the power of his empire. He who reigned in Oyo, that is my father.

You are the bearer of Afeke, but you only fight with your lightning stones, destroying your enemies and those of your children. Protect me from traitors and bandits.

You who communicate through thunder, lightning and darkness. Always listen to my request.

King of bravery whose anger can be implacable, just as you punish all the wicked on earth, apply your justice on my opponents and the unjust wars that lie in wait for me.

I am proud to be the son of the King with the brightest crown. The king of the drum, the center of the party.

I trust my path in your hands because I am sure you are a father like no other, and you never abandon your children.

If I return to this land, I would be grateful if you would choose me once again as my tutelary Orisha, since I will be grateful for your guardian in this life and in all those that touch me to come. Ashe».

These Prayers to the Orisha Shango They are very powerful, but let's remember that everything is based on faith, I hope these prayers work for you and know how to use them at the right time.

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